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Posted: 05 July 2013 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
During the bidai, Buddhi & Siddhi tear up, sad that they are gonna leave.

"Leave?", asks Ganesh?  "Pitaji, you're not letting go of us that easily Evil Smile  We ain't going anywhere!"

Vishwarup: "What, you all want to settle here?  You are more than welcome!"

Himavan: "Who said anything about settling here?"

Ganesh: "Pitaji, guess what?  You'll have to host another wedding here.  Right now!!! Evil Smile"

Vishwarup: "But I don't have any more kids.  I have 2 daughters, both of whom have been married off.  Who do I now give away in marriage?"

Himavan: "Nobody.  You're just being asked to host the wedding.  Kartikeya's!!!"

Vishwarup: "Okay, since Ganesh is my SIL, I can consider Kartikeya my son.  But wouldn't the hosting of the wedding be on the bridal side, which I'm not?  Or are weddings not allowed in Brahmalok?  I thought they say that marriages are made in heaven"

Himavan: "Maybe, but celebrated on earth.  You don't expect Brahma & Saraswati to do everything in Brahmalok, and besides, it would create the thorny issue of who's the bahu paksh and who's the varr paksh.  An issue neatly sidestepped out here."

Vishwarup to his wife: "Good thing that this place is already decorated for a wedding - almost no work for us LOL  Why not just clean up the place, bring back the pundits and execute the marriage??"

Mrs Vishwarup: "How can you think like that?  Everything has to be re-done from scratch.  How can we treat our dear SIL's family that way?"

Menavati: "Yeah, Vishwarup, how can you even think of doing that?"

Kartikeya steps in here.  "Nanima, bhabi's parents are right.  We really don't have all that time to waste on redecorating the place.  In fact, why do redundant work - wrap up the decorations and then redecorate again?  In fact, I've just got an idea for the theme of the next gyan sabha, which I will do immediately after marriage (winking mischievously at Ganesh).  It will be on the importance of not wasting time doing redundant work LOL"

Brahma & Saraswati arrive there, and tell Vishwarup: "Since we're not hosting the wedding, we'll just restore this place to the state it was before the wedding ceremonies started."  And presto, the wedding venue is back and ready for the next marriage.

Vishwarup and his wife are relieved that this time, they can comfortably sit and witness the wedding, and not have to supervise the wedding arrangements LOL

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varaali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 July 2013 at 1:36am | IP Logged
Thanks to Ganesh's idea, a lot of time, effort and money was saved.

Since the guests were already present there, transport costs (which are usually borne by the bride's parents were saved.

Since the mandap was already ready and decorated, those costs were also saved.

Most of the guests present there, including Shiva and family, had been gorging on gourmet food for the last three days (leading upto Ganesh's wedding). They found themselves unable to do justice to another full scale wedding dinner. So they were more than happy to settle for simple homemade food. So, money saved there as well

Devasena was already in wedding finery (for Ganesh's wedding)- so Saraswati reasoned she can get married as well in the same attire.

And effort was saved on another count- Srushti - who was getting bored at the thought of writing another wedding update decided to recycle the one she had written for Ganesh's wedding- simple replacing   Ganesh with Kartikeya and Riddhi / Siddhi with Devasena. And guess what no one noticed the difference. After all who reads updates of weddings (Sorry Shrusti)

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Posted: 06 July 2013 at 2:19am | IP Logged
Also, Nandi didn't have to draw up a guest list - since all the guests were already there, so those who weren't - their loss LOL

Also, all the guests were full after gorging on Ganesh's feast.  So for Kartikeya, only those hungry again after a while ate - the bulk of it by Ganesh, Buddhi & Siddhi.  Kubera persuaded Vishwarup to hire his catering services for this one.  This time, Ganesh didn't spoil things for him LOL

Brahma was pleased w/ Kubera and promised him that Rama would come and restore him his pushpak after his return to Ayodhya.

Following the wedding, Kartikeya presided over a gyan sabha where he told everybody about the importance of saving money for sustaining a new family, and the principles of amortization - the idea where a single major expense can be spread out over time and made to cover similar expenses for other occasions.  Like how Ganesh's wedding expenses were amortized over Kartikeya's own wedding as well LOL

Devraj Nahusha was so thrilled by seeing how Ganesh & Kartikeya economized on what looked like a sure money burner - Kartikeya's wedding, as well as by Kartikeya's sermon - that he asked Parvati her permission to make Kartikeya the treasurer, and Ganesh in charge of expenses.  He figured that that way, the Devas wouldn't have to reclaim the treasure that was looted by Jalandhar, but could save their way to a budget surplus.  Asokasundari too chimed in in support of her husband's idea, thrilled that her 2 brothers would now be at her home all the time, due to their new responsibilities, should they accept.

How does Parvati respond?...

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In a 7 star aashram of a popular personality, Article baba, his bhaktas have gathered to know his latest prediction about popular actors. 
Article baba gives gyan not by his discourses but in an innovative way . He publishes various articles in leading news papers, magazines to spread the knowledge. After that his bhaktas go in that respective circle to promote his teachings. 
One such case was about an actor playing the female lead in a daily soap. Article baba had predicted she was going to be replaced & his prediction turned out to be true. His 3 bhakats- B1, B2, B3 went to her fans- F1, F2, F3
B1, B2, B3: Article baba ki jay! Article baba ki jay!
B1: Our Baba is the greatest, he always speaks truth. 
F1: The reason of her getting replaced was something else.
B2: Yes I know, she wanted raise in her fees.
F1: It is natural for anyone to ask for a raise, after certain time.
B1: How can she demand raise, she is greedy.
B3: Yes buddy, I am with you, she should not ask for the raise.
F2: Then she should work free?
B1: Exactly, she should be grateful to get an opportunity of working in a popular show.
F3: These articles can not be trusted compeletely.
B1: Do not say anything against our Article baba, he is always right, he speaks only truth.
F3: But sometimes back, he had predicted she is not going to be replaced.
B2: That's because our baba is very considerate, he was giving her chance to improve.
F3: I have heard your baba's PR also got a tv segment of people celebrating, cutting cake after she left, that was actually someone elses's birthday celebration.
B1: No they were actually celebrating, accept the fact, she should actually pay the producers to act in that show.
B3: I support you buddy, accept the fact, be +ve.
F1: I am B -ve.
All Bs are shocked.
F1: Chill guys that's my blood group, we'll wait for her to come in a new show, then your Article baba will again start predicting good things about her, till then have some chockolates.

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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 5:23am | IP Logged
F1: I'm not watching anymore
B1: Please don't say that.  The departing actress herself has requested yall not to, but to instead follow her, but continue to watch this show.  It's there on her facebook account
F2: She doesn't have a facebook account, only Twitter.  The facebook account that you cited is obviously a fake
B2: But life must go on, and not stop for any actor or actress.  Do watch the show for the story too
F3: What they are showing is complete fiction.  I've never read nor heard of such stories anywhere
B3: It's not fiction.  The serial doesn't pull from just one source - they pull from a variety of sources.  That's why you're seeing what you're seeing
F1: Yeah, they pull different parts of the story from different places, and when they put it together, it makes no sense at all.  Have you even read what some of the books say about certain events?
B2: Well, when you are trying to find the truth, do you listen to just one person?  You listen to several, take bits and pieces of their account, which you think credible, and then you believe a composite account of what you've heard
F3: You'll get complete nonsense if you do it that way.  Incidentally, here is a tweet from Article Baba stating how there is less pressure on him due to TRPs becoming monthly.  We knew that they were showing crap, but now, he confirms it
B1: That's not his real tweet - somebody has obviously faked it
F2: Yeah, right, and I'm guessing that this pic in his facebook account of him partying with the new lead actress is also fake? 
B3: It is.  It has been photoshopped, and also, this is not his real facebook account either
F1: Give it a rest.  In any case, the serial, which was just bearable when they weren't slamming her, is intolerable now.  So you can have it, and we're gone from here.  We hope to see her in a movie, and will watch it once it comes out
B2: Speaking of movies, I've seen the new lead actress in a Bong movie
F3: So have I.  She was awful.  I don't expect anything better from her here
F2:  In any case, we are gone.  Let's put together our farewell messages for the former lead, and see her off

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Posted: 19 July 2013 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Shiva & Parvati are w/ Lakshmi, who's now alone - Vishnu has disappeared to take birth in Ayodhya, so that Shiva & Dasharath can baby him there LOL  In the meantime, at Devalok, there are also rumors doing the rounds that Vishnu has left for another lok to do his dwapar yuga avatar LOL

Lakshmi: Parvati, so nice to see you.  How is it being a sasuma?  You look so different since the wedding - I'd swear you're someone else if I hadn't known
Parvati: Lakshmi, Narayan has left for Ayodhya, and now, you need to go to Mithila
Lakshmi:  Can't I just delegate this to an ansh-avatar of mine?
Shiva: No, b'cos you'll get more tense sitting here and not being able to do anything - it will be torture.  If you thought that watching Ravan molest Vedavati was bad, think of how it will be when you see Ravan abducting Sita.  It's better that you go down and take birth as Sita
Lakshmi:  I just don't feel like it.  I really feel very anxious, since Vrinda's curse would be at play Cry
Parvati:  Look at the bright side - it will only be at play for this avatar.  If Vrinda's curse were to permanently work, Narayan should have lost you forever, but he didn't.  Instead, he's delegated it to his avatar - and yours - to suffer it.  So you can't sit here and be entertained watching their suffering.  Trust me, it will be excruciating to watch
Lakshmi: Then think of how excruciating it will be to enact Cry
Shiva:  Lakshmi, that may be, but it is necessary to teach the world.  You have seen what Ravan has been doing, and you've been hurt ever since Vedavati self immolated.  Now, Vedavati can't fulfill her destiny unless you take the plunge here
Parvati:  You were willing to condone Narayan cheating Vrinda.  If you could do that, you should find it easier to do a less controversial task - take birth as a human.  While at it, be the perfect wife, and an example for all women to follow
Lakshmi:  It may be less controversial, but it will be a lot more painful.  First, being separated from him due to Ravan, and then being accused of being characterless by my own subjects Cry
Parvati:  It's a part of Vrinda's curse.  She too was innocent, but suffered this.  So this is payback, and just like she took the punishment for being Jalandhar's wife, you'll have to take her punishment for being Narayan's

Lakshmi sighs, and then hugs Parvati.  She then disappears from there, lands at Mithila, sighs and goes underground and takes the form of a baby.  Shiva and Parvati then go to Janaka's gyan sabha, where their activities continue

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Posted: 19 July 2013 at 5:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .Vrish.

Lakshmi: Parvati, so nice to see you.  How is it being a sasuma?  You look so different since the wedding - I'd swear you're someone else if I hadn't known

Hasn't anyone bothered to update her?

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Posted: 19 July 2013 at 6:08am | IP Logged
everyone were so busy with the yugantar that they forgot to update her.

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