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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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                congratzzz shobaji  for new thread...

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fr d new thread

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Congrats 4 d new thrd...
W8ng 4 d updt...

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Waiting !! Big smile !!

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i was right geet slapped maan Approve update soon

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It was almost two weeks now and Maan was feeling much better. He could move about was strictly prohibited from any heavy work. All over the two weeks, he was under strict supervision of his family and  Geet. However, she herself was bit weak she did not get negligent about his health. The whole family was proud to have a DIL like Geet, who though suffered so much due to them she did not let all tat come in their way. Maan who had observed Geet over the two weeks, though she took every minute care about him, she did not speak a word to him. She would talk and have discussion with the family, doctors and the nurse but she would not speak a word to him. Its not tat he did not try but she would simply not pay attention to him. It was as if she  had blocked her voice for him. And finally today was the day he had been discharged from the hospital and his whole family along with the Handa's were there to take him back to KM. All were very much happy with the improvement in him while his eyes were constantly on his Mishti, who was discussing something with the doctor. Soon the doctor left the whole family and Geet turned to him to see him staring at her while not listening to wat others were saying. She asked everyone to make a move while she herself went to help Maan to get up but instead of tat he holds her hand in his grip making her more angry. Geet turned around to control her anger but Maan was adamant to make her talk today, to burst out her anger on him, yes he knew tat she was damn angry on him as the look for him in her eyes were clear enough to know tat she was angry.


Geet: Leave my hand, we need to go back home.


Everyone turned to see hearing her cold voice while they noticed tat Maan was holding her wrist. Geet twisted her hand to loosen his hold but he was holding his very tight.


Geet: I said leave my hand, we need to get back home right now.


Maan: I wont. Its high time tat I don't leave the hand which I had in mine long back and to get back to my promise of loving you for life time.


Geet: don't you get wat I say? Just leave my hand for once.


Maan: don't you get tat I wont. Why did you leave me and go.


Geet: Leave and go. Did I hear something wrong?


Maan could sense her anger and pain in her words and he knew tat it was his turn now. He had to get back to her and this was only the chance he had.


Maan: I know tat m not the same Maan you loved but still I want my Mishti back. I know tat I have done a blunder each time but now I will never. Please for once listen to me.



Geet: Dadima, would you please tell Mr. Khuranna to leave my hand. He needs to rest after getting back home and I can't let myself to get tortured again and again. So please can anyone from you tell him to leave my hand and get going.

Everyone just stared at her to register her words and before anyone could say anything Maan said " I m sorry." Geet controlled herself and once again twisted her hand to get out of his grip but Maan was holding it even more tighter and once again said " M sorry''.




The very next moment everyone heard a sound, indeed a sound of forceful and a hard slap which made everyone to stand still on their places with their eyes and mouth wide open trying to adjust to the reality of the slap. Yes all were shocked to see Geet slapping Maan with all her force which made others to go into a shock while Maan just stared at her taking her slap but his eyes widen the very next moment when geet spoke.


Geet: Sorry, don't be at all Mr. Khuranna and why would you, when the whole world knows tat Mr. Maan Singh Khuranna, never commits any mistakes or sins, if wat he failed to understand the one whom he claimed to love, if wat he failed to understand tat his wife never held him for anything, wat if his so called Mishti needed him the most when she had lost her baby, wat if his so called Jaan, wanted to be in his arms to pour out her pain, but MSK never understood her.



Maan could see tat though they was pain in her words but her eyes were blank. He got scared for a minute tat was he leading her back into depression or was he sending her back to the same dark life from where he had brought her back, but he cant he needs to do something right now.


Maan: M sorry, please.


Geet cuts him in between and says.


Geet: Please, sorry do they mean anything for you Mr. Khurnna. Do they have the same value when I pleaded for my love? Wat do you think, tat you will commit mistakes all the time and I will forgive you each time. Wat was my mistake tat every time you commit a sin and I get the due punishment for it. Why is tat all the time I should pay for your mistakes Maan. Why is tat none of you even think once tat I cant take any more pain. Why do you all fail Maan, why do my own family fail to see the pain through which I go. Why Maan why. Why is it so?



Everyone who had seen Geet standing strong since Maan was hospitalized but now they were seeing a total new Geet. Though she had spoken her heart before but this was something new, as it was only for Maan, her love, her weakness, her strength. They wanted to soothe her and tats when Rano said " Geet beta, lets go home and than speak." Geet was highly agitated with her mother speaking in between them and in a sheer of anger she said " I don't want anyone to speak between me and my husband. None of you have the right to speak when no one was there to save our relationship from breaking, so its better tat none of you speak a word now." Tat was enough for them to understand tat she indeed meant wat she said.


Maan: you are right Geet its better tat they stand and hear wat you and me have to say. None of them have any right right now but don't forget Geet, tat they are our family. 
Geet: Family, where were they Maan when I needed them the most. I never blamed anyone of you nor will I blame. I was angry on myself tat the other day I had said those harsh words to my parents. Though I had well before decided tat I had to leave KM but when I said those painful words to my Maa, Papa and Bhai how could I even think to change my decision. How could I face them after accusing them when they themselves were guilty for their sins but you never leave me to stay in peace Maan. Why do you want me to always be punished or is it tat I have to pay for loving you more than anyone. Why Maan. Why did you come behind me. Wat did you think by running in the middle of the road like tat. Why do you like to give me pain all the time Maan. If you cant give me love than please don't give me pain Maan, I cant take it anymore, I cant.


Maan: Geet, m sorry. I know tat I don't deserve it but can you let your sinner to say wat he has to. Can you let you sinner to love his Jaan once again.


Geet kept quite listening to him as she knew tat she can never let him down may wat it be but how can she say no to him. Maan very well knew tat she will not speak any further and he continued.



"You know Geet, when I first saw you, I did not know wat was in your eyes tat held me captive. I felt tat those eyes belonged to me and they only had the right to see and love me. I could not tell you tat if I loved you the very first moment I saw you, but ya I will never deny tat you had made a place for yourself the very first day our eyes met. The first time I saw you I knew it was true. That I'd love you forever and that's what I'll do. But I failed, I failed miserably to love you and only one thing I succeeded was to hurt, torture, insult, humiliate and kill you and our love. My mind did not allow me to think for once after seeing those proofs in my hand. How could I tolerate you being in someone else's arms when you only belonged to me. How could I let you go away from me, and tat instant I decided tat I will ruin you for playing with my heart, my love and my emotions. I did not know whether I was wrong in it but only knew tat I needed to punish you for all tat and I did. I broke you to such an extent tat I failed to see the pain in your eyes, I failed to see deep into your heart who only loved me. I destroyed you to such an extent tat now I feel ashamed of myself tat in my anger and ego I did not only kill you, our love but the life which you were nourishing inside your womb even though you were nearing your death. I will not say tat I burnt myself in the same fire as you as it can never be same, but believe me Get, the day I got to know the truth I have been hating myself. Dadima took you to London without letting anyone of us to know tat you are alive but when I came to know, I was on cloud nine but did not dare to see you face to face. I did not have tat courage to see the pain which I gave to your selfless and unconditional love love."



Everyone just gaped at Maan, who for the very first time spoke wat he was feeling. They never knew  tat Maan would ever speak this in front of them as he always liked his privacy but he did today, while Geet all the time had her back to him.


"Don't think tat I want to clarify myself in front of all but I want my own family to know tat though I was the biggest sinner I did burn myself for my sins. The day when you returned to India with Vicky, though I knew your condition I could not stop my heart to cry seeing you. The very moment when I saw you in the hospital, I wanted to engulf you in my arms and ask your forgiveness but I could not. Doctor asked us to take you back to KM and dadima did agree asking me to get you back but I had to pay the price my Divorcing you and I agreed. However, I did not want but I did, as tat was wat I deserved the most. I made myself to fall in front of you all but still you were the one who made me to come back to you. You tried your best to get me back, but how could I Geet. Tell me Geet, how could I forgive myself for my sins, how could I take your love for granted when I was your sinner. I was fighting with my own sins and your selfless, unmeasurable  love for me. I could not make myself believe tat even after my sins you love me the same way you did. How could this Maan Singh Khuranna, let your Maan to play with you once again. How could your Maan, let this MSK forget his sins and play with you and our love. Did he deserve you Geet. Empty, betrayed and no happiness; this is the heartbreak I gave you. But believe me Geet I tried my best to give you your Maan back but I failed, I failed once again in front of your love. You may not believe this MSK, but I know tat you believe your Maan and this heart'..



My heartbeat quickens
with every thought of you
thinking of you
is all I seem to ever do.


I loved who I was with you

You made me feel great about me.

I yearned for your touch

Cherished your kiss

So blessed was I, to have you

All for my life,

We belonged together

But our fate and destiny played along.


Now I just don't feel me anymore

The way I felt with you

I lost my way without you

And m not even sure about my life any more.


Now my heart cries of loneliness

My eyes search for your love

My skin waits for your touch

My life wants to hold you back into my arms.


There are so many things I want to say

But will simply say tat,

My heart begs for a chance

A chance to love and treasure you once again

A chance to feel and kiss you till eternity

And I know that though my fate and destiny will not give me

But my heart knows tat my GEET, my LOVE, my MISHTI will give me.

I simply would not say tat my love is more,

As it was never but would really say tat,

I LOVE YOU, GEET!!!!!!!!




Geet had tears and so others by hearing his simple confession which was true in every sense. Geet some where knew tat Maan had to let out his heart and tats wat she did, she wanted him to tell her why was he holding himself back when she never held him for her sufferings and today she was successful in it and this brought the most happiest tears in her eyes which she had missed. She did not wipe them as she wanted them to flow free from her eyes letting others to know tat she was happy today, but could anyone understand her and tats when Naina spoke.


Naina: Geet, I know tat after Maan accusing you and Dev for playing with his weakness you will never forgive him but please beta don't let your past come into your way now.


Dadima, knew tat those tears were not due to her sadness or pain but due to her happiness as how can she fail to see tat glow in her eyes even though she did not fully understand and before she could say anything further Geet turned around and hugged Maan tightly. Maan was first shocked to see her all quite but this made him all surprised and he wrapped his own hands around her feeling her after ages. He held her tight in his arms letting no air to pass through them while others just stood there with tears of happiness. Maan could hear Geet sobbing but he did not stop her this time, as he wanted these tears to flow for the very last time form her hazel eyes.



Geet (crying): why did you keep all this to yourself Maan. Why did not you let me know wat you were going through? Why did you make me feel tat I was not part of you anymore. Why Maan, why. I was so scared to believe tat you don't love me anymore and my fate once again made me alone. Do you even know wat I went through when I saw you in tat pool of blood? Everyone left hope Maan tat you would not survive but how could I. how could I believe tat my Maan would leave me all alone this time forever and ever. I knew tat I had to fight my fate this time harder but I did, I did with my love, your love and our love. I did it Maan and I knew tat you wont leave me and go, and if you had done tat Maan, I would have died, I would have died with you Maan.


The word die made Maan to increase his force on the Geet while Geet lovingly moved more into his embrace as if covering herself with his warmth but Maan could not stop asking her this question "Geet why do you love me so much when I never gave you any happiness but only pain. How could you love me so much Geet?" but Geet just said this words.


Na jaane kabse manga hain aapko,

Har dua mein paya hain aapko,

Kaise jaane dete, inh saaso ko thodke,

Agar jaana hi hain tho, inh dhankano ko bandh karke jaate!!!!!!



Humare har ek eshaas mein aap ho,

Aap ho tho yeh dil hain,

Humare har ek muskaan mein aap ho,

Aap ho tho hum hain!!!!!!



Aap ho tho humare sapne hain,

Aap ho tho hum haqeeqat mein hain ,

Har ek dhandkan mein base ho aap,

Zindagi ka sabse bada sach ban juke hain aap!!!



Na jaane kabse manga hain aapko,

Har dua mein paya hain aapko,

Kaise jaane dete, inh saaso ko thodke,

Agar jaana hi hain tho, inh dhankano ko bandh karke jaate!!!!!!




Maan did not want any more words to understand her love for him and he knew tat wat may come in future Geet would never stop loving him when she did not stop now how will she do it in future. Maan had tears in his eyes that only his Geet could bring and there was no stopping for them and their love. They have found wat they needed while Maan silently promised himself tat he will never let their love low now and would give her all the happiness while the others saw the two lovers who had suffered much more than they deserved due to their family and misunderstanding would finally lead to a life of happiness, a life full of love. Maan and Geet were so lost in their world of love tat they had forgot tat they needed to go back home when Vicky broke their moment.


Vicky: Ok lovebirds, its time tat we move from here before the hospital authorities come and kick us out. So bro if you don't mind you can continue your romance with your wife and my bhabi after we reach KM. Wat say guys.


Arjun: No Vicky if they want we can hire this room for their romance and they can settle her if they want.


Yash: Boys.. stop your nonsense and lets make a move and anyways the media is waiting for great business tycoon to come out of the hospital. Maan its your duty now tat you handle them and please don't take too long as you know you need rest.



Maan nodded for a yes while they moved out where they were attacked by the media while Maan held Geet very possessively close to him making sure tat none could hurt her. Maan answered each and every question from the media with great aroma and finally led his way back to KM where he could get the needed privacy.





Maan and Geet reached back to KM but were stopped at the door by Dadima making everyonw anxious to know why she did this but soon Naina answered their doubts by coming with an aarti thali and once again letting them to in with their grahpravesh with a promise tat now they will leavr all the evil behind this door and will only bring happiness in their life. Maan and Geet took the elders blessing and before anyone could say anything, he carried Geet in his arms inside making everyone to look at them lovingly. Vicky did not stop himself from teasing them but soon with one glare from Geet, made Maan to put her down on her feet while she shouted at him.



Geet: Oh Mr. Khuranna, I think you have forgotten tat you are not a superman tat you carry me in your arms when you are still not completely healed from your injuries. So its better tat you put me down or you shall go back to tat hospital once again.



Tat was enough for Maan to make a baby face and put her down while other gave a teasing smile to him.


Vicky: Wah Bhabi, you threatening the great MSK. Bro, I feel tat your days are over and  you should bow down in front of your lady love.


Maan: Off course Vicky, I would love to do tat as it will be my honor to bow down in front of my Geet, as she deserves it.



Geet: Maan, are you sure tat you can do it. ( Maan glares at her as if asking her is she challenging him). I mean we all know na tat great MSK, can do anything but kneeling down in front of anyone, does not it sound strange.



Maan: I did not say anyone Geet, but its only you who can make me do tat. So I don't mind doing wat I never did as far as its for you.


Vicky: Wah, bro tats amazing. Would love to see this side of yours and fulfilling bhabi's each and every demand. So bhabi lets get ready once for making bro life a bit messy with your unusual demands.



Geet: Vicky don't get so hyper, its not only Maan who will tolerated my demands but you will also doing wat Maan does. So get ready for all my demanding demands BIL.


Everyone laughed at Geet's statement making Vicky to let out a small cry and to protest it but was shut by the others.



Dadima: Mr. MSK, don't you think tat without hearing everything you are getting ready for this. I mean are you sure tat you will stay at home and fulfill all her demands.


Maan: off course Dadima, do you have any doubt on it.


Naina: Off course, not Maan, but first listen wat Dadima has to say.


Dadima: So the biggest condition is tat you and Vicky will be talking a off for one more week from KC and staying at home to fulfill Geet's each and every demand and ya I don't want any argument on this.


Maan: wat, how can I dadima. I have been staying away from KC for two weeks and now I cant afford any more holidays.



Yash: Maan, you don't have any other option and by Geet's strict orders you are not allowed to work for one more week atleast so now you and Vicky will be doing wat Geet says and I will make sure tat KC works the way you want.


Maan: But Dad, how can I?


Geet: So lets say tat you have lost Maan, tat you fear about my demands and you Vicky too.


Maan and Vicky: just shut up, we the Khuranna boys don't fear for anything ok. So lets get ready, we are at you service your highness.


All laughed and talked for sometime while the Handa's observed tat way the Khuranna's showered Geet with lots of love. They knew tat they had failed in their duties but now happy tat their daughter got wat she needed. Geet could see Rano and Mohinder eyes fillede with tears and before they could break and go away, she beat on her knees and asked for sorry for saying those harsh words to them. The Handa's were overwhelmed with the love and respect Geet still gave them knowing tat they never trusted her and Khuranna's could not thank the almighty for giving this pure angel to them.



Precap: Maan ' Vicky Singh Khuranna at the mercy of Geet Maan Singh Khuranna.



Ok now over to you to give likes and comments. So now give me atleast good no.of likes and good no.of pages with comments (10) and i will give one more update by tomorrow and i promise tat. But first fulfill this...
love you alll

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