Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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waiting dear

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eagerlyy waitinggg...

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Geet sat in the temple staring at the idols of Ram Lakshman and Sita with tears in her eyes. It had been long since she had been in this temple. It was not any ordinary Temple as it belonged to the Handa's and  was just 10 minutes away from the Handa Haveli. The temple has many memories of her childhood along with her parents and Arjun bhaiya. The memories that she cherishes all her life and would bring a smile on her face and today she was here after a year or so and was living in those beautiful moments. She could not stop her tears sitting at one lone corner of the temple where no one could see her. She smiled thinking how Arjun had dragged her here for making sure tat she loved Maan and wanted to spend her whole life with her. It was always like this as this Temple was built by the Handa's as their wish to have a baby girl was fulfilled with the birth of Geet but sadly her own parents had not trusted her and today she was here to go into her past. It was not tat she had any grudges for them anymore nor she had any as she never blamed or accused them for her misery but even after everything was right she could not gather the courage to visit her home her parents at Handa Haveli. But today she missed them like hell. She wanted to sleep in her mother's lap, wanted her father to soothe her pain and wanted to cry in her brother's arms. She needed them like before to share her happiness and pain. Her thoughts drifted to the morning incident at Khuranna Mansion when she went to se Pari in her room.


Pari: Mom…. I miss them Mom. I miss Maa- Papa, Mom. I miss them…



Naina was shocked to see Pari crying as she always knew Pari to be a strong girl but today she could not se her in tears. Naina hugged her trying to soothe her pain. Pari clinged to Naina pouring her heart and pain of years.



Pari: Why mom, why did they leave me, why did they leave their Pari and go Mom. M I so bad Mom tat Maa- Papa left me all alone. Why… everyone hates me mom. Why Annie Di hates me so much. Why Mom. Why.



Naina had tears in her eyes hearing Pari crying. Though she did not give birth to her but since she was born, she was not less than a daughter to her.



Naina: Ssshhh Pari…. Don't cry. You know why God took Maa-Papa away as he knew tat Pari still has her Mom-Dad with her who loves her more than anyone. You know beta Pari means an angel who is strong and smiles giving happiness to all but my Pari is always a cry baby. She does not think when she cries her Mom and Dad's heart ache with pain seeing tears in her eyes. She feels tat Mom-Dad does not love her like her Maa-Papa haina…



Pari nodes her head and breaks the hug to look into Naina's eyes.



Pari: No Mom… how can I think like tat. You, Dad, Dadima, everyone loves me so much. You know Mom I missed sleeping in ur lap mom. I missed eating from your hands Mom. I missed Dad's love Mom I missed so much.



Naina: Than why did you go Pari, why did u not let us to bring you back here beta.



Pari: How could I Mom. How could I make Annie Di feel insecure tat her parents love me more than her. How could I see Annie Di in pain Mom? How could I see her blaming you all Mom.



Naina: You knew na Pari tat Annie was always liked tat. She never liked to share anyone anything not even with Maan and Vicky.



Pari: I knew Mom..


Naina: Than why Pari why…


Pari: m sorry Mom.. m really sorry. But please Mom.. don't let Pari to go away from you anymore. Don't let her to get lost in this world Mom. I cant take this pain Mom. I need you all Mom. Pari need love Mom. Pari need Love.



Naina: Even if you want to go you wont be able to go Pari. This time Pari will stay here forever with her parents and love. she wont be lost anymore. She wont.



Naina hugged Pari letting her shed her tears that she knew she was holding since the age of 10 but not anymore. Now it was time for Pari to get her happiness and she knew wat she had to do for this. She knew tat Vicky and Pari loved each other but Pari would never take any initiative for expressing her love for Vicky and here she was sure tat Vicky would make her do tat.



Pari: Mom….. can I sleep in your lap Mom… I have not slept for years peacefully Mom… can I please Mom.



Naina slowly cradled Pari into her lap making her sleep for sometime as she wanted to take her out with her and Dadima but seeing her state she knew tat she needed to take rest and by the time they return back Pari would be fine.




Geet was brought back to present with the bells of the temple. She could not control her tears thinking how Pari was lucky to have Naina as her mother. Though Naina showered immense love on her she still missed her mother's love which always made her feel secure in this world. She needed her mother right now but she did not have the courage to step inside the HH. Her heart still ached with the pain and the words which always stopped her from going there but today she could not stop herself and here she was in the Temple which was just 10 minutes away from HH. Today she could not stop herself, she needed to be in her mother's lap. Her legs did not listen to her and on their own accord they headed towards the HH after a year. She tried to stop herself but nope her legs would not listen to her today and before she knew she was standing behind the closed door of HH but now her legs could not cross this one-step and enter the Haveli. The words her father had said "You are not Geet Handa anymore, nor you are our daughter. Don't even dare to come and step inside this house anymore Geet and if so than you will see my dead body" started to ring inside and her heart and mind were against each other.


Geet (ST): Go, Geet go inside. Its your House you don't need to think before stepping in. No.. You cant Geet, You cant, you remember you were thrown out saying tat you don't belong here. You are not their daughter. No Geet.. Everything is clear now. Maa-Papa wants you. Bhaiya needs you geet and you need them Geet. You need them…. NO…. NO… I cant…. They don't need me.. no one needs me here..


Maa… Your Geet needs your Maa…Please Maa.. come and cocoon her in your arms Maa… Maa…. Come and hold your Geet Maa…Please Maa.. open the door Maa.. take me inside Maa.. take me inside Maa…


Geet stared at the door with tears in he eyes waiting for her mother to open the door and take her in her arms. She waited and waited but the door did not open. She turned and walked to the garden where she used to sit in a lone corner whenever she was upset. She always sat there as it was far at one end and only Arjun knew about it. She sat there facing the clear sky and waiting for her Arjun Bhaiya to come and take her inside like always.




Maan was busy in his work as he and Vicky were discussing some issues on a project. Though his mind was listening to wat Vicky was saying but his heart was not with him. it only feared of the consequences after Geet knowing wat he was going to do with Sameera when suddenly his phone rang which he ignored as it was an unknown number but it kept on ringing and ringing and he received it with anger but before he could shout at the person he heard the voice which he did not want..



Sameera: Hi Maan darling… hope you are doing fine and hope tat you remember about our night.



Maan: how dare you call me…..



Vicky who was busy shot his eyes wild hearing his brother scream on the phone.



Maan: Dare you call me again and..



Sameera: Chill sweetheart…. Don't get you're your blood pressure to shoot.



Maan: Just shut up you b****….



Sameera: Don't Maan don't you use tat word…. Anyways I think you would love to hear some news about your wife your Geet na….



Maan: Geet…



Sameera: so here you come…..


Maan: say it…..



Sameera: ohhh.. so much anger.. anyways hope tat you know where is your wife right… if not than get her details Maan…. you never know wat can happen with her. it may be her last day today.. she may be kidnapped… may be with someone….. on…. You know na.. on bed.. afterall she is famous for doing tat..



Maan: just shut up you b****.. just shut up.. don't you dare touch my Geet or else it will be the last day in your life Sameeera…


Sameera: All the best Maan… do save her….


Sameera cuts the call while Maan instantly calls Geet but her phone was ringing but no one receiving it. He called the mansion and was told tat Yash was out in Noida while Naina and Dadima were out to some friends place while Pari sleeping and they had no news about Geet. Vicky was shocked to see his brother restless and before he could ask him, anything Maan ran to his car without giving any answer.





Here Geet was lost in her own world thinking about her days at Handa Haveli as a child. How she used to run making everyone scared for her. How she had objected going away from her family for further studies at London. How she had made everyone cry with her rude words when they decided tat she would complete her studies in London and how she was hiding here when Arjun had come to her and made her believe tat it was the best for her. She always had listened to Arjun more than her parents as she knew tat he would always be there for her when she needed her but he failed to keep the promise. She cried remembering all tat she had to listen but she never blamed anyone.



Maan rushed back home and behind Vicky to did the same. He called out to all the servants and asked them about Geet and not getting any answer, he searched her in the whole Mansion while Vicky ran to call Pari. Vicky saw Pari sleeping peacefully and for once he was so lost in her but the moment he realized tat Geet was missing he waked her up and took her down after asking about Geet. Though she herself was unaware about it but once when she was down, seeing  Maan  in anger she started to shiver while Maan lost the moment he saw Pari.


Maan: Where the hell is Geet , Pari?


Pari: I… don't…



Maan: Wat the hell you don't know.



Pari: So…. So… rry…  Maan…. Bh….ai..



Maan: Hell with your sorry. One responsibility Pari, just one work you were asked to

keep an eye on Geet.



Pari: m rea…lly ….sorry…. I did…. Not… know…when… where… did…. Bhabi… go…



Maan: You were so busy tat you forgot tat its not safe for her to go out. Why don't you just say tat you cant take the responsibility.



Vicky: Bro… please its not the time to shout at Pari, we need to find Bhabi first. I just hope tat she is fine wherever she is.



Just the mere words of Vicky made Maan's heart to raise its heartbeats. Just the thought tat Geet was missing and no one was aware about her whereabouts made him restless thinking tat she was not safe outside and than the call from Sameera saying tat it may be the last day in Geet's life made him go mad and killed him each second. His sins flashed in front of him making him realize tat it was always Geet who got the punishment unknowingly bringing tears in his eyes while Vicky and Pari were confused as to wat to say. Pari slowly reached to him and placed  a hand on his shoulders.


Pari; M sorry… Bhai… I did not know when and how I slept for so long….. m really.. sorry…..



Maan looked at Pari and he knew tat it was not her mistake but he could not think anything else and just screamed at her.


Pari: Geet bhabi will be fine…… she will be fine bhai.. Nothing will happen to her…


Maan: I know… but.. Sameera… she can do … anything Pari.. She can do anything…she can…



Vicky: she cant bro.. she cant.. she will never be able to…



Vicky did not waste any more time and called all the drivers inside asking them about Geet when one of them told him tat he had left Geet to the Ram Temple near the Handa Haveli but she had told him to go away. The moment they heard tat Maan ran away in search of Geet while Vicky and Pari followed him.





Arjun had a strange feeling today and he badly needed to be back into his mothers embrace. Ever since he had learnt about how his own love and friends had cheated upon him and had destroyed his sister he could not gather his life. Though his baby sister, his princess, his geet had forgave him for his deeds but he could not see into her eyes thinking about the accuses he had put on her. he could not sleep a night peacefully and always wanted his mothers to be beside him. it was only his mother who could give him some peace after crying in her arms and today he could not concentrate on his work and here he was back to Handa Haveli to be beside his mother but instead he thought tat today he will sit in his sisters hide out in the garden and have some peace. He wanted to feel his sister there and tat would be the best place to be unknown tat his own Princess was waiting for him there.


A brother commits to protect his sister at all costs…

Signifying tat the strong will protect the weak from all evils…

But me... Arjun Mohinder Handa, failed to do so.


Arjun reached the place and the figure sitting there took his breadth away. Though it was only the back he could see but he knew who it was. he knew tat this place can be occupied by only his princess and here she was sitting for him. he knew tat she only sits here away from everyone as she knew tat its only her Arjun Bhaiya who can find her here and today she was here. He had tears in his eyes of happiness tat finally he could speak his heart to her but a fear of losing her again started to creep inside him. He knew tat she had long forgiven him but did he forgive himself for not trusting her.


It leaves a smile on my face when I think of those…

Trifling fights, we had and suddenly used to make up….

But can I get tat smile back again…

Do I have the right to smile thinking of those moments…

Can I get the love we shared once back in my life…

Can I get the brother-sister bond back…


But he like always forgot tat his sister can sense him when he is near her. she did not need to turn behind and see tat he was here. A small whisper left her lips…."Arjun Bhaiyaa…. Aap aa gaye…. I have been waiting for you since long bhaiya…why did you take so long bhaiya.. you know na.. your princess always hides here when she needs you.. I need you to take me home Bhaiya…. Please take me home…"


This words were enough for Arjun to break down. He could not bear the pain anymore in his heart nor see the pain in his sister. He knew tat he was late once again. Once again he failed to see tat his baby sister was waiting for him to come and take her home but now he did not waste any more time. He went near her and wiped off her tears which she had been shedding since she was here and without wasting time he scooped her in his arms like the olden days and walked towards the Haveli all the while keeping his eyes on her.


Arjun: I know Princess tat m late… I know tat Arjun Handa once again failed to see tat his baby sister was waiting for him all the way to come and take her home but I failed. I failed every time to keep you away from evil. M sooo.. sooo….sorry… Princess..


By the time, Arjun finished his talks they were at the doorstep when Arjn realized tat Geet was stiff. He saw her eyes having a fear, a fear of being thrown out once again from their life. A fear that he has to take away. He pushed opened the door with his leg calling out for his mother and father. He waited for them to come downstairs still holding Geet in his arms and once they were down they could not believe tat they were seeing the truth but thought tat once again it was just a dream which they had been seeing since they knew tat their Geet was innocent.


Arjun: Its not dream  Maa…. But here is ur baby Papa… here is my Princess….


Rano broke down completely hugging Mohinder while he himself was not less. He could not believe tat his baby would ever come back here. He had left all hopes even after they knew tat she never blamed them for her miseries but today seeing her in his sons arms he could not hold himself and broke down along with Rano.



Arjun: Don't Maa.. don't Papa… she needs us… she needs her family back Maa... she needs u Maa…. Ur baby needs her Maa…..



Rano: I cant.. I cant Arjun.. I failed.. I failed being a mother… I failed to.. see.. my baby longing for my love.. I cant…



Arjun: you have to Maa… see her Maa… she is carving to sleep in your lap Maa.. she needs your love Maa…



Mohinder: How can she.. Arjun… why….



Geet: I need you Maa… I need you Papa……



Tat was enough for them to break further and Rano ran to her while Arjun placed Geet on her feet and Rano hugged Geet to life. Both mother-daughter broke down feeling each other while they sat on their knees leaving Arjun and Mohinder in tears of happiness. Soon they were joined by them and had a family hug which they had been missing for long.





Here Maan, Vicky and Pari had reached the Temple but nowhere could they see Geet. A fear started to creep inside them not finding Geet anywhere and whomever they asked they said tat they had not seen her after seeing the photo. This added to their fear and Maan was breaking from inside each moment. Maan ran from one corner to other hopping to find her but there was no sign of Geet and now even the sun was setting down. He could not think anything and the fear only increased. A fear that he could not bear. A fear that would take his everything from him.


Vicky: bro.. please calm down.. bhabi will be safe nearby bro.. please…


Maan pushed Vicky away and went to his car but he did not know where to go for Geet. he was so helpless tat he did not know where his love was. he did not know whether she was fine as only Sameera's words ringed in his mind. He called Sameera for asking about Geet but she was not taking his call. Maan felt frustrated and helpless tat he could not find her. he was going mad.



I cant loose you Geet.. I cant bear this pain anymore Mishti…. I cant breadth without you beside me.. Please Jaan come back to me. Your Maan needs you Geet.. Your Maan needs you Geet.. I will Die Jaan.. I will die if I loose you this time.. Please Babaji… bring my life back to me….


Maan fell on his knees while Vicky and Pari ran to him. They could not see their brother breaking down when Vicky suddenly remembered tat the Handa Haveli was nearby. Though he could not even think of Geet going there as he very well knew tat she did not even step inside the Haveli, but still he needed to take this chance to see if by chance she could go there. He pulled Maan by his shoulder, Maan did not even refuse, made him sit in his car while Pari was all quite. He drew towards the Handa Haveli which was just 10 minutes away from here by walk.





Geet was lying down in her mother's lap with closed eyes while Rano's hand was caressing her hair to soothe the pain which they had given her. Mohinder and Arjun just watched their Geet sleeping like a small baby like she always did when she was small. They did not speak a word as they knew tat this time they just needed their Princess to have her mother by her side along with her Father and Brother. Mohinder slowly reached near her and placed his hand on her face caressing it slowly making Geet to open her eyes and look at her father with a smile which made her face to glow.


Geet: Papa….


Mohinder placed his fingers on her lips and said.


Mohinder: I know I just cant say sorry but I need to say it Princess. I know tat my Daughter's heart is very big to forgive a father like me but I want to ask your forgiveness. I know tat I did not do my duty by protecting you and m truly ashamed for it. m more ashamed to know tat my Daughter who has a golden heart never blamed me for all those words which I used for her. you know people say tat…


The first true love  any girl has,

Is her FATHER….

No one will ever replace him,

As the love of her life….


But I failed Princess. I failed to be tat love and tat Dad whom you could be proud of. I failed to be tat special Dad whom you could look upon when you would be scared and needed me to protect you. god gave me the most beautiful gift in form f you.. MY DAUGHTER… MY GEET.. but I failed to keep her safe. I failed to be her by her side when she needed me. I tarnished this beautiful gift by god. I failed Princess I failed….


Geet was in tears by now so was Mohinder along with Rano and Arjun. She could not hold back and hugged her father, her PAPA tightly fearing tat he may leave her again in between. She cried and sobbed in his arms while Mohinder just hugged her repenting his sins.



Geet: No one can take your place Papa.. You are always my first love and no one can take it away from me. You are my greatest and the most beautiful gift given by god Papa and you will always be. No  matter how much you hate or shout at me but you will be  always by best Dad who made me to live and fight for the right.


Mohinder parted from the hug and looked at his daughter who always showered unconditional love for them. His eyes could not meet hers but Geet could not let her father do tat. she cupped his face and said.


Geet: Promise me Papa.. Promise me tat you wont leave me Papa.. Promise me tat you will love me the way you always loved me. Promise me tat you will call me Princess the way you always called me. Promise me tat even if I get old you will not call me old and will take care of me like you did. Promise me tat even after you become grandfather you will love me more than your grandchildren's. Promise me tat you will love me more than Arjun Bhaiya



Mohinder smiled hearing her simple words but had deep meaning within while Rano and Arjun too smiled hearing her cute words.


Mohinder: I promise Princess. I will always love you more than anyone. Even when you and I get old I will love you more. Even after your children have children I will love you more. I will be your Papa always Princess only yours and not anyone's.


The family had tears n their eyes with a smile for getting back their Princess unknown to them tat there were three set of eyes looking at them. Unknown to them tat their Princess love was been dying each second not finding his life. unknown to them tat he may collapse anytime with the fear he has been going since he came to know tat his love his geet was not at home. Arjun turned for a second feeling someone at the door and was shocked to see Maan, Vicky and a girl at their doorstep.


Arjun: Maan……


Tat was enough for Geet to get out from the family union and her eyes reached to see Maan and the moment she saw him she died a thousands of death. She could not bear pain and fear which she could see in his eyes while she could feel tat his body was shivering with the though of loosing her. She slowly got up and tried to walk towards Maan softly calling him.."Maan" but he did not even hear tat. However, his eyes had seen her safe but the fear of losing her had taken his heart away and now he was numb for tat moment. He could not hear anyone but only could see her but could not hear her voice. Geet could feel the turmoil he was going through she reached near him and cupped his face while her own eyes started to shed tears of pain seeing him in pain.



Geet: Maan.. m sorry… m really sorry….


Though Vicky and Pari knew why she was saying sorry but Mohinder, Rano and Arjun were confused as well as shocked to see Maan like tat. they looked at them with confusion while Geet continued saying sorry.


Geet: Maan.. please talk to me Maan… m sorry.. please say something Maan.. please Maan… m sorry please Jaan… m sorry.. say something Maan.


On not getting any response from him, Geet hugged him tight making him feel her, making him believe tat she was safe near him but still there was no response from him. everyone was now more confused while Vicky reached near them and said.


Vicky: Bro… see Bhabi is fine.. she is alright Bro…


Arjun: Vicky wats the matter. Why is Maan so stressed out?


Vicky turned towards them and answered Arjun by telling him everything from the phone call Maan got from Sameera and than not finding Geet anywhere how Maan broke down. The Handa's could not believe wat they had heard. Though they had got the proof tat Maan loved Geet the way he was punishing himself after knowing the truth but now they had seen by themselves how insanely he was in love with their daughter but just the name Sameera was enough for them to boil but right now they needed Maan to come back into senses when they heard Geet begging to him.


Geet: Please Maan.. Talk to me.. See your Mishti is fine Maan. She your Mishti is near you Maan.. Please Jaan talk to me..  Please don't scare me Maan.. Please… I will die Maan… I cant see you like this.. Please talk to me Maan.. Please….



Geet kissed him all over his face making him to feel her not bothering tat there were people around her but her mind and heart only had the thought about Maan. his pain and fear in eyes was making her scared and she could not see him like this.



Geet: please Maan..speak to me… please Maan.. I love you Maan.. please Maan… see if you don't love me than I will die in front of you Maan..



That was enough for Maan to come back. He stared at Geet with anger in his eyes and the next moment he pushed her away but holds before she falls down.



Maan: You want die na.. than go.. die now.. just die Geet… but before tat kill me with your own hands so tat I get rid of the pain..


Geet cried hearing his words. Her hand reached to touch him but he holds it and tightens his grip on her waist making her flinch in pain but she keep quite.


Maan: do you know.. wat hell went through me when I came to know you were missing. But ya.. why do you care.. why do you care tat I die with the pain of losing you... you know how its feels when your world looks empty. You know how madly I was searching you.. no you don't know. Why would you as now you know tat Maan will never stop loving you as you have him back. Why would you feel tat wat went through Maan with the fear of losing you. Haan na Geet.


Geet raised her other hand and touched his face and said.


Geet: m sorry Maan.. m really sorry. I did not mean to hurt or scare you but I could not hold myself today Maan. I could not stop myself from coming here. I needed Maa, Maan.. I need to sleep in her lap.. I needed Papa to soothe my aching heart for his love.. I needed Bhaiya to carry me back into this house Maan. But I never intended to hurt you Maan. How can I do tat Maan when I myself can't stay without you. How can I see the pain that you have Maan the fear of losing me. M sorry. Really sorry Jaan.. please… sorry… but please don't say tat I don't care and love you Maan…


Maan could see the truth and pain he had given her by being rude and saying those words. He left her hand and touched her face to really confirm tat she was there and next instant she was taken into a tight hug by him. The force only increased by each passing second but Geet did not say anything knowing tat he needed to assure himself tat she was near him and fine.



Maan: never do this Mishti.. never ever do this Jaan.. you don't know wat I went through. Please Jaan.. please Mishti.. never scare me like this.. I will die if anything happens to you.. please don't do this again Mishti..



Geet pushed herself more into the hug and said..


Geet: I will never ever do this Maan.. I promise I will never……..



They broke apart after a long time and were embarrassed tat everyone was looking at them with wide-open eyes and giving them a smile. Geet shied and hid into Maan's chest.


Maan: don't look at us like tat.. she is my wife and  can hug and kiss her anywhere I want. If you all have problem than you can close your eyes…


Everyone: who said we have problem.. but yeah you can control yourself a bit na…


And they burst into a laughter an in midst of this his phone rang. Looking at the unknown number once again he knew tat it was Sameera. He received the call and listen to wat she said.



Sameera: hope tat ur wife is fine Maan.. is she or not…. but you know I just wanted you to believe tat if you do anything against me to trap me than I swear Maan, it will be the last day you will see Your beloved wife , your Geet alive. I know tat you are fuming in anger and want to shout and scream at me but I know you cant and trust me m just enjoying it. don't forget Maan tat I need you for a night all for myself and tat night would be your best night in life.. ohh yaa.. Don't forget to keep in this mind or else your geet…



And the call was cut.. Vicky somehow understood who it was but right now, he kept quite as he did not wanted Geet to know anything. However, he had told her family about Sameera but she was too lost in Maan to pay attention to his words. He looked at Maan and Maan nodded his head into a yes. They all spent some time together while Vicky and Maan assured Mohinder and Arjun tat they will handle Sameera and she wont be able to harm Geet anymore.





Precap: Party… A dangerous plan but by whom…


Hi all.. me back with my updates… so here is my first one after a long break. I wanted to make it short but could not as I wanted to make it special when geet gets back to her family and I was in tears while writing it. I could not help myself to stop my tears and hope tat this makes you happy. I know many wanted to see geet going back to her family and here it is…


Now ur turn for giving likes and long comments.. ok now I want more pages of comments dearies…


Love you all…..





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so good tht geet's family nd she r nw f9 wd each other... really very good

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