Channel V Dil Dosti Dance


Channel V Dil Dosti Dance
Channel V Dil Dosti Dance

Could be my last thread on this forum...

meeryy Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 2:47am | IP Logged
I have been a SwaRonian mostly...but that does not mean I have not liked KR. Infact, watching TaRey happening at an express rate nowadays...I miss KriYaansh like never before. Something I had taken for granted when Kriya had been around.
Lets just compare Kriya's expressions with Miss I-cant-emote-beyond-floose. 

Only Kriya's eyes for that matter, forget everything else. 

The intensity, the innocence, the passion, the aggression...everything that Kriya/Shakti could bring out JUST with her eyes alone... I am yet to see Taani match up to it by even 0.1%
Kriya was as convincing when she was happy and buyout...and as much real when she was confused, angry, or just plain demotivated. 
Taani's tears...well...look like just what they are... GLYCERIN. She is yet to look convincingly "disconcerted" to me, albeit all the "Mitwa" and "Nahin samne tu" underlying her sequences. 

Rey and Kriya were MAGICAL! Plain and simple. All the dupatta stuff, pigeon angles, and other seemingly candyfloss sub-plots also managed to look convincing enough [even more so, in the that I have been watching the old D3 on youtube sometimes]. Two young people with a similar passion for dance, freshly falling in love...discovering each other.

And imagine, if I can talk this much about KriyAnsh alone...I can talk for hours about SwaRon...and how they have been butchered now.
TanHa are 2 extremely talented people. Infact, I really looked upto this concept of 4 such phenomenally gifted and good looking people coming together with 8 more awesome finds.

But now...the show has officially lost its charm, originality...and more so, its plot.

Its a shame. D3 had promise. Real promise.
So much could have been done with its much meat in every relationship...AND I am not just talking about SwaRon and KriyAansh. RiMar, NiMi, ViHa ad ViBha could have been explored as much. And this is only the Dil angle. Then there was Dosti..another endearing dimension...and yeah, tonnes of tremendous DANCE!
Plus Kriya's mom's flashbacks...Sharon's dad's angle...the KriSha revelation...SO MUCH!
All that has obviously been forgotten by creatives, very conveniently at that. all boils down to some desperate attempt to convince viewers that its okay for someone to fight like that within the college premises with his "gf-to-be" in his arms [wonder when and how that happened at all]...that its okay for a birdbrained stalker to come across as this innocent and demure angel, who "deserves" to be "loved" by the guy...who is supposed to be hopelessly heartbroken...Taani ka RIGHT hai after all people...Kriya hai kya cheez?
And...biggest BS of all... after creating a character like Swayam...what is he is being reduced to now? A guy who is suddenly so confused, so preoccupied...suddenly misunderstanding this girl he is supposed to have loved beyond explanation once? Aur kabhi kabhi yaad aa jata hai toh he breaks into a "Mitwa" in the streets? And that's that.
And Sharon the headstrong, confident, independent, popular chick...suddenly all turning into the gang's punching bag?
Koi kuch bhi sunake chala jata hai?
Its really heartbreaking to see SwaRon being disintegrated like this...ask ANY SwaRonian.

And why...?

Just so a certain Miss "Sunshine" can have her 25 out of 30 minutes of limelight...and can have those unicorn "tip-tip" sequences with her "Prince Charming"... [its so hard to digest that this girl actually has fans...oh but then she does Pig]
Oh Taani...I can talk about you for DAYS! Ugh, how much I LOU you Angry  

Agar lana hi tha Rey ke opposite kisiko...itni JALDI...then couldn't she have had some cerebellum and a backbone for God's sake? Someone with her own interesting back-story. But nahi... all we get is this overgrown six-year old...sweet Ouch

Shivam the Epic is quite another story...
We'll talk about him some other time really...have just had lunch...don't wanna throw up right on my laptop Dead

As for me, I am pretty much done with D3. Hang out in the forum sometimes because of my IF friends...otherwise, D3 the era is quite over for me. And that's heartbreaking.

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Snigs. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 3:00am | IP Logged

This makes the complete difference...and if u carefully witness this gives d moral which is totally a wrong one according to me..

Kriya came from dehradun to Mumbai for her dance..for her passion and fell in love with the boy who had similar passion and this love is called as "Puppy Love" and the story is heartbreaking one.

Taani came from Jodhour to Mumbai for her crush...for her prince charming and did all the fuss trying to be like Kriya and being a sister of swayam, she doesnt have even little amount of his decency and this love is being shown vividly in this really love or lust??. This story of lust is going on successfully.

Now, what does Palki want the teenagers to learn watching this show ...dont love a person instead strive for lust if u want a good future??

When they're airing the show, there is no really problem if they dont show good morals but atleast dont make fun of the show we loved once.

SwaRon r also completely sidelined for this so called NOT a love story. Rey is not the REY we were watching once, he is a complete different one like he descended suddenly from another universe.

And coming to Rumours and fight, which college doesnt have or show rumours and which website is free from rumours??? The show completely lost the sense.

SwaRon r not the same people too, they're changed and I dont know how. Trial relationship and starting of a love relation will be so exciting in reality but there is nothing in the show except dat phone calls and even if they r in one frame they're fighting. Come on yaar, dont make fools of the people who r watching the show, Swayam who used to know what Sharon would do before itself now can't understand Sharon??!!

CRAP!! This is what I can justify to the show at present. Totally crap!! If at all you want to preserve the memories of ur fav couple then it is better to quit the show than watch the show and regret.

Bang on Post Meera!!!

Bashers dont just report, whatever mentioned in the post is the storyline.

Comment instead and prove ur point.

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HPHolic-3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 3:10am | IP Logged
D3 seriously lost their charm
I can't believe this they give us taarey scene instead of swaron who have millions of fans
though I m a swaron fan but I miss kriyansh like hell...
Totally agree with u. I want krisha reveation too but I think that ab ye kabhi nahi hoga...

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Endurance IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 3:11am | IP Logged
yeah we always took Kria for granted and when she is not here we r missing her like hell... i know its heart breaking its heartbreaking to go away from d3 the show we were crazy about , the show which made us smile , the show which gave us laughter , which gave us Kriyaansh, the show which gave us Swaron and now we r going away from it... but i m happy that Swaronians are too quiting d3 cux its high time that we all shud show the creative that without Kriyaanshians and Swaronians d3 is nothing... go get live with ur Tarey fans and ask them to increase ur rankings ur TRPs ...then may b u'll understand our value...
meet u at TBP forum soon ...cya soon...

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proudbong IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 December 2011
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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 3:12am | IP Logged
I miss that d3 which I used to watch before.
I miss my SWARON like anything! for me SWARON was everything. but look at CVs! what the hell they have done with the SWARON track! sometimes I feel like crying out loud!

d3 has lost it's essence.

if they think by showing taani they will gain a large amount of TRP , then I have nothing to say!!

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surbhimathur IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 December 2011
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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 3:12am | IP Logged
Muktiii!!!!!! HugHug
just remove d title of dis i agree on evrything!! Angry
I noe bahut bura feel hota h ye dekhkr bt cum on mahn!!
Dun do lyk dis!!
behan inki wajah se kyu forum chodhne ka soch rhi h...?
leave it yar...just chill and relax..think of those days jab d3 ka addiction hadh wala tha..for sake of those days dun leave d forum..or quit writing...Cry
tjhe toh pta h tere thread kitne awesome hote h!! lyk legen-daryy typs!!

yaar dekh ab mai aage likhti likhti lame cheezein likh dungi toh plzz yaar muktii..
tujhpe ye lady-devdas wala role suit nhi krta!
Be d original muktii!! Cool
Be dat maheshwari lover!!! Heart

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crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 May 2011
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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 3:24am | IP Logged

i agree with u ...kriya was the first one who was good at giving expressions at d3 among all her co actors...even kunwar lacked in it..but i liked his cool attitude...their chemistry is still magical...i am a huge kriyansh fan...thinking of them still brings smile on my face...their all scenes like their fights, intensity scenes, friendship scenes seemed so real...i could actually imagine n convince my heart that the things shown happens in real life too...i can relate it to real life..their instant reactions were so natural...they burnt the stage wen they danced ..thats why always their chemistry in dance was cut off  by censor boardROFL..i can still remember haye rama n in lamho dance..i could read all their kriyansh expressions through their eyes...there was no need of dialogs..their innocence n sweetness could be felt...

.i used to see d3 at 7pm..then at net..then its repeat telecast at 12 pm then at 3pm...i used to be crazy about it...

initially i was not a swaron fan but i still remember the day  when i started falling 4 swaron...phir mohabbat  track of swaron was the moment i fell 4 sharon...n swayam i liked him because of rey...there was a time when sharon eyes spoke n swayam's smile used to speak  volume ..i can still remember in the phir mohabbat track wen swayam was bandaging her hand n sharon's eye spoke volumes..without any dialog ..i can understand her saying that "swayam how can u love me so much.." n swayam ..i always loved his chem with rey n even kria..wen he used to stand by her side against sharon during footloose audition..i loved him 4  that...

n now... all my beautiful dreams are just shattered...
when kria exited many of the people discontinued their ffs...i thought now only some of the ffs r remaining but i was surprised to see so many people starting new  ffs at when n how kria should returned ..they started their new stories n could find kriyansh in their stories ..i loved that...


now taani...urgh!! what to say..initially the d3 actors all lacked in acting but within one week they were able to grasp their role..n they seemed so natural...

donot know vrinda how much time u'll take..??.d3 will end then?? or wen it will have its 7th -8th series...?? n " taani " character what to say cvs are at fault ..jab tak sab taani character ko accept karenge tab d3 ka last epi hoga n on its 1000th anniversary we wud tell our grandchildren that there used to be a dance fiction youth show which was good at initially but was ruined by cvs after kria's exit...ROFL

even shivam is good at acting...i mean although his scenes r short but he is capable of acting...if he was a positive character..everyone wud have liked him...lavin really have good potential to act..if explored more lavin could really improve more...but no..his character is that kind of villan in d3 that activates only when happiness prevailed n fillers  r extinct in d3 n rest of the time, he is on vaccation...ROFL

if i start from start then i will consume at least 1 thread of IFROFL

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khanrocks IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 3:26am | IP Logged
and why do they keep using kriyaansh bg in the promos that used on
kriyaansh dont use it on the promos like swaron who have their own bg

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