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  • Shumbh & Nishumbh drop plans of marrying Ambika once Raktabheej & Dhumralochan are killed.  They also end their alliance w/ Taki.
  • So Shumbh & Nishumbh learn that Changu, Mangu & Tingu have got this boon from Mahadev to get his protection.  They decide to do a similar tapasya to get Parvati - not as a wife, but to grant them a boon.
  • Parvati is hesitant about granting asuras a boon, but Mahadev points out to her that it's unfair & discriminatory to do that.  He tells her to grant them a boon that will do everything short of making them indestructible.
  • As a result, Adi Shakti appears b4 Shumbh & Nishumbh and offers them a boon.  They ask her that the asuras all be dedicated from now on to the path of dharam, & the devas on the path of adharm.  Adi Shakti hesitates at first, but Shumbha reminds her about how Indra tried to torture Parvati, and so she agrees.
  • Nishumbh asks that Vishnu's powers get eroded the more he supports the devas in their adharm.  Adi Shakti finds no good reason to refuse.
  • Shumbh & Nishumbh then go to Changu, Mangu & Tingu.  They initially hesitate to support them, but they tell them how they had cleaned up their act after the deaths of Dhumralochan & Raktabheej, for which they broke their alliance w/ their father.  Changu, Mangu & Tingu agree to an alliance.
  • Our wise devasuras from pg 16 - Indrasura & Kamasura, join Shumbha's spy service.  Shumbha sends Indrasura to spy on his ex-mother Indra and notify him by MMS what they are up to.  Kamasura is sent to expose to Parvati how the asuras are really the good ones, while the devas, & her bro Vishnu are the naughty ones.
  • Maya danav completes the Tripura cities, and assigns them to Changu, Mangu & Tingu.  The asuras start living absolutely wholesome lives, and Indra gets jealous.  True to form, Indra & Vishnu plot to send some monks led by Arihan & Narada to pervert the practices of the asuras
  • Shumbha however gets Indrasura's intercepts and shows them to Changu, Mangu & Tingu.  So w/ the help of Maya danav, they create a Maya, and create a duplicate Tripura, where the devas, are lured.  
  • Accordingly, the devas fall for Arihan's teachings, and due to Shumbha's mayavi tricks, Arihan never figures out that they are actually devas & not asuras.  As a result, the devas are totally corrupted.  Also, Parvati's boon to Shumbha too takes effect
  • Kamasura shows that scenario to Parvati, and suggests that the devas, Vishnu & Brahma need to be taught a lesson.
  • Shiva is furious that Vishnu and Indra plotted to lead the asuras astray.  Kamasura however tells him that their spy services have landed Arihan @ the wrong targets, and urges them to destroy them.
  • Question then arises as to who should destroy them all - Shiva, or Adi Shakti (Ambika/Durga/Mahakali).  Kamasura suggests that they play a game of dice.  Parvati comes up w/ the rules.
  • Parvati wins the game, much to Mahadev's delight.  Now the problem is targeting 3 loks w/ a single arrow.  Kamasura tells them that Vishnu, Brahma & Indra must be totally unaware of what's going on.
  • Vishnu realizes that the devas are the ones corrupted, & he & Brahma go to save them.  Indrasura decides that this has to be stopped, and Taki goes and battles Vishnu, and locks him in combat.  Again, due to Parvati's boon, Vishnu is trounced.
  • Indrasura himself goes and tells Brahma that the devas are reaping the consequences of trying to sabotage the asuras  Brahma realizes that resistance is futile, and like the Borg, gets assimilated! LOL
  • Kamasura then tells Shiva & Parvati that the way to destroy the alternate deva Tripura would be that both of them have to hold the bow and release the arrow together @ the exact moment the deva Tripura comes into alignment
  • The deva Tripura comes into alignment and Mahadev/Parvati release the arrow.  Vishnu tries to stop it, but is prevented by Tarakasura, while Brahma is scalded and flees.  The astra hits the deva Tripura and destroys Indra, Narada, Arihan, all the devas & rishis (Dadhichi, et al).  Vishnu is crestfallen.
  • Brahma & Vishnu approach Mahadev, who reproaches them for participating in the deva conspiracies and thereby causing their end.  He tells them that from now on, the asuras are his favorite.  Karitkeya will still kill Taki, but after that, Shumbha, who is reformed, will replace him.  Not Indra.
  • Vishnu is demoted for his role in all this, and Parvati disowns him as a brother LOL
  • The asuras rejoice.  Indrasura & Kamasura are richly rewarded by Taki, Shumbha & Vidyunmali.
  • Vishnu, having lost, leaves, realizing that he won't have much of a role until Prahlad appears.  He'll wait for that.
  • The asuras throw a party for themselves & the Ganas to celebrate Mahadev's & Parvati's destruction of the devas.  Parvati embraces the asuras as her children
  • Himavan & Menavati visit, and Parvati decides to go home on a vacation. Smile
  • Nandi & the ganas are asked by Shiva to take another vacation to Matsyaa's home.  Nandi asks to be excused from going as a shark/dolphin/whale.  He doesn't even want to go as a bull LOL
  • The ganas go to that village for a holiday & start partying LOL
  • Mahadev is now left in peace, and sits next to Manosarovar, enjoying the tranquility.  For the first time in ages, the devas are not bothering him, Vishnu & Brahma aren't invading his privacy, and he couldn't be happier.  He blesses the asuras that they'd be the gold standard of dharam for ages to come Day DreamingApproveCool

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The Asura gang is delighted at the news of Don Tarakasur's son's getting an extra protection from the Super power.
They decide to venture into some legal business.
The Deva gang's don Indra too is thinking of diverting his business, as the risk in their current profession is increasing. They are tired of being kicked out from their head-quarter, Swarga. Devas told Indra, next time we are be thrown out of Swarga, we should have an alternate place to live, so let's make another place, which can be a week-end home too.
They all find an excellent opportunity in  the real estate business. Tenders were invited to build up a Township. Both Asura & Deva gangs give their tenders. Asuras were smart, they under quoted then the market prise, finall got the contract.
Tarakasur decides to name that township as "The Tripuras" & gives his famous laugh huhahahaha!!
Here Indra is not disappointed, he tells Devas, not to worry, we'll buy all the buildings of this township, let Asuras build it, we'll owe it. Today me & Tarakasur both are happy, he too laughs huhahahaha!! 

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A capital is needed for Tripura.  Shukracharya, Chakri & Vritra all sit for an Architects' meeting.  After a lot of discussion, they agree to make Agartala the capital LOL

Taki is happy and moves into Agartala.  However, he finds himself into a copyright battle w/ his sons.  As you see, his sons have settled in another tri-city establishment they called Tripura, and they claimed the first use of that name.  Indrasura was made their lawyer for this court case against Taki.

The Devas started trying to infiltrate Taki's Tripura.  Taki asked Vritra to create a unit called the BSF to ensure that no devas were let in.

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Family scene – Kailash

Parvati in kitchen stirring kheer – baby crying – mahadev eyes closed meditating

Parvati – mahadev , mahadev, swami, prabhuuu..

Subah subah ankh bandh karke dyan mein chele jatey hi.. mutter mutter mutter ,, who will make kheer,, sab kuch muje hi karna padta hi .

Mahadev – eyes till closed – thinking – may be if I closed my eyes for a little longer he will stop crying.. Oh Lord help.. oops I am the lord .. :P

Skanda – hmmm let me cry some more..that stick in father's hand , I would like to have one,, aah  that snake looks interesting too.. ,, the moon wow.. 

Parvati – prabhuuu….stirring kheer vigorously . she starts turning black ..

Mahadev – Looks like I have to do my duties – opens eyes has serene smile ..

Skanda – ahhh ha got father's attention.. now to throw some tantrums..

Mahadev picking up skanda -  skanda decides snake is great toy..

Parvati walks in seeing skanda playing with snake..

Prabuuu   she goes blue black

Starts crying.. [ this has nothing to do with the scene] she just cries

Do add to this ur on view of what cud happen in kailash in a normal family setting Tongue

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Originally posted by jayvenk

Starts crying.. [ this has nothing to do with the scene] she just cries


Why? B'cos the kheer got burnt? LOL

Well written. Smile

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no reasons at all lolz.. but  yes the kheer gets burnt  is one of many
and she just cries and cries some more.. 

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Cont'd from Jayvenk's post above...

Parvati  "Look what's happened. All the kheer has got burnt. Can't you look after one child? You call yoursef jagatpita? First be a normal pita."

Parvati is all fuming, sweat pouring  from her face.

Shiva wipes her sweat and pushes her hair back from her face. "PArvati... Parati...Calm down.. Try some meditation yourself. When your antaratma rises and the Prakrtit in you joins with the Purusha..."

"Oh stop it, will you?" an irate Parvati interrupts his flow. And muttering under her breath 
"Antaratma...Purusha.. Prakriti...Can't he ever talk about anything else?"

Seeing Parvati in not so good temper Shiva offers "I will cook today's lunch Parvati. Don't worry."

"You, Swami? "

"Yes, my dear" And he walks off, trident in hand.

"Swami" Parvati calls back

"Yes?, What's it?" comes Shiva's voice from around the corner

"The kitchen is on this side- not where you are going" replies Paravti.

"Oh, sorry" Shiva retraces his steps.

Rummaging sounds are heard from the kitchen. Parvati trying to  relax on the couch

"Looking for something Swami? The sugar is in the brown pot, milk in the brass vessel..."

Shiva emerges with a steaming bowl in his hands.

"See?  lunch ready"

"What's this?"

"Maggie two minute noodles" announces SHiva triumphantly

"Honestly, couldn't you make anything else?"

"No . No time."

"What are you going to do now?"

Shiva points to the Sun "It's going to be eleven o' clock"


Shiva, reaching for the TV remote and settling on the couch said "It's time for  the repeat of Devon ke dev Mahadev. Missed it last night. ..."

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Mahadev decides to help Parvati, by keeping Kartikeya buzy.
He tells Kartikeya, son, I'll teach you a new game. Which is called Dhyan. It's my favourite game too.
Karikeya is excited. He is aked to sit & close his eyes & concentrate.
kartikeya's new game starts. His eyes are closed, there is nothing, just a blank space. Karikeya thinks, there is nothing here, so boring. Suddenly a face appears, wearing a funny head band, is doing HuhahahaahLOL
Karikeya likes this face. He further concentrates. Now the face says, you can't catch me huhahaha.
Karikeya feels the face is challanging him. with his Icchashakti, catches the face, but the face disappears.
Kartikeya opens his eyes, seeing him quiet for sometime, Mahadev & Paravti, ask him how was his dhyan?
I want that face, I'll catch him. Starts throwing tantrums.
Parvati asks Mahadev, now what? Mahadev comes to know whose face was that. Tells Parvati,  our son is playing his original game. Nothing to worry.

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