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Khushi is at fault - CV's are Fair. (Page 10)

uniquebluerose IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Naach_Basanti

You are so right- a few other things Kushi is/was responsible for-

1. She is responsible for the fall of Lehman Brothers and the depression in the US & world economy
2. She is responsible for the poverty in 3rd world countries
3. She is responsible for Abdul Kalam not getting re-elected as President
4. She is responsile for the delay in onset of monsoon in India
5. She is responsible for launching Pom Poms on the innocent worl

In summary, Kushi is the reason for all evil in this world.

I totally agree with your sentiments.

You forgot she ruined the imagineary lives of so many innocent girls with oh so hot and handsome and every good Arnv...

Heck i was living in bubble thinking he is my lover and he leading a life with me ...but in the show this girl with all her silly antics (I dunno why my baby ASR likes them, i loathe her antics) made ARnv fall in love with her purposefully and ruined my life and dreams and yes she ruined some of my friends dreams also who liked shyam...

Poor Shyam was so innocent, she with her ways made him also fall for her and oh gosh i forgot NK...

She has only left Aaksh...and Mama...Gosh Khushi don't make them also in you charm!!!!

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mpk2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ranjitha

Originally posted by cutebarun

@mpk2011, thanks dear...!Smile chalo kisi aur duniya mein chalthe hai... Jahaan humare beech koi nahi honge... Iss forum se humein koi matlab nahi, matlab hai tho Sirf 'pm' se... HeheheROFL
sab pata hota hain phir bhi reply karte ho...
wapas jao PM pe... at least sanity toh rahegi...

@ranjitha, so u r back gal !!!
pm to hai hi but kabhi kabhi entertainment bhi to chahiye na ?
at the end of the day ofcourse what cutebarun said is true

iss forum mein sahi ya galat ka koi matlab nahi, iss forum mein sach aur jhoot ka koi matlab nahi, matlab hai to sirf iss baat ka ki IF mein pm facility hamesha chaloo rahega Wink

CDlove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:53am | IP Logged
I can easily dispove your points with a few lines. Let me begin. My remarks are in red.

Lots of people do get annoyed with the way  Khushi is being portrayed in certain circumstance though we like the character a lot. None of the characters in the show is  perfect. That imperfectness is keeping the show running. If everyone becomes perfect and everything becomes perfect then the Show ends.

Lets Star here'.  Akash and Payal are showing anger towards Khushi. Do you think this as a disrespect. Nope they are hinting her to mind her business because there can be anything between Husband and wife and its unto them to resolve it
(It is Khushi's nature. Her intension was to help Payal and Akash resolve their marriage issues. Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand. Elders always help resloving inexperienced newly married couples' problems. As Khushi said if they really had taken Khushi's words and taken a relaxing holiday, the tension could have desolved. She wanted to help them and she did what she can do. So if the intensions were good, I don't see why we should say she was at fault. She wanted to help them in her own way)Why is she always poking nose in their Personal Space? Guys be fair we all get annoyed on Anjali when she step in-between Arnav and Khushi's conversation( that was an entirely different senario. She was barging into a closed room of a married couple. Khushi just spoke to her and gave a suggestion as to take a holiday. I feel Akash was the one who over reacted because right now he's miffed with his wife and want a reason to pick a fight. Someone in his proper frame of mind would not have lashed at his wife like that) We all start screaming at Anjali for being too nosy. Don't you find Khushi to be Nosy. She deserve that guys. She can have all concerns for her sister but there is a limit (limits are always blurry and depends on the indivigual. what do you define as a limit? Khushi didn't ask them to have more sex. Now that might be a little too much. She asked them to have a holiday together. Even nani could have asked the same thing had she witnessed their querrel. So what do you define as a limit? SO no I don't think she deserves any of the shit she had to take for the last 13 months. Being good and and helpful should not be a reason for a person to suffer to such tyrany as she had to at the hands of Arnav and raizada clan.) 

Moreover Akash being angry on Khushi is really fair. She never respected him or trusted him in Arnav's kidnap episode. She should have seeked help from Akash atleast. Akash was absolutely right that if Payal  told the fact before hand that would a different scenario and If Khushi told about Arnav's Kidnap and that would be a different scenario and things wouldn't be this worse (were you watching the show at that time? The kidnappers called her and asked her to not tell anyone or the police or Arnav would die. Maami, NK both realised it from accidental circumstances. Khushi never seeked their help because she was threatned. So she's NOT going to be asking Akash's help now would she?)

Lets take Garima and Bhuaji. Think from their point of view they adopted her and gave her everything they can in their possible means. She screwed up payal's wedding already ( though she is not the direct reason)(her intension was to help with the dowrey issue in Payal's marriage. If Arnav hadn't kept her all night she could have gone back home and the marriage wouldn't have been broken.) And again on the day of payal's wedding she got married to the Guy in the same house and Shocked everyone. This again brought them the disrespect to their family and also that will affect payal's life to an extent (and who's fault is this? Arnav's. He again threatned her to not tell anyone about the maarriage or he'll break Payal's marriageManorama taunted them to the core. She didn't tell the reason to the sudden marriage. She again tried to keep everything with her and that caused the damage to her. Their reactions are absolutely correct(Wrong. Good parents would always trust their child and their question would have been why she did this in the first place. They know Khushi well and should have realised she'd never do something like this. They should have realised something was wrong, but as typical Indian mentality potrays, they decided to blame the girl and create a scene. If it had been my parents who trust me to the core, they'd have realised something was wrong and taken me away from that house and gotten to the root of the problemEveryone's parents react the same way. Comparatively they are good people they have taken care of Khushi well inspite of her being an orphan. (what are you trying to prove here? Khushi's parents and buaji are fine as of now. They treat Khushi well as you saw from last week's episodes. I didn't see any disrespect from their part. But during marriage time, they should have given the benifit of the doubt and talked to Khushi privately. Afterall they were handing their daughter to an unknown man. Guptha's were very much at fault with how they handled the situation)

Coming to Arnav anyone in his position will think like him. She spoiled the show why should he believe her ( a strange girl) (Again an irrational decision. It's not like all the girls who might accidentally walk in are from his rivals. A few more questions asked frm Khushi would have resolved tha matter). At that point he is absolutely right from his side (nope he was being as irrational jerk who wanted to prove his demented point to a helpless girl. Someone with a cooler sense of temper would have looked into the matter calmly and would have handled it differently; like an intelligent and rational businessman would. Locking her in a room and not letting her go and scaring her was not the prfessional approach. Had Kushi come from an affluent family, he would have faced charges.). Though Arnav reacted bit too much in giving the footage to TV channels Khushi was also keep provoking him (She was trying to give him the key he dropped. He was the one who provked her and Khushi replied back cuttingly That was NOT the way a cool, level headed bussinesman works, by releasing footages of a girl. Afterall he knew she was innocent. Just because a twit of a girl said a few words, he cannot endanger her reputation in that manner. His behaviour was distasteful and absolutely unjustfied).  Action and reactions has happened.  After all this Khushi need not to work in ASR's office. She continued her Job for her own reasons to fulfill the needs of her Family. Its her choice to work in a place where she didn't get any respect. Its not ASR's choice or mistake. After having so much rift with her in the past what would be the normal reaction of anyone in ASR' position. (No one in their right head would drop a girl from the office or keep her late at night and make her stay out in the rain. As I said, even if he had a rift with her, that was not the way to behave and handle the situation and definetly not the way to treat a woman. It was ungentlmenly and also unprofessional. Khuhsi could have pressed charges against him for cruelty and dominance at the work place. But ofcourse he knew she was helpless and in need of a job. So he took full adavantage to torture her. Some of the things he did to her was absolutely deplorable and inhumane) Its again correct (it was wrong. You cannot subject your workers to such cruelty). Its absolutely none of her business to interfere in his personal life. She have no need to talk about Lavanya to his Family. She have no need to advise him that he should be like this or live his life this way. Thats absolutely too nosy and who she is to say that to him. Even payal her sister is saying her to mind her business then imagine ASR wont he be rude for that. She was always nosy in his affairs with Lavanya. In terms of his faith on God and sentiments (it was a matter of opinion and she voiced it. What's so wrong in that? He can either take it or leave it. But no, he can't man handle her for it).

Whatever Khushi did is for the happiness of the family still certain things are unacceptable. She should have discussed certain things with the elderly members of the family. She decided to fight the lonely battle though the intentions are good but thats the reason it fetched he such a disrespect in lots of areas. That day when she accused Shyam, Arnav trusted her else what would be the case (he has to trust her. She literally took a fall for him). The family has to accept that as a fact just because Arnav trusted her. Anjali is not able to accept it because she don't know whom to trust her emotions are fair. For her Shyam is a good person and he is her husband. She shared only good moments with him. She has never doubted him. Definitely Khushi and Shyam are in the level playing ground as far as Anjali is concerned. Anjali is still in the mystery why Arnav and Khushi had a Sudden marriage. There are occasion's where Anjali was upset on Khushi(the family is justified in not believeing Khushi. That's why Arnav needs to come clean with all the facts including what he saw during Payash wedding and the six month clause. Then, the family wouldn;t have to blindly trust Khushi because Arnav trusts her. So why should Khuhsi be at fault? She nearly lost her life in countless occations on her mission to save Arnav. It's his responsibility to clear Khushi's name.)

Also Akash is right. Manorama is right. Nani also didn't trust it completely and she asked for the clarification. As viewers we know its Shyam but assume that we don't know that its Shyam.  What kind of feeling we will have? We will be posting 100's of article doubting more and more than any cast in the serial and we will try make a villain out of everyone. Don't forget that there were comments that Akash is the kidnapper and also Anjali is the reason behind the kidnap.

Mostly you can find her doing mistakes and seeking to forgive. See certain things will not change just by asking forgiveness. Like even after nani's warning she visited Anjali's room. Spoiling Arnav's Major show
(not intensional so not a mistake). Spoiling Lisa's Coat (not intensional, not a mistake). Breaking ASR's Model for new project (she didn't even do it. It was the kids. So how can you blame her for that?). Messing with His nainital trip (again not intensional and I dont see why you are brnging these points. I didn't see any huge difference in their equation during these times. You points are moot for this discussion).
Forcing him to believe something he doesn't believe or do something which he don't want to. Getting his signature without his knowledge in any papers is wrong (thats betrayal). Completely unacceptable. she became the reason for such a deadly consequences in his life directly. That might be small for her but not the same to the other person. Preferences and priorities are different for individuals.(If Arnav had trusted Khushi in the first place she wouldn't have to resort to Shyam to tell the truth about what happened that day. Did she have a choice other than listen to shyam and agree to his condition and his vile lies? She wanted to clear her name infront of Arnav and shayme was the only evidence. Arnav was the one who left her at the mecry of that creepy man. Besides she went to see Arnav straight afterwards to confess about the signature.)

Lets take this marriage though the way the marriage happened is fine for arnav but its not the same to her. She felt that Arnav is disrespectful for the customs and traditions. Khushi valued it and its important to her but not the same. Like how Arnav believe and valued something else. People have their own choices. I am sure lots of people are asking for redemption track  bcoz you all don't want just a sorry. But what about Khushi she also did so much which are all irreparable. Hiding the facts lead to deadly consequences. (
Im not clear on where and how she hid facts. Could you pinpoint a few please? She was threatened with Payash marriage so she can't really go around and tell everyone about the marriage now, can she?)

CV's are really good they never leave us in such deep dilemma and confusion they showed us all the evil activities of Shyam else What would be our reaction? Imagine if we know nothing like the family members and get surprised like this one day. I am sure we will show more reactions than this. We ask millions and millions of clarifications on this. 

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far78 Groupbie

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:58am | IP Logged
pls watch the show from beginning.. then you will understand how wrong you are. She is normal like any of us.. if your sister is upset, would you NOT step in .. or try and solve .. 

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vaatuhaara IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 5:58am | IP Logged

Hi Ranju...Smile so true yaar... 'abhi aathi hoon'... LOL
Sarun_4ever Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 6:07am | IP Logged
Disagree with what you have said!
FairyLiquidSoap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 6:07am | IP Logged
I think we all should stop responding to this rather silly post Looking at some of the stupid reasoning behind some of their replies it is clear some of the members are getting their jollies and kicks by yanking chains so not worth any sensible persons time effort and energy
Sree and Hiru I think you know what i mean
they have brought in the artillery and a posse let them enjoy we know where their preferences lie they are welcome to it nothing sways the stupid more than arguments they cannot understand

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CDlove IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by FairyLiquidSoap

I think we all should stop responding to this rather silly post Looking at some of the stupid reasoning behind some of their replies it is clear some of the members are getting their jollies and kicks by yanking chains so not worth any sensible persons time effort and energy
Sree and Hiru I think you know what i mean
they have brought in the artillery and a posse let them enjoy we know where their preferences lie they are welcome to it nothing sways the stupid more than arguments they cannot understand
Yes I didn't actually read into the thread. Now that I have, I realised it's not one of the posts where an intelligent discussion is carried. Anyways there goes a valuable 30 minutes of my life, writing for this riduculous post

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