FF Sacrifice!! Part 21 Page 67 FINAL UPDATE! (Page 63)

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Originally posted by Tacker_Holic

Hey Team!
I have exams now and they finish on the 20th June so there is not a very big chance that I will update the FF till then.. I am really sorry for making you all wait but my studies unfortunately are more important because they are my final exams! I really am sorry but the update will be awesome when I do it.. it will have every essence of AnYa and will end on a high! Please bare with me and thanks for understanding my situation!
all the best sonia...Thumbs Up

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Hey Guys,
Here it is the final update! I didn't want to keep you all waiting for the final update so in my free time I wrote the final chapter! I have made it long and quite sweet! Hope you enjoy reading it! Please leave your final and honest comments and likes! I would appreciate it! At the end of the chapter I have written a final note for all of you to read! A big thanks to all of you who have supported me, understood me and read my work without no complaints! Heart You all are amazing! Heart

Part 21

Baba looked at Anant in fear and tried to say no. "Anant please beta... I haven't done anything I promise you trust your Baba na!" there was dead silence and Anant didn't even look at him. "Anant babu... listen.. we have been framed.. us elders would never do such things!" Bua Dadi added. Anant looked at her with fierce eyes and shook his head in anger. "Inspector just take them away please!" Anant alarmed again. Navya tried to stop them but she knew that Anant wouldn't like it. She wanted them to admit their mistake but not be taken away. She knew they had committed a horrible crime but she wanted the whole family to reunite and be together.

After the left from the Bajpai Mansion, Om went up to Anant and held his shoulder. Anant looked at Om blankly. "Anant beta!" Om said. Anant looked at him and he moved his hand off of his shoulder. Om was confused at his sudden move. "Anant!" Om said again. He didn't reply. Anant moved forward towards Navya and held her hand. "Navya lets go... we dont need to stay where we are not welcome... where you are not respected!" Anant went towards the door. Navya stopped at that point. "Navya... we won't stay where no one wishes good for us! Come on!" he pulls her hand and tries to make her leave but she doesn't listen. "Anant stop... you cant leave like this.. it is our home.. our family!" Navya was begging with tears.

Sughanda too got emotional and moved towards Anant. "Anant beta please stay here... after so long happiness has entered our house and you are leaving like this!" Sughanda tried to stop him but his body language didn't support what she said. "No Maa... I have enough of all of this... every time I try and forgive this family.. they make things worse. You all treat me and Navya as a doormat who you can all trample over and shout at us for no reason! Why because we had a love marriage. We fell in love. Maa its not about you because you have always supported me and Navya but other members of this family just haven't learnt to accept change and the fact that not everyone will follow traditions blindly... I am not saying I dont want to follow them but I want a balance of modernity and traditions which will help me in life!" Anant tried to move out of her hold. "Anant please listen to Maa.. Anant!" Navya stopped him at the door and he looked at her teary eyes. "What Navya?" Anant replied angrily. "Anant... please just come inside!" she bought him inside and made his stand near the sofa area. "Anant... look I know you are upset... even I am upset about everything! Whatever has happened. But look your at your family Anant they really wish well for you... otherwise they would have supported Baba and Bua Dadi but they didn't because they love you and want you to be safe!" Anant looked at Navya. "Navya you won't understand these people they have deceived me time and time again... they build trust and then they let it lose and disappoint me! I can't live with these people anymore!" Anant moved towards the door when she held his hand again. "Anant.. dont lie to me! Dont lie to me at all... Maa, papa they were angry with you because they cared for you... Anant just because of some differences it doesn't mean they have deceived you! Anant just think when me and you argue.. why do we argue because we have a difference of opinon... why do we are argue for each other? Because our anger is showing our hidden love! Our love is strong and in the same way.. when Papa shouts at you or gets angry at you its because he doesn't want to you to lose... he doesn't want you to fall! Because he loves you Anant! Papa may not say those words to you but he does love you in his heart and he will do anything to see you happy!" Navya cried but instilled some confidence into Anant. Anant sat down and thought about what Navya said. Om and Sughanda looked proudly at Navya. "Navya beta.!" Om went towards her. She looked at him and was a little shocked. "Thank you so much!" he smiled at her. He looked at Anant and hoped he would look up at him and smile. Anant looked at Om, Sughanda and the rest of the family. He looked at Navya and nodded. He stood up and stood in front of Om. "I am sorry Papa!" he looked at him with teary eyes and they both shared a hug. Sughanda and Navya shared tears of happiness and Mohan too looked happy. "No Anant beta... I am sorry for not being a good dad and not supporting you when times were tough.. I have done nothing but be negative and horrible!" he started crying and Anant stopped him by wiping his tears. Anant bought Sughanda closer and they shared a trio hug. Navya was ecstatic at their reunion. "I am sorry too beta! Being your mother I was never there for you but I am proud that you have gained a beautiful, caring wife like Navya!" Sughanda bought her closer and blessed her. Om did the same. They shared a family moment and then they all let Anant and Navya rest in their room. Anant held Navya's hand firmly and they went upstairs together.

He opened the door to their room and the wind blew in. He looked at Navya as the breeze crept over their hair and it went everywhere. Anant looked around the room, it was spotless and the way it was left before they left. He walked in with Navya and smiled a little as beautiful memories were linked to this very room which refreshed in his mind. Navya went towards the balcony doors to stop the breeze because it was getting too strong. The night sky was drawing in and the moon started to appear as she closed the balcony doors. As she was closing the doors she felt these two arms embrace her and she knew it was Anant. He helped her hold the door by touching her soft hands but then he pushed them forward so they would open again. "Anant!" Navya said. "Shuuush!" he spun her around and put his finger over her soft lips. She blushed slightly but her eyes didn't move a little because she yearned to see her husband romance her and sweep her off her feet. The wind picked up and it got stronger. Navya's long hair was covering her face and this was disturbing Anant's vision. He slowly used his fingers to move it to the side so he could see his beautiful wife. His every touch was making Navya move but she rejoiced every moment with pleasure. Anant slowly moved closer to her and cupped her cheeks. "Navya.. I never realised that I could miss the most important part of my life.. forget the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me... you!" he kissed her cheeks and interlocked his hands with her's. He applied more pressure on her cheeks and this slowly moved Navya towards the wall behind her. She was trapped. She was trapped in Anant's love. He looked deeply into her eyes and kissed them with passion and love. "I'm sorry Navya... I'm sorry I made you wait all of this time... I gave you so much pain and you had to sacrifice so much for me!" Anant cupped her cheek. Navya's eyes got teary and she shook her head. "Dont ever say sorry Anant... there was no fault of yours none what so ever! I didn't endure any pain at all.. because I loved you.. and what did I sacrifice? Nothing because my love is standing next to me in front of me where he belongs!" she wrapped herself in his arms and he too held her waist softly. Anant became naughty and he trickled his fingers on her back where it was open. Navya was getting ticklish. "Anant stop it!" he didn't stop at all. She managed to get out of his hold and she went onto the balcony. "Navya come here!" she ran away from his hold. She was running and then she slipped on her sari and stumbled. Anant caught her just in time and broke the hold. She closed her eyes but she opened them to see Anant in front of her. She smiled to see him there shielding her.

"Navya... I won't ever let you fall remember that!" her heartbeat was rising every second as she watched his hazel eyes. He slowly made her stand and she moved towards the night sky and sat on the edge of the balcony. She looked up at the stars and the moon. "Anant the night sky is so beautiful dont you think? It's so clear and fresh!" she smiled looking at Anant. Anant looked at her. "I dont think it is at all.. the moon is not as beautiful as my moon!" he slowly sat behind her on the edge of the balcony and wrapped his arms around her waist. She giggled slightly. "Anant look shooting star!" Navya pointed. Anant looked up to see it pass them. "Navya quick make a wish!" They both closed their eyes. Together they made a wish.

"I wish that Anant is safe, happy and always by my side!"

"I wish that Navya stays healthy and I can give her all the happiness in the world and she always stays by my side!"

They both opened their eyes together and smiled at each other. Anant wrapped his arms around her to hold her tightly. "I love Mrs Navya Anant Bajpai!" Anant kissed her forehead and Navya blushed. "I love you too Mr Anant Bajpai!" she kissed his hands. They both sat there in the comfort of each other's arms with warmth and happiness. Their love had been granted another chance. Another chance to create love again.



You know I am a little upset that I had to end this FF but I could not manage writing two of them and since I had started this FF earlier it was time for it to finish and I didn't want it to drag so I bought it to an end. I know this has been an emotional FF and there hasn't been the hot and happening AnYa romance but this FF was meant to relive the connection that AnYa had emotionally. It has been a great pleasure writing for you all and you have been superb and fantastic readers who time and time again credit my work and like it! For a writer this is the most valuable asset after the pleasure of writing. AnYa are always going to reside in my heart and the Navya Forum will always be a place where I can go and share my views and express my love! Thank you all once again! I have upcoming exams so my other FF will be updated only after June 20th so please bear with me but the reason why I have updated this is because it was the final chapter.

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amazing update soniaClap,u've portrayed it very wellStarClap,Navya convinced Anant to rejoin his family,it was so emotionalCry,i felt like that i was watching our navya last sceneCry,Anya's cute romance in their roomWink,both making a wish on behalf of the starsTongue,beautiful one,going to miss tis ff badly,u r an awesome writer,no doubt in that and thanx for giving and cherishing us through out the whole journey of tis ff"Sacrifice"Tongue,but i'm still not convinced that tis ff comes to an endCry

All the best exams dear,i know u'll do it wellTongue

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finally im reading the final chapter of this ffCryCry
this was one fo my fav ffs...and im gonna miss it to the core...
sonia...we can't show roamnce everytime...this was an emotional journey of anya and i luved it a lot...u have done full justice to this ff and thanks fro giving us this ff...
the final chapter was worth reading with a happy ending...loved the way nvaya convinced him tos stay back...

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Originally posted by .sio.angel.


me first sionaROFLROFLsry,better luck next timeLOLLOL

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Amazing Update sonia..just Awesome!!! loved AnYa n family part its was too emotionalCry lats part really made me cry..ur FF is on of my Fav FF dear..will miss this update alot.. & all the best for ur exams..Smile If u can pls cont this ff as season2..its just my thoughtSmile tthank u for writing such a fab ffSmile

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amazing updates dear..when i read this ff i get emotional soo much ...
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wowiii wonderful update all the members got united as insisted by Navya and his parents.. family sentiments were good between Anya and OM and Sugandha.. loved Anya's vision on their bedroom and Anant's romantic moves on her body.. awww passionate kiss and gestures were lovely b/w Anya.. beautiful was anya convo and gestures in balcony seeing the stars and moonlight..

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