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ArHi FF:Winter Sonata ~Hug Me Again~ Chap2 pg12 (Page 7)

shaffy_arsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 11:45am | IP Logged
upiii!!!!!!! meri jaan AJS ko chod kr ASR ko pakad liaTongue LOL LOL

awsome update dear
hayee!!!!!! kya story line h
ASR ko mara n fir jinda b kr dia ROFL
hmari 2nd ekta kappor ROFL ROFL ROFL

love da update jaan
jaldi se start kr de...n jaldi se update kr
muhaaa :* :* :* (aise hi man kr ra tha Embarrassed Blushing )

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Nirju99 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 July 2011
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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 10:00pm | IP Logged
omg arnav died? Update soon

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agirlhasnoname. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 04 December 2010
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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Chapter 1 :


I entered my office .. I loved my job ..Designing blue prints of houses..Architecting them the way i wanted my house to be ..

I looked at those piles of file's kept on my desk ... I was happy I got some work to deviate my mind from yesterday's incident ...But sigh those flashes were stalking me again and again ...

"Khushi ! u here finally " said .. Priya khushi's friend and workmate hurry ..

"Haan ! i'have been here from past 10 minutes...You tell ! why are you in a hurry ???" khushi questioned ..

"Forget all things ! have you seen the  Boss of our latest contract  ! He is damn hawt ..And super cute .. with his spectacles on! " priya said . drooling ...

"What !! new boss ! I have'nt seen him yet ..nor i'am interested ...khushi said ...concentrating in one of the file's ..

"Ohho !! khushi you will never change .." priya said .. 

"Yes !! i haven't changed ..but things around me changed drastically.." khushi murmered ..

"Chall khushi m leaving my next shift is @ night ...See you later .." priya bid off ..

Khushi was working under a Big Construction company's architectural department ..Which takes order's from other company's ..and build the marvelous miracles ...She was the executive head there ..With a great sincere images over there ...

"A new boss .! a new contract !..Hectic scedule.. " khushi took a deep breath ..

She opened her laptop, checked her mails ... few websites .. and opened her account  and the sight she saw there  ... almost  digged a knife  in her heart ..

There was a pic in which she was tagged  which  stated ..

"Your Love didn't died's alive and is near you ..All you need to do is  close your eye's and feel his/ her presence .. path to your love will automatically shine .."

Her breath's were getting faster ..

She gently closed her eye's ..And recalled his face ..The texture of his skin , His fragrance ..

..**The flashback **.. 

Khushi was running hard in order to catch the bus ..Yet again she was late ...

"Rokko !! bus rokko !! " she shouted ..And the bus stopped ..He hopped in breathing heavily ..

"Devi mayiya ka shukar h bus ruki to !! " she said .. in a haste..

But today her seat ..on which she use to sit from past two months was already grabbed by some guy ..She was angry ..She looked for another seat but *sigh* she could find only one seat i.e beside the same guy ..

She adjusted herself calmy beside him ..

"Hi ! this is my seat .." she said with full attitude .."

"Oh!! rellly .. is your name written over here ? " he replied with same attitude ..
"Tum naa !!! " she said .. anrigly and faced opposite side ..

That guy smiled over her childish reaction ..

He was Arnav .. A newbie in the town ..In dehradun ..It was as-usual a chilly day ..With winter's on it's peak ..According to the new's .. it can snow anytime ..
Khushi's stop came ..She got down .But someone was following her steps .
She looked behind .It was the same guy ..She shuddered and went ahead .. But again she felt someone is following her steps..

"Pehle tumne meri seat le li and ab mera peecha kyu kar rahe ho !! ?? " khushi yelled 

"Hey listen m nt following you ... Its my way ..My college in next street fine .." Arnav said .

"What your college ..NO !! It's mine  there !! " she said   .. "Means you also study there ... but i haven't seen you there before .." She added .

He didn't reply ..just passed her by .."Because .. M new here ... ! " He said .. and left without looking behind @her ..And khushi .. she was now irritated with his annoying behaviour .

In the class Khushi and arnav was paired ..Which was almost revolting for them .

He was like a mysterious novel ..Silent calm ..Having deep secrets ..Whenever khushi tried to be nice with him , he parted his way... But soon their differences ..Changed into friendship and ultimately into Love..

It was another day of this chilly neverending circle of winter..Khushi was .trudgingalong the corridor of library of thier high school..But she heard a pleasing sound of music entering her ear's , penetrating through the old oak door .Someone was playing piano ..So blissfull ..She couldn't stop her feets from dancing on those ..musical notes ...It was like time just stopped for them ..Was watching them make those sweet moments ..more special ..than ever ..

"Arnav play piano  , that too this much awsam .." khushi exclaimed ..

"Will you please teach me how to play the notes which you were playing now ..I just loved it ..." she added ..

He smiled in acknoldgement ..Giving her pace to settle down beside him ..And in next second they were playing it together ,,Creating the most beautiful music together trying out those difficult notes ...

When she stucked in the mid ..He held her hand ..And pressed the key's of piano ..It sent those nibbling sensations down her nerves ..He was close ..Damn too close ..Close enough to hear her chanting going on in  her mind ..His soft touch ..His magical touch ..just set her on to investigate him more deeply ...To fell in love with him ..

On the other side ..Arnav also listened her heart beating in sync. with his .
He find himself tangled in her  perfumed long hair's. Her soft skin ...was getting more softer under his hand ..Her face was Damn too close to him ..He could see those ..lines on her forehead getting deeper he came more close her ...

And yet again both fell more for each other ..Trying a lot to deny their fate ..but the impending chapter of their love life was yet to open ..


Month's went .. they were more friendly now ..infact they trusted eachother a lot ..A strong force of attraction was binding them together bit by bit , day by day .
Arnav accompanied khushi after the classes ...They took a shortcut which passed through a forest ..It was 5 or 6 of evening ..The sun  was on the verge of taking a long dive ..It was shining bright ..spearding a yellow colored flame over the earth's beauty ..

She trying to walk over a Long log which was covered with snow ..

"Khushi ! don't do this'll get hurt " arnav  said getting worried ..

But she ingnored her words ,,And carefully stepped further ..As stepped further ,Arnav extended his hand for help but she .denied his help ..

She kept on enjoying walking on that log ..extending her arms for balancing .. laughing hard ...But eventualy she was going to slip ..But Arnav held her at right time ...He supported her ..She went ahead holding his hand ...Feeling the warmth he radiated .. Whole forest was bathed with snow ...

She imidiately got down ..Grabbed some snow in her fist .. and throwed on him ..He smiled over her childish actions ..

She sat on a rock and started making  two snowman's ..One A male and other one a female ..though it was hard to know which one was who...Arnav silently observed her ..Her long hair's were irritating her Again and again .. he pinned them at back of her ear ..

She continued ..concentrating in making them .. He arched down to join her ..He took one of the snow man ..And pressed it into other snowman's lips ..Which showed they were kissing ..She was left astonished ..Amazed , shocked by his recent deed ..

"Did he just ?? indicated ??? " she gave a thought ..

He turned to her ...Her face was glowing ..As if the sun poured all it's beauty over them ..He was too looking bit different from other day's ..Today his face was appearing more calm ..More pleased ..More relaxed and yes he was looking more in love ..
He cupped her face in his palms...And arched towered her ..
She was breathing hard ..With a slight blush and ..questioning look on her face ..Her eye's were wet by now due to  chilly wind flakes which was embracing them ..

He looked deep into her eye's inorder to find  himself in them ..He could feel her warm breath ...Her each reaction ..
He eleminated the difference between them and Locked his lip's with her's .. While played with her tongue she ..grabbed his jacket ..and caressed his neck ..He too let his tongue explore her more ..

Both skipped into a world which belonged to them ...Those chilly flakes were no more hurting them rather it pushed them closer to each other ..

He kissed her with frevered passion ...And she did the same ..Trying her possible to let him go into her ..They broke it after second's , filling their empty air sac's ..and he hugged her ..Tight ..Promising , to  be with her alway's matter's what ..

*** Back to reality ***

Her beautiful trail of past ended with a loud yelling voice ..

"Khushi !!! are you listening  to me ??? " yelled one of her co-employee..

"Ya ! M hearing " khushi said ..feeling bit uneasy ..As she just recalled her old burried past ..Her eye's were wet ..This time also ..But not because of those chilly flakes blowing outside but beacuse of that huge tornado of emotions which broke her down yet again..

"Khushi ! you have to reach out new  office and help Mr. Gupta to adjust Boss's cabin " said the employee.

"Mr Gupta ?? who ??? " khushi asked ..

"Mr. Gupta is Boss's secretary ..He need's you there now rush !! " employee said hurry ...


On her way she kept cursing herself for recalling those memories ..which she herself burried deep inside her heart ..

She reached the office ... On the stair's she found a piece of puzzle ..Or may be it was left by someone from the office so she kept it in her pocket ..

Mr Gupta greeted her ..And showed her the cabin ..A Lot of things kept there seemed amusing ...That boss was crazy for Puzzle's 

She Looked at the wall there was a scenery ..which was incomplete ..She took out that piece of puzzle from her pocket ..And adjusted it in the scenery ..And it fitted well ..

"Bravo !! i was finding this piece only !! " said a familiar voice ..

Her stomach dropped down ..She turned around to face him ..It was him only ..

"Arnav !!  " she whispered under her breath ..

He was standing there ..Smiling ..

For a second she felt like she was literally living her past ..But no !! soon the reality hit her hard ..

"Sir !! you back ??? " said Mr . gupta ..

Khushi glared at him .."He is my boss ??? " ...

------ *~

So How it was ?? Good or bad .. please do tell me your comments .. and yes Don't forget to Like !!

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-PyaariBhootni- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 22 April 2012
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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 7:42am | IP Logged


wowww upi this s just fabulous:-):-):-)

Luvd it very much:-):-)

d flashback was simply amazing:-):-)

Arnav s alive!!!

Waiting eagerly for d next part:-):-):-)

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shaffy_arsha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 October 2011
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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged

yaaayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! first tym i m 2nd one to comment on ur ff in my lyf ROFL ROFL

upiii!!!!!!!!! meri jaan kya update likha h Big smile
Aww i love da flashblack
dere kiss hayee!!!!! Embarrassed Embarrassed
n dat piano how romantic

okhh!!!! arnav is new boss of khushi intresting
maza ayega ab Big smile

n luchi cmnt ka rply ku ni kia Angry

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GayatriJethani Goldie

Joined: 20 February 2012
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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 8:18am | IP Logged
chapter 1 was awesome...

great starting to winter sonata... loved the title

update the next chp soon

thnx for pm

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samia19 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 January 2012
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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 8:39am | IP Logged
interesting, plz pm me when u update
-Sanj- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 February 2012
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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Wow Amazing Update Upi...Smile
I Loved the Concept and story...SmileClap
And Chapter 1 was awsome...Smile
Khushi aur Arnav pahle se ek dusre ko jante the infact ek dusre se pyar bhi karte the wow...
and thier Kiss was awsome...
I loved the attitude of both Khushi aur arnav...
ye sit par tmhara naam likha hai kya??LOL
and mera picha kyun kar rahe ho...but apna ASR bhi kum nahi hai Barabar muhtod jabab de diyaLOL
ye khushi bhi na puri pagal hai...but I loved her...
aur arnav ke bare me kya kahana i loved him so much...

Par aisa kya hua ke wo dono ek dusre se alag ho gaye...aisa kya hua hoga past me Ouch????
Mujhe janana hai...
aur khushi ka boss arnav hai wow...par usne khushi ko pahchana kyun nahi??Shocked...
upi jaldi update karna...plz...mujhe janana hai...Smile
Haan but ek baat toh sahi kaha khushi ke friend Priya ne uska naya boss Is Damn HOT...aur khushi toh manana hi padgega...EmbarrassedLOL
Aur haan maine ye series kabhi dekhi nahi hai par jab bhi time milega toh jarur dekhugi...aur ArHi ke liye toh dekhungi...

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