Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Badtamizee,Behoodgi,Kiss me I LOVE it!

laddoo598 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:10am | IP Logged
CVs, you sneaky people! You gave us ASR coming out of the closet (all pun intended) as a precap yesterday, while you saved almost kiss #2 for the actual episode? Do you know what your decision did to women across the world? We didn't get a chance to chase our families away, thereby ensuring we get to watch this episode ALONE, we didn't prepare for fans and cold glasses of water to be by our side, we didn't even have the smelting salt handy, and all that jazz. You just made women all across the world look like squealing, blushing, hyperventilating fools!PinchLOL  But yes, what an episode. Way to put an end to all speculations concerning Arnav and Khushi's chemistry going for a toss. Maan gaye aapko!

Hello Sweetheart.

Awww my laad governor, wait I must not smile. He is cute, but that doesn't mean he gets a free license to be a grade A jerk.

Do you remember anything? You in my closet? Do you have a closet fetish? We could always try it out you know. The closet is quite sturdy.

No, I don't remember anything. What is there to remember anyway? We haven't actually done anything you know.Are you sure you don't want to get chotey checked out?

I will get you wet, literally that is. The viewers will get wet figuratively then.

What the? If all I get is literal bheegna, then I am gone from here.

Don't you walk away from me! I am not finished here. Chotey has awakened after eons. Don't waste the opportunity Khushi.

You are all talk, no action. What will you do huh? What?

Wait, wait, wait. That was the badtameezee/character dheela twirl from all those episodes ago, does that mean badtameezee will be back, does it??Big smile

For starters, lets get that dori open. What the? Woman, where is the dori? When did you stop wearing outfits with doris? Why did it take me this long to realize that you have ditched doris?

I know dude. You had lost your touch. You used to know her bangle size and other sizes too I figured. And look at you now. But its not too late. Your eagerness if making up quite well for months of inactivity.LOL

Oh no you don't. I must play hard to get. 'Cause that's what SP heroines do.

Arnav: Well, I am not your typical sissy SP hero, not for the most part anyway. Now I am in the mood to do some badtameezee.

You cannot do that! Forum says it will be post marital rape.

Yes I can. You are my wife Dammit. And come on, you and I both know you are dying to get rid of the Kumari from your name, and no, two people doing it willingly does not equate rape. Plus, the forum has been begging me to get down to badtameezee for months now. So lets just get started, shall we?

I don't consider you my husband!

You will, after you experience my killer kissing skills.

Hey Devi Maiyaa. This Dhak Dhak will be death of me one day. Who am I kidding? I have been waiting for this moment since diwali last year. Bring it on Raizada!

Any moment now, SP nuns will barge in.Geek

Hari-I-am-shameless-Prakash/ SP nun's representative for the day:
*Stares abashedly* Oooh Arnav bhaiyaa aur Khushi Bhabi gul khila rahe hain? SP nuns said I must stop them, or they will make sheek kabab out of my Lakshmi jee! Yo, bro, Nani called you two down.

What the? Yet another incomplete kiss.F*L. I should just change my name to Arnav Adhoora Singh Raizada.

Who got who wet?:

Why are you two wet?

Khushi did it.

No he did it. I mean no, I got wet by myself. Self help and all, you know Nani jee.

Nani: T
sk tsk, Chotey, I had high hopes from you.

Whatever. Satsang anyone? Rudali needs to be reassured that she is still the center of everyone's universe.

Haq, Confidence, Cheekiness-Need I say more?

Did I hurt you, baby? I didn't mean to. You bruise like a peach, why is that?

Yes you did. Its always pain with you. Ever heard of pleasureful pain? Hickeys? When am I getting those?

Soon my love. As soon as you accept me as your husband and come running into my arms.

What the? That's not happening.

Oh it will. I will make it happen.

Freaking confidence, possessiveness, and sadda haq! Kill me!

Iss war ko kya naam doon?

NK, that is anything but war. Iss hawtness ko kya naam doon is more like it.Blushing

I am way too excited to talk about Payaliya's dukh bhari katha, and AnJhali's usual rudali stance. Jao jao, sab satsang pe jao, and go to as many temples as you like. Buh Bye!Big smile

Tomorrow needs to get here already! CVs are such teases, left us without a precap. Arnav Singh Raizada is kinda wearing the diwali outfit, is it the clothe of choice for moments when things get really heated up? You never know..LOL

Only one farmayish, please don't let Khushi wear that hideous green anarkali for the rain sequence.

Alright, back to drooling now. Drool veyy...

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_TheJoker- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Dude!! you get ArHi phu-girl loving hug from my side Hug its like Eid ka chanc nazar aya.. damn!! fasting days coming and ASR is hell bent on ruining my Fasting! Embarrassed
who on earth had thought THIS seeing yesterday's precap? i mean WOW!! just a big WOW!! lastly i was telling you na that looks like Satsang date is canceled but thank god miss call from DM!Tongue

see Arnav is gonna prove me right.. i am telling it just cant not be chote by any way! just trust me.. rest Khushi will tell you but i am just way to sure that its NOT chote! the train starts from a cuteness personafied journey where i sit up with a smile in my face prepared for all Anjali drama.!!

Khushi:- Akash jija ji.. knock knock.. by the way why am i knocking.. its not that you guys do what i and Arnav ji do keeping the door open
Akash:- my dialogue writer in on half leave.. sometime comes writes two three words and goes away! *rolls eyes*

Arnav:- Khushi i am going to prove that Tasfia is right.. she is confident its not chote// come one its time for you to say it to laddoo since she is waoting for your confirmation
Khushi:- heck even i want to know the .. see the mystery!

HP:- Anjali Di has pay me 200 rupees to buy a new gotedar suit for Laxmi in return of this interupption (credit for this brining idea goes to Zoha Di UltimateBarun)
me: Gul Khan take money from me but for god's sake buy a door lock for them!

Anjali" blah blah.. *makes aface as if i have cancer* blah blah.. chote dont cancel the rain romance for me.. IF will bash you.. not a in a mood for another RM interview blah blah blah
Arnav: i have a meeting..Big smile Aman my savior Hug.. IF girls.. hold your breath Cool
khushi lets go to agra and do some romance naer Taj Mahal
Khushi: do it here in the roomAngry

Satsang zindabad!! Star never in my love i felt so happt about satsang and guess what.. after that character dheela epi this is the first time finally all the animals of zoo are ou only the.. prince and princess in the palace! Heart

some side notes
Mami:[ shut the effwa up! Dead
Nani: you actually rock old lady! aunty ji aunty ji.. get up and dance!Tongue
Payal: get a divorce already!
Akash: no comments!

and now.. Diwali shirt..Day Dreaming fanning myself! Blushing
oh ya this is for you!Hug

PIC CREDIT AnannyaEmbarrassed

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.Farzi. IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Screen Writer
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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Aaj mausam hai suhaana, ASR ko closet se bahaar aane ka mil gaya bahana, lalalala! Aaj dhoop nikli suhaani, ASR dekh main hui deewani, lalala!

I have no words to say. How can anyone be so hot? How Tanu, HOW? Its not humanly possible!

I hope all the people who were screaming and bashing Gul and GH for RVs are now satisfied. Cause this is one hell of a romantic sequence coming up!

I need to go off to uni (its 12 30 AM! Can you believe it?!) so I will end here, with one line:

ASR, I love you.

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ASADsweetZOYA IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 January 2012
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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Clapagree with u dear...
awesome episodeStar

ASR was in his full flirty mood todayEmbarrassed
...omg..he is gonna make khushi admit him as her hubby...Wink
when he said tat "beevi ho tum mere...& if i want i can do more" ufff...Blushing
the nok-joke b4 he was going was awesome...the way he said 2 her come with him & u can see taj mahal, agra & tat the same angry young man ASR???Smile
i am dead...

{guys..pls dont bash HP the secret agent of poojaliLOL...he is far better than poojali...
and say a big thnx 2 him 4 taking chutti in today's night & leaving khushi alone in her paagalpan Arnav's hand}Embarrassed

completely in arhi land now...Day Dreaming
cant wait 2 see khushi is gonna go near 2 him & hug him as he challenged 2day...Tongue
after tat she has 2 promise her word tat she'll consider him as her husband...Wink
then after tatt????? after tat wat guys.Embarrassed...wat'll happen wen she admit him..? she has 2 obey & follow his words..then wat guys...????.Wink..omg my gutter mind is full charged now...LOL

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paru_rox IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 November 2011
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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged

Flying beverages & wet  ermmm hair     Check

Arrogant Smirk                                  Check

Checking out each other's lips             Check

Rabba Vey                                         Check

Repeat of iconic hand twist                 Check

Dialogues oozing naughtiness & Haq     Check

Diwali Kiss *almost*                         Check

Sharting & Challenges                       Check
Phankis all over world dead              Check

Oh my Gawd ... the Arnav & Khushi we so loved for their sizzling chemistry are back after their long hiatus ... & how so Blushing

Nani's iron hand rule -- can be the only explanation why HP had to interfere despite seeing Btiwa & Bitiya almost kissing ... BTW the guy sure seems to have caught a lot of people in compromising positions in the Raizada house Wink ... he din't even blink an eye Shocked

Anjali & Akash -- err who are they please ?

Awesome post from an awesome person ... Hugs for this girl Hug

PS -- I am usually supportive of all the views aired out on the forum knowing that these serious issues DO exist in the society ... But for the first time, I am really pissed off for people moving far ahead of themselves unnecessarily. Being judgmental seems to be the thing now-a-days *sigh*

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sayli_sarun IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:14am | IP Logged
CVs, you sneaky people! You gave us ASR coming out of the closet (all pun intended) as a precap yesterday, while you saved almost kiss #2 for the actual episode? Do you know what your decision did to women across the world? We didn't get a chance to chase our families away, thereby ensuring we get to watch this episode ALONE, we didn't prepare for fans and cold glasses of water to be by our side, and all that jazz. You just made women all across the world look like squealing, blushing, hyperventilating fools!

HPOW  HUH HOW??????????
I M SOOO LOVING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Heart

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Rabba-Ve-Delena IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 31 May 2005
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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:15am | IP Logged
The Lion, Chamkeeli and Wardrobe

- In went Arnav-ASR (NK-fied) weird hybrid.
- Out jumped Arnav Singh *Badtamizee* Raziada - 4Lions couldn't afford the chopper and sunglasses this time round but I do not care - big package is here! FINALLY.

ASR attitude is back. I have missed this dynamic between them so much.
That stubborn element that has been simmering below the surface lately, the dormant egos always ready and waiting to challenge each other finally emerging.

It seems ASR isn't one to say it, but show it.
So show her he will!

*speechless* I have so little to say, it's been a while since an IPKKND episode has left me feeling very, very happy!

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DragonD Senior Member

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 10:15am | IP Logged

Arnav Adhoora Singh Raizada.ROFL

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