Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Please Maan, don't leave me na… Maan please.. don't leave me Maan.Maan who was holding her by her waist in sleep found some movements and felt her gripping him tight. He jerked opened his eyes with her words Please Maan.. don't leave me…. Dadima.. tell him na. not to leave me.. I will die Maan I will die… Maan pulls her closer holding her tight and slowly caress her hair Mishti.. m here.. m not leaving you Mishti..Geet clutches him more digging her nails into his skin Maan don't leave me Maan.. don't Maan.. My baby also left me Maan.. No one is there for me.. Please Maan don't leave Me.. I love you Maan… Please Maan.. please don't leave me and go… I will die..Maan could not take her words anymore as he could see tat how insecure she had been. He slowly placed her on the bed but Geet pulled him closer digging her nails more into him  Geet, m here Mishti.. Open your eyes. Geet pulls him closer Maan.. please don't leave me… I never betrayed you Maan.. please Maan I need you.. Your Geet needs her Maan.. Maan slowly kisses her forehead, her eyes Mishti, I will never leave you. See your Maan is very close to your Mishti. He is with you in your arms. Your Maan loves you Geet. See open your eyes Geet. See your Maan Mishti. Geet was still not opening her eyes but just kept tightening her hold on him while just saying don't leave me while Maan could not bear her pain and having no other option he kissed her lips bringing her out from her sleep. Geet opened her eyes only to see Maan kissing her and she too responded him pulling him closer while feeling his bare body fearing tat he may vanish. Maan could feel the longing in her so he did not break the kiss and continued unless he felt she needed air. He slowly withdrew from her and placed his forehead on hersM really sorry.. I know my sorry won't make things better but trust me Mishti I cant see you so insecure. Believe me Mishti.. your Maan does love you more than his life and will never leave you until and unless his breadths leave him. Your Maan will love you till eternity Geet.. Trust me mishti please. Than love me Maan.. love me the way you want.. love me the way I want Maan.. love me the way we had dreamt of. Love me the way I get back my baby Maan. Maan distanced himself and looked at her eyes only filled with love and love. He kissed her eyes, cheeks and slowly pecked her lips when he once again heard her Please Maan love me.. I need you in me Maan.. love me.. Maan.. Maan looks deep in her eyes to see tat pinch of insecurity still lingering in her heart and without any delay he smacked his lips on her already swollen lips pulling her into a passionate kiss and he spoke into her mouth I will Geet, I will love you the way you want, the way I want.. Your Maan too needs his Geet.. His love his life. Geet pulls him closer while their sheet was long way slipped from their body leaving them all naked now. Maan kissed her sucking nibbling and biting her lips while Geet only pulled him closer. His lips traced the path to her cleavage from her jawline, to her shoulder while his lips found her perfect curves and without wasting a time he latched on them while his one hand kneading the other and other travelling lower finding its way to her hidden part. Geet could not control her desires and bit him harshly which made Maan to be rough and in one instant, he entered her with his long fingers making her to arch into him more. His mouth and hands were pleasuring him while she was just moaning his name making him more passionate and aggressive with her. Finally after satisfying her soft curves Maan entered her with his manhood taking her into a blissful world of love while Geet matched up his passion and gave him the comfort of her love. Maan moved harder and harder deep inside her core making her know tat he will always love her no matter wat happens. Geet could not hold anymore and asked him to move harder while Maan himself knew tat they both would come soon, finally their both climaxed while Maan fell on her panting. They relaxed a bit while Maan flipped over taking her on him and kissing her forehead and soon both drifted to sleep promising each other tat its time tat they forget everything but was it so easy tat their past would leave them in peace.



Maan was wide-awake and watching his life, his wife sleeping peacefully. He could now feel tat he not only ruined their love but the innocent angel sleeping in front of him but he was very much lucky to have her still with him after his sinful deeds. He wanted to touch the angelic face but seeing it calm, he did not dare to disturb her. He stared and stared at her face as if his whole life depended on her. Geet slowly opened her eyes and saw tat her husband was having a sweet smile on his lips while watching her. She did not say a word but just traced her soft fingers on his face making sure tat he was in real nor did he stop her seeing tat she was giving her fullest smile which adored her face. Geet touched his lips and got up holding the sheet around her and kissed on his lips Keep this smile always intact Maan.. it reflects my happiness on your face and gives me a feeling of contentment. Maan was overwhelmed with her simple words and could not stop himself from saying  I will never match your pure and divine love Geet.. nor anyone can.. but you know I feel tat m the luckiest man on this earth to have  you in my life and I promise tat this smile which reflects your happiness on my face will always remain as this smile brings a smile on your lips which makes me feel tat m still alive.Geet hugged him tight while he too hugged him but soon the sheet which was a barrier between them slipped making Maan to feel her soft curves while Geet could get the sensation of his hot body making her to loose herself. Maan soon laid her down and kissed her while she equally joined him in  passion. Maan saw Geet losing herself and he tried to withdraw himself from her but she was not letting him away. Maan did kiss her and spoke Mishti… try to understand love.. you are making it difficult for me to control myself. Geet was no where to listen and she left his lips and bit his collar bone making him to groan in pain and pleasure who said to control.. your Mishti needs you now.. and she continued with her torture while her hands reached his manhood making it tough for him and the very next moment she was pinned to the bed while Maan entered her with a hard push making her to scream while Maan seized her lips with his while hands kneaded her br*****. Maan was pleasuring her while she gave him the love he needed and their passion made them more wild going deeper and deeper till both were exhausted from their morning love. Maan laid back on his back while Geet rested on his body and steadied their heartbeats. But Geet was nowhere to stop her torture, slowly her hand reached his manhood and started to rub it while Maan was having a tough time controlling his urges for her Love… don't do tat.. you will regret for it. Nevertheless, Geet was nowhere to stop. She bit his nipple while stroked  his manhood and said who said I will.. I love my Maan'sMaan puhed her on her back while he climbed on her and said don't.. you will regret love.. see I have been very harsh on you last night and you are sore. Geet still pulled him closer pecking his lips and said who said m sore.. can you see.. oye ya.. I can feel it… see the way you are twisting your legs so better don't play with me.. I need you for whole life so now stop you torture and lets make a move. Everyone will be waiting. And if I say I want you now in me.. wat you will do.. Maan slowly pecked her lips and touched her deep core slowly making Geet to flinch a bit I said na you are sore and I don't want you to be more and I would love to take you for whole day but I know my Mishti need some rest so tat she can handle me for tonight back home at Delhi. So if now you are satisfied lets move as I can't trust me nor you anymore on this bed which has witnessed our raw lovemaking since last night. Geet smiled at him and slowly both made their way to the bathroom. Maan was having a hard time to control himself seeing her nude wet body but he knew tat he had overdone last night and wanted her to rest. They both dressed up and went to their earlier cottage where they were welcomed with the most awesome scenario that brought a smile on their face.


Vicky: Its high time Mom, I cant wait any longer. How long will their romance.

Naina: Vicky.. sharam karo… they have just started their life so let them have time for each other na.


Dadima: and don't forget tat when you will get married you will also do the same.


Vicky: but now m not married na.. and I want them back right now…. Dad either you call bro or else I will go there.



Maan: You don't need to Vicky, we are back and I very well know why you want us… see your bhabi is back the way I had promised you with a big smile on her face.



Geet shied hearing Maan's words and bent to take the elders blessing while all were happy to see the lost smile back on her lips. Vicky was just gapping at her face and was literally lost in her smile that brought an unknown satisfaction for him. Maan was surprised to see Vicky staring at Geet when he called out to Vicky.


Maan: Vicky… she is my wife so stop staring at her..


Vicky: hmmm..


Maan: vicky.. I said stop staring at Geet or else..


Vicky: God dammit Bro.. why did you break my concentration. Me just looking tat how can my sweet bhabi look more beautiful day by day.. Seriously bro your love has made her …




Naina: Vicky.. Control your words…


Vicky: Mom.. wat wrong did I say and anyways the way the way both look tired I feel tat our wish of having a small baby in KM will be a reality very soon. Wat say Bro..


Geet was all shy now and hid behind Dadima while Maan just looked at her with a smile.


Maan: Ya Vicky… how long will you stay as the youngest in KM.. so me and Geet planning for someone who can take your place now.


Geet could not stop herself from blushing while Dadima just added.



Dadima: haan Maan.. its time tat I get to play with my great grand children.




Naina: and me too with my grandchildrens.




Yash: why should I stay away.. I also need someone now so tat I can pamper and give him or her chocolates and off course he will be the junior Yash Singh Khuranna and the future MD of KC.



Vicky: Dad you are mistaken it will be she not he, just like our adorable bhabi with same dimples.



Maan: Off course Vicky…. Just like My Love, My Geet.



Geet: don't you all think tat you are dreaming a lot… when the time comes you can fight but right now, we need to get back to Delhi….



Vicky: Preplanning Bhabi… you see its good to preplan all so tat we can keep everything ready  so tat the little Khuranna don't have any problem when she comes.



Geet: ok ok.. now lets make a move from here.





Geet was busy in the kitchen preparing the dinner while Maan trying hard to gain her attention but Geet simply avoided him and continued with her work. After trying hard enough and not getting any response, he pulled Geet by her waist making her to collide with his chest. He slowly traced his fingers on her waist above the cloth making Geet to shiver but soon their moment was disturbed by Vicky who himself was ashamed of coming there but how could he let a chance of teasing them.


Vicky: Bro… I know tat Bhabi is way too beautiful to leave her fora second but if you don't  mind you can please check out the place where you are..


Maan and Geet were shocked to hear him while Geet pushed Maan a bit but he holds her once again.


Maan: you see Vicky…. Your bhabi is bit upset from me and I need to pacify her or else I have be awake for the whole night.



Geet: hawww… how mean of you Maan.. now leave me… I suppose tat will be a good work for you to stay awake whole night and pacify me since you promised me tat you will take a full week holiday from KC but see.. now you are breaking it..


Maan: Love..


Geet: No love no Mishti… I said leave me….


Geet hit his foot with hers and storms out of the kitchen pouting while the two brothers follow her. The others who had arrived downstairs were shocked to see Geet angry and all their eyes feasted on Maan.


Maan: wat.. don't you all give me tat look haan… I have not done anything.


Everyone: ohh really..


Maan: Dad.. its important.. and I cant cancel the meeting nor the deal.


Geet: oh.. ya how I forgot tat you the great business tycoon MSK… and every deal is important for you.



Maan: Geet.. don't act like a nut ok.. Its important and I need to join KC back and Vicky you are too joining.



Naina: Maan but you promised tat you will…


Maan: Mom… I know but I cant leave the deal. We have been waiting for the delegates since long and now when they themselves are ready how can I cancel the deal.



Dadima: Maan there is no need to cancel the deal but cant you postponed the meeting for next week.



Yash: No Maa.. Maan has been working for this deal and its very important for us, though even if we cancel the deal it wont affect us but this clients are well known from US but are actually Indians and they have chosen KC for their new project.


Dadima: Oh.. so it was the same project for which Vicky and Maan were working since long.


Vicky: yup…


Geet was all the while listening to the conversation. She knew about this project but did not know tat it was some international based. She was happy but still when she looked at Maan giving her a sweet smile she once again pouted and went to set the dinner. The dinner was a quite affair while Geet passed draggers to Maan but Maan knew how to manofy his wife. After the dinner, all were back to their respective rooms while Maan busy with his project file when Geet came to the bed wearing her nightdress looking at her ever so busy sexy husband. She tried to get his attention but seeing him lost in the file she threw his pillow on him followed with a blanket. Maan was shocked to see things hitting him but as soon as his eyes were on his angry wife he left the file on the table collected the pillow and blanket and reached the bed. However, as soon as he reached the bed he saw Geet almost pushing him away from the bed with anger.



Maan: Geet… I need to sleep love…


Geet: ohh.. sleep.. sure but not on bed there on tat couch special place for special person.



Maan: Geet.. how can i.. look its not of my size and I will feel uncomfortable sleeping on it.



Geet : I don't care.. You will sleep on it for not listening to me and breaking your promise.



Maan could not argue more and he settled on the couch feeling uncomfortable on it. Geet observed him tossing and turning all the time while she felt bad for being so harsh on him. She slowly went near him and settled herself on his stomach while Maan slowly engulfed her in his embrace.



Maan: hmmm… so cant sleep without me…



Geet: hmmm… Maan is it important..


Maan: Love… its.. so please leave this anger na… see after the project is done we will go for a month long holiday just you and me…


Geet: promise…


Maan: haan baba. Promise… now sleep… you need rest.. You eyes are still red from last night.


Geet snuggled closer to him while her hands rubbed his chest under her and lips busy sucking his earlobe. Maan was slowly losing his control and pulled her closer while his hands made their way inside her nighty which was  way to short for her.


Maan: Mishti… see you are inviting trouble for yourself.. if you don't stop now than I wont leave you before I have you completely for me.



Geet: hmmm…. Maan I want you….



Tats it Maan carried her to the bed and kissed her lips with passion. Soon both found their way to their clothes making them total bare giving each other the love and warmth tat they needed while Geet was all in command and being rough on him while Maan let her do wat she wanted. After a long passionate night of lovemaking both drifted to sleep hugging each other's bare body unaware tat they will be facing their past.







Maan: Sameer.. is everything set for the meeting.


Sameer: Yes Sir… Mr. Narang will be here with his team who are well expertise in every field so we need to be very careful while dealing with them.


Maan: Sameer and so we are. Don't forget tat we are the best in our field and do make sure tat there is not a single mistake from our side especially wat happened during the last presentation. I don't need any power cuts again do you get it.


Sameer: Yes Sir…. Sir but Sasha has not yet..


Maan: where the hell is she…


Sasha who was a bit late came running to Maan's cabin and rushed inside without knocking.


Sasha: Sir.. m sorry… just a bit late…


Maan: just a bit Sasha.. and where the hell are your manners tat your just barge inside my cabin.


Sasha: M sorry.. Sir..


Maan; bloody hell with your sorry Sasha, I don't need it. And hope tat you have not forgotten tat Mr. Narang is coming here and make sure tat you don't make any mistake like you did the last time.



Sasha: Sir it wasn't mine..


Maan: Who the hell was presenting and who was in charge of it.


Sasha: me…


Maan; Do you even realize how embarrassing it was for me when there was a power cut. You had to be double sure tat everything is right in place.


Sasha: I will Sir… not a single mistake this time from me.



Maan: Sameer is Vicky ready with the presentation.



Vicky: Yes bro... (Entering the cabin)



Maan: Good… I hope Vicky tat you have studied everything, as I don't want any mistakes from our side.



Vicky: I know bro.. but don't you feel tat the figures which Sasha has used are not upto the level. I mean its below are standard.


Maan takes the file from Vicky and glances at the figure while his eyes were turning red in anger that made Sasha to shiver. She was profusely sweating just seeing Maan clutching the file in his fist.


Sasha: But Sir… I have figured out the cost and they were the best.


Maan: Oh.. so you will teach me now… Sasha… I would really like tat you think about your resignation before I fire you from here.



Sasha: but Sir.. I swear I have double-checked the file.



Maan: than wat the hell does this figures say.. who has filed them here.


Sameer: Sir… please clam down…


Maan: Calm down… Sameer we don't have time to refigure the cost and..


Sameer: Sir.. there is no need to panic. Vicky and I have done the refiguring and the new file is all ready.


Vicky: Yes bro… Sameer had informed me last evening tat he did not find the figures upto the standard and even after telling Sasha she did not do the changes so I met up with Sameer and we worked upon it.



Maan was all the while looking at Sasha in anger but he did not have the time to do anything as he was informed tat Mr. Narang and his team were waiting or them in the conference room.


Maan: Sasha…. I will deal with you later.. Right now  I need to handle Mr. Narang.





Geet had just reached the KC, as she had not met Maan in the morning due to her long sleep. She had decided that she would give him a surprise by coming to KC but who knew tat she would get the biggest surprise in her life. The driver parked the car and she got down only to be dashed into a skinny dressed woman. Geet glanced at her dress that was hardly reaching her thighs when she heard a rough voice.


Woman: Wat the hell… don't you look around while walking.


Geet: I do but….


Geet voice stopped in between seeing the person standing in front of her. The person who was not only responsible for her past but the person who tore her each and every relation into pieces. Geet's eyes turned red with anger when she heard her say.


Woman: OMG.. I don't believe tat I would every see you back. I mean in flesh… looks like you even betrayed death like you betrayed Maan Singh Khuranna. So Mrs. Khuranna opps I mean Ms. Geet Handa how are you.


Geet controlled her anger turning her hands into fist so tat she does not hit the person standing in front of her.


Geet: Its Mrs GMSK.. do you get it.


Woman: Oh really.. why do you think tat I will believe after all you are such a bitch who only knows to stoop so low for body pleasure.. opps I mean sex..



Geet raised her hand to hit her but the woman was quick enough to hold he hand in air and pushed it down.



Woman: Don't you dare touch me with your filthy hands.. this hand are not meant to touch me but those B******* with whom you sleep around. Nevertheless, see you are so shameless tat even after your so-called low life being exposed in front of everyone you are here with your innocent face. Don't you feel tat its enough of innocence.Anyways, how was it sleeping with Prem and all… I mean you really enjoy na.. How passionate and rough are your nights now.. Do you get a new man every night day or..




Geet could not hold herself anymore and the next moment she flung her hand right on her cheek giving a hard slap to her.


Geet: My nights.. off course they are passionate , rough filled with love and care of my husband Maan Singh Khuranna. The one man who always ruled my heart and my body. The one man who always touched my soul with his care and love.


Woman: Ohh really… Do you think tat Maan Singh Khuranna would ever touch a filth like you after he knows your truth.


Geet: Truth…. is right in front of you. Truth is this mangalsutra which m wearing. Truth is the sindoor that adores my forehead and is the proof tat m still Mrs MSK. Truth is wat you see me standing here right in front of KC and living with my family in KM. Truth is wat you can see this love bites on my body (she moves her dupatta a bit) which proves tat I have a very healthy married life with my husband Maan Singh Khuranna and he loves me the same way he forever did.



Woman: ohh so you once again succeeded in portraying yourself as a sati savitri.. Anyways had heard tat you were pregnant long back. Whose child was it.. Prem. Aryan… Shekar.. Ram.. ya whoever it was… did he get his father's name. how old is he now.


The mere topic of her baby broke Geet from inside but she did not show it on her face but answered the woman back with dignity and authority.


Geet: My Baby… My love.. My Maan's baby.. the one who made us one is safe and sound in its place. And you know wat I know who was the father of my baby unlike you who does not even know who is your real father.


The woman now was agitated and raised her hand to hit Geet but Geet was quick enough to hold her hand and twist it behind her.


Geet: Don't… don't dare do tat mistake once again. M not the same nave and innocent Geet Handa anymore but Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khuranna, who knows to protect her husband, her love, her family and foremost herself from people like you and now before I call the security just get out from here.


Geet pushes the woman while she enters the KC which pride where the security shows his respect for her. The woman who was snow out from her initial shock was hell angry tat she could not do anything to break Geet.


Don't fly so high Mrs. GMSK, you have not seen enough but I swear m back here to show you hell which you did not see last time and I will make sure tat you and your so called husband MSK, pay for each and every thing I suffered. Be ready to face me, MSK and offcourse GMSK. Here comes your destruction…






Precap: Mr. Khuranna, meet my co- owner my wife Mrs. Narang, Mrs………….. Narang…




Hi all.. how are you…m really so so so much happy tat you all don't want the story to end so soon. So I finally have decided to go with you all and make the story longer tat wat I had decided. You will get everything and the most Geet's pregnancy for wat you all are waiting.. have a very rough idea of how will I proceed so you will have to be patient enough for it. I have already started it with this update but please don't think tat m going fast.. lets put some mirch masala into  the story so tat we get some action with romance…. And off course the baby track will follow soon…


Now tell me how was the small twist.. I mean who can Mrs. Narang be. Any guesses…


Do like and comment…and please don't decrease the likes and comments dearies.. would like you all to maintain the same…


Love you alll

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me again first
let me celebrate first Party  Dancing
awesome, brilliant part
loved it
loved maaneet's love, romance, passion for each other
loved how they care for each other .
geet is still insecure but when maan and his love is there, she will forget all nightmare and her life will be fill with only maan's love and their new life's happy dream
loved their family bonding and vicky's teasing session
so evil is back guess it's sameera
but geet tackled her well
let's see what will happen in future
continue soon

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Geet's pain really almost made me cry dear!!

Gosh!!! Maan is really so naughty!!!

Teasing her even in front of family members!!!!

Loved how Maan showed Sasha her place!!

Me wondering who was that stupid woman in the end???

Is she Naintara???

As in Mrs. Naintara Narang???

Me confused!!

Awesome update dear!!!

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update awsem maneet romance family scene i think mrs. narang is sameera

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simply brilliant.loved it

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