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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 3:37am | IP Logged
After meeting Kartikeya, Indra is feeling insulted, starts thinking of different ways of taking revenge.
In his thoughts, what should I do? My Indriya's sena was defeated by him. These Devas whose king I am, are not supporting me in this case. So no pt. sending their Sena to fight with Kartikeya.
Suddenly he spots his daughter Devsena.
Naradji apperas, says I want to give you an idea, Give your daughter's hand to Kartikeya & make him your Swarga-jamai. You can controll him & you'll be fortunate of becoming Mahadev's samadhi.
Indra says if I make him Swarga-jamai, he'll take my Simhasana immidiately, no this is not possible.
Indra calls Devsena, asks her, how is she?
I am compeletely bored here, want to go for a vacation, answers Devsena.
Indra gets an idea, tells her, I know a wonderful place on Prithvi, in South, you can go alone there & enjoy but this Kartikeya will be a problem there. He always insults me.
Devsena asks him, he is Dev's Senapati, gave you this Swarga back.
Indra tells her, no he has other plans, he wants to take over my Simhasana, he's getting stronger with his tapasya, you must help me, go & break his tapasya.
Devsena says, it's a sin to break anyone's tapasya.
Indra gets angry tells her go, it's an order.
Devsena thinks, father has gone mad again, let me take a break, it will be exciting to meet Kartikeya, next time even I can bully father with his help.
With a big smile on her face she tells Indra, I'll help you, don't worry,I am going to South & your Life will be OKLOL

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Accordingly, Devasena goes, and surfaces near Kartikeya's palace.

There she sees him w/ Meenakshi, who's tending to him like she's the queen of the place.  Asoka is also there.

Devasena is slightly crestfallen.  On one hand, Kartikeya is a real hunk, but on the other, it seems unlikely that she'll be his principal queen if he already has 2 wives.  Meenakshi & Asoka go to her to find out who she is.

Devasena thinks that it wouldn't be prudent to reveal that she is Indra's daughter, given the relationship b/w Kartikeya and her father.  So she asks them about them.

Asoka Sundari happily tells her about Nahush, and Devasena is shocked.  She asks her - isn't it wrong of you to be planning on another husband when your first one is right here?

Asoka: 'My what?! Shocked'

Devasena: How many husbands do you expect to have?

Asoka raises her hand to slap her, but Meenakshi intercepts it and tells her that this girl is not from this place, she is our guest, and atithi deva bhavo and all that...  She then explains that Asoka is Kartikeya's sister, and that Nahush is who her future hubby is supposed to be.

Devasena then asks Meenakshi whether she is Asoka's bhabi, and this time, it's Meenakshi who wants to slap her, but you guessed it, it's Asoka's turn to intercept her and give her the atiti devo bhavo bhashan...  She then explains that Meenakshi is someone who aspired to be Mahadev, but couldn't marry him due to his ek pati vrat.

Devasena then asks Meenakshi - in that case, what exactly is your role here?  If you can't marry his father, why didn't you marry him? LOL

Meenakshi is steamed and storms out of there.  Kartikeya arrives and asks them what the commotion is about, and Asoka fills him in.

Devasena explains to Kartikeya that she came there in search of her husband.  Kartikeya asks her - You are married?

'No', says Devasena.  'I meant that I came here in search of a husband, who'd then be my husband.  Initially, I thought that you already had these 2 wives'.

Kartikeya starts laughting uproariously, and Asoka is offended and storms out LOL  Mahadev & Parvati appear before her and continue narrating the Vishnu fairy tales, this time picking up @ Vamana avatar.

Kartikeya then asks Devasena who her father is, since he had a proposal for him.  Devasena is reluctant, so Kartikeya challenges her to a game of dice, and the terms are that if Devasena loses, she has to answer Kartikeya's question truthfully, whereas if she wins, Kartikeya can't ask her anything more.

Devasena loses, and very reluctantly tells him that her father is Indra.  She confesses that she wanted to marry him, but thought that if she was open about that fact, then Kartikeya would decline her hand, given his rivalry w/ Indra.

Kartikeya laughs and tells her. 'One thing that you suspected is correct - I am no longer going to send a proposal to your father.'

Devasena shrugs, saying, 'That's what I thought.  Guess it was good while it lasted'.

Kartikeya, 'No, that's not what I meant.  I was thinking of asking your father permission for your marriage.  But since he is Indra and has needlessly expressed ingratitude & insulted me, I'm not going to ask.  I'm simply arresting you, and will marry you.  If he wants to stop that, he's welcome to try Evil Smile'

Devasena's face lights up, and she's totally excited - and happily agrees to elope, w/o involving her father..  The two of them do a Gandharva vivaha, and then decide to follow it up w/ a composite wedding comprised of Gana and Deva customs.  Meenakshi decks up Devasena, Asoka ties their gaat bandhan, and then they do a traditional wedding, and Nandi and the ganas too surface there and party like it's the 80s.

Bali, whose story was being narrated to Asoka, also turns up w/ the asuras, crashing the party, greets Mahadev and congratulates Kartikeya, giving him a beautiful peacock as a gift.  Changu, Mangu and Tingoo have been given leave from Yamalok to attend this, and they too take the opportunity to get forgiven by Mahdev and transformed into Ganas.

Kartikeya and Devasena have almost completed the rituals, and just as he's filling up her barren maang and making it all red, Indra turns up, and looks @ them totally shell shocked.

Kartikeya smiles, walks up towards him, and tells him, 'Sasurshree, I stole your daughter.  Nya, nya nya nya nya Tongue'

Indra sighs, and leaves in disgust.  He curses Devasena that you will have a sautan who'll rival you for Kartikeya's love.

Devasena is disappointed, but Parvati is besides herself w/ joy @ the grihapravesh, and welcomes them as they go through all the ceremonies.  After a few months, Kartikeya and Devasena return to the south.

Devasena too joins Kartikeya in supporting him in his tapasya, which frustrates Indra even more.  He starts pondering what his next move against Kartikeya shoudl be. Dead

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sorry for buttin in..but...there are no cheerleeders with pompomsLOL

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After, bhasmasura seeing his own dance, he applied in JDJ and DID , they agrees to this proposal with only one condition that is his mustache is too big and he have to cut Shockedit!

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DKDM beats CNAT. Devsena turns out to be Indra's Apsara. He can't be Mahadev's samadhi.

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Vrish.

Kartikeya and Devasena have almost completed the rituals, and just as he's filling up her barren maang and making it all red, Indra turns up, and looks @ them totally shell shocked.

Kartikeya smiles, walks up towards him, and tells him, 'Sasurshree, I stole your daughter.  Nya, nya nya nya nya Tongue'

Very funny Vrish...LOL

Just one thing... we don't have the 'maang filling' custom in our marriages. It would be...'tying the thaali (mangalasutra)...' 

That's what happens in all tamil movies at the 'nth' moment.  Villian is tying the thaali but before he finishes the hero comes roaring in in his motorcycle.LOL and snatches the thaali...OR

The hero is tying the thaali and an angry sasur comes roaring in and tries to snatch the thaali but finds it firmly tied around his daughter's neck...  LOL

You get the jist... As soon as there is a marriage scene and the thaali is continously being shown in close- up, the viewers begin to sit on the edges of their anticipation of some dhamaakedar action ...

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Meeting no 137 b/w the CVs of DkDM and Ganesh & Kartik 

CVs 1,2, 3 and 4 are seated on one side of the table. A very angry Kartikeya  with his brother Ganesh is on the other side.

KArtikeya (thumping his fist on the table) : You made me kill Tarakasur (I would have killed Surapadman too, if  you morons  knew he existed) and now you are denying me marriage. I refuse to remain a bachelor. I am married and that is how you should show me.

CV 1: But you are indeed unmarried. That's how we know you. You are Kumar Kartikeya...

KArtikeya: (staring right into the CV's face) Which idiot says so? 

CV 1 : All the idiots... I mean ...pundits in North India say so. I am myself one. 

Kartikeya:  You are an idiot

CV 1 : No, I am a pundit.

Kartikeya : Ha, ever visited south? Been into any of my temples? I have not one but two wives... You better show both of them.

(Kartikeya lunges forward and points his spear at the CV's neck)

CV 1: (eying the spear at his throat  and raising his hands) Ok Ok...We will show you as getting married.

Kartkeya: Make it a Maha Episode and make it quick. i don't want to keep my Valli waiting. 

CV 1 ( nods helplessly). Jaisi aapki ichcha...

Kartikeya : Oh one more thing...It better be a proper Tamil wedding...

CV 1: Oh, whatever...Tamil / Telgu / Malayalam... Aap jo kahe...Waise, meri Shadi to ho gayi

Kartikeya lowers his spear and turning around, walks away. While going he winks at his brother and gives him a thumbs up sign as if to say  "Sorry, brother, I pipped you"

This only infuriated Ganesh further. He whirled his trunk in the air and brought it down on CV 2. Smack!  Smack!  Smack!

CV 2 : Ayyo ...Appa... Saaami... Vinayaka Perumane... What are you doing?

Ganesh: So you think that you can get away by marrying my brother but not me? Smack!

CV 2 : But ...Vinaayakaaa... you are the respected elder brother of our Murugan Swami... You are not suppose to be married...

Ganesh:   Then who are Riddhi and Siddhi? Smack... Smack...Smack... You tamils think you are all very knowledgable...Thinking that centum in Mathematics is everything...Have you bothered to even get acquainted with other cultures? 

CV 2:   Shaking his head helplessly...

Ganesh: FYI, I too am married... I too have two wives... And you better show both of them to...Ok?Or...(Ganesh whirls his trunk menacingly)

CV 2 :  Seri... Seri...OK...As you say...

By this time CV 3 was in a state of mortal terror. He heard a voice behind the door. "Excuse me? Is that one of the CVS?

CV 3 : (closing his eyes)  Areey whoever you are... you too can have two marraiges..two wives...two mega episodes...

Visitor: Relax son...

CV3 opens his eyes " Mahadev!  Prabhu! Aap?"

Mahadev : Relax son... Now what were you saying about another marriage for me?"

A curious rumbling sound is heard. Ma Durga in her rudra roop manifests herself pointing her trident at the third CV

Durga : You are from bengal, isn't it? Do you fear my wrath? How dare you even suggest another wife for Mahadev? Aami... Aami... tomaake...

CV 3:  faints down in terror, promising he will visit at least  51 Puja Pandals next year...

CV 4 (clicking on Google and typing): Nandi + marriage + wife...

Note: Whatever I have written is purely in jest...No offence meant...

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That was such a hoot - especially the Bong CV offering Mahadev another marriage, and Ma Durga cracking down on him! ROFL

Oh, and thanks for telling me about the thalis - had no idea.

Only thing - Ganesh hasn't been born yet, and he's already there tormenting the CVs?  Or would he give CV1 another trunkwhipping for showing him as the younger of the two?  Which of course would open another can of worms.

Maybe they can change this Meenakshi's name and then marry her to Nandi Evil Smile

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