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<font color="#FF0000"><font size="6">
waiting shoba</font>

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Waiting Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

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Part 33

As per the decision, Maan and Vicky were not allowed to go to KC while Geet, Dadima and Naina planned different ideas. Yash was off to KC only for a meeting that was scheduled for two hours and promised to be back very soon to join them in their plan. Here Maan and Vicky very well knew tat the ladies would not settle down with a simple plan so Maan asked Vicky to sneak into Dadima's room to get some idea about wat were they planning but poor Vicky was caught by Nakul at the door step and was thrown out from there. The women settled in the main hall asking Nakul to call Maan and Vicky who soon made their way down giving them their sweetest of sweet smile while the women smirked to them.


Maan: So ladies, are you ready with your big fat plan. Hope tat you have planned something big.


Vicky: bro wat are you saying. These women very well know tat we do not settle for something small.



Maan and Vicky laughed at them while the women glared at them with their big eyes.


Geet: don't be so high Khuranna's, you may have to fall down very soon sweethearts.


Maan: Don't worry darling, your husband will not, so let's start with the day.


Dadima and Naina: So all set boys. Geet would you do the honor of letting them know wat are they supposed to do today.


Geet: Off course Mom. I would love to do it. (She turns to Maan and Vicky, who gives her a cheesy smile while Geet smirks.) So, you guys have to cook today for the whole family.


Maan and Vicky broke into laughter, and looked at each other giving a high fi.


Vicky: Tat's all wat you could think about. Come on bhabi I had thought tat you would make us your slaves with your demands.


Maan: Leave it Vicky let go and cook fast so tat we can show them tat we don't lack in anything.


With this, Maan and Vicky got up and turned to leave when they heard Geet speak.


Geet: Don't forget to cook Indian and specially Punjabi with lots of spices and ghee.


Maan and Vicky: Wat the heck? And they turned to see the women smiling at them.
Dadima: Oh got scared poor Khuranna's. Don't you know how to cook Punjabi?


Maan: are you mad dadima, it's not a joke tat you laugh and smile like a small girl.


Naina: Maan, Punjabi and more spicy food, so get going.


Vicky: Mom, are you kidding or something. Punjabi and us, no ways.


Geet: So did you think tat you both brothers will cook your so-called favorite Italian tasteless food and serve us. Come on Vicky, we very well know tat you both are expert in Italian cooking so now learn to cook Punjabi and don't forget more spicy and lots of Ghee.


Maan: Geet are you made, don't you know tat m not allowed to have such food for one month atleast.


Geet: who said Maan tat you will have it and don't worry after you finish cooking for us you will cook your sada hua tasteless Italian for you both but first the Punjabi. Now go and start cooking.


Maan and Vicky: Geet, Bhabi,''. You are such a cheat'


Geet: So m i.. now move or else say tat you loose.


Feeling all lost Maan and Vicky made their way to the kitchen which was not less than a hell for them. They both looked at each other as if to know if they knew anything about Punjabi food but poor boys did not know the abc or P of Punjabi food.


Maan: Geet, don't think tat I will leave you for this as m sure this weird plan is none other than yours. 


Vicky: Bro, why does your wife have such idiotic liking towards this type of food. I really feel pity for you bro.


Maan: Shut up Vicky. Its not a joke and don't forget tat we have to cook Punjabi' I mean Punjabi food.


Vicky started to search for something in the kitchen closets while Maan just gaped at him as if checking him out but here with frustration.


Maan: Vicky Singh Khuranna, I suppose we are not here to check out wats there in the kitchen. So if you have done with it, can we start Punjabi cooking.


Vicky (still searching): bro, me not interested in checking out KM Kitchen but searching for a cook book here so tat we can get some help.


Maan was amazed with his idea and slightly patted Vicky's back as if saying tat he is proud of his brother. Maan to started o search while Geet entered the kitchen stood there for sometime looking at the two new cooks.


Geet: Hello Cooks, so how's cooking going on?


Maan and Vicky stopped their searching and turned back to see the Devil standing behind them and smiling while having a magazine in her hand and waving it to them.


 Geet: So are you searching for this. ( Maan and Vicky nodes for an yes). Ok, so here it is but one condition ( Maan and Vicky raised their eyebrows) tat I will help you both in cooking. (Maan and Vicky smiles). Oh no not full cooking but I will tell you how to go about by reading it from the magazine so tat you both will save time.


Vicky: Bhabi, hope tat you are not going to cheat us, and if you think so than I swear I will make bro's life hell.


Maan: My life hell., for wat?


Vicky: bro I cant punish her coz I love her more than you but I can punish you na.. so ur life hell.


Geet: good one vicky, so lets start with you cooking and don't think tat m helping you but myself as I don't want to fall sick with your cooking skills.


Geet started to give them instructions while dadima and Naina without Maan and Vicky noticing them gave a all the best to Geet and Geet smiled to herself thinking tat she is all set for her next plan. Maan and Vicky were all busy with the cooking with her instructions but poor fellows did not know tat the devil was hell bent on troubling them and was giving them all wrong instructions where instead of Haldi she would tell them to use chilli powder, instead of salt, pepper was told' and instead of water she used to tell them milk. She mixed all the ingredients and poor Khuranna boys were so engrossed in cooking their Punjabi food for their beloved wife, mother and grandmother without realizing tat the next bomb would be blasted on them soon. As the cooking was over, they took a breadth of relief by wiping of the sweat from their forehead and once smelled the tasty food giving each other a smile while Geet smiling and smirking at herself thinking tat their next plan is all set. Geet asked them to serve the food on the dinning table while she will call the others. Yash had come back and was informed about the whole plan tat made him to laugh thinking about the state of his poor boys. Soon all settled at the table while Maan and Vicky started serving.


Yash: Wah'. The food smells so good' looks like it will be much delicious than wat Naina cook. Wat say Naina?


Naina: Off course Yash, after all its your sons who have cooked.. and she winks at him.


Dadima: Wah' Naina' you appreciating someone else cooking.. I really cant wait from

tasting food. So lets start it yaar..


They all winked at Geet while Maan and Vicky were shocked to see Geet smirking and smiling to them. They were hell confused now for their weird behavior and looked at each other and before they could understand anything Yash screamed out spitting the morsel out of his mouth.


Yash: Oh my God.. Maan wat this. Wat have you done with the dish.


And Soon after Dadima, Naina and Geet spit the food out shouting at them while Maan and Vicky stood looking at each other.


Naina: Vicky, do you know the difference between water and milk atleast. Who told you to use milk in this chicken curry or is it tat you have invented a new Punjabi dish.. Milk Chicken.


Vicky: Milk Chicken.. chi' just a minute I will taste and see..


Vicky tastes it and makes a yuck face with a shock and glared at Geet and than Maan while Maan was still unaware of it but soon heard Dadima saying.


Dadima: Oh my god' Maan wats with this roti' how could you add sugar in it.. and this paneer instead of the right mixture of masalas you have added haldi and tat to so much.. Did you plan to give us a stomach problem with your food.


Maan: Dadima.. sugar in roti'


Geet: Maan, how could you I had given you salt.. oh just a minute did you add the grated sugar instead of salt.. Maan how could you do this.. I mean even after helping you with the dishes how could you both do such a blunder.


Maan: Geet, I swear me and vicky added wat you gave us.. but don't know how did all this happen.


Vicky: Bhabi, you saw us na.. how we were cooking without doing any mistakes than how this happened. Omg bro it means tat the whole food is waste and our cooking too. Shit Man , how could we.


And all started laughing seeing the two cursing themselves while Maan and Vicky stopped blaming ach other and looked at his so called weird family who were laughing as they were watching a funny movie but soon Maan and Vicky got wat was it.


Maan and Vicky: Geet'  Bhabi..


Geet (laughing): wat'


Maan: How dare you Geet' so it was all your plan and your helping was a mere plan to make us slog in that kitchen with your antiques dishes. I wont leave you Geet.. you will pay for it.


Geet: wat have I done.


Vicky: Bhabi I wont leave you' you..


And before Vicky could get hold of her Geet made a run around the house while Vicky and Maan chased her behind. Geet ran for her life knowing tat they will not leave her. Maan and Vicky chased her around the whole house while Maan finally caught hold of her and Vicky came running and they carried her where all were present.


Geet: Maan leave me.. Vicky I swear'. I will not leave you if you go on Maan's side now.


Vicky: leave.. forget it bhabi right now I will take mine and bro's revenge. You all made us to slog with your food and of all you cheated us on the pretext of helping.. now you will face it.


Maan: no Vicky not face.. I will make Geet to eat all tat antique dishes made by us.. milk chicken.. roti with sugar and all tat. Wat say Geet.


Geet: Yuckk.. Maan how could you say tat..


Maan: Oh come on darling why not after all it is prepared by your darling Husband and BIL. So its your duty to eat it.


Geet: No, I will not and never..


Maan: I will feed you while Vicky will hold you.


Geet: I will kill you both'. Mom.. Dad'. Dadima.. save me.. Save me from this two monsters.. Save me Dad' save me from this monsters.


Maan and Geet laughed loudly while Geet continuously screamed for help when they saw the others coming towards them when Maan saw tat his dad was about to say something.


Maan: Dad. Don't I know tat you all are with her in this plan but I wont leave the master mind behind it. She will eat this food right now.


Geet: dad.. no please save me..


Yash: Maan.. Vicky put her down right now.


Vicky: No' Dad please.. Bhabi.. will eat it.


Dadima: Vicky.. Yash said put her down right now means right now..


And they put her own and Geet made a run and hid behind dadima making a funny face and teasing them putting her tongue out.


Maan: See her dad, how she is teasing.. wait Geet once I get hold of you I wont leave you.


Vicky: me too bro.


Naina: Ok now leave this.. lets go out for lunch right now.. as I don't want to eat this food and its too late to prepare something so better go out.


Dadima: sounds good.


 So all left for the lunch in their cars while Yash lead them with his car. Maan and Vicky were just following Yash and when the car came to a stop they were shocked to see where they had landed.


Maan and Vicky: dhabba'..


Geet: yes Dhabba.. and she ran out of the car joining the others while Maan and Vicky still were rooted in the car passing a look to each other when they heard Yash calling them and they got out and joined.


Yash: So how's the surprise Maan and Vicky.


Maan: surprise.. such a fool m i.. how could not I get tat this would be coming.. You are such a cheat Geet.


Geet: to late Mr. MSK, and yes you are right.. I had planned this all and now you don't have any other option.


Vicky: are you serious guys. I mean how could me and bro have lunch here in this tacky place. Its so shabby.. see how they are eating.


Naina: Oh mere English Babu.. leave all those nakra's of yours and get going for lunch.


Maan: Mom'.


Dadima: Wat mom, lets go and have a nice dabba lunch today.


Geet: So sweet Dadima, lets go.


They all went inside and poor Maan  and Vicky had to follow them. The lunch was served and poor guys they just stared the way the others were enjoying the food while they could not even have a bite. Geet was just enjoying and leaking her fingers making weird sounds while Maan and Vicky were shooting draggers at her.


Geet: oh'. Maan' vicky' have' food' don't.. worry.. I had' informed.. the' dabba.. wala.. to add.. less chilli.. in your.. food.. so no.. worries.. and haan enjoy'


Maan: Chilli.. I make make yu eat chilli once we reach home Geet.


Dadima; tat will see later Maan. Now have your food and lets us relish it.. its once in a while tat you bring us here.


And all enjoyed the food while Maan and Vicky cursed the others and themselves for falling into their trap. The whole family enjoyed the day being with each other while later they reached home. They were so tired tat they settled themselves in the hall on sofas looking at each other while Maan just stared at Geet who was just staring at all with a sweet smile and suddenly her eyes met with Maan and unknown tears made their way down. Maan knew why were those tears and he quietly came near and bent down on his knees and  hold her hands in his and said while others just looked at them.


Maan: Mishti, you have cried enough. Now no more.


Geet gave a sweet smile but her tears did not stop and she did not even wiped them and when Maan tried she caught hold of his hand and said.


Geet: Let them flow Maan. They need to come out. They need to know tat they are not just mere tears but the happiness which is there in my life now. I missed all this Maan. I missed having you all beside me. I missed my family Maan. I missed you and your love Maan.


Maan did not know when and how did tears made their way in his eyes but he to did not stop them.


Maan: m sorry Geet, its all coz of me tat you... but Geet placed her hand on his mouth and said.


Geet: No Maan, i did not mean to make you feel guilty, it has been long Maan tat i had these happiness. I missed being, laughing and playing with you all. I missed the warmth Maan. I... dont know Maan.. tat... will... i ever... get... my... family... back... i... cant... loose... all of... you... Maan... i... cant... Maan... i cant...


Maan: You will not Geet. I promise tat you will get all your happiness back.


Geet: I know Maan.. but still i dont trust my fate Maan. It always plays its dirty game and snatches everyone from me. I fear losing you and all Maan .. i will die...


Vicky who also had tears in his eyes by seeing his bhabi crying could not hold back and started to sing...


Dil ka koi tukda

Kabhi dil juda hota


While dadima got up and said


Apna koi jaisa  bhi ho

Apna hain vo dojaa




dadima hold geet by her hands and makes her to stand while Yash comes along with Naina and starts singing..


Yahi wo Milan  hain jo

Sachmuch hain dil ka

 Karaar kya kehna.

And naina continues while caressing Geet's face lovingly..


Khile khile chehron se

Ajj ghar hain mera gule

Gulzaar kya kehna'


Maan sees his lady love being showered with immense love and tears once gain make their way while he continues with the song..


Aye dil laaya hain

Bahaar apnon ka

Pyar kya kehna


And suddenly Geet sings with tears'.


Milein hum chhalak

Utha khushi ka

Khumaar kya kehna


They all hug each other and waves in happiness shedding tears of happiness' Vicky pulls everyone out of the house in the garden while making Geet to sit on the swing and others surround her and dadima continues' along with yash..



Kuch apne hi tak

Yoon nahin ye hain

Sawaal sabke liye




Yash                                               Jeena hain tho jag

Mein jiyo banke

Misaal sabke liye



Naina comes and kneels down and loving traces Geet face wiping her tears.. and others come and hugs her once again.


Dekho kaise mehek raha

Pyar bhari baahon ka

Haar kya kehna


While all join naina along with Geet in the song


Khile khile chehron se

Ajj ghar hain mera gule

Gulzaar kya kehna'


Now Maan continues to pour his feelings with the song and Geet joins him..



Aye dil laaya hain

Bahaar apnon ka

Pyar kya kehna



Milein hum chhalak

Utha khushi ka

Khumaar kya kehna


While the others surround thm moving in a circle as if saying tat henceforth they will protect them and their love from the evil world while Geet hugs Maan tightly fearing to loose him once again and Vicky sees the tears and comes and wipes them singing..


Jo ho gaya so ho

Gaya logon se tu

Darna nahin


Saathi tere hain aur

Bhi duniya mein tu

Tanha nahin


And hugs Geet bringing her in his brotherly embrace when all say..


Saamana karenge milke

Chaahe dus ho ya

Hazaar kya kehna..


And once again dadima starts.. Caressing her face and placing soft kisses on her face



Khile khile chehron se

Ajj ghar hain mera gule

Gulzaar kya kehna'


And now Geet wipes her tears looking at the immense love her family showering on her and sings while Maan joins her.. hugging her from sideways..


Aye dil laaya hain

Bahaar apnon ka

Pyar kya kehna


Milein hum chhalak

Utha khushi ka

Khumaar kya kehna


Khile khile chehron se

Ajj ghar hain mera gule

Gulzaar kya kehna'


And now the whole family joins them.. while Maan and Vicky carries Geet in their arms making her to believe tat she will not suffer anymore and shed any tears while Geet gives her sweet smile kissing Maan and Vicky on their cheeks.. promising tat she will let tears make their way anymore..



Khile khile chehron se

Ajj ghar hain mera gule

Gulzaar kya kehna'



They carry Geet to their room and slowly places her on her bed as if she is a fragile doll and scared of breaking her down. Vicky softly kisses her forehead while the others just observe the pure bond between them.


Vicky: Mom, I always cribbed to you tat why did not I have a small sister who I could pamper but now m thankful to god tat he did not give me one as I don't need her anymore. You know bhabi you are our life. this family needs you and more than tat I need you so tat I can pamper you like anything. (he wipes her tears). These tears, don't let them to come out bhabi as they pierce our hearts into pieces. I don't know wat love is but have seed your pure love for Bro and our family and I promise tat I will safe guard this love and you from al the evil tat will try to harm you even if its bro, I will always stand with you. I promise tat till my last breadth this Vicky Singh Khuranna, will be on you side may wat come but my life belongs to my bhabi who has always showered love on us even after we treating her like this. I promise bhabi tat your happiness will be our first priority henceforth.


All had tears in their eyes while hearing Vicky's sweet confession of his brotherly love to his SIL, while Maan could not stop his tears seeing his family just pampering Geet which he always failed. He could not stop himself from crying while he just hugged Vicky into a bone crashing hug surprising all of them.


Maan: Thanks Vicky. I don't know how will I pay back to you for all this but m truly thankfull to you Vicky to keep my Geet safe


Vicky broke the hug and wiped Maan's tears and said.


Vicky: I don't need thanks bro but only need you and bhabi to be happy. Promise me bro tat you will not let anyone to come between your relation again. you will never let any harm to hurt her. Bro, bhabi has suffered to much and its time tat we give her happiness back and its your duty tat you give her the love which belongs to her. Give her the love for which her hurts yearns. Give her the life which she deserves bro.. make her feel special in all sense with your love.


Maan: I will Vicky. I will shower my Mishti with all the love which only belongs to her and no one else.


The whole family looked at the three who had now become inseparable with their bond and silently prayed for their happiness.






Maan and Vicky carries a sitting Geet and throws her in the cold freezing water of the river making her all wet.

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   wow  very very lovely update with so much emotionals scenes, im having my precious moment now reading ur update shobaji, tears with smiles...ur writings gav me tis moment,thank u for u.three ladies make hell of khurana's sons,..maan and vicky, so sad, milk chicken and sugar roti...but maan i love sugar roti maan,..the way maan and vicky carried geet i was laughing and thought, how much my geet missed wen she came to  tis house married to maan, she got all, after long struggle, she got her happiness, her life , her maan, her family, everything...they all went to dhabba, scenes was lovely, and bechare maan and vicky..geet was crying, yes i too hav a doubt , will aniee again cum to their, as geet is innocent and navie she will forgive aniee..ok leaving all that im enjoying tis moment with my maaneet and they family...lovely song,...atlast group hug,..and  vickly's confessing and three of them bonding wow lovely...precap, wow maan and  vicky throwing geet in water , im feeling pity for khurana's , coz they hav to face sherni geet...
                i forgot, im the firsttt hayieee

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suberb update mixed of all masala. happy prank tears song n f course Cry

geet n prank together make life hell of khuarans sons. Poor maan n vicky food ka to baz gaya band bazza . MSK n VSK in dabba ShockedShockedShocked. Poor dabba wala. uff naughty geet kabhi nahi sudhergi. song sung by whole family amazing full on family . geet fear of loosing happiness is justified. full on entertaing update.
precap nw khurana sons ka badla geet tu to gayi LOL

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awsome update...punishment mast thi to make punjabi food...both even dont know punjabi ka p..hahahaha geet ne kya banwana tha kya banwa fiya d maan nd vicky r happy dat dey flflled deir task hahahaha ho dey r doing masti nd geet enjoying first tme sfter her marriage nd alll r pampering her alot nd dey enjoted alot in dabba bt poor maan nd vickt sweetconfessio by vicky...cute pair of three...nd precap seems tooo interesting update soon next part

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That was a lovely update...
Loved to c the prank played by geet...
Vicky was the star of ds update..
his words were so touching..

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