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manveer ss: Two HEARTS:that BEAT as ONE...part-64th pg-51 (Page 39)

chitra_rao IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 3:32pm | IP Logged
nice update pari, continue soon Hug

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snowdream IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
gr8 pari update soon
anushruthi Goldie

Joined: 11 May 2012
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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 9:12am | IP Logged
awesome update 
hot and sweet 
de manveer scenes were hot 
bus scenes were cute 

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rythm... Goldie

Joined: 18 April 2011
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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Manveer ss. Two HEART:that BEAT as One.:-) Part-52

Simrti'uday tu mere 7th chal...
Jagat'kbi hmein bi bulaya kro
Kamre me ya jha bhai ko bula ri h.

Jay'aacha nikalu teri aashiqi..
Manyata'simriti, kha chalne ko kh ri h?
Simrti'tujhe ni kh ri hu.
Uday'oye,manyata se tmeez se bat kr wrna ptak dunga tujhe.

Tanvi'love in d air..
Akash'pta h guys hmari shadi ho ri h.
Rajeev'kya?uday k 7th.
Vijay'kyn rajeev tu ldke k 7th shadi krega kya??

Raj'akash,kisse shadi hogi teri.
Tara'saare akal k andhe ofcourse ldki k 7th hogi..

Unanti'mam sir kha h aaj?
Jagat'pkdna pkdna khel rhe hoge.
Tanya'ye kaun sa khel h?
Uday 'chal btata hu.
Jagat'chal hm h na
Tara vijay se'oye chalna akele me.
Tara uska hath pkdti h chalna.
Wo use lejati h..
Unanti'aaj mausum bda romentic ho rha h...
Akash'kha romentic ho rha h?
Uday'tu to khud unromentic h.
Jagat'oye pinky,ek kam h chalegi.
Jay'tu apne kam k lye bad me jaiyo,phle mere kam k lye chal tu...
Jagat'oye hoye,chal main to tere 7th khin bi chal lunga bs marne nh jaunga...

Manyata chupke se akash ka phone leleti h,'guys main aati hu...

Wo bi jati h..
Uday'main nhane ja rha hu,akash kbi nha liya kr,perfume marke ghumta rhta h..
Akash'nhata to hu...
Unanti'lgta to ni h.
Wo chala jata h...

Manyata apne rum me.
Uday apne rum me..

Vijay-tara park me..
Akash-unanti unanti k rum me.
Jay'jagat tum ruko main apna rum lock krke aati hu..
Jagat'isliye leke aai thi...kya?
Jay'ruk ja na..
Wo chali jati h.

Manyata apne rum me se uday ko cal krti h

Uday'ha akash bol.
Manyata'hawww tujhe lgta h akash tujhe phone krega.
Uday'haayee janeman tbi to akash bola.
Kya bat h aaj bde pyar se bat kr ri h?
Manyata'kya mtlb pyar se bat kr ri hu,tere pe srf mera haq h ldu maaru ya kuch bi kru mera haq h..
Uday'ha ye bat to h.
Manyata i love u yar..
Manyata blushng'i love u 2 my darlng.

Akash'unanti mera phone kha h?
Unanti'hy bhagwan,tera phone gya khai me.
Akash'ni yar aisa mt bol,400rs.h usme.
Plz na.
Unanti'hy bhagwan.
Aag lge tere phone ko.
Akash iritate'ye tere bhai uday ka kam h,main abi aata hu.
Wo guse me jata h.

Uday'manyata give me 10min.
Yar main nha k aata hu...
Manyata'tu aaram se nha,main tere rum me tera kurta rkh k chali jaungi.

Cal cut.

Manyata uska kurta uthati h uday k rum me jati h..
Jagat'ye manchali kha rh gai?
Tbi akash aata h'jagat uday kha h?
Jagat'kya hua?bulidojr kyn bna h?
Akash'wo kha h usne mera phone liya h.
Jagat laugh'apne rum me hoga.
Akash guse me jata h..
Or uday ka rum bahar se lock krdeta h.

Manyata'arey darwaaza khol.
Kaun h?
Akash sunta ni h or chala jata h..

Jagat apna rum lock krta h or jay k rum me jata h.
'jay tu kha h?
Jay use bck hug krti h'hu na main tere pas..
Jagat'bdi romentic ho ri h..

Uday bathrum se half nude bahar aata h'kaun chila rha h?

Manyata'hy bhagwan tujhe sharm ni aati kapde kyn ni phne?
Uday uske pas aata h..
Uski saanse up nd down ho ri h..
'uday plz.

Or idhr jagat jay fall on bed
Nd both njoyng smooch...

Mam'vijay ye kya kr rhe ho tara k 7th?
Tara'mam wo
Mam'sharm ni aati.
Vijay'Arey mam apni patni k 7th ni kuch kruga aap to taiyar hote ni ho kuch krne k lye..
Mam chup'bat to ye bi shi h.
Or sb kha h?
Tara'mam sb njoy kr rhe h,aap sir k 7th njoy kro.
Wo chale jate h.

Mam'bde bttmeez h.

Uday took Manyata inside the
washroom while
Manyata asked innocently," Uday yeh
mujhe kyun
aise leke jaa rha hai..mein chal
hoon..pls chod n...!!!!!!"
Uday chuckled for her innocence
& said,"Chal
saath mein shower lethe hai...!!!!!"
Manyata blushed furiously while Uday
made her
stand under the shower naked &
saw her
nude body in desireful eyes.
Manyata was resisting the hot water
as she
hissed with pain becoz of his love
Uday was busy checking his
gf's naked
beauty while Manyata was unaware
of this and
was busy resisting the hot water.
Uday noticed that she was trying
to resist the
hot water which was making her
skin red
due to the heat.
Uday turned another lever which
mixed the
cold water still not leaving his
eyes off his
After sometime warm water
started to come
for Manyata realized and was in
playful mood
then she sprayed the warm
water on Uday's
Uday came to present world and
saw Manyata
playing with water.
Uday saw her whole naked body
as it was
filled with the droplets of water &
his mouth
went dry.
Uday came forward to quench
his thirst and
pulled Manyata's nude body inside his
naked hard
Manyata saw him and saw his eyes
now with
shock as it showed the dark
Manyata didn't knew what's next
gonna happen
while Uday's hands moved over
her back
Manyata's eyes popped up as it was
havoc inside her and saw him as
her cheeks
became red once again with the
Uday's other hand was holding
her waist and
squeezed her drenched milky
white skin and
a moan escaped fm those petal
like lips.
Uday's saw that few more
droplets have fell
on her lush lips which invited him
to quench
his thirst.
Uday took those lush petal like
lips and kissed
it passionately.
Manyata was shocked but her hands
snaked his
neck and moved lower feeling his
toned back.
They were still in the shower &
both lost
themselves in their love.
Uday's pulled her inside his hard
frame while
her soft chest crashed to his well
tone hard
M screamed with pleasure
while he didn't
leave her lips.
Manyata whimpered for breath then
he left her
lips and came to her shoulder &
sucked the
water droplets which made her
heat produce
inside her veins and she hugged
him feeling
extremely shy.
Uday was busy sucking the
droplets on her
soft milky white skin which was
inviting him
to kiss it suck it and bite it.
Uday bit her shoulder harshly
while Manyata
moaned immediately feeling his
razor sharp
Uday kissed her neck and sucked
the water
and bit her neck too.
Manyata moaned once again while she
bit his
shoulder stifling her moan.
Uday groaned and pinned her to
the wall
immediately while she winced in
Uday saw this rubbed her back
sensually for
which Manyata moaned once again.
Uday chuckled seeing his affect
on her while
he pressed his rough nude body
to her soft
petite ones.
Manyata's skin burned with desires
while he
groaned feeling her soft skin.
Uday whispered huskily in her
ear,"Manyata..u r
so soft & sweet...i want u to eat

M was lost in his touch and
which was creating inside her and
without thinking, "Toh roka kisne
Uday..u hv every right...!!!!"
M opened her eyes and
widened with
shock while Uday smiled
M saw his smile and her
cheeks turned red
Uday bit her cheeks softly and
held her waist
tightly for which a moan escaped
fm those
petal like lips.
He took her lips once again and
gave the
soul searing kiss while his hands
went to her
curves and caressed it gently.
M moaned his name feeling his
fingers on
her curves in between his kisses.
Uday's tongue entered her
mouth to explore
her hidden treasure of
sweetness while his
hands squeezed her curves
M dug her nails in his flesh
making him
groan in pain & pleasure.
Maanveer broke apart to grab
some air then he
attacked her curves and sucked
her ni*****.
M moaned becoz of the
sensation in which
her eyes became blurr and she
was weaken
in her knees.
Uday attacked her another curve
and she
moaned his name loudly.
Uday bit her curve and tasted
her hard bud
while M was moaning from tip
to toe.
Uday sat in the knees and kissed
her waist
while M ruffled his dense hairs
Uday bit her waist and started
making the
patterns giving the torture.
Then Manyata widened her legs to
enter but
Uday was in the mood of giving
her torture
and his one finger entered inside
feminine parts.
M's mouth went dry feeling his
inside her feminine parts and she

glared at
him giving torture to her.
Uday chuckled and pulled his
backwards and forwards still
giving her
M said,"Uday...!!!"
Uday got up and came to her ear
whispered huskily, "Shh swtheart.isse
M moaned with his
movements but held
his hands immediately & pleaded
then he
entered inside her immediately.
Manyata's eyes widened feeling his
inside her but the sensation
made her lost in
his love.
Manyata moaned his name once again
Uday moved inside and outside
M encircled her legs around his
waist while
he pushed his deep inside while
M went
backwards feeling his love.
Manyata's moan filled the washroom
with steam.
After continuous rubbing
Maanveer was so
exhausted that both collapsed in
bathroom floor and Uday
stopped the
shower immediately breathing
Uday had leaned to the wall while
M had
leaned to his rock chest and sat
encircling his
hand around soft bare waist &
closed her
eyes feeling contented.
Uday pulled her waist inside his
embrace and
hugged her tightly and whispered
which made her chill down her
spine, "Jaan..tumhe garden nahin nahin
M nodded no cutely breathing
Her chest heaving due to
continuous love
making while Uday asked,
M blushed furiously becoz of
his questions
and hid her face inside his chest
with shy.
Uday felt her soft supple lips rub
against his
chest and his skin burn with
desires and he

squeezed her waist to stifle his
M moaned loudly and she shied
M tried to get up but the
rubbing made her wobbly knee
and she was
abt to fall but fell inside Uday's
M blushed furiously seeing his
lovely eyes
while uday saw her pain and
made the tub fill
with the warm water and made
her lie inside
Uday also joined her and made
her lie down
on his body peacefully controlling
his every
Manyata dozed off sometime feeling
calm and
Uday made her to get up and put
ointment on her love bites

Both totaly lost each other...

Jagat jay also lost in romance bt nt intimate lyk manveer...


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mahara23 Senior Member

Joined: 09 July 2012
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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 11:05am | IP Logged
loved it continue soon manveer hot scenes were amazing

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snowdream IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 20 December 2011
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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 11:28am | IP Logged
ahhh too hot pari...continue soonSmile
Pooja_0910 Senior Member

Joined: 24 February 2012
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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Hey Pari both parts were fantastic & too romantic n passionate specially second one...Game which they played in bus was sweet...Akash to bas apane mobile ke balance ke chinta me he gum rehta hai poor Unnati...Jay-Jagat also r sweet couple...
Great work...
pwincess_sumi Groupbie

Joined: 04 August 2012
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Posted: 22 September 2012 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Awww this update was sooo awesum pari... Luved the manveer scenes they were just tooo hot...plz update soon

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