Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

MMT Fri- Welcome NBTians to MM Sangeet Ceremony

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Whatever we sow is what we reap...  Good or Bad!!

Whether anyone agrees with me or not..I want to say something which is in my mind here .

No point in us telling again and again..Why does not Mohan talk to Megha about Riddima in detail & about the divorce? Why does not he do something about getting the divorce rather than sitting at home and romancing Megha?

The second point first...what else can Mohan do now other than to wait for the divorce proceedings to take its course? Both he and Riddima have signed the papers for it...he did not read it before signing. It was wrong..agreed...but Riddima apparently has not just kept it in her cupboard as we had thought. Bec Mohan has indeed received the papers by post..and he was seen glancing through it as well...Now there is nothing he can do but wait...

Coming to why Mohan did not talk with Megha in detail about Riddima...that moment came and gone and was not used..It will never come back to however much we crib...He must have thought that Ridz has told the entire truth including the fact that they have started the proceedings for divorce...Why would he think that Ridz would have told Megha that the marriage was a fake...? He must have thought that Megha, with her repeated proclaims of their love for each alone is the biggest thing and that nothing else willing to forgive him and accept him...And regarding why he did not want to talk about it can try to understand that it is very difficult to talk about unpleasant things repeatedly. So he took the easy way out ..And consoled himself that there is no need to talk about it again as Megha already knows everything from Riddima..He is not trying to hide anything now...he kept the papers in a file and kept it in the cupboard without a second thought about Megha finding it...

He did a grave mistake by marrying Riddima impulsively..

He did a much graver mistake by getting married to Megha while his marriage to Ridz was still valid.

And the gravest mistake he did was when he married Megha without revealing the truth about his marriage to Riddima to her...

He tried to tell it..did not do it….kept on finding silly excuses for not doing the right thing..That does not belittle his mistake..but what was done was done..And when Megha did not know the truth [as he believed it]he was v uncomfortable touching her ..or even to be around her..Now he is not uncomfortable bec according to him she knows the truth and has forgiven him..It may take 6 mths to one year for the divorce to get through..If till that time he completely distances himself from her...well. I don't think people can find it easy in their real life as well...

And I don't agree that till his divorce is through whatever good he does cannot be given any points…….No…I am sorry……I don't  believe that that is proper…..some mistakes take time to be rectified…….and does it mean that unless that mistake is rectified whatever good one does would not be considered at all? If that is the case……it would be so discouraging…….and one will be tempted to remain in the pit of depression till one rectifies the mistake or gets punished…..

No dears, that is not the way nature works…..and we should try to follow nature's nature knows best..and is right…….

...And my dear no wrong of us goes is the infallible law of Nature that whatever we sow we will reap . but there is a time gap between reaping and sowing….which varies from one wrong to another….and it is not written anywhere and neither it is necessary to get stuck till the reap time …without moving forwards with other things in life…….because time does not stand still and neither should we..Our wrong doings will catch up with us sooner or later…..and nature will decide the best punishment for our wrong doings….

So my empathies..not empathies are with both Mohan and Megha...feel bad for both of them...Mohan has more good than bad in him...and I hope and pray that fate won't be cruel to them in the long run. And to poor Riddima also….bechari..She is trying to do whatever she can at the moment…at least…to make things easy for Mohan and Megha..Later on also what she will do depends on what her mind dictates to her..And it also depends  on what Fate has in store for all three of them…..Mohan, Megha and Riddima…

My friend who was getting divorced from her husband fell in love with her colleague in the meanwhile...her husband was divorcing her because she did not conceive even after 10 yrs of marriage...She was v depressed about the upcoming divorce..and that is when her colleague started to cheer her up..and they fell in love. She became so depressed that the doctor advised that someone should always be with her...lest suicidal thoughts enter her mind.!! Her parents were abroad...She could not go there as her divorce proceedings was going on...and relatives were out of Q as they were only taunting her...So her boy friend decided to move in with her and they rented a house..She was staying in a hostel till then but remaining aloof from all...And once they started staying together invariably the inevitable happened..They could not keep their distance from each other..and ironically she became pregnant ...her first husband was divorcing her as she was not giving him a child and now she was pregnant by her boy friend..!!!!!!! may be because she had been so much tensed up all those years she did notbecome pregnant….And now that she was as happy as she could be….her hormonal status changed and she conceived..But she was forced to terminate that pregnancy...bec it would have adversely affected her divorce case….her lawyer advised that…everyone including me scolded her ...but later I could understand her plight also..And how sad and miserable she felt when she had to abort her pregnancy when she had been looking forward to it so much...all these years...That was her punishment for living in sin..I realized…..And after that I tried to understand her also...and stopped judging her and started empathizing with her…..I should have done that earlier…..but we friends were so busy criticizing her for living in sin that we did not try to understand her…and talk with her about her fears, depressions and anxieties..thus driving her further towards her boy friend….Well…it happened …..And I learnt a very valuable lesson there…

And life is too short to constantly worry about everything…and anything……

And another thing ….more often than not half the things which we worry about won't come to pass as well….and in the long run things will turn out much better than we fear ……

Forgive me if I sounded as if I was preaching…That is not my intention…just thought of sharing some lessons I learnt in Life with you all……but I got carried away……please do try to take it in the right sense…..

Love you all.!!!!



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Please bear with me.!! I have had to rush for an emergency surgery and will be back only after a few hours...The write up is ready..Will post immediately after I come back..And will PM all of you as soon as I post it.Once again,I apologize.


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Well today we are celebrating Mohan and Megha's sangeet in a grand manner. I wish you a warm welcome here; hope you enjoy the festivities to your heart's content and make this day and place a memorable one, for yourself as well as for others.

I know and hope that you are scrolling down to this post after reading Sita's detailed piece about Megha and Mohan's beautifully splendid journey towards love and finally marriage.

Ahh Sita's words do make you fall in love with MM all over again, right?

Here I shall try and make some effort towards the very same, while travelling back 6 months 10 days from today, taking all of you along, to lovingly go over the memorable Mohan Megha encounters -that were at first full of sparks but later turned into passionately steamier ones. In short, to give you the sizzles, make this atmosphere even more romantically charged, here we go!

Mohan Megha is a couple that made us fall in love with them, not through cozy lovey dovey brushes with each other. Instead, we fell victim to their charm right from their initial fire-brand confrontations. The scintillating instigations that flew around packed enough spark to get us hooked plus actively rooting and cheering them on.

Their first ever chance encounter in the local Mandir -

Opposites attract, that is what defines them best. Mohan and Megha, two individuals, who come from totally different backgrounds, their hopes for future completely different and their ways of life at absolutely opposing poles respectively.

Yet it was fate that brought them together, pitted them against each other with an urgency that they both took as their temporary misfortune.  Little did they know that there'll come a time when it will all become the story of their lives. Love happens. It is extremely hard to consciously choose with whom, when and how you fall in love. 

Megha found Mohan to be a domineering, ill-mannered, arrogant man while Mohan suffered from the impression that God had bestowed upon him an argumentative, provoking, tart-tongued widow. No wonder conflicts arose whenever they chanced upon each other.

Mohan in spite of himself and his prejudice, found himself helping and assisting Megha out of troubling situations quite a few times but Megha's stern manner and caustic outbursts acted like acid for his ego, inflaming him even more, leaving a consistently bad taste in his mouth.


There was something in Megha, that kept drawing Mohan, however gradually, towards her. While unobserved by anyone, Mohan kept finding his wandering gaze, astute mind returning repeatedly to Megha and her ways of going about her life. As many times as his thoughts returned to her, everytime they came to a stand-still. It intrigued him no end but little did he know that a deep silent admiration for her was silently making it's own place in his heart.


Maybe subconsciously, the more he tried to stay away from Megha, fate placed Megha even more in his way, finally putting a dead seal on it when Megha joined Prabhat Leher, the newspaper where he himself was a crime reporter in.


That's when sleepless nights, strangely soft cozy thoughts started making their way into Mohan's mind. Till that moment in time, Mohan's vision of the world and all it's norms traditions was tinted with the shades of cynicism and bitterness.

But despite this bleak outlook on life, he found himself getting more and more influenced with the idealistic, views and ethics which defined Megha's life. It crept inside his heart so silently that he wasn't aware when he himself started viewing his life, this world with a fresh lens of love and warmth.

For Megha, unbeknownst to her, Mohan wreaked unique kind of silent tremors in her life. Each and everytime she met him, the cloak of pretense which she had hid herself into, by default, after her husband's death, that cloak kept slipping from her grasp. In front of this world, she serenaded as a dry stern widow, a disciplined mother of two but with Mohan, she time and again, became something else. Mohan made Megha shed her inhibitions, and brought alive the woman in her, the woman who wanted to live her life for herself.

Mohan's senses started shooting warnings  early on, the strange alluring vibe which he kept feeling whenever he was around Megha, the nano-second trances that he experienced whenever he dared delve into the ocean which pooled in her eyes, the prickle that he felt at her touch...All of this confused him but he thought little of it's causes.


Despite of all the bitter fall-outs, Mohan kept getting helpless where his urge to help Megha solve all her problems in life was concerned. Out of his own volition, he all but self-appointed himself as Megha's messiah, making it a habit of to steer her out of every troubling, treacherous situation in her life.


Each time Mohan secretly gazed at Megha, we found our hearts skipping beats, or coming to a stand still altogether. Every glance of his always looked as caressing as a gentle breeze, it had the glow and warmth of a shinning sun. The fire and tenderness in it, made us feel his love from afar. Indeed it was the rapture of passion's blissful fire in Mohan's life.


What makes their relationship unique and stand out from everything is the depth and subtlety which they both are always able to evoke with their shared silent communications. Their friendship and love has always had a particular intensity because whenever they held each other's gazes, it always melted into a sense of wordless union.


Then, there came a moment when Mohan realized that he is hopelessly, irrevocably, in love with Megha and has been, for the past few weeks. One-sided love is like that, it has the nasty habit of creeping up on you unexpectedly. Yes, to Mohan's dismay, he had fallen in love with Megha who didn't at all seem to reciprocate his feelings, neither did she have any inkling to them. Mohan had to go through the torture of silent heartache. Mohan had to go through extreme pain, discomfort, but he proved himself courageous enough, to be willing to risk his heartbreak but never step back or give up on it. He never expected Megha to requite his love with anything. Being in the initial phases of love, Mohan's one-sided love was enough to prevent the flame of hope in his heart from extinguishing altogether.


Realizing once and for all, that Mohan is way too deeply in love with her, the widow in Megha, who had been lying in hibernation all this while, found this a rude provocation. Mohan had been the one to bring back all the beautiful colors of fun and gaiety into her life, but she considered his falling in love with her or the thought of her reciprocation as a demonstration of blatant disloyalty, towards her past and memories of her late beloved husband. The hatred and abhorrence of Mohan's mother Indu, towards Megha, made her pose even stricter restrictions on herself, where thoughts of loving or marrying Mohan were concerned.

As it's always inevitable with true love, Mohan's silent unconditional love, after coping with all the angst and pain of unreciprocation, became too much for him to be content with. It filled him to overflowing ,  so much so that he couldn't contain it all inside him any longer. He knew Megha's dilemma and being aware of that, he understood her silence and denial of having any feelings for him but as it happens in love, Megha's hidden, deeply buried feelings started manifesting  in her attitude towards Mohan. What had been just friendship for her till a few days back, it all but caught fire. Mohan's nearness started fluttering her, her heart raced and she found herself smiling like an idiot, whenever she was around him. Mohan became a permanent resident of her thoughts, her mind and her heart, so much so that she couldn't help but finally confess to herself, and surrender to  the reality and warmth, the intensity of her feelings for Mohan.  This sweet surrender finally brought her out of the torment of her darkened melancholic past.


Ok and a final analysis of the memorable hug and Megha's confession scene, hadn't done this in the forum before so here it is.


Last time Mohan left from Juna Mohalla was earlier that evening, utterly broken and disheartened because on Indu's provocation he had gone to Vyas house, in an intoxicated condition. Right there in their living room, he lay his heart bare, in front of everyone, poured out his feelings and in turn implored Megha to come forward with her own, he wanted her to confess but that never happened.
In between, he went and did something which he himself didn't know or realize the reality of. In the hospital, especially in mandir, Mohan while doing all the marriage rituals, his eyes looked far away. He seemed to be doing it all in a trance, like his mind had gone numb all over.
Then we saw him on his bike, returning, still in that dazed state, having flashbacks of the wedding with Riddhima and then of Papa ji's words about Megha Manav's impending shaadi.
So the darkness all around him, the silence of the night re-instated that fact, of Mohan's life submerged in darkness, but as soon as he got off the bike, all around him bulbs lighted up throwing him into a shock. And then those enchanting words 
"Aji sutey ho"
Fell on his ears, he lifted his head in shock to see Megha standing there, with her hair down, surrounded by the same strings of light.
Those words combined with the spectre/vision of Megha all but put a spell on him, his instant widening of eyes was an indication towards the very same. He was spell-bound, gripped in the unreality of that moment. That's why he immediately lowered his eyes to shake him out of that supposed trance, after shaking his head, he even looked towards Vyas house to see whether the words "aji suntey ho" had come from there but he found that house dark and silent as the night.
Mohan again looked up and saw No Megha there. That's when he became sure that the previous moment he had experienced must have been an illusion, manifested by his own mind's wandering.
You know that feeling naa, when we want something to happen, with all our heart, we yearn for that, then our subconscious minds sometimes get provoked enough to make an illusion appear in front of our eyes of that very same thing which our heart is pining since forever.
So Mohan's shock depicted the very same feeling, of him experiencing unreality because to see Megha standing on HIS own terrace, asking him 
"Kaisa lag raha hai hamara ghar"
That was exactly what he had dreamed of since for soo long. He had always confessed to Megha with the hope that one day she'll confess back and then Megha will be his, so obviously Mohan must have dreamed and fantasized about the kind of life they both would have together. So that was his dream coming true, returning home to a Megha standing smiling down from his balcony.
Now that he got reconciled with this fact that it was the result of his over-active imagination, he started walking towards the stairs but right then he yet again saw Megha standing there on the stairs. His first reaction was puzzlement, his forehead creased a bit but as soon as Megha started talking, asking him about where he had been so late into the night, Mohan's eyes went wide with shock. His wildest fantasies about Megha were playing out there right in front of his eyes. He looked at her, all rapt, so captivated in that moment he was. Even when Megha came towards him, talked about his open laces and all, he remained as if she had cast a spell on him. 
But right when she said 
"Kyun ke muhey tum aisey hee achey lagtey hou"
He got so overcome with the shock of that one line, to absorb that jolt of astonishment, his feet moved back of their own accord. It had been a heavy night for him which hadn't at all prepared him for such an event coming his way so though the stuff of his dreams was playing out in front of his eyes, yet his disbelief pushed him back and to shield himself even more his hand lifted to his mouth, to absorb his shocked silence.
Tears started glistening in his eyes. Tears are always a sign of a person deeply moved by something. Till that moment in time, Mohan had all but accepted his fate, all about Megha seemed like a loss and effort gone in vain to him but right then, his world and love expanded and suddenly everything started looking worth the effort, it seemed like he had gained something. Because that elusive happiness had come to embrace him after sooo long, his tears started coming out, he shook with the intensity and surprised joy of it all, so overcome he was that he didn't know how to express himself. No words escaped his mouth but every extreme emotion naturally needs an outlet to express itself so Mohan's came out not in words, but through those tears sliding down his cheeks.
His being captivated in that moment again became apparent when Megha turned suddenly and started walking away, Mohan instantly unclasped his arms from around his body and a small sigh escaped his mouth..that clearly meant that he didn't want that moment to end. 
Right then, Megha turned back, and confessed her love, which dealt Mohan another one, leaving him stone-stunned!
Right then, when it couldn't get any more bewitching for Mohan, Megha threw herself at him in a tight embrace. Well the BG song "Meri Adhuri Kahani" must have rendered all there was in that moment, to you. It was like a page was torn out of time and space, where only both of them were suspended, Mohan and Megha both lived an eternity of their love affair in that very moment, in that very embrace. Their souls had been pining for that very moment when their stifled emotions, lying dormant so far would come out of their slumber and smoulder the subdued flame of their love to burn through.

Hope you had a pleasant and sweet journey, fortunately all of the above has brought to us this happy occasion! So here's wishing Mohan and Megha a Happy Fun-filled Sangeet, full of of all the gaieties that had been missing from their respective lives and that they both waited an eternity to get.

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                                        MM SANGEET 
                         lets start by wishing them 

Lets celebrate... 

sweets for every one

Mohan Megha nanhi n addu ke liye  specially kajal ...chaaro itne lovely lag rahe hai ke nazar na lage 

sab ne muh meetha kiya ab ...lets start sangeet ka jashan 

dhol and baki ka saman 


kirshna kaniya mohan raja urf monu ke liye 

ab yeh naye zamane ka sangeet hai toh 

music system
ek dj 

dance floor 

and yeh aaye pure MP  ke dancers and now lets dance

bhai ab ek sky cracker toh banta hai


Ab thode chote mote gifts ...
mohan ke liye special gifts

yeh dher saara nimbu ajj raat peene ke baad kal ka hang over khatam karne ke liye 

yeh desi daaru ...riddhima jab sach reveal karegi toh isski fir jarurat hogi ...fir bewada hoke renu se shaadi karega 

first aid kit ... megha ke baad ridz ko sambhal na hai ..tabiss ki jarurat hogi .pehele khud ke zakham barne ke liye coz megha n usske ghar se toh pitne waala hai n fir riddhima maardegi 

n megha ke liye 
tissue box isski badi zarurat hogi megha ko 

Finally ...congo MM ...hope u guys live a happy married lyf once u marry ... n hope all the rangeen
dramas of rangeen channel ... bring colors to ur lyf 

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                                          Hearts Glitter Graphics |

   Hearts Glitter Graphics | You are a beautiful part of my life' Hearts Glitter Graphics |
                      I Love You! 
Hearts Animated GIF Dividers |

        Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, rab ne milaya tumhe,
     honthon pe sajaya tumhe, nag mein sagaya tumhe
     Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, sab se chupaya tumhe, 
    sapna banaya tumhe, neendhon mein bulaya tumhe


       Tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
        Ishq mazhab, ishq meri zaat ban gayi


       Ho tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
     Sapne teri chahaton ke, sapne teri chahaton ke
     Dekhti hoon ab kayee
     Din hai sona aur chaandi raat ban gayi
     Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi

      Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, rab ne milaya tumhe, 
      honthon pe sajaya tumhe, nag mein sagaya tumhe
      Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, sab se chupaya tumhe, 
      sapna banaya tumhe, neendhon mein bulaya tumhe

   Akansha Singh as Megha 
       Chahaton ka mazaa, faasalon mein nahin
     Aa chupa loon tumhe hauslon mein kahin
      Sab se upar likha, hai tere naam ko
      Khwaishon se jude silsilon mein kahin

      Khwaishein milne ki tumse, khwaishein milne ki tumse
      Roz hoti hai nayi
      Mere dil ki jeet meri maat ban gayi
      Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
     Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, rab ne milaya tumhe, 
     honthon pe sajaya tumhe, nag mein sagaya tumhe
     Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, sab se chupaya tumhe, 
     sapna banaya tumhe, neendhon mein bulaya tumhe


      Zindagi bewafa hai yeh maana magar
     Chod kar raah mein jaoge tum agar
     Cheen launga main aasman se tumhe
     Soona hoga na yeh, do dilon ka nagar


     Raunke hain dil ke dar pe, raunke hain dil ke dar pe
     Dhadkane hain surmayi
     Meri kismat bhi tumhari, saath ban gayi
     Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi
     Ishq mazhab, ishq meri zaat ban gayi
     Sapne teri chahaton ke, sapne teri chahaton ke
     Dekhti hoon ab kayee
     Din hai sona aur chaandi raat ban gayi
     Hoo tum jo aaye zindagi mein baat ban gayi


    Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, rab ne milaya tumhe,
    honthon pe sajaya tumhe, nag mein sagaya tumhe
    Paaya maine, paaya tumhe, sab se chupaya tumhe,
    sapna banaya tumhe, neendhon mein bulaya tumhe

   Mohan, Megha

A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.

  Hearts Glitter Graphics | 

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