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The C. N. A. T. (Page 43)

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Originally posted by mnx12

@sia221, just read the 1st pg of this thread, you'll know what it is & go through the entire thread when free.

Thanks.. I have BMed this one.. will be worth reading.. !!! Smile

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Good one vrish and minu, please post more. ;-)

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Parvati closed her eyes and mentally called her mother.

"Hello?" answered a voice. 

"Amma" wailed back  Parvati. 

"What is the matter beti ?" 

"Problem is Shiv...I Son in Law"

"Why? Is he thinking of going away some where again? I will ask Narada for a way out... I will..."

"No...No...Amma...wait...Listen to me first... He is all the time with me. That's the problem."


"He is all the time stuck in Kaliash. Doesn't go anywhere...all the time talking ...lecturing... gyan...moksh...aatmaaa...etc...etc...and he doesn't allow me to go anywhere either. I need to go shopping...remember the saree you gave me for Diwali?"

"Which one- the red or the white?"

"Big difference...all the sarees I have are only red or white. Anyway...the Diwali saree... I am yet to get a blouse stitched for it. And I need to purchase a new eyeliner and some moisturizing know how harsh winters are in Kailash...

"Oh...Beti...while you are shopping can you get me a bottle of..."

"OH MA,  for God's sake...Assuming I get to go out of the house. Why cant Shi... I mean why can't he leave me alone for sometime?

"Beti, I have the perfect idea. You can donate your husband to some worth brahmin."

"Great idea Ma. You're such a life saver. Now what did you want me to buy for you...?"

This is how, in order to get some time for herself Parvati donates Lord Shiva to the Sanakadi rishis.

A while later: 

Parvati transports herself to Pondy Bazaar in Chennai (the mecca for silk sarees) and is debating whether to enter Nalli's,  Kumaran, or Pothys (all saree stores...specifically silk saree stores). After a lot of mulling she decides to grace 'TheChennai Silks' with her presence.

A few hours later:

"Hello...Amma... I am having two sarees in my hand... one is peacock green and the other is peacock blue. Which one shall I take?"

"Take the red one Parvati" came a voice from behind. Parvati whirled around.

"Swami? You here?  I thought the sanakadi rishis had taken your away."

"Oh yes. They did. On the way I talked to them about Dharma Shastra, then I lectured  them on the hidden meaning behind the "OM", then Rishi Gautham came and he wanted to know about the nyaya shastra...So I talked about that too...When I opened my eyes... they had all fallen asleep.
I gently woke them up and began my discourse on the importance of Silence. Then I pointed out flaws in their yoga / meditation techniques. At the end of it...

"What happened?" asked Parvati her heart sinking...

"They said they could not tolerate me anymore and asked to me to inform you that they were returning your daan. So here I am...beside you. Take the red saree and the white one too..."

"Oh No...Amma..." wailed Parvati.

Writer's note: All characters in this piece are fictitious. Any resemblance to any character- mythological or otherwise - especially from a TV mytho purely intentional

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jayvenk IF-Rockerz

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Parvati transports herself to Pondy Bazaar in Chennai (the mecca for silk sarees) and is debating whether to enter Nalli's,  Kumaran, or Pothys (all saree stores...specifically silk saree stores). After a lot of mulling she decides to grace 'TheChennai Silks' with her presence.

varaali paro did not go to RMKV .. they have designer stuff i heard
awesome da Party

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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@ Varaali : 

Ammmaaa !!! ROFL

I can imagine Parvati mentally pulling her hair listening to her Swami's lectures..LOL and punching her fist in the air with a mental dance.. after the Daan..LOLLOL (comment is related to ur above post..LOL )

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@varaali-lol...all the effort for the same red and white saaree!!ha ha!ROFL
awesum one!

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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  • Sanat Kumars, after taking Mahadev, take him to Vaikuntha
  • At the gates of Vaikuntha, Jaya & Vijaya see them, and bow to Mahadev.  They tell Mahadev, "Prabhu, you are more than welcome to go in and meet our Prabhu.  And shall we provide some toys for your kids to play?"
  • Mahadev smiles but the 4 rishis are pissed and curse them that they will be separated from Vishnu for several yugas
  • Jaya & Vijaya go to Parvati, who is being tended to by her Jaya & Vijaya, and ask her to save them.
  • Parvati, both the Jayas & Vijayas, Nandi, Bhrigni and all the other ganas decide to destroy the ill gotten & misused powers of these sages
  • They all take various disguises and go to Vaikuntha.  The ganas are disguised as kids, Nandi is disguised as s rishi and Parvati as his siter - a sadhvi.
  • Since Jaya & Vijaya are not there, they just walk in unannounced
  • The ganas, who are disguised as kids, start mauling the rishis, who are about to curse them, when Brahma appears and reminds them that unlike them, these really are kids and shouldn't be so treated.
  • The kids then start playing ball w/ Shiva, and the Sanat Kumars try to stop them.
  • One of the ganas asks the Sanat Kumars which of the brothers does Shiva primarily belong to?  At first, the brothers are determined that he belongs to one & all, but Nandi & Parvati tell the kids that Shiva belongs to the eldest of the 4 brothers
  • The eldest of the 4 brothers is secretly happy, and his 3 brothers notice that, and that pisses them off.  They then start fighting him claiming their rights to Shiva
  • Before long, all 4 brothers are fighting each other.
  • The brothers then ask Vishnu how did he allow all these strangers to come in?  They are about to curse him
  • Vishnu tells them that by overreacting to Jaya & Vijaya, he removed the people who would have seen to it that while they were there, nobody else entered.  People have to go there by appointment - they can't just barge in there anytime they like.  The Sanat Kumars apologize.
  • However, Parvati then says that having caused their current predicament by overreacting to Jaya/Vijaya, the sanat kumars too deserved to be punished.
  • She announces that from now on, they'll lose all their divine powers and be separated from Shiva, just like they tried separating Jaya/Vijaya from Vishnu.
  • Since Jaya & Vijaya are cursed to become evildoers, Parvati announces that the Sanat Kumars will be their slaves for that much longer.  While Vishnu in his avatars will kill Jaya/Vijaya's avatars, that won't be applicable for the Sanat Kumars, who will continue to languish in obscurity
  • The Sanat Kumars try to beg forgiveness, but before they can, Nandi slaps them, saying that nobody dares try make Mata Parvati's predictions come untrue.  He then turns them into 4 sharks and tosses them to earth into the sea
  • Shiva then returns w/ Parvati & the ganas to Kailash.  In the meantime, Hiranyaksha retrieves those sharks, transforms them and makes them his henchmen.

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  • Following the curse Indra gets from Rishi Gautama, he approaches Parvati.  However, Parvati is livid @ him and tells him to get lost Clap
  • Parvati then regrets how she supported the Devas against the Asuras, and recalls that the asuras were never guilty of what the devas were.
  • She decides that the devas need a permanent Damocles sword hanging over them, but the current asuras are too independent.  She needs one that will both keep the devas on a leash, but not persecute innocent bystanders.
  • Accordingly, after she creates Ganesh, she invites Kartikeya, Meenakshi, Devasena and Asoka, and tells them that she wants them to help her build a statue
  • Kartikeya asks her - whose statue, and Parvati tells him - our very own Asura.  You've seen what Indra did to Ahilya, and after that, I've decided that he needs a permanent asura to straighten his @$$ whenever he strays even slightly
  • Kartikeya was delighted - that ingrate has never passed up an opportunity to insult me, so I agree, mom, this is the right punishment.  Let's start on the statue
  • Vinayak suggests - let's draw the plan for the statue, and then start on that.  Parvati agrees, and they all decide to divvy up the work and built a big statue of a big asura
  • Parvati picks the head, Kartikeya and Devasena the arms, Vinayak the midribs and Meenakshi and Asoka the legs and feet.
  • Very quickly, the statue is completed, and Parvati blesses it w/ life - and immortality.  Mahadev arrives and blesses it that it would never do anything adharm, and Kartikeya blessed it that it would never be defeated in battle by anyone.  Vinayak blesses it that it will never be arrogant.  Asokasundari blesses him to be handsome, and Meenakshi blesses him to be completely intelligent.  Mahadev then disappears.
  • Since this asura has been created to keep the devas on a leash, Parvati names him Dandasura
  • Devasena, seeing Kartikeya so happy, fesses up the full reason of why she was sent to him by Indra in the first place.
  • Kartikeya is annoyed that Indra tried to disrupt his tapasya, and suggests to Parvati that Dandasura's first assignment be to disrupt Indra's penance.  Dandasura objects, saying it would be very improper, and Vinayak agrees w/ him.  However, Kartikeya points out to Parvati that Indra should be taught the importance of not disrupting other people's penance, and so Parvati agrees w/ him, and overrules Dandasura
  • So Dandasura goes off to disrupt Indra's penance.  He takes the form of a beautiful apsara, and starts dancing.  Initially, Indra ignores it, but Dandasura then starts tossing in hymns praising Vishnu, and then fakes Vishnu's Mohini roop and addresses Indra as though he was Mohini.  
  • Indra, having lost a lot of his powers, can't tell that this Mohini is fake, and so listens to her.  Dandasura tells him that a quicker way to get liberated and get his throne back is to take a female form and offer himself to any rishi who's lusty.  It would give him an empathy about what Ahilya went through, and also help expose fraudulent rishis who use their status to mask their true intentions
  • Indra asks who to start w/, and Dandasura suggests Durvasa Evil Smile
  • Indra takes the roop of an apsara and goes and tries that on Durvasa.  But Durvasa recognizes that it's Indra and curses him to lose his masculinity and become a woman on earth and constantly molested by lusty men of all kinds for several yugas LOL
  • In the meantime, the devas are arguing over who should become king
  • Dandasura goes there and suggests Surya's name, on grounds of him being Aditi's eldest son
  • Dandasura then returns to Kailash and tells Kartikeya, Parvati, et al - Mission Accomplished! LOL

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