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19/7 Dragon Club :Yash Vs Aarti..Game Begins :P

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged

Credit goes to Maham(Allbut1) for this brand new beautiful Banner ClapClapClapClap

The Cutest Moments of Yesterday's Episode Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...
The moment when after the rain speech Palak runs towards her Papa Yash and hugs him tightly and then Yash proudly kisses Palak's forehead which is follwed by even Payal joining Palak and Yash in that group hug with Yash lovingly telling Payal that next time she too will have to give such speech ...it was a AWWW kodak moment of Father with his Daughters all thanks to Aarti Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...
Aarti is the one who brought those smiles on their faces or else earlier Palak and Yash always hugged each other in pain and emotional moments but today first time father and daughter r hugging each other with happiness after an achievement by Palak where she not only gets her confidence back but also her million dollar smile back which was lost somewhere after Arpita's death EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
The scene was one of the most natural and realistic scene in the episode as it looked like a real father-daughter bonding where father is hugging his kids after  a very porud moment while their mommy looks at them in aweee Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
These picss show how proud Yash was feeling to see his daughter's confidence returning back ,.. he was completely overwhelmed to see that smile and confidence on his daughter's face EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Even Aarti is proud of Palak today and what is beautiful  in this mother-daughter bonding scene is that this is first time Palak herself is taking the initiative to get a kiss from Aarti on her own which is picture clearly shows EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Today's Episode Analysis
Today's Episode was good in parts and a bit irritating with Bua overdose but I feel all this is coming to a climax now with AarYa finding out that Bua is the main culprit who is trying to create issues between Ansh and Palak  and both will finally decide to pack up Bua to Himalayas Big smileBig smile...Reason why I m saying this is because Bua has now gone to the extreme in her hatred for Aarti and is trying to harm Ansh and Palak's innocence by making Palak hate Aarti and also Ansh hate Yash as per precap which I m sure Yash will no more tolerate as today itself he goes some doubt on Bua Ouch...So time for Bua to say pack up and leave Big smile...
Time for Bua to say Good-Byee for now Smile
Bua did a maha blunder by taking panga with Yash and putting him in a mess by deciding to hide that speech written by Yash because now Yash will be misunderstood by Ansh as Ansh will think Papa dint write his speech as promised and when Yash will come to know about it either via Palak or Aarti , he will not leave Bua this time LOLOuch... Also I feel Bua will do something with Palak's speech too  because as per precap even Palak was showing her hate towards Aarti Ouch
Already today Yash saw how Bua was trying to demoralise Palak  and he opposed it directly by supporting Aarti and telling bua how he is proud of Palak's new found confidence and how he supports the fact that Aarti took the initiative to build up this confidence in his kids StarStarStarStar... This scene itself indicated that Yash is not really pleased with Bua's ways but he still speaks to her politely because of her age ... But now Bua  has messed up with him and  Ansh-Palak in a big way AngryAngry...Yash will directly send her to Himalayas for sure LOLLOLLOL
I feel not just Yash but both Yash and Aarti will rescue each other from the mess because as per precap it looks like Palak is misunderstanding Aarti and even Ansh is misunderstanding Yash .. they r cursing each other's parents here which means Bua might hv done damage to both speeches and might hv filled their head with step father and step mother nonsense Ouch... So AarYa might jointly take a decision to throw Bua out of the house and rescue their kids Big smile...
Today it was certainly Yash's day the way he kept rescuing Aarti from every mess done by Bua related to Ansh matter Embarrassed but tomorrow Yash might b in mess because of Bua hiding his speech and making Yash look bad in front of Ansh and that time Aarti might come to his rescue Embarrassed
In short whatever plans Bua is making to create issues between AarYa will backfire badly on Bua because the biggest blunder she did is by involving innocent kids in her revenge game Smile
AarYa little tea moment ... Yash is beginning to enjoy Aarti's imperfections
Ok cut Bua discussion and coming  back to AarYa tea scene .. It was one of the cutest ever EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Old Yash would hv blasted Aarti for that sugarless tea Ouch..but this new changed Yash is like Aarti ji aap sugar bhool gayee ... Aarti is like laati hoon abhi .. and then Yash starts sipping that sugarless tea only ...awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Aarti keeps adoring Yash there EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Also Aarti looks at Yash-Arpita picture where Yash is closing Arpita's eyes and somehow I felt Aarti is longing for the day when Yash will do similar masti with her EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...she then collides with the pillar and Yash is all smiless EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Whatever it is , Yash is beginning to melt with Aarti's innocent charms and these cute blunders she is doing .. I feel Yash is enjoying it ... in short he is enjoying her cute little imperfections in his boring perfect life EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Shobha needs to go for another honeymoon with Dubey ji LOL
Ok I dont understand Shobha's funda at all when she tells Aarti that u achieved his Mann ka pyaar , now go get Tan ka pyaar Confused...Is Shobha asking Aarti to jump on Yash in bed that night itself and she feels Yash will b all happy to do it with her ?? Confused...
I feel Shobha needs to go for another honeymoon with her husband and mayb get Tan ka pyaar so that Aarti can live in peace Smile
Rest  of today's episode  was nothing much in terms of analysis as it was overdose of Bua  but I m waiting for the final outcome of this Bua drama  because if in the end this overdose of Bua results in her exit finally from the house courtesy AarYa's joint plan , then I hv no complaints because at the end of the day Bua needs to b taught a lesson /...Smile...Episode was average but I loved the AarYa scene and also curious to see how Bua gets caught Tongue

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged

Well who would imagined that on my day off, I felt like i worked more than when i'm actually at work Dead LOL


Okay on to my take Smile...It was a good episode!!!


Loved the way Yash defended Aarti in front of Palak & boa Clap Clap Clap ...Seriously how evil can that woman be brainwashing a kid and manipulating Ansh & Palak just because of her hatred towards Aarti Angry Angry Angry

Yash came to rescue again when Aarti told him about the dilemma she was in regarding Palak & Ansh...He took action and told Ansh that he would write his speech and that the competition was now between mummy-papa Big smile Embarrassed Embarrassed

Aww what a cute AarYa moment when Aarti went to get the sugar for Yash's tea cause she forget to it in when she made it...the look lost and the ogling Yash while he drinks the sugarless tea and last by mot least the bumping into the door when Yash catches her looking at him Embarrassed Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming


Wow we never saw Yash in the kids room at night and i'm happy to see that tonight tehy showed it...He's such a loving dad and the way he wished Ansh good luck was so cute Heart


Love that AarYa are communicating and sharing their responsibilities as parents Thumbs Up...LOLi was so happy when Aarti hung up the phone on Shobha she's the one that tell Pratik & Vidhi to cool it but here she was talking about Pyaar again let it rest woman Tongue


Talking about Pratik WTH was he looking in Paridhi's back for i thought he said he wasn't jealous...i can smell tons of trouble & MUs coming their way because of that note <_<

Precap: OMG Ansh is MAD at Yash damn that evil woman boa Censored Angry Angry

A note for the CVs...plz decrease the scenes of the boa soon...sincerely yours Zetter Wink

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PV Creatives, here is a list of songs that we would like to see on Yash and Aarti! DC members or anyone, if you want to see any other songs, please drop me a PM and I'll try to update list on page 1 of DC daily!

#1. Dil kya kare jab kissi ko (julie)
#2. Bheegi bheegi raato mein
#3. Haye haye ye majboori :P
#4. Woh hain zara
#5. husn ke...laakhon ke rang
#6. aaj rapat jaiyo (namak halal)
#7. sajna hai mujhe Blushing
#8. Baahon mein challe aao
#9. Jaane do na
#10.Roop tera mastana
#11 Piya tu
#12. Bhor bhaye panghat pe
#13. Chadhti jawani meri ROFL
#14. Aa zara (Murder 2)
#14. Aaja Piya
#16. Zara Zara touch me
#17.choli ke peechhe kya hai
#18 Hey sexy lady
#19. Sarkai liyo khatiya ROFL jaada lagge! ROFL
#20. Jaadu hai nasha hai
#21.Could I have this kiss forever!
#22. Bheege hont tere
#23. Ooo lala Ooo lala (Dirty Picture)
#24 Tune ye Rangeela kaisa Jaadu kiya
#25 Hoton se Chulo Tum
#26 Chura liya hai Tumne jo dil ko
#27 Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam
#28 Kaise Tum Mujhe Mil Gayi
#29 Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar
#30 Sajda
#31 Saibo
#32 Ishaqzaade title song
#33 Phir Mohobbat karne chala

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Big smile

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I realised something about Bua today. She appears to be very cold and emotionless, but in reality it is emotions that drive her every action. She is not reacting to Aarti the way she does because of an explainable need for revenge or even a validation of her own existence. On a conscious level, she is reacting to Aarti in a purely impulsive and emotional fashion because she cannot stand to see her happy and accepted. It is like when someone scratches nails on a chalkboard, you immediately try to make them stop, because it makes you physically uncomfortable. That is the effect that Aarti has on Bua and she is doing whatever impulsive thing occurs to her first, to stop it, it being Aarti's love and acceptance in the house, despite her being a "widow."

I am not going to talk much about Bua's "kalakaaris" because they were self-explanatory, i.e. disgusting. Involving the vulnerable feelings of children for personal gain is despicable and I just can't even talk about it without getting angry all over again! So I will choose instead to talk about the foundation that was laid for the positive things to come in the family of five.

I noticed this yesterday, but didn't think the CVs had really thought deeply enough about it so I didn't mention the thoughts I had. What I am talking about is the teddy bear. I saw yesterday how Palak was looking intently at her stuffed bear when Aarti walked into the room and making motions as though the bear was talking to her. It was such a well-thought out little sequence because introverted or lonely children often do make friends out of their toys or have invisible friends, when they can't make friends or don't spend a lot of time with their peers. Today when I saw her rush into the room and talk to her teddy bear about her triumph, I kicked myself for underestimating the writers of the show and was thoroughly impressed. This teddy bear was Palak's friend in loneliness and when she got her due, she told it to the same bear! I thought that was a beautifully conceptualised idea. It reminded me immediately of Calvin and Hobbes, which I absolutely adore.

Not quite Palak, but same idea. LOL

The second scene that was significant was of course Yash's intervention in the scene between Palak, Aarti and Bua. I hated Bua the most here, because she completely destroyed the delicate first step that Aarti had taken in Palak's path to overcoming her fears. I am glad they showed this though because it really made it clear how precarious Palak's new found confidence was, and how easily it could be toppled. She was much more prepared to believe that she had done a bad job and that people just humoured her, than to believe that she had done a good one. It makes me wonder if she is actually going to succeed tomorrow, since she is not back to square one, but set back considerably by Bua.

Yash's timely entry and his support of Aarti may just have saved the situation from utter ruin. He not only supported Aarti, but reinstated Palak's nose diving confidence. If there is one person that Palak trusts more than anyone, it is her father and so his word in favour of Aarti trumped Bua's words against, at least until Bua came back with her next barb involving Ansh, of Aarti manipulating Yash into writing Ansh's speech, which completely complicated the issue in Palak's head, discounted her dad's agency and so made her defensive of him, and made her antagonistic towards both Aarti and Ansh once more. I did really like the little detail of Palak and Ansh looking from Gaya to Bua as they talked, aptly illustrating how kids pick up on every tiny detail of conversation, and eliciting Aarti's plea for Bua not to talk like that in front of them.

The Aarti - Yash bedroom was adorable. Once again, long before she herself was aware of it, Yash picked up on Aarti's wandering mind and pressed the issue out of her, only to come up with a solution immediately. I love this couple for the fact that they avoid communicating with each other for fear of how complicated the problem is, but that when they do communicate, they are rewarded with their better half coming up with a solution as though it was the simplest thing in the world. I hope this encourages them to communicate more!

The reason that Aarti relaxed a bit with Ansh was because she felt Yash taking responsibility, and today he proved his commitment by living up to the promise he made by taking that bullet for her son and making him his own. He made Ansh feel like there was someone on his side and coupled it with the novelty of it being his favourite, new father. This way Ansh would have no resentment towards Aarti and Aarti's load is lightened. I also loved the tender scene between Yash and the sleeping Ansh when he went to drop off his speech. It was a moment of pride, affection, belonging and silent worship for Yash, affirming that yes, this is my son, I love him, I am going to make him win every contest and take away ever obstacle from his path.

I also love in the tea scene, how in an unexpected twist, it was Aarti who formally asked if he needed help writing Ansh's speech, and Yash who morphed the whole conversation into an playful banter, both affirming that he could and wanted to do this for Ansh and that Aarti didn't need to be so formal because this was his job as a dad. How cute was it that he drank her sugarless tea? It reminded me so much of the song "Cheeni Kum" because I think that dexcribes AarYa's romance perfectly, and today, though it surprised him at first, Yash found that he quite liked the tea without sugar and was rid of the notion that it was necessary  for the tea to be complete.

My song dedication to Aarti and Yash today.

Finally, I thought it was really interesting that Yash was covering Arpita's eyes in the picture that was shown. It tickled me to no end that it looked like Yash was blocking his and Aarti's interaction from Arpita's sight, as though she was no longer allowed to be privy to their relationship. All these days we have usually seen the smiling picture of her in her wedding attire, looking ever benevolently down at the new couple but today, her eyes were covered, and while she was still present, she was no longer participating in the moment.

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skanda12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Today's episode brought something new to my notice. Yesterday I had written a lot about how Aarti had gained the trust of Yash and the Scindia family - and I had stated that Aarti getting trust may have even more value than her getting love at this stage of the story. But today I discovered that the creatives are deliberately making Aarti gain the family's trust, by putting her in confounding situations where Yash can come to her rescue. The Creatives are using "Yash's rescue" every time as the "turning point" - whereby Aarti's troubles get converted into her opportunities for gaining even more trust and success than before.

In fact, Yash seems to come to her rescue every time she is in a phsyical dilemma, in a conflict of interest or in a moral fix. And it seems like Aarti is falling into one tangle or another just to make opportunities for Yash rise to her rescue. Look at today's episode – how many times Aarti was rescued by Yash, resulting in Aarti gaining even more ground than before in this family!

 In this whole saga of showing how instrumental Yash's rescue is to Aarti's gaining the famiy trust (including the children's trust), the role of the Bua has also been used very cleverly by the Creatives. The Bua with her ill-will creates or provides the tangled or morally difficult situations – and then Aarti is temporarily confounded. But the tangle beckons Yash to come to her rescue, and Aarti ends up gaining even more than she would have if she had been able to solve the tangle herself.

The Creatives could easily have shown Aarti as a capable and confident woman able to solve issues herself, no matter how confusing or confounding they may be. But by  making Yash rescue Aarti every time she finds herself in a fix, the Creatives are adding newer dimensions to the Aarti-Yash bonding. It is as if a new layer of richness has been added to the budding relationship, giving it a greater poignancy.

Today I want to dedicate my analysis to the episode theme: YASH TO THE RESCUE!


Yash makes Palak believe in Aarti

The Bua succeeded in sowing deep doubts in Palak's mind that Aarti had "orchestrated" the family praises and applause for Palak's speech. She even told the child that Aarti had lied that Palak was speaking confidently. In short, the evil woman made the small child cringe. Aarti heard Bua telling Palak all this, but for a moment she was nonplussed as to how to handle this growing mistrust in Palak. Suddenly Yash walks into the children's bedroom and tells Palak outright that Aarti was not lying at all. He even reminds Palak about how proud a father he was to hear his daugter give such a good speech. If the Bua had not sowed the dilemma, Aarti would not have had the opportunity of begetting Yash's rescue. She did get his help, and she was then able to climb higher in Palak's eyes.

Yash solves the Ansh problem

More trouble is sown by the Bua when she insinuates that Aarti will help Ansh win over Palak at the debate, because Ansh was her own son while Palak was just a step-daughter. (The nasty woman does not miss a trick, does she?) Again Aarti is temporarily outwitted and in a moral dilemma: how to support Palak without hurting Ansh? Yash is sharp. He notices her withdrawn state, and encourages her to confide her problem in him. He solves it all by planning to help Ansh himself. The Creatives have again given Aarti the vexing problem but have made Yash the solution. Not only does the situation get easily managed but Aarti has the additional joy of hearing Yash say to Ansh: "It's a fight between Mummy's Palak and Daddy's Ansh!". What a lovely thing to say!

Will Yash again rescue Ansh;s speech?

The Bua has vile plans to steal Ansh's speech written by Yash and placed in his school bag. Aarti is again placed in a perplexing situation. She hears the rattle of something falling as the Bua tries to advance to the kids' bedroom to steal the speech and put another one in its place. Will Aarti be able to stop the Bua doing this? Will Aarti spy on the Bua as she steals the speech? My guess is that Aarti will again be in a quandary as to what to do, but Yash may come to the rescue. (How? I think it may end up that Yash has wrongly put the speech in Payal's bag, but gives the right one to Ansh in the morning!) If  my guess is right, the Creatives will ensure Yash comes to Aarti's rescue again.


To end this take I want to touch upon this phone conversation between Aarti and Shobha. Aarti tries to tell Shobha she is happy just having Yash's trust, and she is not looking for love from him. Maybe that is the truth as far as Aarti is concerned, because Aarti now surely feels that his trust is more valuable than love. But, as Shobha tells her, this is just the present phase of the relationship and there is a longer road to travel, when emotional trust will have to find its culmination in physical love. 

I wonder who will rescue whom to make that happen. Could it be that after many opportunities for Yash to rescue Aarti, to convert that trust to love it has to be Aarti who has to rescue Yash's heart?

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