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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee



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 We'll wait dear...Tongue

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Geet reached inside the KC where she was informed by the receptionist tat Maan and Vicky were busy in conference and had asked not to disturb them. Geet knew tat it was an important deal for them so she waited inside Maan's cabin. She slowly touched all the things there trying to feel Maan. She  reached his chair, the chair which belonged to the owner of KC, her Maan. She very affectionately touched it but did not sit on it as she believed tat it was only his right to sit on that chair and none could take the place. She sat opposite it only admiring and smiling at herself.



"See m here to give a surprise for you and Mr. MSK busy in conference. Hmm you know Geet you should try to tackle this now as once your Maan gets busy with KC he does not even remember tat he has a life beyond this and his Mishti will be waiting. So Geet, try to think of an idea so tat he does give you more time and after all Vicky is there na to look after KC."




Geet stood up feeing bored and paced for sometime inside the cabin when her eyes saw the very same woman going towards the conference room of KC. Her anger rose to an unknown height and she stormed out without thinking about anything and followed her.


Here Vicky had finished giving the presentation and they were now discussing about the project while Mr. Narang was waiting for his wife who would sign the deal after all she was also a partner in it and this project was to be handled by her. The door of the conference room opened while Maan's eyes rose to see the person entering and he gave a smile seeing his Geet entering. Maan and Vicky were pretty surprised to see her at KC as she herself had declined the offer of joining back after their reunion saying tat she needs to enjoy her life and feel the happiness of being married, being a wife and a DIL. Geet looked around the conference room but she did not find the woman but saw a man may be in early fifties sitting with Maan and Vicky. She smiled at them and Maan called her inside.


Maan: How did you come here?


Geet: By car.. I mean Maan I know the way to KC and being a Khuranna I don't need anyone's permission to visit KC. Right Vicky.


Vicky: Off course Bhabi after all you are officially the owner of KC and we are your employees.



Geet: Good. So now dear employees care to do some work. I mean the client is looking at our family drama and Mr. MSK ( she moves closer to him and speaks in his ears) stop staring at your wife. I know she looks damn sexy but right now tat ajeeb sa Buddha looking at us with his big eyes.


Maan broke his trance of staring at Geet and looked up at Mr. Narang who definitely was watching them with his big eyes. Maan smiled at him and introduced Geet to him.


Maan: Mr. Narang meet my wife Mrs. GMSK and the sole owner of KC.


Mr. Narang was awed with the true beauty standing in front him, he could not take his eyes off from her while Maan and Vicky gave him a murderous look which made Mr. Narang to give them a faint smile. Mr. Narang was about to sit when his mobile rang. He received the call and excused himself and asked them to wait for about five minutes and than they can continue with the work. Mr. Narang went outside while Geet turned and gave her husband and brother –in-law a murderous look which scared them to death.



Geet: wat was tat Maan.



Maan: wat.. haan Mr. Narang his gone out looks like his wife did not find the conference room.



Geet turned to Vicky who tried to avert his gaze but Geet was smart enough and Vicky had to blurt out.



Vicky: Bhabi don't give tat look ok as me and bro did wat we had to do. Did you see how tat old Narang looked at you. I would have pulled out his eyes from his socket but poor fellow may have family and grown up children's and grandchildren at home so left him.


Geet: Tat does not mean tat you both brothers almost scared him with your Khuranna look. Poor fellow.


Maan: Poor fellow, Geet you better sit down and relax your mind first and Vicky and me were right ok. How could tat poor fellow of yours look at you like tat.


The three continued to argue while Geet harassed them with all her unwanted talks when the three shut their mouth with the opening of the door. They saw Mr. Narang entering with a young lady and the moment she was visible to them Maan and Geet freeze at the spot while Vicky only gaped at her with wide open eyes. Maan was seething in anger while Geet almost freeze at her place clutching Maan's hand tightly.


Mr. Narang: Mr. Khuranna here meet my wife Mrs. Sameera Narang and the co-owner of Narang Hotels.



Sameera gave a cheesy smile from Maan to Geet while Vicky by now understood who she was. His eyes turned red in anger and he moved forward but Geet hold his hands stopping him slowly nodding for a no.


Sameera: Mr. Narang, there's no need to introduce us as I know Mr. MSK very well or say I know Maan very well. (she looks at Maan). wat say Maan, do we need any introduction after all we are friends.




Maan: Mr. Khuranna, its Mr. Khuranna, Mrs. Narang.


Sameera: Atittude.. gosh Maan how can you still be the same.


Maan was clenching his other fist tightly while his jaw was tightening is anger.


Maan: Maan Singh Khuranna does not change for anyone rather say he keeps record of his past and future on his fingers.



Sameera was bit taken back with his voice but she put a brave face as she needed to focus on her task.



Mr. Narang: Tats nice, so looking forward for a great work Mr. Khuranna after all my wife knows you very well.



Maan: too well to know about me and my life Mr. Narang.


Mr. Narang tried to say something when Maan cut him.


Maan: Mr. Narang, I need to go now.


With this Maan grabbed Geet by her hand and stormed out of the conference room but not before Sameera stopped them.



Sameera: Hey Maan, don't be so professional after all we are one. I mean college friends and right now your clients.



Maan: Clients, off course Mrs. Narang you and your husband are the new clients of KC's and I do know how to treat you.



With this Maan moves to go but Sameera did brush her hands along the length of his arm making him to jerk his hand away from her. he looked at her with pure rage and anger while Sameera only smiled looking at him and Geet. Maan dragged Geet to his cabin and pushed her inside making Geet to loose her balance but Maan was quick enough to hold her back. Geet looked at his face which made her to shiver. The mere rage in his eyes was making her to  fear. She could feel tat he was well disturbed when few minutes back he was happy with her all smiling. Maan was so angry tat he threw everything away tat came in his way. Geet could not dare say a word from her mouth but when she saw him almost trying to break the glass table she shouted " Maaannn" and tats when Maan realized wat he was doing. He stood there seeing her fearful eyes with tears flowing down but still his anger was not leaving him. he turned his back to her while Geet took slow steps to reach him but before tat Vicky barged inside the cabin looking out for them. He was shocked to see the mess created in the cabin and Geet's state told him the rest of the story. He slowly moved towards Maan and said.


Vicky: Bro, is everything fine. I mean we can cancel the..


Maan: Just leave..


Geet: Maannn…


Maan: Just leave I said. Vicky take her away from here right now.


Geet: Maan please….


Maan: I said now Vicky. Take her away from here and make sure tat she does not come out of KM.


Vicky could not say anything and he turned to see Geet with tears in her eyes. She nodded for a no but Vicky was helpless and he pulled her away from the cabin. Geet tried to protest but Vicky had to obey his brother's orders.



Sameera who had followed Vicky excusing herself from Mr. Narang was delighted to see Maan  getting hyper and telling Vicky to take away Geet. she felt tat she was going on the right path but poor women did not know in which hell she had stepped now. She waited for Geet downstairs and by the look at her face she could understand tat she was in pain and she needed to increase it. She stopped Vicky and Geet.


Sameera: So Geet, oops Mrs. GMSK how does it feel to be thrown out of from your so- called husband's cabin.



Geet wiped her tears and smiled at Sameera which made Sameera confused.



Geet: so your thoughts are tat Maan has thrown me out. But m sorry dear its just tat Maan does not want me to breadth and stay in the place where you have been. You know he does not want his love his wife to get sick with the air in which you have breadth.



Sameera: Just shut up you b….


Vicky: don't, don't you dare say a word Sameera.


Sameera: ohh so he is your new partner for night. Wah geet tats so amazing, I mean you got someone who works under Maan and you are satisfying yourself right under his nose.



Before sameera could say a word more she felt a hard slap on her face. She looked up holding her cheek to see Geet raising her hand once again and the next moment she felt another slap on her other side.



Geet: you know wat you are such a B**** tat you will not even spare your own family members for your dirty games. You will never understand any relation when you always did was to break each and every relation in life. You did the biggest mistake of your life or shall I say Mrs. Sameera Narang by coming back here. Now you will face wat it to play with Maan Singh Khuranna's life and destroying his love his Geet.



Geet holds Vicky by his hand and moves away leaving a angered Sameera but Vicky stops her. He pulls his hand out from her hold and comes near Sameera and says.


Vicky: Its nice meeting your Sameera Narang and meet me Vicky Singh Khuranna, brother of Maan Singh Khuranna  and son of Yash Singh Khuranna and the person who will destroyer each and everyone who dares to disturb the peace and love of the two persons whom I love the most. I never thought tat I would ever meet you in my life but looks like the destiny played its game. I warn you stay away from Bro and Bhabi or else I wont even think before I kill you. You have done wat you wanted but now you cant even touch their shadow as you have to cross  me, Vicky Singh Khuranna and mind it Sameera I don't think twice before doing anything after all m the younger brother of MSK and we have the same blood running in our veins.


Sameera was hell angry with the words Vicky had spoken when she saw them going away from her sight.


"You may have been saved Geet but not this time. I may have lost Maan forever but I will not even let him to be yours. You will see how I spoil his image and make him beg for your life by surrendering himself to me. Just wait and watch."





Maan was seated in his chair in between the mess he had created. He could not think straight as only Sameera's face was coming in front of her and with tat his sins which he had done. The sins which had turned him into a monster destroying everything he had in his life. He closed his eyes to see the fearful face of Geet seeing him angry. How could he tell her tat he was not scared of Sameera or anyone but the very sight of her brought all sins his  in front of him. How could he tell her tat he was happy with her but his past deeds never would leave him. He was angry on himself and not on anyone. he knew tat Geet would be upset for sending her like tat but he needed, he needed to do it at tat time. He closed his eyes and rested his head back on the chair but as soon as he closed his eyes he opened it with a blink. Maan smirked taking out his phone and dialed a person and said.


Maan: I need every piece of information about Narang and his family. His life before he came to India and ya don't forget about his wife Sameera Narang, I need her each and every detail as to how and when she met Mr. Narang, their wedding date and everything.



Maan cuts the call and smiles.


"Its time Sameera tat I set the scores now. You will pay for your dirty game. Get ready for your painful end Sameera Narang.






Geet was sitting in her closed room but Maan's anger filled eyes were not leaving her. she was scared with those eyes, which had many things. The things which she had seen after she was out of her sleep, the thing which she had seen when she was trying to get back his life, the pain and anger which she had taken away after ages but now tat same feelings and blankness she could see in his eyes. She feared to lose him again, she feared to live a life without her Maan. She closed her eyes trying to get away from those feelings which were making her scared but they were not. Those eyes of Maan started to haunt her again and again. She needed to see him right now, she needed to feel him right now and next moment she rushed out of her room to get back to him but as soon as she reached downstairs, she saw him talking to everyone smiling. She felt her heartbeat steady by seeing the smile on his face and stood there just staring at him for good knows how much time. Her gaze was broken by Maan himself who had reached near her to go upstairs, but seeing her staring at him and the look in her eyes could tell him wat was going inside her. He did not wait for her to reply but just picked her up in his arms which made to Geet break her concentration and tats when she realized tat she was being carried by her Maan in his arms. Geet stared at him waiting to hear a word from him but he just kept his mouth shut and walked up to his room without even looking at her. he entered the room and closed the door and slowly placed her on the bed. He settled her on the bed and went to the washroom while Geet waited for him to come back. After some time Maan came back and saw Geet still in the same position while Geet's eyes moved with his movements. She tried to open her mouth but her fear was not letting her to speak. The fear which she was feeling while seeing the eyes of Maan. Maan looked at her question filled eyes and without a word went away leaving her all alone.



In Study..


Maan: Vicky, I know tat you have many question for me but right now I just need your help.



Vicky: Bro you don't need to say just order me and m here.



Maan: Vicky, I need you to divert Geet's concentration from KC for sometime.




Vicky: Bro, is everything fine. I mean we can cancel the deal with Narang and I feel tat Sameera is back with some motive. So its better tat we do away with their project.



Maan: I know Vicky, but this time its not me who will loose but its her end now. She may have been back with a motive but this time she will face MSK, the same Maan who ruined his own love will now end her life for playing with our love.



Vicky: Bro, wat are you upto. You sound too dangerous Bro.



Maan: Have not yet planned Vicky but right now need to see wats Sameera is upto and for tat I need Geet to stay away from KC and Sameera and as far as Dad is concerned he will be handling the Noida office for someday and others will not even know about it.



Vicky: Tats fine Bro but how will you make Bhabi to stay away from all this.




Maan: Tats why I need your help. I need you to stay with her all the time so tat she stays in the Mansion only.




Vicky: for tat I don't need to stay with her all the time as Pari is coming back tomorrow Bro.



Maan: Wat.. PARI…




Vicky: Yes Bro, our Pari is coming back to Delhi and this time forever back to her family. Gosh Bro I don't believe tat finally Pari will be back to us.




Maan: I miss her Vicky, I miss my little Pari, but..




Vicky: Bro, Pari knows everything tat has happened. She has also seen bhabi or say when Bhabi was in London, all the time she helped Dadima to look after bhabi. You know Bro, she was very much angry on her Maan Bhai for doing all tat but when she came to know the truth and when she also understood tat bhabi truly loves you she was so happy to know tat her Maan Bhai got an angel as his life partner and now she wants to be back to her family forever Bro. And as keeping Bhabi busy Pari is enough for tat.



Maan:Ya, how can I forget tat when she loves her Maan Bhai so much she will also hate him with tat intensity  but m happy tat she loves Geet like you all. So our half of the problem is solved, as I know Pari will keep Geet busy after knowing tat Sameera is back.



Vicky: Yup, but Bro wat are you upto now.




Maan: Just waiting for right time and than the end of Sameera.






Maan was busy on some phone call when Geet returned after changing into her night dress while still lost. She tried to talk to Maan but he all the time ignored her fearing tat he may just say something which would hurt her. though it pained him to see his Geet like tat but since the time he had seen Sameera, his sins were playing his mind. The way he tortured Geet, the way he shattered her dreams, the way he forced or say r**** her almost every night and than how he said tat the child was not his and forced her to leave the house. The sin tat he was responsible for the death of tat innocent life was making him to stay away from her. he knew tat she had understood tat his sins were haunting him and she feared tat he may go away from her, but how could he tell her tat he would never but his sins would also not leave him for life time. He finished the call and saw Geet still lost while he made his way to his side to the bed. He passed through her but before he could move further he felt her holding his hand tight. The grip on his hand could say tat how she was feeling when he suddenly heard her fearful voice.


Geet: please… don't…… leave…. Me…… please…… Maan…. I … will…. die…. If….. you…..stay… away… from ….me….. please… don't…….i… really…. Need…. You…..i…. need….. my….Maan…. to… hold….me…..please don't…… leave me….


Maan turned around hearing her voice which only made him realize tat once again he was pushing her to darkness and when he turned he saw no tears but a face which was total blank, pale with fear and only fear. He bent down on his knees and cupped her face but once again he heard her voice.


Geet: please …. Don't..……


Maan felt miserable with her pain and without wasting a second he smacked his lips on her taking her all pain. Maan kissed her with all his love and passion but was shocked to see and feel tat his Geet was all numb and not responding to him. he tried putting some pressure on her lips but she was not at all responding to him. He parted his lips only to look at her who was just staring at him with blank eyes. He once again cupped her face slowly and said.


Maan: Mishti…… Me Maan, you Maan Jaan…Mishti, how can I leave my life, how can I let you go away this time. No this time Maan will not let any pain and evil to reach near you nor our sacred relation. See Mishti, your Maan is right in front of you and looking at you.



Geet saw him and this time she broke down in his arms crying out her fear of losing him once again.


Geet: don't…. leave.. me… please… Maan.. don't leave… me… I w….illl.,…di… e….d… die…..


Maan hugged her more tight.


Maan: shhh Mishti, don't say tat. M not going anywhere and nothing happening to you.


Maan broke the hug and cupped her face placing soft kiss on her forehead and eyes he said.


Maan: Mishti, do you trust your Maan this time.


Geet nodded for a yes.



Maan: Than forget tat you even met her today. Forget tat she is back here in our life and just live in your Maan's love, the love which you dreamt for. Just don't think about her and about me leaving you again. Just forget tat you ever knew anyone named Sameera geet just forget all tat.


Geet: But Maan, she..



Maan: No Geet, you wont even take her name with your mouth. This lips are meant to take the names who love you and not some evil names. And you trust me na than leave everything on me and believe me this time she will get her due punishment for playing with our lives.


Geet nodded with tears and hugged Maan who tried to soothe her pain. He could still feel tat she was fearing and he slowly broke the hug and kissed her hard on her lips while waited for her response. When he felt tat she was kissing him back he sucked and nibbled while bit her lips gaining an entry into her mouth and tasting her while his hand busy feeling her back on her night dress. The slow kiss turned into an aggressive and passionate Kiss while he carried her to the bed without parting their lips from each other. He laid her slowly on the bed still kissing and he himself settled on her while their kiss was still on. After wat seems like hours Maan left her lips letting her to grasp some air. He looked at her face which was fully flushed and turned into darker shade of their love which he always loved to admire. He placed his forehead on hers and said.


Maan: Mishti, you know your red hue on cheeks makes me feel so happy tat m tat reason for the color. It makes me feel tat m blessed to have you in my life who loves me with my …



Geet instantly closed his mouth while she blinked her eyes as if telling him not to say anything but just love her. Maan slowly hold her hand and kissed her palm and traced his lips on the length on while his one hand tried to reach the zip of her nighty and in one go he unzipped it pulling it out and leaving her only in her inners. He stared at the pure divine beauty in front of him who was not even trying to hide her naked self from him. He took her hand in his and placed them on his vest letting her to make him and the next moment his was out of his vest and tracks leaving him in his boxers. Maan pulled Geet into a passionate kiss while his hands were busy roaming on her bare body and hers on his. He pushed her more on the bed crushing her soft body with his heavy weight while Geet pulled him more into hers making him feel her soft curves. They were wild at their kiss where Maan's hand had already freed her curves from her bra. He pressed them with his bare chest making her moan in pleasure. His hand soon kneaded them while pinching her erect n***** and making her wriggle under him while his lips not ready to leave her lips which were all swollen from his aggressive assault. She bit his lower lips making him to groan and look at her teasing her eyes which challenged him to love her more wild.


Maan: wat was tat.. you know its pains.


Geet:  and when you do..


Maan felt her hand inside his boxers moving on the length of his manhood and he quickly holds her hand from top stopping her movements.


Maan: Geet, stop tat or else..


Geet pulled his hand with her free hand and slowly stroked his erect manhood making him go mad with her slow torture.



Maan: geet stop it or you will beg for it..



Geet: No I wont..



Maan: Ok than lets see..


And with tat he pulled himself away from her and takes off his boxers making him full nude in front of her. Geet gaped at the erect manhood which was as hard as a rock and teasing her. she looked at Maan who was smirking at her which made her furious but she had an urge to feel tat once again with her hands. She slowly forwarded her hands to feel  but Maan pins her hands above her head making her to look at him.


Maan: No Mishti, you wont be able to touch me at all. Now she how I torture you for making me feel like tat.



Geet: Maan its not fair… you are wrong..



Maan: Everything is fair in love and love making Mishti…..


And with this he smacked his lips on her while his one hand holds her hands on top while the other busy kneading her curves making her to twist and turn. His trailed his lips from her face to her jaw, shoulder and reaching the collar bone he bite her hard making her to scream and soon his licked the area to soothe her pain. He moved down towards her cleavage and placed several wet kissed and licked the area around her B******. Geet moaned each time his lips tongue brushed her erect and hard n**** asking him to devour them abut he wanted to trouble her. he moved down and kissed her flat tummy and bit her all over. After feeling his lips with all her skin he looked up at her face and without saying anything he pulled her one n**** into his mouth with his teeth's biting them and started to suck while the other was being kneaded by his hand. He had placed his manhood exactly on her panty where he could feel her wetness. He enjoyed the feel tat she gave him. Geet twist her leg letting her bare skin fell her. she continuously begged for him to leave his hands but he was not ready. He satisfied himself with her one curve and moved to the other kneading the already swollen one with his hand. He continued sucking them while his hand now moved down inside her panty and entered her with his fingers. He thrusts his fingers inside and out making her to scream. He realized tat she came and pulled away her panty and bathed his manhood in her juices which were coming. She could feel his erect manhood on her entrance. She raised her head and bit his shoulder making him to loose his concentration. He looked at her and smirked.


Maan: Now see Mishti, wat I do…


Maan kept his manhood on entrance slightly moving in on her making it all wet while this tortured Geet.



Geet: Maan please no…. please Maan..



Maan: No.. I had told you Geet, don't play with me now you will beg me to be inside you but i..



And before he could say anything Geet raised herself and pulled his lips in her while his manhood already slipped inside her  a bit due to the wetness. Geet smiled into the kiss while Maan left her hand and pushed himself completely into her with a hard thrust making Geet to scream into the kiss. Geet scratched his back with nails finding him moving inside her in circular motions while he enjoyed the sensation inside hi. After some time he raised himself to adjust and started to rock her with his hard strokes. He was so wild in his strokes while Geet parted her legs to give him more access to him. Geet pulled him into kiss for suppressing her moans which were getting louder. He kissed her and moved down to take her ni***** into her mouth while his hands pulled her up holding her by her back so tat he could get a better access. Geet withered under his double torture and kept moaning and digging her nails into her. he kept increasing his pace subsiding their climax for long time and finally when he felt tat she could not hold more, he once again raised his speed thrusting her harder and harder making her to scream his name. he collapsed on her due to his climax while Geet hugged him close. After steadying himself he moved down from her placing himself on bed and taking Geet on him all naked. He smiled looking at her while Geet pouted with anger.


Geet: I hate you..



Maan: ohh.. so my Mishti hates me for making so wild love to her..


Geet: no for holding my hands and not letting me do wat I wanted.


Maan: So wat you want to do.


Geet sat on his stomach forgetting tat she was all naked while Maan smiled looking at her. She saw him smiling and than saw her position but smiled backed pecking his lips.


Geet: Don't think tat I will hide myself as its of no use. My Maan has seen me and I belong to him so I don't need to hide my nakedness from him.


Maan felt so divine with her simple words tat he pulled her into a deep passionate kiss while Geet lovingly gave into it. They broke the kiss after a while when Maan felt Geet slowly caressing his manhood and without wasting time she slid it inside her making him to smile at her. Geet moved up and down but felt she was not feeling love and frowned looking at him.


Geet: haan I know you feel like laughing at me seeing me so shameless na..


Maan smiled and flipped her and without coming out. He started moving and said.


Maan: m not laughing Mishti, but seeing how my Mishti loves me so much tat she cant even bare a single distance between us.


Geet smiled kissing him while Maan continued thrusting him into her with all love but their love and love making was only getting wilder and passionate all the time.




Precap: Pari…… ki entry..


            Sameera getting closer…



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Love you alll


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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged
it sameera face to face with maneet maan angry geet slapping sameera vicky threat and maneet romance and yes waiting for geet's pregnancy track

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Desigirls12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 10:46am | IP Logged

   wow lovely lovely update ji...i was searching and got tis...maan wants his geet to stay away from her past.. buddhu maan, saying tis ur again and again pushing ur geet into dark. geet torture my maan to te extreme, that he should not  live u for a sec also...i ove te way my geet love her maan...i love  my maaneet's love in tis ff so so so much..thanku for giving lovely feel my maan ka  revenge starts, sam dont dare to touch my maan's shadow, ur surely  going to burn in hell, tis time my maan wont leave u, u will beg for death to my maan...i love te update so so much ji.

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 10:55am | IP Logged
awesome lovely update di
i m confused with precap sameera getting close to whomConfused
di i want to make a request can u plz end this sameera chapter here only i mean this track should end with sameera's character end 
and yes me waiting for pregnancy trackBig smile

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gorgeousqueen. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 11:02am | IP Logged
lovely update

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