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19/7 Dragon Club :Yash Vs Aarti..Game Begins :P (Page 19)

Tahitien-moon IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 6:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AbbyluvsMaan

Dats ws hilarious.. ROFL
Yep.. Bua is frustrated cz of Ramdulare's absence... ROFL
Thanks abby i always had a complete ding dong view of seing things in every angleSillyEven my parents And hubby gave up on me for straightening this factD'ohI'm just hopelessBroken HeartBettrt than trying to killCensoredBoajiWink

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Abby-GC-Crazy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
Yea... She betta runaway wd Ramdulare... ROFL
Bt poor Ramdulare... Wo bhi suicide kr lega.. LOL

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Eva JQ IF-Dazzler
Eva JQ
Eva JQ

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 6:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -ZsterMG-

Hey all .. won't get to watch the epi tonight.. came home late plus .. I have to get up super early to do sehri since Ramadan starts tomorrow =D ... which brings me to *Ramadan Mubarak*!
I'll probably get to watch tomorrow ...but have read the analysis and get the gist of what happened...
I love that Yash came in at the opportune moment to save Aarti's situation ... this Bua is something .. I cannot believe she'd play with the feelings of children ... she really meant it when she said she would destroy her brother's happiness ... which is his family ...ugh
The AarYa moments seem so cute and I am just loving their new found communication and the ease with which they share everything and find proper solutions regarding their kids together =) Signs of good communication .. in many shows this is one thing that lacks in the relationship and I am so glad that here... even though AarYa aren't 'in love' or think of each other more than the parents to their children.. they have developed communication skills early on ...

@Z: Ramadhan Mubarak Embarrassed. In Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia countries  we start Ramadhan on 21st July 2012Wink.. the weather was not really gud here and we couldnt spot the Ramadhan crescent during moon sighting. Embarrassed.I hope you enjoy your sehri  and your fasting Wink

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saf24 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 6:54pm | IP Logged

Today's episode was filled with an overdose of Bua and her dramas probably foreshadowing the role she will be reduced to in the coming episodes when her truth is revealed. Sometimes I wonder if she really is that evil or if her jealousy makes her act on impulse.

The episode starts with Bua poisoning Palak's mind and reducing her newfound confidence by stating that Aarti forced them to clap and heap praises on her but when she goes on stage, people will laugh at her. Aarti hears this and intervenes by telling Bua and Palak that the speech really was good. Palak however is reminded of the birthday party fiasco and believes Bua's words. Yash however swoops in and saves the day by restoring Palak's confidence through reiterating that he really is proud of her and she did a great job on the speech, much to Bua's disappointment. He further goes on to state that the family should support Aarti in her endeavours as she was the first one to take a step towards making Palak a more confident child. He then leaves and as Aarti is about to feed Palak the rasgulla, Ansh appears and asks her about assisting him with his speech since he always comes first in debates. Bua takes this opportunity to instigate the kids by saying that Aarti will obviously prepare a better speech for Ansh since he is her son. The conversation is cut short when Prathik interrupts and manages to take the kids out.


Aarti takes a cup of tea to Yash in their room. He is so in tune with her expressions and actions that he can immediately tell that something is bothering her. His thoughts prove to be true when she places the cup of tea in his palm instead of on the desk so he takes the opportunity to ask her about the problem. She tries to brush it off but gives in by telling him that she is in a dilemma as she is supporting Palak but in the process, Ansh is starting to feel neglected. Yash then decides that they will work together to solve this problem as he will support Ansh so she can support Palak. Ansh enters the room asking Aarti to assist him with his speech and silence along with a nod is all Yash needs from Aarti to tackle the situation. He tells Ansh that he will help him with his speech and jokes that it will be a competition between his mom and dad. Ansh plants a kiss on Yash's cheek and tells his mom that they will win before happily running out. Bua meanwhile is eavesdropping nearby so she goes and tells Palak that her dad is helping Ansh and when Palak gets disappointed, she cheers her up by telling her not to worry she will adjust Ansh's speech.


Left alone in their room, a playful banter takes place between Yash and Aarti in the name of competition where Yash asserts that he and Ansh will win while Aarti counteracts by asking what he will give if she and Palak wins. Yash who happens to take a sip of tea at that moment responds by saying sugar much to her surprise, only for her to realise that he meant the tea didn't have any sugar. She apologises and goes to get the sugar, however before walking out the door she turns and sees him drinking the tea as normal. She gets lost in him for a while and her attention turns to a picture of him covering Arpita's eyes probably signifying a longing to experience such moments with him. On seeing her still by the door, Yash stops sipping his tea which gets her nervous and she bounces into the door on her way out.


At night, Bua is seen pacing the hall as she is waiting for Yash to bring Ansh speech. A few minutes later he goes into the kids' room. Caresses their heads and places the speech in Ansh's bag. I loved this scene and the extra care he gave to Ansh while wishing him good luck for the debate. He then leaves the room with a contented look on his face.

Aarti and Shobha's phone conversation was a little ironic as Shobha was the one that told Vidhi and Prathik that love should happen calmly and naturally whilst here she is trying to hurry the process between Yash and Aarti. Once the conversation is over and Aarti turns to leave, Bua hurries to the kids' room and in the process knocks something to the ground. Aarti hears the noise and stops.


Looking forward to tomorrow's episode and really liking the change in Yash and Aarti's relationship.  

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Alamelu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 7:43pm | IP Logged

Great analysis from everyone...had a question:

Thought till now Bua hated only Arti and to some extent Yash because they got remarried unlike her...but thought she loved the girls...then why is she harming palak too in all this jealousy...

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 7:44pm | IP Logged
"You are the only boy in the family and as such deserve this bigger bowl of mishti doi (dahi)"...third time in two days my young son had heard those words of discrimination from an in-house aunt when we were visiting family a few years back...and that was enough for him to turn around and smirk smugly at his lil' sister and cousins; before I could put in two words, my jethji had walked in and taken the matter with the aunt. Fact of the matter is I did see my son change in those few seconds...and it felt as if someone had physically pushed me to the ground. Children are that naive...They are like wet cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression, and if pressed over and over, it leaves a lasting dent.

Today's events did leave a bad taste but then such things do happen in society...maybe in milder forms...whence children are made scapegoats and manipulated in bigger schemas of the adults. Palak and Ansh are the innocent victims of bua's one-point agenda: Break up Yash and Aarti's relationship. Her biggest blunder: Underestimating the depth of trust and understanding these two have between them. 

False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.

It is said that God resides in a child's soul; that's why a child's heart emanates such aura of purity. In messing with Palak's and Ansh's innocent hearts, bua is messing with the highest authority of all. And that can mean only one thing...her days are numbered!! 
Vinash kaale viparit budhdhi...When it is time for someone's destruction, her fate makes her behave irrationally, with disastrous consequences. Bua has crossed all limits in her hatred and vindictiveness. She has become unstoppable...In her zeal, she is disregarding the warning signs...that Yash and, to a certain extent, her brother are onto her. 

Yash salvaged the situation the second time in a day...Bua had managed to undo whatever little progress Aarti had made with Palak till Yash intervened and restored Palak's confidence and faith. He defended Aarti to bua's utter horror...till she saw another opening in the saga versus sautela issue. Her constant  barbs may have been seen through by Aarti but they registered in those two innocent souls who stood in between looking to and fro and finally settling on Aarti, expecting her to take sides...and which made Aarti join her hands in plea "Leave the kids out of this, buaji...please." And when the kids left, Aarti again spoke for Palak and ended with "Remember buaji...in the end truth always wins"...ominous words for bua. But she has gone beyond reason and logic...her days are spent following Aarti and Yash and filling Palak's head with discriminatory nonsense. She might manage to alter the speeches...but her purpose that this will make Yash and Aarti take their respective children's sides, which eventually will create a rift between them, will backfire. By taking on Yash, she has stepped into deep, thick mud, which will spatter back on her face!!!

The best feeling is when you look at him, he is already staring.

They meet behind the silence of the words...by looking into each other's eyes and hearing what the lips are not saying. Aarti's gratitude and Yash's unrelenting support and trust are conveyed through their gazes. Their eyes speak with an eloquence that surpasses speech. Aarti enters the room lost in her reverie...Yash sensing her looks up, immediately knowing that something is bothering her by seeing that faraway look... a look that has become so familiar. He knows that she has that look when she is deeply troubled and is trying to find a way out.  His doubts are confirmed when she absentmindedly keeps the cup in empty space instead of the table...and he had to reach out to avoid a breakage.  On insisting, she lets him know her dilemma...His solution relieves her as well as brings a smile to Ansh's face. A competition...hun...not between Palak and Ansh, but between mumma and papa, with papa writing Ansh's speech. Once again Aarti's knight comes to the rescue...and she is overwhelmed and impressed. She offers help with the speech...but Yash's playfully competitive rejoinder takes her breath away. She takes him on in the same vein...realizing what Yash just now conveyed...that as Ansh's papa he is completely devoted to settle issues for him...  "Hey, this is papa-sonny matter. Sure I can manage my son's speech. In any case, you and Palak are opponents here." ..."Sure, and what will I get if I win?"..."Sugar." That stumped Aarti till Yash clarified he meant there was no sugar in the tea. He sure is bringing lot of sweetness in her life and promising more. She looks back and stares adoringly at him drinking the sugarless tea...he looks up to see her already staring...an aura of warmth spreading in the room...and it somehow made sense that Aarti stood in front of the picture where Yash has covered Arpita's eyes...a sign that dynamics are changing in the room!!!

  • Prateek is getting sucked deeper into the quagmire of insecurities. Pari won't take his distrust too lightly...trouble on the horizon for sure.
  • "Good luck"..softly spoken wishes of a doting father to his sleeping son, while caressing his face with gentle smile...such a wonderfully peaceful sight!! 
  • Shobha's thoughts are travelling on a more crass path than SP's. What is she going to do...throw a party the day she comes to know that her Rule of "Tan" has also been covered by Aarti?? Weird lady!! Why can't she leave her daughter to find her way? Instead of coming out with such stereotypical suggestions? Aarti too is getting tired of her one-track mind.
That's it folks. We are looking at the beginning of the end of bua...so we might as well tolerate her for awhile more. Have a nice day.Smile

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I use to be shy and shiver at the podium when ever I gave a speech but my father worked on me and made me confident. It was after my father coached me I started winning prizes. Children need people to believe in them so they can believe in themselves. It has been proven through psychology that if you tell a kid that he will go to jail the kid is more likely to got jail. If you tell a kid they will succeed they will indeed. So what Bua is doing for her own selfish purpose is really wrong to Palak she is taking away her confidence telling her she is too shy to win and her mother  was just deceiving her by telling her she has what it takes. And THEN hiding Ansh's speech. I loved Aarti's line today  "It is those who have truth inside them that always win." So spot on.

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Someone call Mrs. Lobo in and tell her the difference between a 'Debate' and  a 'Speech'. She can then, go and give a speech to her teachers and the CVs, on the topic. {EDIT: I just recalled that this is a selection process FOR a debate competition, and I also recalled my school days from back then, where if the same topic was given to students to give a prepared speech, it was called a debate, though it is a misnomer! I just thought folks had become more discerning today}


Yash, the father promises to write something up and put it in Ansh's bag late in the night for Ansh to rattofy the next morning (since he's the star pupil) and deliver his 'debate'.  All this, so the evil version of the bumbling Inspector, Inspector Mrs. Maya Clouseau can (try to) switch the speeches.  And Yash, you couldn't do this right away and do your own work later, could ya?

Why does Aarti wait around to listen to the entire "filling in" of Palak's ears, instead of cutting her and giving her a dose right then and there? After Bua's incredibly evil talk, Aarti raps Bua's knuckles...mildly. Smack her, I say! Dramatic license! How else would the brainless twit of an audience know that Bua is really, really, really evil?


Yash, yet again comes to vocally support Aarti in her endeavor and asks Bua to support Aarti. Yeah, right!

Bua targeting the kids is a sight to behold! Venomous, Malicious, Insidious!  Bua's reptilian tendencies come to the fore, as she slithers from behind tall pillars to behind cloak-like curtains, to overhear private conversations between couples and to put her plan into action.


And some romantic moments in midst of all this! So, finally was the shakkar even necessary as Aarti hung back drooling and Yash continued to sip his sugarless tea?  The panning of the Yash-Arpita photo in which Yash has covered Arpita's eyes was a nice-touch - A cover-up of a budding extra-marital affair with Yash slowly becoming an active participant in the cover-up.  It was naughty, sneaky, and wonderfully delicious!

Prateek I hope, got shakkar in his tea, as he prepares himself to do half-a-Bua by sneaking a note out of Paridhi's bag. A night of notes, bags, and subterfuge!


Shobha, get off Aarti's case, will ya? She goes Tann-Mann,  Tann-Mann ,  Tann-Mann ,  Tann-Mann ,  Tann-Mann , Tann-Mann , Tann...Someone disconnect the phone in Shobha's house. 


Episode One-Line Review: A Bua-overdose where she comes off as a unidimensional and completely irredeemable character of unfiltered evil.   

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