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19/7 Dragon Club :Yash Vs Aarti..Game Begins :P (Page 14)

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:49pm | IP Logged

Sadiie's Analysis

Mundddaaayyy's Episode.




Oh My Ninja Monkeys Bua!!! ROFL


The lady has the ability to make me laugh ...ROFL ROFL ROFL


On a serious note, shoot her Stern Smile



Coming back to da epishode!

Three Claps for me, I knew they were faking it. Don't ask my how, I just knew.



Omg NOOO!!!!


That means I'll ...Nooo!!

I Don't even have the guts to say it! But Nooo!!!


Aarti stop staring at him!!


I bet AarYans were happy seeing this episode LOL

Muft Ki Tareef for Mr.Sindhiya and Gayatri LOL

Whatever, as long as Aarti Bahu stays away from my sexy wedding planner.Stern Smile



Thooosday's epishode



OMG I Can't even type!!



She rolled h.her eyes ROFL ROFL

OMG Someone stop me!!! I can't stop laughing!!! ROFL ROFL

I'm literally gonna cry!!

Eee she rolled her eyes!! ROFL ROFL ROFL



Seriously! How the hell do I watch the rest of the episode when I can't stop laughing everytime that rolling eye scene comes in my head ROFL ROFL

I'm gonna make An Avi out of that ROFL ROFL

Her expressions are hilarious ROFL ROFL

I Don't even know how many ROFLs I've typed down ROFL ROFL

Okay Resuming back to watching the rest of the episode and ..analyzing it..ROFL ROFL



Muah Muah Muah! I Love You Yash!

Waise I love you anyway LOL

But even more when you talk such sweet things ROFL


I bet everyone wants to throw Rotten tomatoes and all that at Yash for saying there will be no relation between Him and Aarti. I support him anyway LOL

I'll throw Roses at him and thorns at AarYans ROFL

People throw Eggs, I'll throw Boiled eggs back ROFL

People will throw Tomatoes at Yash, I'll throw Strawberries and Lemon [Cuz lemon has more sugar than Strawberry ROFL ROFL]


No overall, I'll throw all the good things at Yash and the bad things at Aaryans LOL

Dare you call him overly obsessed! The guy is right!Approve


Moving on




She was ironing...LOL

He was looking at her...LOL


I Can't think of anything else. ROFL





I Love Hating her!


Ps. She's stupid when it comes to debating an issue..LOL




Wednejdayyy's epishode






This Lady Is...ROFL ROFL

Like everyone is so nice nice

Even this Palak is good, hell Mr.Sindhiya is good now LOL



But this Buaaa ROFL ROFL ROFL


Aarti knows this Bua's tactics and gives her a moo tor Jawab yet she manages to stay innocent LOL

Bery Phunny this Bua LOL


On a serious note once again, shoot this Bua Stern Smile

I swear I wouldn't hesitate!Angry

Shoot this Bua, Just shoot her dammit!!


Okay at least get her electrocuted ROFL

Or or or throw her into the water and THEN Get her electrocuted ROFL ROFL


Okay aside my obsession for this bua now LOL



You know, Aarti is there doing everything she can for the Sindhiyas and it's right.

But, is Yash doing anything?


He was there when Aarti completely ignored what Ansh asked for and ran into the kitchen to make Ghulla thing..LOL Rasghulla..yeah that.


I wish they showed Yash looking at Ansh's cute, sad face...like you're the father...if Aarti isn't able to help Ansh, why Don't you do it.

Plus the Sindhiya's hardly have anything to do Stern Smile

I honestly Don't see them working..i swear their business is doing bad LOL

He'd rather spend some time with Ansh. Dammit! Ansh needs his New Daddy!


And I do hope Palak and Ansh both get the 1st prize. Warna...Bua the witch will grab that opportunity and do what she's best at; Roaming around like a Bhatakti Aatma Stern Smile



Ps. Isn't this Bua the lady who was in Devdas? LOL OMG I Hated her in there! Her laugh...Hiiihahhahahaha ROFL ROFL

Indeed a witch LOL


Todays' Epishode




Okay…WHAT THEEE!!!!!Angry

I Wanna Shoot this Bua!! OMG Just Shoot her!!!! Arghhh!!!!Angry

Like seriously, doesn't she have anything else to do except spy?! [I guess not Stern Smile]

Woman, you just lost all the respect I Had for you, which was closer no none! Urgghhh! Pathetic Woman! Evil Witch! I WANNA KILL HER!!Angry



Moving On

Awwhhh AarYa…LOL

Berrryy Cute Tongue

[Btw, GC wasn't holding the Cup when it almost fell Stern Smile was someone else…*Shudders*]

I don't have much to say on this, Bua is messing with Yash; Bhari Parega LOL

Palak….NO Comments.Stern Smile

Shobha…Buzz Off with Mr.DubeyStern Smile


And Yash Looks Hot…THUD…


Pre-cap: Palak You IdiotStern Smile


Okay I Wasn't Able to Stay Up To Date with the episodes, hit down with fever..LOL


Ramadhan Is Here!! Yiiipppeee!!!

I'm Gonna Be Fasting In Like…5-6 Hours' Time! Eee!!!

Sadiie x

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
@Jyoti: I have no complaints at all if Yash and Aarti will follow your advice and kick Bua like a football to the Himalayas! ClapClapClapClapReally she was the ultimate vamp today!
But I doubt if they will get rid of her ... the story needs a vamp, na?
Your comment about Shobha needing a honeymoon with Dubeyji was hilarious!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL She has gone very far into the whole Aarti-Yash relationship and has started dreaming of bodily love! Thank God this Bua only heard Aarti's side of the conversation. If she had overheard Shobha, she would have dug a hole in the ground and sunk into it from fear of Yash-Aarti's love becoming physical!

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jikky_84 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Samanalyse

@Asha: Will she be ready to face the other side of the truth coin when it comes to bite her in the behind, along with all the other liars?

This is a BIG question Samana, I don't know will she be able to face the truth or will give it reasons like she did in the birthday party. Because somewhere still I feel she didn't do justice to her one reason for the lie that is Palak's happiness. Yes, she did give a momentarily happiness but not a long lasting and memorable one. But still she even justified her LIE to Yash saying that it was for Palak's happiness. She did think of Palak's happiness but more than that she had a selfish motive of getting accepted as Palak's mother Ouch

Similarly, in the divorce lie, I can see a selfish motive of getting the love and trust of Scindiya family and Yash. So she chose to live in the present than facing and overcoming the past and then living in the present.

I hope, once the divorce truth comes out, she shows courage to accept the fact that she did LIE, then trying to reason it out with some abstract thoughts and truths in which she believes. Because, if she tries to justify her lie, it can go against her than helping her. 

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged

@Samana, Bua is a sad sad human being. Sometimes I even wonder if it is Aarti she is really mad at or is it her anger at destiny and SP that she is taking out on Aarti with her vindictiveness. While her situation and her loneliness demands sympathy I have to dig deep in my heart to find any. She is a sorry excuse for a human being. 

I too noticed the teddy yesterday and brushed it away thinking that writers cannot pay THAT much attention to details. All my children have their own security objects and when they are sad they have to have their security object. Truly, the writers behind this show must be doing research on how realistically children behave in such scenarios. 

As much as I hated Bua today I am glad they showed how her words can create mistrust in Palak's mind about Aarti in mere seconds. If she had started trusting Aarti just like that then that would have been inconsistent with Palak's character. And going back to few days, I think we had a convo in this thread about how Aarti should apologize to Palak for what she did to her on her birthday. And I said I want her apology too but it is too soon. Palak will always doubt its sincerity. And that is exactly what happened today. All of Aarti's handiwork vanished in thin air because Palak still doesn't trust her and doubted her sincerity. 

@Jyo, time for Bua to say good-bye? I whole heartedly agree. I hope she gets stufffed in her face for the little stunt she pulled with Palak. Angry

Loooved the tea romance. Except that I saw it as Yash is beginning to fall for Aarti's uniqueness and not imperfections. Have to do more on it if I get a chance to do my take later tonight. 

And agree about Shobha too! We should lock her up in a room with Bua ji! What a match they two will be.Evil Smile

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyoti06

Today's Episode was good in parts and a bit irritating with Bua overdose but I feel all this is coming to a climax now with AarYa finding out that Bua is the main culprit who is trying to create issues between Ansh and Palak  and both will finally decide to pack up Bua to Himalayas Big smileBig smile...Reason why I m saying this is because Bua has now gone to the extreme in her hatred for Aarti and is trying to harm Ansh and Palak's innocence by making Palak hate Aarti and also Ansh hate Yash as per precap which I m sure Yash will no more tolerate as today itself he goes some doubt on Bua Ouch...So time for Bua to say pack up and leave Big smile...

ROFLI Want Aarti to throw Bua's Bags out like the way Bua did Once upon a time With Aarti's Empty BagLOL
It's More Like Another Pilgrimage For Bua..she'd rather trouble her BhagwanDead

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
@Samana: Wow great analysis Dear about Palak and the teddy bear and the AarYa scenes in the bedroom and the Arpita pic...I never thought about it that way you've got a great eyes for symbolism Clap Clap  Clap
Boa is playing with AarYa most precious treasures...their kids Angry and in te long run she's gonna regret her actions cause AarYa won't spare her
@Mansi: Fab take! Clap Clap...today Yash did rescue Aarti whenever boa tried to trap her but it seems that both Aarti & Yash are gonna be trapped tomorrow because of boa cruelty
@Aparna: Fantastic take Doll Clap Clap Clap...ITA i hate the idea of kids being used as pawns in boa's evil plans but IMO it's necessary for Yash & even SP to see how malicious boa is.
I'm happy that the kids are front and center again
LOL Shobha must be bored she should go help Papa Dubey at work instead of thinking about when it's time for AarYa to get to the next level ROFL
@Jyo: Marvelous analysis Hun Thumbs Up Clap Clap...I really hope that boa is leaving sonn but i feel that even if she gets kicked out she might come back and try to harm Aarti cause in her mind Aarti is the source to all her problems Confused Angry
OMG AarYa's tea scene was fangurl worthy Embarrassed...Yash already started to like Aarti's imperfections remember during the separation track when her bindi was on the mirror he didn't take it off he just stared at it  and left the bathroom Big smile
Yash drinking the sugarless tea and Aarti bumping in to the door was just beautiful Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
@Z: pfftt boa doesn't care for her fam she's a selfish and evil person Angry...AarYa scene was too adorable Heart
Goodnight and good luck with everything Dear Hug
EDIT: Gotta go...Dinner is ready...You guys have a goodnight...See you all in the AM
Take care xoxo

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Ria- welcome backHug
Saddiie- LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL loved all three days together...hope your feeling better now

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
@Samana : Woww thats a fab take on Palak and her loneliness which she shares it with the teddy ClapClapClap./..I also agree about Bua here .. she looks stone-hearted from outside but she does every wrong act out of her emotions which r more of hatred than love Ouch...she has gone so blind in her hatred towards Aarti that she is using those innocent kids to create problems between AarYa Ouch
Also I loved the last part which u wrote .. its so truee ...Aarti actually felt it funny I guess when she saw Yash himself is closing Arpita's eyes in that photo during their yeh dil hai moment which is more like Arpita has no right to witness AarYa's private moments from here on Tongue...I guess its somewhere Aarti's inner desire as well to see Arpita's portraits go out of their bedroom Big smile...she might never admit it but a woman inside her will not like to see her man romancing someone else in front of her eyes 24/7 EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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