Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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waiting..Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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waiting for update 

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Maan's phone rang and seeing the caller he knew it was an important call but having Geet in his arms he could not receive it. Geet saw the phone vibrating repeatedly but Maan not receiving it. She looked at him and raised her brows asking him to attend the call but Maan shook his head for a no and concentrated on her neck nuzzling his nose into her. Geet  moaned with his sweet torture while his hands made their way to her curves under the duvet making her wriggle under him and his love but before Maan could move further his  phone vibrated making him to look at it once again while Geet nudged him to attend the call slightly pushing him away from her naked body. Maan received the call adjusting him in a sitting position away from Geet so tat she could not hear the other person speaking. Maan heard the other person with great concentration while his eyes were on Geet to make sure tat she was not  paying attention on his call and lucking he found her getting up from the bed covering herself with the duvet while pulling it away from his body. Maan held the duvet which made Geet to look at him and than she realized tat she was pulling the duvet which also covered him. She made a baby innocent face and made Maan to instantly melt and he himself let the duvet slip away while Geet found his tracks on the floor and threw it to him. Maan saw Geet moving to the washroom, he slowly slipped into his tracks and vest and moved to the study.



Maan: Are u sure enough about the news.


Person: Yes Sir, there no point to doubt about it. Indeed I had been going through all details thoroughly to find if there was any loop holes but there aren't any Sir.


Maan: But how come Mr.Narang fell into her trap and wat about his family. Do they know about her.



Person:  they do Sir but they are helpless as she has trapped Mr.Narang and they don't have any proof against her to prove tat she is indeed involved in all tat.



Maan: So Mr. Narang is unaware about it.


Person: Nope Sir not anymore. Mr.Narang has recently been aware about it but he is clueless about her involvement.


Maan: Thanks for the information, your fees will reach ur office by noon and yaa don't send the proofs at KM but me myself will come to pick them from you.


Maan: So Sameera all set for the end. I promise you will have the worst end you ever thought about it Sameera. Its time tat you pay for your deed now.



Geet was staring at everyone as if she had never seen them. She could only see tat her family were shedding happy tears with the arrival of tat beautiful girl who was standing at the doorstep while Naina taking her aarti with tears while others looking at her with a smile yet their eyes were mishty. Naina finished her aarti but without saying a word turned back giving the thal to Nakul while the girl still standing at the doorstep hugging her bunny as if her life dependent on it.


Girl: Mom…..


Naina stopped in her tracks listening to her voice and calling her out with a painfull voice. She did not turn as still she could not believe tat her 10 year baby who was forced to grow up was right in front of her when she once gain heard the same painful voice


Girl: Mom…… Pari needs you. Pari can't stay any longer alone.



Naina (looking at Dadima): Tell her Maa tat I know tat my Pari cant stay but still she did.



Pari: M Sorry…… Mom but please forgive Pari na… She does not want to go back again mom.


And Naina opened her arms for Pari who came running to soothe her aching heart for the motherly love she had been missing since so many years. She cried and broke down in her arms letting her pain flow and feels the love that she always carved for while others watched them with tears. Geet too had tears in her eyes seeing the them but could not figure out wat relation they shared, as she very well knew tat khuranna's had only one daughter but who was she.


Naina: Ab bas.. no more tears in your eyes.


Pari smiled and kissed Naina's cheeks as if a small baby. Naina smiled at her gesture and than her eyes fell on the bunny that Pari was hugging like her life. She instantly realized who had given the bunny and smiled looking at her.


Naina: Beta.. you still have this bunny with you. its so old na.


Pari  hugged it more to her body while kissing it she said.


Pari: How could I let it go Mom.  This bunny is just not other soft toy Mom but it's the love which dad had given me while leaving for hostel and since than it made me feel tat you and dad are closed to me. You know it never made me feel tat m far away from you all.


Dadima: But still you were..


Pari: I had to Dadi. I had to. I could not let Di…


Pari's eyes clouded before she could say a word anymore and tat instant Maan came forward and hugged her in his brotherly love.


Maan: Chi… See Vicky, crybaby Pari still cries like a baby. You know Mom I like to see when Pari cries showing her fat tears. I just enjoy them.


Pari hit Maan on his back with her tiny fists.


Maan: Ouch Pari.. It hurts..


Pari: No it does not. You are strong enough to take my beating now Maan bhai.


Maan: So you think tat your Maan bhai is strong. Let's try.


And Maan carries her in his arms swirling her round and round while Pari laughs to her heart making everyone to smile.


Pari: let me down Bhai.. please..


Maan: why, are you scared tat I will let you fall down.


Pari: Nope, but right now want you to let me down. Please.


Maan made her to stand on her feet and she ran to Dadima hugging her while Dadima very lovingly engulfed her in her arms.


Dadima: We missed you sweetheart.



Pari: I missed sleeping with you Dadi. I missed home Dadi. I really missed.



Dadima: I know beta, but not anymore. I will not let you to go anywhere now.


Yash: Even if she tries Maa, she wont.


Pari saw Yash coming down the stairs, but one look on his face Pari knew tat he was angry on her. she took slow steps towards Yash and knelt down infront of him holding her ears while hugging the bunny. Yash saw her, he had an urge to crush his baby in his arms but right now he was angry on her. He knew tat she was forced to go away from them and he could not do anything but when he heard her voice he instantly melted.


Pari: M Sorry… Dad…. I know.. you are still angry.. but cant Dad forgive his Pari. See dad I still have your bunny with me.


Yash looked at her while the tears which he was holding started to flow down and he grabbed Pari and hugged her.


Yash: I know beta tat I could not stop you and m sorry for tat. I know tat I could not keep the promise given to Shekar. I failed Pari I failed.


Pari parted herself from Yash and wiped his tears kissing his cheeks like she always did.



Pari: You know Dad, Papa always used to say tat Yash Dad was stronger than him and trust me Dad you are and you will always be.


Yash: But…


Pari: Do you want Pari to go back..


Yash nodes his head for a no.


Pari: Than no more talks on tat.  Chalo now I want to meet my Bhabi. (pari points her Geet who was staring at her like she was an alien) Bhabi don't look at me as if m an alien. Chalo now let me introduce myself to you.



Pari moves closer to Geet and pecks her both the cheeks making Geet surprise while giving Pari a sweet smile.


Pari: Me.. Pari Shekar Shikawat daughter of Shekar and Simran Shikawat but now Daughter of Yash and Naina Singh Khuranna.


Geet looked at Maan for clarification who in turn nodded his head tat he would do later when she once again heard Pari speak.


Pari: You know Bhabi, the very first time I seen you in London I knew tat you are an angel ( Geet was surprised to hear her) but sadly you never knew about me and I hate Maan Bhai for tat.



Maan: I know Pari.. and m sorry..


Pari looks at Maan and gives him an angry look.


Pari: you better be Bhai.. but right now I need to talk to this angel. Now I know why Dadi and tat duffer Vicky always called you an angel coz you indeed are. The angel in my Maan Bhai's life. the angel ho loves him like no one can love. The angel who made me believe tat I can get back to my family here. (geet looks at her with a surprise). Bhabi, I never would be able to decide of coming back here but when Vicky told me tat you were all fine and who brought her love back into her life, than I knew tat even I could. It brought the confidence in me tat I was never wrong and I don't have any rights to let those people suffer who carved for me for all these years. You know bhabi, when first time I saw you and Dadima and Vicky told me the whole truth I had decided tat I would never return back but I was wrong, I was wrong and when I came to know tat you still loved bhai like you used to do and tat Bhai really repented for his deeds and than when he wanted to leave you for your betterment tat time I realized tat love was, is and will always be superior than any other pain in this world and I knew tat now its time tat I get back where I belong leaving the bitter memories behind and  you unknowingly became an angel is my life too.



Geet: Thanks for it..


Pari: I should be. But m still angry on you tat you did not punish Maan Bhai for all tat.


Geet instantly had tears remembering their painful past but there was also a small smile on her lips.


Geet: How could I Pari. My Maan always did everything extreme. He loves me to such an extreme tat there is not end to it and the same way he hated me thinking tat I betrayed him but when he knew I never did he repented the same way and is still doing even if he does not show. But I know tat he will get out of his guilt as he knows tat if he is in pain tat his Geet will also be in pain.


Pari (with tears): and tats why I say Bhabi tat you are my Maan Bhai's angel, an angel who made him to live again and be the same Maan who once knew wat love was.  You are an angel bhabi.


Geet cupped Pari's face and said.


Geet:  and you a sweet little princess. I don't know about you much but I somehow felt tat you are very special to my family and so to me now.


Pari: so tho hoon main.


All laughed at her comment while Naina asked Pari to get fresh and come down for lunch. Maan and Vicky left for there as Maan wanted to have a serious talk with Vicky while the others saw Geet having many questions in her eyes about Pari.



Yash: She is the daughter of Shekar Shikawat and Simran Shikawat who are no more. Shekar was the only friend whom I had not only friend but a brother to whom I looked upon when I needed someone at bad times but  god was cruel on me and Pari to take them away from our lives when Pari was just a 10 year Kid.



Geet for the first time saw Yash having tears in her eyes. She always knew him as a strong personality which Maan had inherited from him but she now realized tat like Maan Yash too had this side. Geet got up from her place and wiped his tears while Yash smiled at her.


Yash: But I failed miserably in protecting this little princess Geet. she always looked upon me more than her own father and I failed to keep up the promise made to Shekar and Simran during their last breadths. I failed I failed the way I failed to protect you from my own Daughter Annie like I had failed protecting Pari from her.


Geet eyes looked up at Naina and Dadima as she now realized tat somewhere she was missing something about Pari's life. Like reading her eyes Naina continued.


Naina: Yaa.. Geeet beta. The way Annie destroyed your life, she is too responsible for keeping Pari away from all of us. A mere girl of 10 years who had just lost her parents was forced to grow up before hand and leave this house for hostel.


Geet: hostel.. 10 year..


Dadima: Haan Geet, hostel. Pari was forced for hostel. After the death of her parents, Yash brought Pari in KM and as Pari was very close to Naina and Yash since birth Naina started to spend more time with her. Pari needed a mother's love at tat age. She could not believe tat her own parents were not alive anymore and she was confined in one room all the while. Naina and Yash tried their best to get her out of her shell and to some extent Pari was out with the love and care she was getting from all of us. Maan and Vicky were always by her side at school and everywhere but Annie like always started feeling tat Pari was here to take her place. She started hating Pari and insulting her for no reasons. She blamed her for taking away her parents and the worst was done when she insulted Pari in school in front of her friends saying tat she was orphan whom her parents felt pity and brought her home. Pari was too small to take all this and tat day she was missing for hours. None of us knew wat had happened and where she was but later through some students we realized tat Annie had insulted her and since than Pari was missing. Yash and Naina left no stones to search for her and than like god's grace we came to know she was at Shikawat House that was closed. Since the death of her parents the house was closed and when we reached there late night we saw her shivering and lying unconscious on the outside the door.


Naina: It was just not over after tat incident Pari withdrew herself from all of us as if we never existed. She never asked any of us for anything and never came out of her room. It was only we could see her when see came out for school. She was so much hurt tat she used to not even eat with us and whenever she saw Annie she used to frighten. Since than Annie never left a chance to insult Pari and as days passed by she was totally broken. But one day everything changed in her life taking her away from us when we saw Annie slapping Pari and accusing her for taking her things which was gifted to her on her birthday. We saw Pari begging tat she never did but Annie only abused her with her words and when Yash interfered, Annie was all out of control and in fit of anger, she pushed Pari making her fall on the bedpost hurting herself. Tat was last time we had heard her speak and when she woke up she was all changed. We never knew tat a small girl of 10 years would take such a decision.


Geet: decision


Yash: Tat we allow her to spend her life in hostel. Hostel where she would complete her school and studies. Hostel that was never meant for tat small princess but she was forced and we could not do anything. I was so helpless as I could not stop her, thinking tat it was better tat she stays far away from Annie but I never ever thought tat her and my decision would take her far away from us tat she would never return back to us. The day she finished her high school, we were happy tat she would come back but when she informed tat she had won the scholarship for London University and she would go there, our last hopes were buried. I failed every time to save her from loneliness. I still agreed for it and asked her to stay with Vicky in his apartment but she refused saying tat she would stay in the hostel itself.


Geet was all in tears listening to the pain tat sweet little 10 years old Pari had to go but before she could say anything else they heard an angry voice of Pari.


Pari: I had warned your Dad tat if you all want me to come back than no one will ever speak about the past. How many times I have to say tat it was not Annie Di's mistake. She was just insecure for you all and seeing me being loved by her own parents her insecurity grew.


Naina: Insecurity does not mean tat she spoils lives. Its not only you who suffered Pari but we have seen Geet to suffer for no reasons. Its just not tat you were taken away from us but we had lost Geet and the most is tat she lost her unborn baby.


Maan: Mom.. just stop all this.


Maan saw Geet crying remembering her baby and her gaze all fixed on Maan. Maan knew tat however strong his Geet was but just the mention of baby she would break into pieces. He shook his head asking her to stop but seeing her caressing her now empty stomach killed him to no ends. He did not knew wat he could do and just hugged her and carried her to their room.


Pari: I made Bhabi to cry. Everyone cries coz of me.


Pari said crying while Naina held her tight thinking tat she might break down.


Yash: Nahi Pari… you can never be the reason of any one's pain but its Annie who is responsible and hope tat she never comes in front of me or else I wont think once before killing her with my own hands.


Naina: Shhh Pari.. see you don't need to cry.. you know na tat Dad cant see you crying.



Pari: hmmm


Naina: than stop…


Vicky: come on Mom.. do you forget tat Pari is a crybaby and crybabies don't stop from crying.


Pari: Mom.. tell this duffer to stop or else I will kill him.


Vicky: its me who should kill you Pari. I have been noticing tat since you have come back you talked to everyone but me.


Pari: Tats coz you deserve it. I hate you.


Vicky: Hate me than fine even I hate you Pari Shikawat.


Pari: I hate Vicky Singh Khuranna.


Vicky: Lets see how long you hate me sweetheart.


Vicky smiled turning and whispered to himself.


Vicky: hmmm so You hate me na than lets see for how long you stay away sweetheart. You have always avoided me in London but now how will you and I promise tat I will make you confess your love for me and tats a promise from Vicky Singh Khuranna oops your Duffer Vicky.




Sameera smirked to herself seeing Maan fuming in anger while looking at the file. She could sense tat Maan was hell angry on her but right now he could not do anything or else he would lose everything. Maan looked up at her clutching the file badly in his hands spitting fire and tried to get up but next words from Sameera made him to sit back.


Sameera: Don't Maan or else it wont take me second to telecast it live on news channels after all who would not want a hot gossip about the Khuranna's.


Maan; wat to do you want?


Sameera:  A night with you all alone.


Maan stood up fearing Sameera to death but she kept her eyes meeting him.


Sameera; Don't even try to harm me Maan and if you do, the whole video and proofs of your wife being a characterless woman will be telecasted on news channel. You know na how real they look after all you were the one who believed all this fake proofs.



Maan: So this is wat you are here for.



Sameera moved closer to Maan tracing her fingers on his face and the moment Maan felt her fingers on his face he twisted her hand almost making her to scream in pain.


Sameera; Nope.. Maan.. don't do tat.. or else..



Maan: or else..



Sameera: or else you wife will be the talk of town and the video is quite enough to show Geet all-nude in Prem's bed along with him and with other mens too. It would be a great threat for all those lusty men out.


Maan pushed Sameera making her to fall on the chair. Sameera steadied herself smiling.


Sameera: You don't have any other way Maan. just one night for me and than you are free.



Maan looked up at Sameera and he knew tat she was planning far better more than just a night with him. he inwardly smirked and said.


Maan: Done but one condition.


Sameera: You are not allowed for tat.


Maan: Than fine go along with you plan.


Sameera thought for a minute and said.


Sameera: Ok.. wats it.


Maan: After doing away with the night, you are not allowed to stay anywhere in Delhi nor in India.


Sameera: So you fear tat I may end up with you every night in your bed.


Maan: are you ready for it or no.


Sameera: Off course Maan. But one whole night just you and me on bed.


Maan closed his eyes nodding his head while Sameera smirked seeing him falling into her trap.



Sameera (ST): Ohh come on Maan how can I leave the opportunity of getting the whole of you and than going with my plan. You see its me sameera and how can I let tat b**** Geet to have you all life. I just want you for a night and than neither you would be able to face Geet nor she will be able to face the world and tat will be my revenge for you both.


Maan (ST); I knew it Sameera tat you would stoop so low but so soon I could not guess. But you are right its time tat you get wat your have to and that very night will be your last night here.


Maan: So tell me Sameera when and where do you want to spend the night?



Sameera: don't go so fast Maan, lets enjoy this contract first and than I will tell you when and how I want to spend the night with you.




Vicky: wat the hell Bro and how could you agree to tat b****.


Maan: don't hyper Vicky. I did not have any other way right now and as far as having agreed to her first listen wat I have to say.



Vicky: But Bro.. if Bhabi even gets a slight idea about her demand tat you know wat will be its consequences.



Maan: I do know and for tat we should be very careful and if we execute the plan which I have been thinking tat we would get her behind bars.


Vicky: Than wat about those fake videos and photos.


Maan: for tat reason I need to go ahead with my plan or else the proof's which I have got against her can take her behind bars for years but right now the priority is those fake proofs which she used.



Vicky: behind bars.. wats it Bro and how will you get those videos and photos.


Maan explains him his whole plan and tells him wat he got to know about Sameera and Narang's and wats she has been doing since she left India. Vicky was shocked to know but wasn't surprised but Maan's plan made him a bit worried.


Vicky: Bro.. are you sure the plan will work out. I mean if it backfires us.


Maan: It wont. Now m just waiting to know the date and the place where she wants me and than the rest in our hands.


Maan heard the study door opening and he gestured Vicky to be quite pointing towards the door and there they saw the two ladies coming inside with a devil smile on their lips. Geet and Pari slowly walked towards the sofa where Maan and Vicky were sitting looking at each other while Maan and Vicky pretended to be busy with files.


Geet: Maan……


Maan lookd up at her and once again got busy with his file while Vicky was staring at the ladies.


Geet: Maan.. sunno na….


Maan: Geet m busy. Can you come later.


Geet: no I cant…. First listen to me…


Maan: acha kaho..


Geet: dinner..


Maan: Geet… its not time yet and if you are hungry than have it. I need to complete work.


Pari: Maan Bhai… first listen to us na.. than you can do your work.


Vicky: wahh crybaby knows to even talk without crying. M pretty shocked.


Pari took the file from his hand and hit him with it.


Pari: Duffer.. cant you stop poking your nose in-between.


Vicky: nose where did I poke sweetheart. Show me na where did I poke. Kahi tumhe lagi.


Vicky literally turned her right and left while Pari was fuming in anger and in tat she pushed him down making him to hit the floor on his back.


Vicky: you idiot.. how dare you throw me down.


Pari: you deserve it… Duffer..


Vicky got up and before he could pouch on her Geet came in between making him to stop in his tracks while Pari teased him showing her tongue.


Vicky: Bhabi this is not done. You simply can't take her side ok.


Geet: I can Vicky and if you say or do anything than I will stop talking to you. And right now stay quite until and unless I finish my talk with Maan.


Geet turned to Maan and took away the file from his hand and sat on his lap surprising Maan while Vicky and Pari giggled seeing them. Geet played with Maan 's buttons but he was getting wild thoughts having Geet in his lap and tat to sitting exactly on the right place.



Geet: Maan.. lets go out for dinner na..


Maan tried to control his desires having her so close and with firm voice, he spoke.


Maan: Geet I need to finish this file Jaan.


Geet: can we.. Maan.. just four of us..


Maan: Mishti…there's lot of work to be finished. Why can't you three go along.


Geet moved more closer to him and placed her face on his neck almost making her soft lips touch his skin near neck making Maan to tighten his hold on her waist.


Geet: love.. you can finish your work later but I  need to go out for dinner with you three.


Maan: Mishti….


Geet: hmmm


Maan: not today Mishti.. some other time..


Geet: Maan dinner.. today please..


Geet slowly kissed his nape without making any sound while Maan was having hard time to control his hands from pulling her and kissing her until she turns red but he knew tat he had to control himself but soon he found Geet biting his skin and her hand wondering near his manhood. He looked up at Vicky and Pari too see if they noticed wat Geet was ding but to their surprise, they both were lost in their own world of giving angry looks to each other.


Geet: Maan .. love please na.. dinner..


Maan: Mishti.. don't do tat.. you know na wat you are upto..


Geet: dinner…..


Maan: ok… lets go..


Geet got up shouting and giving Maan her sweetest smile but Maan gave her a threatening look making shiver  run through her body knowing tat tonight she would not have an escape from him while Pari and Vicky looked at them talking through their eyes but soon Pari realized tat Maan was ready for dinner and she hugged Geet for it.


Pari: so you finally managed to convince Bhai, bhabi…


Vicky: convince, Pari wat was cooking between you too.


Pari: Duffer why do you always want to know girls talk.


Maan: Pari..


Pari: Ok.. don't show me your big eyes. Its nothing as Mom Dad are going for some dinner party while Dadi to her friends place so me and Bhabi planned for a dinner and without letting you two know about it we booked a table and than we realized tat we need to make you agree for the dinner. So me and bhabi planned all this.


Vicky: Kya shatir dhimang hain… I mean just coz you both wanted to go out for dinner you made me to fall down.


Pari: tat was not planned Duffer. You just came in between and I had to throw you but anyway when the boss said yes you cant do anything.


Vicky: Good than I m out of the dinner. You three go and enjoy.


Pari: Ohh really it would be so nice na. Bhabi I had tol you first only tat Vicky would not  come and see here now I can enjoy all alone with you two.


Vicky: so good na.. but sorry cry baby how can I let you enjoy yourself after all have to take my revenge na…


Maan: its enough.. now before I change my decision get going from here and you have just  30 minutes for it.



Vicky and Pari left without a word while Geet was about to move but before she could reach the door Maan pulled her locking the door and trapping her between the door and him while Geet could see the intentions in his eyes.


Geet: Maan .. let me go na please..


Maan: do you think I would Mishti tat to after your torture.


Geet: wat did I do….


Maan: wat did you do…. Where was your hand when you were sitting on my lap.


Geet: hand on you..


Maan: but where…


Geet: Maan.. wat are you saying I said na it was on you.


Maan: Mishti.. I know tat you are not so innocent ok and now you need to pay for arousing me.


Geet: Maan.. we need to go for dinner.. not now please..


Maan: now…


And with tat he smacked his lips on hers while adjusting her head and pulling her closer by waist making her feel his erect manhood for her. Geet gasped feeling his arousal but soon she was taken into the passion with which he was kissing her. he sucked and nibbled her lips while bit tem sofly letting him entry into her mouth. He kissed her for long making her to go weak o her knees but Maan hold her tight until and unless he was satisfied with her. he left her after long but she was holding him tight.


Maan: Mishti you can leave me now. I got wat I wanted.


Geet opened he eyes and looked at him smiling and she hit him with her fist but Maan holds her hands.


Maan: Mishti.. this is just the start. I will taek my full revenge once we are back from dinner and than no escape for you tonight.


Geet: wat.. wat,.. will you do .. tonight..


Maan: hmmm.. wat to know awat will I do..


Maan leans forward near her ears and says..


Maan; I will rip your clothes from your body and than I would make you to undress me and than I wou…


Geet pushes him before he completes and runs away opening the door shouting behind.


Geet: I will be waiting for it Maan.


Maan smiled hearing it and walked to their room to get ready for dinner thinking different ways of getting his revenge.



Precap:  Sameera's plan but wat ?

            Nope not the night but before hand yaar……. socho aur sochne wale ko prize….




Hi all really sorry for late had some issues to settle down and now back with an update. So how did you like my Pari Shikawat. I know you all are very much confused as to why i gave her so much importance aare yaaro after all VSK ki honewali biwi jo hain.


Jokes apart, Pari Shikawat henceforth will have major role until the end that is not so soon. So you can relax but yup have just made a place for her in Khuranna's life. Its upto you to think and answer tat whether Pari Shikawat is negative or positive. Is she a part of family or another person.


Have many surprises for you but will give one by one but now let Maan and Vicky deal with Sameera. Hmmm guys pregnancy on way for Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khuranna soon.


Can anyone point to something different in this update. Would love to know how many can guess wat it is. Something very special for all u here


Now your work to like and comment for update…


Love you alll


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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 9:26am | IP Logged

  wow lovely update ji,...oh bechare pari too suffered with anni...10 old girl went through so much..but lovely  family pari will became  geet's devarani.. vicky loves my maaneet with vic and pari for dinner..naughty geet...i love te update so much dear..

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suhaaana IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 9:27am | IP Logged
loved the update

i just hate annie... what she has done to a 10 yr old girl

i can tell u pari is still somewhere in her past

loved maaneet moments

waiting fr next

loved the banner...

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 9:39am | IP Logged
awesome, brilliant part
loved it
loved maaneet moments
 can I kill two b****** sameera and annie
those two r made for each other
feel sad for pari
she also suffered cause of annie
loved pari and geet moments
but what is that sameera
stupid specimen , disgusting such creature r stooping so low
what is maan's plan
let's see
m also scared like vicky about this plan
let's see
continue soon
tere precap mujhe confuse kar dia aur
jaldi update kar

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 9:40am | IP Logged
it pari entry vicky love and annie destroyed many lives bi... sameera maan teri pitayi zaroor karega maan vicky planning against sameera geet making maan to take them to dinner

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