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varaali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 11:46am | IP Logged
Buoyed by the success of CSS and 900k gold coins given to him by Taki, Chakri wants to expand his business. Seeing that the education sector is a booming business in India, Chakri decides to emulate it in Swarga. He starts CPS - Chakri Play School  (for children aged 2-5). 

On the very first day, he has received 5 application forms. Poking his head out of his office he sees that the waiting room is filled with parents. He is thrilled.

He walks into the waiting room with a clipboard. Glancing at the list in his hand, he calls out the first name - "Mahasena - Who's it?"

A small boy with curly hair raises his hand. Chakri tickles his cheek and looks around for the parents. 

"Father?  Who's the father of Mahasena?" 

Both Agni and Vayu raise their hands.

Chakri looks confused. 

"Both of us are  his fathers" explain Agni and Vayu.

Chakri gives them an incredulous look. "And the mother's name?" he asks

Agni and Vayu shrug their shoulders

Chakri mutters something  under his breath, but doesn't want to question them further for the fear of losing a prospective admission. In the application form, under the heading "Father's name" , he writes Agni & Vayu, after striking off the apostrophe in "Father's'" and letting it remain plural. He turns to his clipboard and calls out the second name

"Gangeya- Who's it?"

The small boy with curls lifts his hand once again.

Chakri is stumped. " But your name is Mahasena. Why does this application have your name as Gangeya?"

"Because he is my son" comes an answer from behind . It is Ganga walking in.

"But madam, this child has already been admitted. These two -pointing to Agni and Vayu- claim to be his fathers."

Ganga gives a scornful look at them and says haughtily. " This is my son. I don't where these two -throwing Agni and Vayu a dirty look- I don't know where these two have come from.

"Madam, It does not matter where Agni and Vayu came from. What matters is where  this boy has come from... And I think now I know" says Chakri.

In the application form, under  'mother's name' he writes "Ganga",  winking at Agni / Vayu. Wink

"Now ... Chakri...wait a minute" said Agni, who was perspiring. "it's not what you think... I mean we don't know who she is... we've never seen her before... Try to understand..."Agni was almost incoherent.

Chakri gave a meaningful smile. "Man" he said pointing to Agni, "Woman" he said, pointing to Ganga and " Bachcha" he said, pointing to the curly haired boy. "What's left to understand?" LOL Chakri burst out laughing. "You want me to think this child emerged from Shiva's third eye?" 

Chakri assures Ganga "Madam, this child has been admitted." He calls out the third name in his list. 

"Sharavana? Who's Sharavana?"

For the third time, the boy with curls lifts his hand. Chakri chokes. "You again?" 

The boy nods. Very hesitantly Chakri asks "Parents' names?  not able to decided whether or not he wanted to hear the answer.

But the Goddess of Forests walks in and announces  "Sharavana is my son..Will you please put my name as the mother?" 

Chakri now realizes from where each of the 5 applications came. 

Just as he is about to read the fourth name when six giggling women enter, all calling out  "Kartikeya" 

Chakri looks with disbelief at the little boy. You are Karikeya, too?" The boy nods.

Chakri sits down, his head spinning. "I have heard of Parents having four children, but I have never heard of a child having four - no- ten parents."

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Chakri decides to turn this situation to his own advantage.  He tells them that admission fees are 100k gold coins.  Agni, Vayu, Ganga, Shravana and the Kritikas all scramble, and before long, Chakri has a cool million gold in front of him.

He tells them that they'd each get a login to the school's intranet, and can monitor Mahasena's/Gangeya's/Sharavana's/Kartikeya's progress.  Essentially, he gives all 4 the same roll#, but has his system staged so that they'd all look like unique reports to each of the claimants, er parents.

Parvati & Shiva arrive there, w/ Parvati too wanting to enroll Skanda.  Chakri smiles, issues the boy another ID, and gives it to Parvati.  He asks Mahadev - do you want one for Guha as well?  Mahadev knows what he's doing, and  tells him - well, I'll let Parvati handle him as well. LOL

Chakri gives all the parents, as well as Kartikeya, a tour of the school, and they are impressed. Thumbs Up  Chakri tells them that Kartikeya's classes start next week, and his first assignment would be creating a language LOL

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vanadhi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 10:51am | IP Logged
hilarious LOL Varaali akka ...ROFL
and vrish Skand's first assignment is to create a language ...great deal LOL

i think its C.N.A.T time  in DkDm as well ,so that mahadev is uniting skand instead of parvati ...from this incident we can conclude that our cv's too have become a fan our C.N.A.T thread ...Clap..we welcome them with open hands 

hence Skand accepted chakri's assignment and pretend to create a new language so that he can secretly converse with DevasenaNuke out of sachi's notice ...but he can't complete the task fully while walking slowly around his school corridor ,he heard a delicate voice of a human constantly repeating the same words (according to skands's assumptions )  so followed the direction and finally found a small man with a long beard and mustache all over his face ... 
Skand questioned him who is he .?.
He replied i am Sage Agastiya ...and i am reforming a language here 
Skand raised his eye brows in excitement ...he  said i need that language

Language is not a basket of toys to give u but u have to learn .them...
skand replied the language will  learn  me and remain here what i have formed it ...
sage grinned " i know who u are !"
skand replied ...ya but only that language will know who is my future partner "

Partner ? sage questioned...

Yes Dev guru . plotted my birth chart ,that will be a ideal son , brother ,god but !...

But what 

not a Husband ...Cry

so thats ur problem let me slove " said sage Agastiya 

he formed a birth table chart in that new language ...its south .

south ?

yes u and this language are destined to south ,,u both will flourish there ...but 
wait ,not only devasena ! but valli is also waiting for u there 
 really ! who is she   i mean valli ,i hope she is not a daughter of a mother like sachi ...she is annoying OTT now a days 

now concentrate ur mind on OM...

the scriptures are formed according to skand's wish ...he send every thing to devsena telepathically and asked her to join the school too 

Skand!!!! concentrate on ur work first screamed our sage 

Ok oK Angry

Finished u can reproduce it where ever needed ...sage smiled at him 


Skand submitted his completed assignment before ...

chakri  engulfed ...So soon ...great !...but i cant understand anything 

Thats why its is callled as my  language laughed skand !!!

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 11:12am | IP Logged

Too good!  So Skanda decides to use that language to secretly converse w/ Devsena. ROFL  And asks her to enroll in CPS? LOL
  • Okay, so Chakri sees that language, and tells Skanda that the first game would be teaching him that language.  
  • Skanda tells him to enroll Devasena & Valli.  
  • Chakri tells him that they are still underaged for this school, but he'll look @ admitting them in a couple of years.  Skanda is satisfied.
  • Skanda then goes on to teach Chakri that language.  Chakri adds support for the new language in his school management software, customizes his reports, and send them to all the 12 parents in that language.  Except Mahadev, who understands it, everybody else is shocked. LOL
  • They ask Chakri about it, and Chakri tells them that this is their son's language, not his, so they should be knowing it as well, and if they don't, they ought to learn from him.
  • Skanda gets his home work.  it is to teach all his parents the new language, and based on how they do in a take home test, he, or each of his rolls, will be graded.
  • All the other 11 parents appear before Mahadev to teach them the language.  However, while Mahadev is teaching them, they all fall asleep - including Parvati - and Mahadev rusticates them from his class
  • They are all shocked, but Saraswati appears before them and tells them that teaching them the language is the assignment of their son, not the job of Mahadev, and therefore, they were destined to fail in this attempt.
Does Mahasena/Gangeya/Sharavana/Kartikeya/Skanda/Guha manage to teach their parents his new language?  Pick it up from there ROFL

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mnx12 Moderator

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
@vanadhi excellentClap
They've been picking up matter from CNAT earlier too. Some times even I am shockedROFL

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mnx12 Moderator

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Nandi is vey sad, is sitting  under a tree in Kailash, thinking.
Naradji appears, asks him the reason for being sad.
Nandi says Devarshi some ignorant people on Earth are not liking how Mahadev putra katikeya's birth is shown. They don't like Mata crying. But if Mata doesn't cry how will her pain be shown?
They wanted Mata to be strong, but Mata is shown crying so much, isn't she strong enough to shed so much tears?
Naradji says these Prithviwasis are an ignorant bunch of people, they claim they know so much.
How easily they are forgetting, what was taught recently by Mahadev.
Nandi yes Devarshi, Mahadev has shown Mata recently in the mirror, Mahadev is Paravti & Paravti is Mahadev. So what Mahadev did was actually done by Mata.
Naradji says yes Nandi these people should understand, Mahadev making his 6 sons as 1 was actually, Paravti merging her sons into 1.
Nandi says when will these fools learn to accept such enlightening facts?
Naradji tells him, Nandi if they do then, they all will get Moksh. Most of the Prithviwasis will be on Kailash. Just imagine, Kailash will become as populated as Prithvi.
Nandi gets scared if such thing happens, he will get lost among all those people. Someone else might take his place.
Naradji is leaving. Nandi asks him where is he going now.
Naradji says he is going to join those Prithviwasis in their protest, there is a valid pt in their demand too.

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varaali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 September 2012 at 12:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Vrish.

Does Mahasena/Gangeya/Sharavana/Kartikeya/Skanda/Guha manage to teach their parents his new language?  Pick it up from there ROFL


Skanda is at a loss how to teach his mothers and fathers his new language. But just then someone comes running, waving a sheaf of papers in the air. It is Sage Agastya, who, afraid that the language he had newly constructed would disappear into oblivion,  had written a book in record time. Agastya began distributing copies of his book to Agni, Vayu, Ganga, Krittikas, and others who were there.
They looked at the title of the book.  It said  "HOW TO LEARN TAMIL IN THIRTY DAYS" LOL

Ganga and Shravana groaned. "Thirty days. Too Much. There has to be an easier way out."

Menawhile, through his CSS, Chakri gets wind of the problem and decided to use it to his advantage. The next day an new building appeared beside CPS and the board said "CHAKRI LINGUISTIC SERVICES"  and a  smaller board beneath it - "Learn Tamil in 10 days or your money back - Course fees 300 /- Gold coins only. Taught by the renowned Sage Agastya "

Naturally Agni, Vayu, Krittikas , Ganga and Shravana rushed to join. Menavati and Nanima too enrolled in the course thinking that if their grandson was going to speak in this language, they better learn it too.

Even Indra and Sachi - now suspicious of Skanda's motives, also joined the course.

At the end of Day 1, Chakri was a happy one. He had made a huge fortune and life never looked better.

Just when he was thinking everything was as good as it could get, in walked Kubera informing him that he had been nominated as the " ...Business asur of the Year". 

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@meenaxi-wah wah..kya point hai!!!
@varaali,vanadhi and Virsh-omg VVV..he he-youll guys are awesum awesum
please continue,i would have but my sense of humour is almost dead with studying!

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