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Originally posted by varaali

Scene: All the devas have assembled  in Kailash.

Shiva (addressing the Devas) : Vishnuji and I feel that all of you have become couch potatoes- doing nothing but drinking amrit and watching all the drama happening on Earth. All of you are leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. The last time any of you stretched your muscles was during the Samudra Manthan - ages ago.

Vishnu : So we propose some sporting activity to be held- so that all you can get to know how fit you really are. Some kind of competition- to find who the fittest one is... So what game do you propose?

"Snakes and Ladders" answers Nahush. Ashok Sundari looks at him adoringly. 

"Big Boss" says Indra. Kartikeya gives him a writhing look.

"Kaun Banega Crorepati" suggests Kubera. 

"You already are one" points Vishnu, "moreover we are talking of a physical activity"

"But the cricket T-20 finals is yet to take place" answers Indra.

"But that's still some time away. We have not had a match for ages. Find out what the organizer, residing in Prithvi Lok is doing" instructs Shiva. "In the meantime, a little more physical exercise will not hurt us."

Meanwhile young Ganesh is running here and there trying to catch his mice. "Run... run..." he calla out happily.

Shiva looks approvingly at his younger son. "That's a got suggestion, beta. I propose all the devas take part in a "Run around the World contest. Who ever flies / runs/ short ...travels around the world and comes back earliest will be the winner. Participation compulsory"

All the devas are excited and gather at the starting line the next day. The race has attracted a lot of worldwide attention and Nike- the Greek Goddess of Victory offers to sponsor shoes and clothing to all participants.

Guru Brihaspati is elected to be the judge. 

Narad blows conch and the devas start off. Since the fitness levels of the devas and theirvaahans is abysmally poor, most of them start dropping out. By the time the halfway mark is reached, only Surya, Indra and Kartikaya are left in the race.

Surya, powered by his seven powerful horses is way ahead and Kartikeya and Indra are at a loss how to catch up with him. Fortunately for them, that day happens to be Makar Sankranti and people down South are celebrating Pongal and offering Sweet Pongal and Sugarcane to the Sun God. After sometime, Surya Dev finds it irresistible and swoops down to accept the offerings.

Now, it is b/w Indra and Kartikeya. They are riding neck to neck...

Kartikeya suddenly remembers what his father has told him, and how he just needed to go around them.  But he then remembers that that would achieve zilch in terms of exercise, so he sends telepathic signals to Ganesh telling him to substitute modak and laddoos w/ slimfast, so as to get in shape for exercise.  He tells him - look, kids may think the pot belly cute and funny, but it's really unhealthy for you.  Even though you have an elephant head, you don't have an elephant heart, so even if it was created by mom & dad, if you don't do exercise, your heart will be doing all that exercise, and get exhausted.  So you need to ask mom to substitute modak & laddoos w/ slimfast, so that the load that your heart pumps is reduced.

Ganesh tells him, okay, I'll do that, but couldn't you also use some more fat?  You've only been fighting and working, and I never see you eat.  Maybe you could have the modak & laddoos?

Kartikeya - No, once one gets into that habit, it's tough to break out of.  But you can send that for dear Surapadman the peacock here - he's been tirelessly working for me since I defeated him, so he too deserves to have some of mom's delicacies.

So Ganesh borrows Garuda from Vishnu and flies to where Kartikeya is to give Surapadman the modak.  Indra sees it, and realizes that that will give Surapadman an advantage, and so has Airavat intercept Ganesh.  Nandi sees this as well, and knows that w/ more elephant heads and tusks than Ganesh, there is no way he can win against Airavat.  So Nandi goes and spikes the modak w/ bhang, and disappears.  Airavat intercepts Ganesh, and while his main head is involved in a trunk based tug of war w/ Ganesh, w/ one of his other heads, he grabs the spiked modak and has it.

Airavat then goes into a tizzy and falls asleep, and Indra is furious, while Ganesh is surprised.  As a result, Indra has to quit Airavat, and immediately summons Matali, his charioteer.  However,  Surapadman has already gained a significant lead in the meantime.  Indra takes his Vajra and hurls it at Surapadman, but it hits Nandi and fells him.

Kartikeya picks Nandi up and puts him on Surapadman, and Ganesh too sits on him.  The extra weight wears down Surapadman a bit, and Indra closes the gap.  However, the pot in which Ganesh had brought the original modak gets filled again due to the Annapurna magic, and Ganesh asks Nandi if that too is spiked.  Nandi, still recovering from his wounds, says no, and so Ganesh gives it to Surapadman, and that gives him a fresh burst of energy, and he regains his lead and completes the race, first.

As a result, Shiva declares the team of Kartikeya, Ganesh and Nandi the joint winners of this contest.  When Indra arrives, Mahadev glares at him, and Indra flees, while Rishi Kashyap begs Mahadev to show mercy on him.  Mahadev says that due to his transgressions - be it Ahalya, Ganesh, Kartikeya & others, Indra will be defeated by everybody in Ravan's family.  

Kartikeya expresses his regret in helping Indra and killing Tarakasura, and announces that he will set up Shivalingas in Tarakasura's honor to atone for killing him.  He had Surapadman the peacock also take part in this, and also got Parvati to get Kali to release Simhamukha the jackal so that he too could take part in this.

The Shivalingas are set up, and Kartikeya announces that slimfast would be the official prasad of these temples, so that devotees don't get obese.  He offers Ganesh the first of the slimfast prasads.  

Ganesh just loves it, as do Parvati, Menavati and Swadha.  Himavan annouces a slimfast feast to celebrate the achievements of his grandkids, while Asoka-Sundari too is happy that she doesn't have to skip this LOL

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Slimfast Prasad?ROFLROFL?
too good Vrish

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After reading your post i tried to laugh but i can't, because i have 2 stiches on my upper lip.
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Vrish tumhare story bahut accha hai..hass hass ke kursi/chari mein ghir gayiROFL. The firework was the offical prasad so people dont get obese ..While other part was that Himavan annouces a slimfast feast to celebrate the achievements of his grandkids, while Asoka-Sundari too is happy that she doesn't have to skip this..
Owh lord have mercy!!!
I cant stop roflingROFL

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  • Ganesh finds a broken comb and wonders who it is.  He asks Asokasundari whether it is hers, but she denies it.  After asking around, he finds out that it is mom's.
  • He tries to fix it, but can't.  He tries to pull off his other tusk, but Asokasundari stops him, telling him that it will only make ivory combs more fashionable and encourage poachers to hunt more elephants.  "We already killed one elephant to get you its head, don't want more elephants to needlessly die"
  • In the meantime, elsewhere, Kaikesi is encouraging Ravan and his brothers to go and get boons from Brahma, which they started
  • Ganesh asks Kartikeya about making a comb, but the comb Kartikeya makes is too strong and risks damaging Parvati's head.  Vishwakarma and others all try to provide solutions, but all fail
  • They approach Mahadev, and he tells them, "Have you seen the jata's in your mom's hair?  No wonder that comb broke - any comb would break.  What Mom needs is a good shampoo" LOL
  • Accordingly, Kartikeya arranges w/ Rati to have her hair done.  So Kartikeya, Ganesh and Asokasundari go w/ her and tell Rati what they want
  • Parvati tells Ganesh about the shringar that she wanted to do for their dad.  Rati senses the opportunity and immediately suggests tossing in a facial, manicure and pedicure for Parvati
  • Ganesh tries to tell Mahadev to come and watch all this, but Mahadev tells him that he'd like to see the end result - the entire process itself is boring, and only Asokasundari would enjoy it
  • Parvati then suggests that Asokasundari too gets herself done.  So they both are now busy getting done.  Devasena & Minakshi too join, and Rati is happy to have so many customers, and decides to make Parvati's thing complementary, while the others paid for theirs.
  • Ganesh is watching all this pretty intently, while Kartikeya couldn't be more bored.  So he tries to see what demons are up to, but all the demons in his realm have already been subjugated and accept his supremacy.  The only demons he does see - Ravan, Kumbhakarna & Vibhishan - are busy doing tapasya for Brahma, which is about as interesting to watch as this, or watching paint dry
  • Kartikeya is left w/ no choice but to keep switching b/w watching the rakshashas meditate, vs watching his mom & sister being made up.  He tries to see what his other moms are up to, and looks like the Krittikas & Shravana are busy bathing in the Ganga, and all of them have plans to visit Rati later.  Kartikeya recognizes that there won't be much improvement in terms of entertainment value
  • After thousands of years, Brahma appears b4 Vibheeshan and grants him a boon.  Vibheeshan asks him that he'd never be denied Vishnu's favor, and Brahma grants that, and tosses in that he'd never be adharm, and also immortality
  • Minakshi's do-over is complete.
  • Brahma appears b4 Kumbhakarna, and Saraswati shrinks, goes to his brain and gets him to ask for Nindrasan.  Brahma: "Tathastu"
  • Asokasundari's do-over is complete.
  • Ravan protests to Brahma that if Kumbhakarna sleeps forever, he'll simply either get murdered by his enemies, or else, die of starvation.  Brahma grants that he'll wake up for one day every 6 months, but if he's woken up outside that window, his death on that day is imminent.
  • Devasena's do-over is complete.  She asks Kartikeya what he thinks, but Kartikeya is still angry w/ her and does not respond
  • Ravan's turn comes.  He is cutting off his heads, and has sacrificed 9.  He is about to sacrifice the 10th, when Brahma appears b4 him
  • He asks for immortality, but Brahma denies it.  Ravan checks the history of the asuras who tried other things before him.  Shiva's son?  Already there - Tarakasura tried it.  Woman?  Mahishashur tried it.  Shiva/Vishnu's son?  Mahishi tried it.  Neither man nor animal?  Hiranyakashupu tried it.  Every trick before came unravelled
  • Parvati's do-over is complete.  Kartikeya heaves a sigh of relief, pays the bill and they all leave for Kailash
  • Finally, Ravan gets an idea - he just lists every being on earth, but forgets to mention men, thinking that it is implied.  Brahma grants it and is gone.
  • Ravan, Kumbhakarna & Vibhishan return to Sumali and Kaikesi, who tell them, "Welcome back!  You've been out a while"
  • Parvati, Kartikeya, Asokasundari, Ganesh, Minakshi & Devasena return to Kailash, and Nandi and all the ganas celebrate, and tell them, "Welcome back!  You've been out a while" LOL
  • They all go to Mahadev, who is very happy to see them.  Parvati asks him, "Do you notice anything different?"
  • Mahadev: "No, you look absolutely no different from before - just as great as ever" ROFL
How does Parvati react to this nonchalant response from Mahadev?  Stay tuned! LOL

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@Vrish-ha ha ha ha ha..
continue pleaseWink

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Actually, others can continue it a bit, and then I'll pick it up from there.  It's more fun that way LOL

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after Mahadev's response towards parvati.. Parvati becomes upset and says she'll leave kailash and will go for banabas.
Mahadev tries to make her understand , that she looks beautiful in everyway, but parvati is adamant in her decision about leaving kailash.
Seeing this Mahadev goes to the place of his friend come brother in law vishnu's house for advices..
But, vishnuji thinks he has came here for devi lakshmi's help in cooking food for kailashians , and mahadev is being happy in parvati's decision about leaving for banabas so, that's why he is giving a party while shiva was trying very hard to make him understand the situation.
Knowing and seeing things becoming worse he goes to brahma for advice but, as brahmadev was hearing pop song from devi saraswati he told shiva to wait for some time till he finishes listening this song.. As otherwise his wife will be angry too and will join in hand with devi parvati to this Campaign..
Hearing campaign , Mahadev becomes more restless and now decided to take help from his sasurji ... (sorry for grammer, spelling mistakes) sir please continue then...Smile

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