Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

MMT Fri- Welcome NBTians to MM Sangeet Ceremony (Page 2)

Bharti_k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
 Dancing Dancing Dancing Heart  Mohan Megha Sangeet Heart Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

                                                                                                                Thanks to FB 

#1 NEW MM Sangeet Special Vm ~ Geet BG tune ~[edited]

     Credits to mamta for Vm suggestion... Smile

Chalo ..guys Megha ke liye..gana  bajaao...let's  dance...

Maahi Ve Maahi Ve That' s The Way Maahi Ve
Tere Maathe Jhumar Damke 
Tere Kannno Baali Chamke Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Tere Haatho Kangana Khanke
Tere Pairo Payal Chance Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Naino Se Bole Rabba Rabba
Mann Mein Dole Rabba Rabba
Amrut Ghole Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve

     Hug  Let's celebrate with some Romantic Vms Hug 

#2 MOhan MEgha Vm ~ Bol na Halke Halke ~

 #3  MEGHAN vm ~ Mehandi lagake rakhna ~

 #4 MEGHAN vm ~ Gali mein Aaj chaand nikla ~ 

 #5 MM VM ~ HUMTUM  


 #6 MM VM ~ Rim Jhim rim jhim ~ 

 # 7 MM VM~ pyaar hua ikraar hua~ Raaj kapoor  Nargis



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Hit.It.Miss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:22pm | IP Logged

Because you are my friend,
my life is enriched in a myriad of ways.
Like a cool breeze on a sweltering day,
like a ray of sunshine parting glowering clouds,
you lift me up.
In good times, we soar,
like weightless balloons
over neon rainbows.
In bad times, you are soothing balm
for my pummeled soul.
I learn so much from you;
you help me see old things in new ways.
I wonder if you are aware
of the bright seeds you are sowing in me.
I'm a better person for knowing you,
so that everyone I interact with
is touched by your good effect on me.
You relax me, refresh me, renew me.
Your bounteous heart envelops me
in joy and love and peace.
May your life be filled
with dazzling blessings,
just as I am blessed
by being your friend.

By Joanna Fuchs

Well, I started with the above poem because it well defines the precious bond of friendship and that's what Nanhi shares with her Spiderman Mohan.

Mohan is now about to take on an altogether different and major role in Nanhi's life. With His impending marriage with Megha, he's going to become Nanhi and Addu's father.

Some say and rightly so, that it's easy to become a parent and difficult to become a father. No doubt fatherhood is a big responsibility and in my eyes, Mohan is already halfway there.

All that makes him so is that Mohan Nanhi already share such an adorable bond, to which words can't do justice enough. Right from there first meeting Mohan became Nanhi's secret super hero!! Why? Because, on a day when Nanhi had all but lost hope of achieving what had set out from home to do, that is, place the ad for her mother's wedding in a newspaper. That's what brought about Spiderman and his Chavanni's first encounter. That meeting itself just completely clinched it all for Mohan. I still remember how Nanhi's eyes lighted up when Mohan told Joshi ji

"Agar bas itna hee problem hai tou mai ban jaata hun iss ka guardian"

Nanhi's eyes, in that moment, lived an eternity of adulation for Mohan.

From then on, there was no looking back, neither for Mohan, nor for Nanhi. As days passed, their bond grew stronger, they shared all their secrets, anxieties. Despite the age difference, they always treated each other as equals which rendered their relationship another level of sweetness altogether!
They helped each other in many different ways to grow and learn. Be it the evoking and reviving of faith, softness, warmth in Mohan through Nanhi's knots or the inculcation of self-regard, self-preservation, self-reliance in Nanhi through Mohan demonstration of tackling Minkey-man.

Both of them together always brought out the best in each other respectively. 

Now that they are about to embark on a new phase in their lives, I wish them the very best. Hope this bond of faith and infinite love makes their future together a blissful one

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Hit.It.Miss IF-Sizzlerz

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Ok so the sangeet got underway in a grand manner!

Mohan, the groom, looked at ill-at-ease and kind of stifled up in that sherwani collar but anyways, looked a proper Dulha.

So there's one more thing the PL staff is good at, dressing up and attending sangeet ceremonies with all the pomp. Saw all the familiar faces there, even Prerna!! But what surprised me thereafter was the mysterious disappearing act that Prerna did. The rest of the ceremony was filled with Megha's "Saath Sakhiyan" but bechari Athvi Sakhi Prerna ko tou limelight mili hee nahi :( 

Renu as usual full-on with her bakwas, but it really pricked my ears that there's still some of her drama which remains to be enacted in the Shaadi "tomorrow" as she said. From that I am assuming that Indu is going to make an appearance on the morrow with nothing but ill-wishes for MM and their whole lot. Dreadful premonition but then, Renu always gives me that :))

Megha looked really a stunning vision, though her make-up was a bit loud, maybe it looked so because we have never seen her in this much amount of face-paint but still, she carried it off really well. No wonder that Mohan, alongwith everyone else present there, just got instantly dazzled by her radiant beauty.

I loved the way Megha glanced Mohan's way when Nanhi ran to hug him tight. It really gave such a sweet vibe, made me feel as to how far Megha has really come from being the stern and sour-faced widow, to this soft and warm woman, who still has it in her, the will and wish to revel in the brightness, the glee that life has in store for her.

Oh and how can i forget Nanhi!!! She really looked just like a Pocket Venus :) So cutee and so lovely, with her merry smile and her sparkling vivacity for her Spiderman's festive union with her Mummy...awww!

Honestly, none of the 7 Chammak Challos looked or danced at all well. The last one DD, was a bit ok but I still think, that even she must not have been upto her fans' expectations or the hype that they created.

Now the entry of Riddhi Piddi, she really looked like she had just descended from the Sky, all sleep-walking that she was.

She really evil nazar maaro-ed on our lovely MM :/ I am too much upset with the kind of moony miserable look that she gave MM, while they both were looking a heavenly visions MashaAllah!

I hated her dream, so now she really intrigues me. Her character really seems an interestingly complex, dementor like psycho. Those who take a sadistic kind of satisfaction from abusing and torturing themselves, brutalize their own emotions and then take pleasure in expressing their heartache over it all.

She's really dangerous and an evil omen for MM's future bliss so I do hope that Mohan is able to tell Megha, the same sangeet day itself, that is Monday, about his marriage with Riddhi.

I do wish to see the above happening on Monday so that Megha is in full knowledge of te facts as they stand, and still, after calming herself down, with a cool mind, she shows her love for Mohan by deciding to go forward with the marriage.

That way, Megha shall be able to deal better with Riddhi's re-entry into Mohan's life after the marriage.

But What about Indu then? If she's shown reaching at the shaadi venue on Tuesday then I don't see how Indu will let the event happen without first creating a fiasco over it..

well let's see!

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misty85 IF-Stunnerz

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 Episode analysis.
First scene was really good. Kunal was looking dashing. I liked PL baratis.
Nanhi was so cute & MN hug was mesmerizing. I loved the expressions of Megha when she was looking at Mohan & Nanhi. Nanhi's welcome speech was adorable. Lol she turns anchor again for sangeet. Dance performances were very short. I was expecting some more.
Rondhi's entry spoiled the mood... not only of mohan but ours as well. Angry I didn't like Raddimohan parts... Angry Now I hate rab ne banadi jodi song. Ouch Why??
Well we were expecting that rondhi will get jealous after seeing MM. Looks like psycho will do something...
Get ready for more dhamakas. I think marriage won't happen so soon. Rondhi has turned psycho... Mohan ko nahi chodegi.
Lol... aaj toh MIL bhi mast lag rahi hai...Wink  Jiji also dances... she was looking cute.
MG hug was really good. How much mohan was happy & rondhi made him sad.Cry

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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Episode Analysis

Overall, a pretty decent episode having some good and bad parts, but I just loved the parts of MM and especially my MN. Star

Loved from the moment when dulha ji Mohan Bhatnagar arrives with his gang. Party Mohan folding his hands and Papaji holding it was touchy and so gave the vibe of a father-son relationship. I always loved their scenes. Big smile 

Renu was completely pissed with the wedding and that's why she sounded like a vamp and her plan to screw up everything is because she is thinking that Indu might create a tamasha. Anyways moving on...

Megha arriving at the venue along with Nanhi and others. OMG! Maa-beti kya lag rahi thi. Embarrassed Loved the way Mohan looked at her. Day Dreaming 

Coming to the best part, MN hug and hi5 gesture. Awww! Day Dreaming The hug was the best and I was so in MN heaven watching that. Day Dreaming Love the reactions from Megha, Jiji and Papaji while witnessing it. Big smile

Nanhi became the anchor again, yaay. Party I love her anchoring. Embarrassed Waise she was looking the most gorgeous young lady ever. *puts kala teeka on her face* 

Here comes the most pakaau part. LOL Everyone was okay, but I found Drashti quite good among the 'dearest' seven sakhiyaan. 

Ab aayi Rondima ji.. I wasn't really affected until she started daydreaming. Damn! I was so struggling to be calm. Actually covered my face kyunki main khud hi embarrassed ho rahi thi uska dream dekhke. Dead Even in the dream, I felt that Kunal looked completely disinterested as if ki yeh kya karwaaya jaa raha hai. Sleepy

Anyways, moving on.. The seven women brought MM in the middle and started to push from both sides. I liked their teasing session. LOL

MM eyelock. Day Dreaming Aur kuch ki zaroorat bhi nahi hai. Day Dreaming Haaye! Blushing 

Phir kya...sab log dance karne lage but me being a Mohan fangirl was watching him dancing and enjoying. Embarrassed Lekin Rondima ne uska mood kharab kar diya. Ouch

Precap mein Mohan looked terribly guilty. Aur yeh Rondima bhi ban gayi naa vamp. Jab rishta tod hi diya toh 'M' likhwaane ka kya matlab hai. Wacko Mohan ko emotionally torture kar rahi hai aur kuch nahi. Thumbs Down Ek tarah se accha hua kyunki Mohan is determined to reveal the truth to Megha and I really hope he does it. Stern Smile 

Mohan should understand that agar Megha uski kismat mein hai toh zaroor shaadi hogi chaahe koi bhi Ridz aa jaaye. Approve I actually understand his inability to tell the truth. Yep, I agree that he's not like this but it's about his own life and happiness. He himself is in a great dilemma but again I hope that he gets brave enough to make Megha face the truth. Also hoping Megha to understand his helplessness and support him to come out of the mess he's got himself in. Approve

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Reenatyzed IF-Addictz

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MM sangeet

all fans lets start the sangeet
Mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali
kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan
haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain
tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko
nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai
mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali
kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan
haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain
tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko
nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai
o Hariyali Banno
le Jaana Tujhko Guiyyaan Aane Waale Hai Saiyyaan
thaamenge Aake Baiyyaan, Goonjegi Shehnaayi
angnaayi, Angnaayi
mehndi Hai Rachnewaali, Haathon Mein Gehri Laali
kahe Sakhiyaan, Ab Kaliyaan
haathon Mein Khilnewaali Hain
tere Mann Ko, Jeevan Ko
nayi Khushiyaan Milnewaali Hai

lets dance
meghan journey:-
story of megha her two children and mohan
journey started with hate and then changed into friendship
slowly slowly this friendship turned into love and now
today is their sangeet so lets celebrate the journey of meghan love and rock their sangeet


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ankur281 IF-Dazzler

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Yeh safar jo ap dono ne suru kiye the..kab yeh apna lagne laga'. pata na chala'..

Joh swapne ap dono ne milke dekhe kab woh mera banne laga'..pata na chala'

Kab ap dono ki nok-jhok mein apni khusi dhoondne laga'..pata na chala'''

Kab ap dono tv ki parde se nikal ke zindegi ki ek haqiqat ban gaye'pata na chala'.

Pata us waqt chala 'jis rat 10:30 baje achanak tej barish ke chalte apna cable connection tut gaya aur internet v' adhe ghante ki bechaini mujhe mehsoos karaya Mohan aur Megha ki yeh kahaani mujhe aise chhu chuka hai'..jaise pehle kabhi kisi kahani ne nehi'

Aj ap dono ki yeh khoobsoorat ghari ki suv apsar mein'.dil ko kar raha keh Indore pahuch jau'par mumkin nehi...

Par Meri taraf se Ap dono ke liye bahoot sari wishes aur dua karta hu ki ap dono ki jodi hamesha bana rahe aur yeh haseen swapna joh hum ji rahe hain..woh kabhi na tute' Ap dono ki saath ek doosre se aur hamare saath aise hi bana rahe'


" border="">

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-lightinfested- IF-Rockerz

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chalo sab thak gaye ab kahna khaaoo 

Ab hum khana kahyege
toh ab special menu hai 

chole bahture LOL

veg biriyani

pav bahji

 haan ab mohan n megha ke liye special dishes exclucively fr dem
n mohan megha ke fav dishes 
bhindi ke sabji

karela wid aloo


steamed rice


desert main gajar halwa n chocolate ice cream  (no discrinination in sweets same fr all)

bas itna hi kahan coz buget thoda kum hai baki jagah shaadi ke liye 

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