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Diala Goldie

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Originally posted by mnx12

Originally posted by Kadamvari

but i am 12Shocked
Come back when you are 13, you are underage.ROFL
If 12 and 13 years olds are signing Phd. certificates, well the receipient is DKDM CVs, so it shd. be fine I guess.Wink

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Diala Goldie

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Mahadev was sitting with his hand on his head. How in the world was he going to get back his Paro. He looked at his best buddy Vishnu stretched on the lawn.

"Can't you stand or atleast sit for a bit? You will get bed-sores if you keep lying down like this."

"Touching as it is that you are worried about me, I think you have bigger concerns to address right now.", Vishnu said getting up slightly. "Nandi, do you have any ideas for your Prabhu?"

"I have already suggested that he sing to her, and she will suddenly remember and join in his singing and all will be well".

"Oh ! The Mile Sur Mera Thumhara thing'.won't work. She is into a different kind of music right now."

"He can go with this one then", so saying Nandi started singing and Mahadev actually liked the song and began singing too:

"Yeh Chand sa roshan chehara, zulfoon ka rang sunehara,

Yeh Jheel si neeli aanken, koi raaz hai inme gehara,

Thaareef karoon kya uski jisne thume banaya'".

"I was just doing my job. But tips are always appreciated!", Brahma said joining the bewildered crowd.

"We were trying to give ideas to Shiva to woo his Parvathi, Brahma Ji, not really praising you or your creations", said Narayan.

Turning back to Shiva he continued "But, that won't work with Parvathi. She will just say thanks and move on. She knows she is beautiful and is not looking for you to ratify it."

"You can talk about how lonely old age can get and how much she will need company then", Brahma suggested.

"She might not know or remember it, but she is Adi Shakthi. She won't get old. Anyway, who told you woman crave for a male company or vice-versa in old age. It just so happens that no one else will talk to them", said Vishnu, pouring cold water on that idea as well.

Brihaspathi, who had come there with Indra put forth his suggestion.

"We can create a slippery path or an obstacle when she is coming. You can hide and as she is about to slip, you can hold her breaking her fall. I have heard it works all the time, though I have no personal experience", he added sadly.

"With a guru like this, no wonder Indra has turned out to be what he is.", sighed Vishnu. "

 We are talking about my sister here. She is smart and well aware of her surroundings. She is bound to see the slippery path or the obstacle with one of her thousands of eyes, and even if by some miracle she misses it and falls and Mahadev catches her, she will say polite thanks and go away. Not the one to make dove eyes, my sister". Vishnu said proudly.

"If you really want me and my wife to get back together my friend," Shiva exclaimed, "you have a very funny way of showing it."

"No bro.", "Said Vishnu." My sister is bold and beautiful and smart. You just need to try something else".

"How about you slip and fall when she is coming. She will catch you", Narad said and Mahadev seemed to be considering it. He had afterall become a toddler to cajole her once. This can't be more embarrassing.

"Well, if you miss and fall on her, with your weight dude, my sister will become chutney", Narayan objected yet again.

"That reminds me, I am hungry, should ask Murugan to get me some Idly with chutney", thought Narad to himself speed dialing Karthikeya's number.

"You can just ask her out on a date", suggested Vishnu, sensing that he was not helping his friend till now. "She will atleast appreciate your straight forwardness and may oblige".

"I can arrange for a moon-lit dinner for you", Indra added eager to get into the good books of Mahadev.

"I sit on his head. It will be moon-lit breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, high-tea if Mahadev takes a girl out", said Chandrama.

"I meant a full moon like he had in Parvathi 'van." Indra snarled at Chandra dev

"I saw the pictures Parvathi sent to Sachi", Indra added hastily to Shiva. "You can come to Indra lok for your date. I will make all the arrangement.  She will instantly remember her past in that romantic setting, the full moon bright and shining, you holding the trishul and staring into space, er, I mean into her eyes. We can even do it in Parvathi van if you so prefer".

"He will have to take her to Mars for the so-called full moon-lit dinner then.", mocked Chandrama.

"Why Mars?", asked  a curious Indra.

 "Well, Parvathi- van is in Mars, you see".

"Parvathi-van is in Mars ?", chorused all gathered there.

"Ofcourse, it has to be. Earth has only one moon ' Me, so if I was sitting on Mahadev's head what was that big white globe they were so admiring. Only Mars had 2 moons. That's the only place a full moon-lit dinner is even possible for our Chandrashekara".

"Oh ! I thought it was a giant globe shaped tube light.", said Vishnu. "Never mind , she won't agree to come that far with a stranger. Sorry bro !  I am out of ideas. Looks like you are doomed".

"If you need to get Mummy's memory back", said Murugan who had come in with Narad's idly and chutney, "you need to talk to the person she tells her deepest darkest thoughts and secrets."

"Menavati ?", asked Shiva. He was sure she was not confiding in him irrespective of what she said in public.

"Lakshmi, Saraswathi ?", asked Vishnu and Brahma.

"No ! Her shrink..her therapist. Here is her card go and see her".

So the gang set out. Getting an appointment with this very able and world famous psychotherapist was very difficult, but they managed it with recommendations from Murugan. She was extremely busy and her office was lined with some of her latest best sellers. She was collaborating with yet another famous writer on her next work.

The lady walked briskly into the room and was for a moment taken aback by the crowd. Recovering quickly, she held her hand out and introduced herself "Name is Raaga. Varaali Raaga. I believe you are here to see how Mr. Mahadev can get Parvathi to remember him again, am I right ?"

The men having taken to the smart doctor's aura could only nod.

"Parvathi is not a teenager. Neither is she, how to put it, a damsel in distress kind of girl. So none of the normal wooing techniques is going to impress her. I have written a book "The Seven Vows of Marriage". Mahadev, you might want to read it, absorb it and write a long letter to Paro explaining how you will follow what is is that book, should she come back to you. If you sign a contract and send it to her along with the letter, you might stand a chance. She still might not remember the past, but let us agree, that would not be a bad thing for either of you".

"Are you sure this will work. I mean, will she atleast come back to me, even if she does not remember the past", asked Mahadev suspiciously.

"Positive. When you were gone for that whole year, I chatted a lot with Paro. Infact the book was her idea. For that you can have this copy for free".

Before the gang took leave of the doctor, she had convinced all of them to buy a copy of her book, autographed by her ofcourse. They had also been talked into pre-ordering the psycho-romantic fiction Dr. Varaali was collaborating with Dr.Jaya due for release the following month.

"I hope it works.", said a sad Shiva as they walked out.

"I hope so too", added Vishnu, marveling at Dr. Varaali's marketing skills.

"You brother and sister have a screw loose up there", Mahadev observed pointing to Vishnu's head.

"Well atleast I don't have a sperm on the loose", Vishnu rolled his eyes.

Mahadev did not hear Vishnu, but will know soon enough.

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-Nymphadora- IF-Sizzlerz

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OMG this is so getting tummy ache..
Varaali giving couselling he he he heLOL
sperm on the looseROFL
superb one deepa!!!

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vanadhi IF-Dazzler

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hahah dia 
these slippery path ideas, from Dev guru  u are incredible ...
damn vishnu he is over pulling mahadev ...Dude he forgot recently he is the one who is smacked by Mahadev to get out of his amnesia .
That's sure Dr. Varaali raga having all the power to get them back ..thumbs up for that ..
Date in Mars cool!!! but pz , with out water and flowers too !!so that history never returns Stern Smile

thats funny u brother and sister have a screw loose up there ROFL
super !!!!!

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An advertisement in a newspaper read;
'Are u or ur dear ones suffering from lapse of memory?
Have u totally forgot the existence of ur spouse and family?
Do not despair,for we have a solution!!
An appointment with Dr PP Ganesh will cure u of all ur worries.
No drugs,no hypnosis thetapy but just one appointment required!!
For further details,contact Mr Nandi.
Thus Dr Ganesh's business flourished.It all started with his uncle Narayan being cured from amnesia and finally reunitingwith his wife.Some of the clients also included famous fcelebrities like Mr Veer Singh Bundela of the Uttaran fame. All the neurologists and other therapists were out o n the streets searching for jobs.Some of them were treated for clinical depression by none other than Dr Ganesh himself.
But now Dr Ganesh has an intriguing case.His own mother Parvati has fallen prey to the dreadful disease of amnesia.Will Dr Ganesh be able to save his mother from amnesia or he will remain as clueless as his father.Will Dr Ganesh have to join hands with Dr Varaali and Dr Jaya in curing his mother before it is too late?To know the answers keep watching DKDM and keep reading CNAT
ps:the initials PP refer to Pratham Pujya

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Omg I almost fell out of my sit coz of laughing everyone just staring she's weird lol ROFL I don't have sperm on loose LOL he didn't have from start lol just his ujja bit that purple egg looks like an Easter egg Iam sure it has chocolates in it. Easter coming anywy

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No.. No... don't hit me, no...
What happened son? Did you see a bad dream? Mermaid mummy came crowling fast to Jalandhar, who was screaming in his sleep. He woke up with a frightened face.
Jalandhar: Mummy I saw a scary man looking like me, with 8 hands & was carrying weapons in all of them, was coming to kill me.
Mermaid: My baby, did anyone scare you at the college? It's decided youwon't go thereanymore.
Jalandhar thinks no college, no more meeting Parvati, no... it can't be.
Jalandhar: Mummy don't worry, I am so strong, will not get scared.
Mermaid: Aren't you getting late, get ready fast.
He reaches the college gate, finds Ganesh waiting.
Ganesh: J uncle, don't be a bad boy, I am watching you. Devas have givenme their 24/7 tvchannel, with cameras always focussed on you.
Jalandhar: Go away kid. Suddenly spots Paravti coming alone.Oh kid you are so sweet & intelligent,do you want chocolate?
Ganesh: I want Modak made by her. Can you ask her to make some for me?
Jalandhar: I'll buy them from the best sweet shop.
Ganesh throws tantrum: I want Modak made by her only.
Seeing Parvati coming near, thinks this is a good chance to be in her good books.
Jalandhar: Hello babes, Thiskid is crying, he wants to eat Modak made by you.
Seeing Ganesha's cute face Parvati agrees.
Paravti: But I'll need hep, Lakshmi & Saraswati will be late today. Can you helpme?
Jalandhar: Anything for you.
Soon Parvti realises Jalandhar is only increasing her work instead of helping. Gets irritated, Goe near a plant, pours water on it, says come dear help me with this work.
To Jalandhar's surprise a beautiful girl appears, says Hello, I am Vrinda.
She starts helping in making Modak & Ganesh gets his favourite food in front of him. Starts eating.
Ganesh: Mata Vrinda, thanks for helping my mata.
Vrinda & Paravti are surprised hearing Mata. Suddenly they hear Lakshmi calling Parvati, who runs to attend Ptof. Vishnu's lecture.
Jalandhar is in shock seeing 2 beauties. Seeing his mouth wide open with shock, Ganesh reminds him even he should attend the lecture. Tells Vrinda,
Ganesh: Mata even you should join here.
Vrinda doesn't want to become a plant again agrees. 

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foram. IF-Stunnerz

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Omg that slipery path. And shiv sliping and paro saving him and if shiv fals on paro uski chutney ban jaegi was damn hilarious ROFL and the ganesha pp was also good and minu this update of j meeting g was too good LOL LOL LOL

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