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The C. N. A. T. (Page 51)

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 3:10am | IP Logged
Vrish Varaali-tum longon ne kya kiyaROFLROFL
this is EPIC!ROFL
continue continue

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 3:50am | IP Logged
Parashuram is thinking over all the events that happened at Kailash. Finds out Indra is one of the root cause of current situations. Suddenly spots Indra going to South to give one more plan to Devsena.
Parashuram stops him, tells him to concentrate on bigger problem like Bali becoming stronger once again. But Indra is obsessed with the idea of troubling Kartikeya, doesn't pay much attention.
Parashuram curses him, since Indra doesn't care much about future, 5011 years after Kaliyuga has started a vision of Past will beshown to Humans, that medium will be called "The Television". You will be shown as one of the major cause of many problems, Devas & Humans are facing today. Humans in Kaliyuga will laugh, make fun of you. Appreciating you will be considered as a grave punishment in an intellectual discussion board of that vision. ROFLROFL
I being Chiranjeevi will enjoy the fun along with them.

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 4:02am | IP Logged
Indra tells him: Hey, greybeard, you seem to have forgotten that you will have 3 disciples who will fight on the side of evil
Parashurama's cheerful mood gets subdued once again.  Angrily, he tells Indra, 'Doesn't matter, if they are going to fight in wars, they must be kshatriyas.  In which case, the only good kshatriya is, as you know me by now, a dead one.'

Indra tells him - look, I'm not trying to piss you off.  But why would you tutor kshatriyas in the first place?'

Parashurama looks puzzled, when Narada arrives and tells them, 'Parashurama, your 3 disciples will span 3 of the 4 castes - Kshatriya, Brahman and Suta'.  Parashurama is stunned.

At this point, the party @ Kailash has concluded, and everyone is in a better mood.  The ganas are out on the road, and meet Indra & Parashurama.  Nandi tells them that since they are feeling happy and they happen to be there amongst them, they will give each of them a boon.

Parashurama asks: If I am to get 3 sinful disciples, I want to be the cause of at least 1 of their deaths.

Indra asks: If Parashurama is to have 3 disciples who will fight on the side of evil, I want that the one who defeats them be my son.  Also, I want his mother to be one of the most desirable women that I've ever consumated.

Nandi grants 'Tathastu', and Parashurama & Indra happily go on their way.

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mnx12 Moderator

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 4:14am | IP Logged
Indra tells Parashuram, let's make some good stories for Humans of Kaliyuga, as it is they will be leading a boring life, they should be inspired from my colourful life.
Parashuram realises Indra may never change. Indra starts thinking, who is the next threat for my throne?

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 4:55am | IP Logged
Depressed by all the curses that have gone back & forth, Lakshmi leaves Vaikuntha and goes to Lanka to visit Kubera there.

Kubera welcomes her and asks her - what brings you here?

Lakshmi tells him that she's depressed @ the thought that she would have enhanced separation from her husband, and doesn't feel like keeping all the wealth she has created.  She's therefore gone to Lanka to hand it to Kubera for safekeeping.

Kubera acknowledges it and takes it, and Lakshmi then thinks that if I have all this ugliness to follow, I might as well get started now and get it done w/, even if it takes me all the way to Kalyug

Lakshmi then takes Vedavati's form and goes to tapasya.

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Posted: 11 January 2013 at 5:46am | IP Logged
In the meanwhile the peace that had descended on Kailash after the family party was about to be shattered once again.
While Nandi and the ganas were busy grantiing boons to Parashurama and Indra, a young lady made her appearance at Kailash. She was wearing green shirt and Khakhi trousers, sunglasses and a military cap on her head. She had a camera slung around her neck and was carrying a notepad in her hands. Her maner was both brisk and bursque.
While Shiva- Parvati, Ganesh- Karthik were wondering who this stranger was, the visitor made herself comfortable on a rock and looking around said "Mom, Dad, it's nice to back"
Realization dawned on them and Parvati gushed "Ashok Sundari...putri..." 
There is a family hug once again and Parvati enquires if her tapasya had been fruitful.
"Tapasya...bah. It was just too boring Ma. So I abandoned it. But since I spent so much time in theforests, one good thing came out of it.
"And that is..." enquired Parvati
"I have been signed as a brand ambassador for the World  Wildlife FUnd." replied Ashok SUndari pointing to a large panda shaped badge stuck on her chest. "In fact I am here on business"
"Business- what sort?"
"We have heard reports that a King Cobra is being held hostage in inhuman conditions and infact is being used as body ornament. I have come to set it free" AshokSundari replied, pointing to the snake on Shiva's neck. "As you know King Cobras are endangered species.
The snake shook its head  and  woound itself tighter around Shiva's neck. Shiva choked.
"And there's another thing. We have had reports that rats are haing a free run here. It is both unhygenic and harmful. We have come to remove all the rats."
Ganesh loked aghast.
By thus time a young man had joined her. "Oh by the way, this is Nahush. He works with snakes. He is a snake specialist"
"He even looks like a snake", muttered Parvati under her breath.
"And oh, one final thing. We have heard reports that an asiatic lion is being kept in captivity." said Ashok Sundari. "As you know the asiatic lion is an endangered species and to keep it in Himayan weather conditions in against the law
Ma Durga got up alarmed. It's not an asiatic lion. It's a Himalayan Lion- native to the Himalayas" answered
Ashok Sundari and Nahusa franctically checked their notepads. "There is a himalayan tiger listed, there's a Himalayan snow leapord listed- but no Himalayan Lion."
"See, so you can't take it away" replid Durga
"Pardon Ma'am. If that lion is the only member of it's species, that makes it all the more endagered." answered Nausha.
"Now, if the two of you don't leave immediately, you'll be the ones in danger" replied Durga as she slowly began to take her rudra roop.
Ashoka Sundari and Nahusha turned around and fled.
"Ma, who was that?" enquired Ganesh
"That" replied PArvati icily "was your didi"
"Oh, you mean Hitler Didi..."

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 3:01am | IP Logged
After they've run a while, they stop, and return w/ WWF officials, forest rangers and others.

In the meantime, Devasena is browsing the net on her iPad, and comes across many incidents of the California Mountain Lion.  She realizes that the mountain lion being used by Durga was probably the same species, and confirms it after she does the check.

She then goes to the WWF officials and tells them - look, this animal is a mountain lion, and as you know from the incidents in California (of them attacking joggers in almost suburban areas), there are plenty of them and they are not endangered.  The WWF officials disagree w/ her, and tell her that for the protection of the species, no species is ever taken off the endangered list.

Parvati gets furious to hear this, and at her command, Ganesh goes on his rat, takes a huge form and from CA, goes and gathers all the mountain lions there are in the world that he can find.  Ganesh sucks them all up w/ his trunk and drops them where they are.  Parvati laughs @ them and tells them - let's add WWF to the endangered species list, since there won't be any of you left once the endangered species are done w/ you.

The WWF officials panic, and start to flee.  However, most of them are caught and killed by the mountain lions.  Asoka catches hold of Kartikeya and hides behind him, while Nahusha starts to flee.  A bunch of the lions chase him.  While running, he takes a leap to cross a ravine, and at the end of his jump, he lands on Agastya, foot first, giving the sage the impression that he kicked him.  A furious Agastya says 'sarpa, sarpa' and turns Nahusha into a snake.

Now, as luck would have it, Nahusha was turned into an anaconda, and his fortunes changed.  He turned back, and now, it was the turn of the mountain lions to flee him.  But Nahusha was too quick for them, and before they knew it, all the mountain lions were eaten.  Nahusha headed for Ma Durga's lion, but Ma Durga took a huge form and threatened him, and Nahusha backed out.

Nahusha then turns his attention to Nagraj, who's somewhat loosened his grip on Shiva's neck.  Kartikeya goes to Nahusha and gives him the idea to go after Indra.  Nahusha does that, and goes to Devalok, and captures Indra, Agni, Surya, Vayu, Vishwakarma, Kama, Varuna and all others and in no time, has all of them locked in his coils.

Sachi comes out and begs Nahusha to spare the devas.  Nahusha agrees, but only on condition that Sachi surrender and submit to him.  Asoka, who's watching this from Kailash, asks Parvati - Mom, this is who you wanted me to marry? Shocked  Parvati is stunned.

Sachi in the meantime is livid at Nahusha for even suggesting it.  But Nahusha laughs, and tells her that look, I'm a snake and you are a devi, so don't worry about anything happening.  Besides, your husband shamelessly goes after married women like Ahalya, breaks tapasya of rishis as well as Kartikeya, and steals ashwamedha horses of rulers just out of envy.  So don't put on the charade about him being an embodiment of righteousness.  He deserves to have an equally characterless wife.  Right now, by being pure, you are unworthy of him.  Get tainted, and you will be worth him.

Sachi refuses, so Nahusa tightens his grip on Indra and the other devas.  Seeing that, the other wives of the devas - Sanjna, Rati, Varuni, et al start putting pressure on Sachi to agree to Nahusha's terms.  Sachi agrees, and asks Nahusha to come and meet her in Garuda's abode.

Nahusha visits Garuda's place, where Sachi is there in the company of Parashurama & Garuda.  Garuda salivates at seeing such a huge, delicious portion, and Sachi tells him - Kill him, and I'll cook him into any preparation you want.  Garuda tells her that he wants Snake Kiev - you know how to make chicken Kiev, just make the same thing, w/ snake meat, instead of chicken.  Sachi agrees, but tells him to first get her Nahusha's meat.

A huge battle ensures b/w Nahusha & Garuda, in which the latter manages to wear him down.  Shiva's Nagraj, who was furious at his supremacy of the snakes being challenged by Nahusha, goes and bites him.  His snake bite totally destroys Nahusha's serpentile qualities, and Nahusha returns to his old form.  Parvati comes and slaps him for cheating on her daughter.

Nahusha: Cheat on your daughter?  We're not even married - we have an open relationship.

Parvati: What is an open relationship?

Nahusha: It's an arrangement where we show ourselves as a couple in public, but are in fact free to date anyone we like.  Each of us.  Asoka really has a ball in seeing millions of men & devas salivate over her, w/o actually satisfying them, while I...

Parvati: Shut up!  This arrangement has got to end

Asoka: Mom, no.  You saw how he went after Sachi - bhaiyya's MIL.  Why would I even dream of competing w/ her?  It's better that we both cheat on each other w/ each other's consent.

Parvati: No, you may not see him any more.  We'll explore for you another husband.

Kartikeya: Actually, mom, I'd really appreciate if you started paying attention to my marriage.

Ganesh: No, mom, I want to get married first.

Asoka: Mom, let either of them marry first - I want to take a complete break from MEN!!!

Parvati now has a new headache, and lets go of Asoka LOL

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.Vrish, Varali and Minaxi you guys are fabulousClap.
Your funny posts made me rofling to deatheROFL
So after Ganesh and Kartikeya's rivalry and curse and counter curse its time for Ashoka's husband exploration. LOLROFL

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