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OS: MR AND MRS. LAAD GOVERNOR part 2 (last) page 8 (Page 8)

noclapsplease IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 5:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Avi64

Originally posted by aaliyahassan

you have no idea how much i liked it!!! Clap

i won't say much but only  "BEAUTIFUL "HeartHeart

i am still having yesterday's epi hangover and you by writing this has made it worse..Embarrassed

i wish something like this to happen..Day Dreaming

and avi one more hug.. is hug ko kya naam de?LOL

Thank you shreya Hug the hangover you are suffering from is the one i'm suffering from too... thats the resaon i wrote it... as soon as the epi ended i was on the laptop... eeepppss.. i'm going to write one more part to it and update soon... maybe in 2-3 hrs... aaj ke epi se pehle...Wink

wow i'll be looking forward to it..
jaldi likhna  Smile

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PhoenixRadar IF-Rockerz

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Hey Avi (mind if i call you that?)
That was a cute and funny OS!!! Haaye! Laad Governor aur Mrs. Laad Governor! LOL
Kabhi nahi sudhrenge!! :P It was a brilliant one!!
Keep such stuff coming in!!

Big smile
Avi64 Goldie

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Originally posted by AnnieKittWatt

Hey Avi (mind if i call you that?)
That was a cute and funny OS!!! Haaye! Laad Governor aur Mrs. Laad Governor! LOL
Kabhi nahi sudhrenge!! :P It was a brilliant one!!
Keep such stuff coming in!!

Big smile

no, i don't mind at all annie!Smile
and thank usooo much!

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Avi64 Goldie

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged

             Hey people! Thanks for the amazing response everyone! you all are awesome's the second part... and the last... i hope you enjoy it... i had planned to update before the epi and had typed it too... but couldn't get a chance... so it got delayed... anyways enjoy!  




Frightened, she ran into his waiting arms and he embraced his wife lovingly. His victorious smile widened as he hugged her tight.

"I won Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada" he said smugly.


She groaned internally. She lost the bet within moments. Hey Devi Maiyya ye sab aapko aaj hi karne ki sujhi? Here she was still hurt about how Arnavji had so conveniently said that she was only a contract wife and still she was in his arms seeking protection and comfort!


"Aap ne cheating ki!" she accused unjustly, pulling back. She couldn't just give up now, could she?

"Cheating?" Arnav asked amused folding his hands.

"Yeah… it doesn't count in this weather. You are using my fears against me." Khushi brooded like a kid.

"You are a very bad loser you know" Arnav said smiling. Of course he knew Khushi would wail and scream and accuse and do a lot more before finally accepting her defeat.


                Arnav's smug look was annoying Khushi to the umpteenth level.

"This was a one sided bet!" she cried out.

"You were the one who made it in the first place" Arnav replied nonchalantly.


                Khushi was just thinking of what to say when Arnav suddenly pulled her to himself. Khushi was startled. His face inched closer to her as he pressed her against himself. Her heart took an immeasurable pace again and she didn't know where all the oxygen around her had disappeared to, because suddenly her lungs were over-straining themselves. But this time her reactions had nothing to do with fear against the lightening that had just struck and everything to do with the man pulling her into non-existent space.


                It took all her strength to push away the man she loved, but it was the only way. She couldn't merely be a wife on a contractual basis. The reason was neither enough nor good. This wasn't a business deal, it was a relation; one that she valued. And until her husband did not learn what this relationship was about, then something about his love would always remain amiss.


"Congratulations Arnavji…" she said after pushing him and increasing the space between them "Aap jeet gaye".

Her tone made Arnav's heart sink. Her expression for the first time betrayed the hurt she felt inside.

Arnav was about to reply when Khushi moved past him to leave for the part of house where lights still illuminated the place; but Arnav held her hand. Khushi stopped in her tracks. He pulled her ever so slightly and Khushi took some hesitant steps backwards; so that now she was facing him again. He couldn't understand the sudden shift of Khushi's mood. Where was the girl who was challenging him moments ago?


                "kya hua Khushi?" he asked. Concern for his wife's sudden low mood evident in his words.

"Kuch nahi hua Arnavji. Aap jeet gaye mai haar gayi! Are you happy now?!"

Arnav opened his mouth to reply but Khushi didn't give him a chance. Anger because of being hurt time and again had found a way to surface out.


"Yes, you are my husband. Right now you are. But what happens in a month when that contract of yours comes to end? Then neither will you be my husband nor shall I remain your wife. So what is the point of playing all these petty games and making me accept you as my husband? Because yes Mr. Raizada, you are my husband now… but not for long!" she said taking a step to leave but Arnav pulled her back pinning her hand against her back. His lips were dangerously close to hers. His warm breaths made him want to melt to the ground. And Khushi forgot that a person was entitled to react. She was lost in his honey brown eyes so close to hers. It was the only sight her eyes could get and they probably didn't wish for more.



                He brushed his lips against hers gently. She closed her eyes. He let his lips linger on hers as he spoke so that her lips could feel what he was saying instead of her ears hearing it out.

"I am your husband and you have to accept it Khushi. I married you for a wrong reason, in the wrong manner. I literally blackmailed you. I took away your right of choosing me as your husband. But it doesn't mean you refuse to accept me as your better-half. You are mine Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada, only mine. Now and forever."

Khushi's heart literally stopped for a second and she forgot to breathe. But Arnav payed no heed. He claimed her lips for a kiss. It was time Khushi knew how much she meant to him. It was the same moment rain decided to finally fall down. He drew back before Khushi could respond. As Arnav pulled back, she suddenly felt betrayed. He cupped her face gently.


"You Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta entered my perfect peaceful life like a tornado. I started to feel emotions which were alien to me till then; ones I never thought I'll feel in a life time. I felt protective about you. I couldn't see tears in your eyes. And maybe protective is an understatement. I felt possessive about you. I couldn't understand what was happening and I didn't know how to react. It made me feel vulnerable Khushi… and Arnav Singh Raizada was anything but that."


"So, it angered me… and I maltreated you, pushing you away and willing those emotions away. I told myself I hated you. But it was no good. They kept hitting me back. And finally I surrendered. Even when I misunderstood you and forced you to marry me, and kept telling myself that you were a gold digger and a player trying to ruin my sister's life away I couldn't hate you. I wanted to believe you… believe you were innocent but you have to understand Khushi anger has always driven my actions… and it did so then as well…"


"I didn't listen to you… pushed you away even at the airport… even when something within me kept telling me to turn back… and when I was away from you I realized that fighting something so deep within us is not possible… that I love you no matter what… and when I said those words Khushi, I meant them. I LOVE YOU! Do you get that?!" he paused for a breath.


Khushi was silently listening to Arnav speak his heart out, and with every word he spoke she was overwhelmed. Yes, she knew he loved her… but last time the words were an omen to her. Those three words bluntly translated as I am in danger… because as far as she knew her Arnavji he would have never said those words so easily especially considering the events that had happened before he left. She didn't know what brought this outburst… but she knew her heart was swelling with the love she felt for this man. And maybe for the first time in her life Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada was rendered speechless as tears of pure bliss rolled down her cheeks.


Arnav continued after a few moments of silence. The force in his words was replaced by a melting softness.

"When I thought I lost you Khushi," and Khushi could hear her voice crack on the words as moisture took over his eyes "I cannot even tell you how I felt… it was like… it was like… I had lost a part of myself… no, it was worse."

Khushi remembered how she felt not knowing where Arnavji was… knowing that his life was at stake… it had to be at least ten times worse. She took his hands still cupping her face in hers.


                "Khushi, please understand that I did not mean what I said that night. You were the best thing that has ever happened to me… you… and that contract is null and void… because even without that I can't let you go… you are too deep a part of my life for me to live without you… I had to say those words because I needed you to stay… and I wasn't sure how… so I had to say them… promising myself from within that I'll make you mine forever so that such a thought never crosses your mind again…tum kehti ho na pal mein shaitan pal mein rajkumar… that's you Khushi who made a beast turn into a prince… it is because of you that a person who is a man of actions has just delivered so many words in a go!" He concluded with humor. One that amused him as well and made him smile; although one could see the solemness in his eyes.


                Khushi smiled as a sob escaped her throat.

"Aapki wife ka bahut bura asar pad raha hai aap pe! Jis cheez ko aap ek sentence mein bol sakte the usko bolne ke liye you used so many."

Arnav's smiled widened. "Illustrate…" he said.

"I love you Khushi and you are my wife with or without the contract." Khushi replied with the edge of teasing.

"Seems you have learnt a few things from your intelligent husband." He replied pulling her leg now.

"So I have. But I'll have to give you points for you were definitely romantic for Laad Governer Arnav Singh Raizada.'


                "You know whats more romantic?" he asked playfully. He took his hands out of hers and wrapped them around her petite frame. Khushi blushed a deep crimson. He jerked her against him and neared his lips to hers. Khushi put a finger to his lips blocking its way.

"I love you too Arnavji now and forever!"

Arnav smiled and echoed against her finger "Now and forever!"


                He then kissed her lips despite her finger and Khushi then let her hand slip and wound both her arms around him hugging him tight. He claimed her lips again, his tongue seeking permission to let it explore deeper. She responded to the kiss. It went deeper and deeper. It was a kiss of burning passion which both felt within.


                After a few moments they broke apart gasping for air; but before Khushi could gain back her breaths Arnav kissed her again. Her sweet and soft lips made him loose his marbles. She moaned and desire blinded him. He pressed her closer against himself.


                Khushi was in another world then. The love within her threatened to crush her. She was overwhelmed with every pleasurable emotion but most of all a craving took over her. She needed more of Arnav.


                Sometime later the lights came back and they found themselves on the bed. They hadn't even realized that most of their clothes were off.

"What the?!" Arnav cried out squinting his eyes trying to adjust to the sudden brightness "Lights kaise aa gayi?!"


"vo-" just then they heard knocks on their door. "what the?!" he muttered again. Khushi's eyes widened and they bore into Arnav's. Arnav shook his head signaling her to be quiet.

The person knocked again.

"Khushi bitiya?" Nani called out. If possible Khushi's eyes became bigger. Arnav placed his hand on her mouth to prevent her from doing anything stupid. They couldn't let their family find them in this state.

"Lagat hai so gayi… andhere mein…" Naniji said and then they were met with silence for the next few seconds.


                Realizing that Nani had walked away they sighed. Arnav went and switched off the lights. He was back on bed but unfortunatetely he was greeted by an angry Khushi… well not exactly angry… but irked up.

"To hum sahi the! Aapne cheating ki…"

"I think we were past that Khushi…" Arnav replied exasperatedly.

"Nahi… ye aapka plan tha! Agra mein koi meeting nahi thi.. aap-"

"Meeting thi Khushi! Par mausam itna Kharab ho raha tha ki maine socha aise mein kya drive karna. Phir jab mai ghar aaya to-"

"To aapne plan banaya… vah Mr. Raizada!" she said in fake contempt.


                "Acha kiya na! See where it led us" he replied playfully.

Khushi's cheeks turned hot with blush; and Khushi was very thankful that Arnav wasn't able to see the effects it had on her.

He came on top of her and planted kisses on her shoulder bone. They left a trail of fire on her skin. That was where Khushi's last coherent thought ended.  And then the heavy downpour outside became a witness to the sight of two people become one, washing away the bitter memories of the past.



                Next morning Khushi woke up to find Arnav looking at her. Blood flushed her cheeks as she drew the cover higher up.  Arnav smirked at the effect he had on her wife. He loved that color against her skin.


                Arnav got up. He was in his black lowers. Khushi couldn't believe this amazing handsome person was her husband. He drew the curtains to block the morning light entering his room.

Khushi looked curiously. Since when did they ever shut the curtains to the pool area?

"I'm not done with you Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada." He said naughtily coming on the bed again.

Khushi's eyes became comically round. Arnav chuckled at her response.

"but- but Arnavji… its morning…" Khushi replied.

"So, which instruction manual says I can't make love to my wife in the morning?!" he asked pulling her close to him.

"but everyone-"

"no everyone Khushi! Right now its only us!" Khushi couldn't reply. For the first time Arnavji had not said me. He had not said you. He had said us. They were truly one now.









plz let me know what you thought of itEmbarrassed

for pms about updates to my other works plz buddy me...Smile









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really nice!!Big smile
loved how arnav expressed his emotions!Smile

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it was mind blowing...Clap
how i wish,this cud be true!!!!!! Day Dreaming

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wow nice...great os

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loved it

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