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MG love?? revenge??#2 link to thread3 pg/112 (Page 36)

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PART 22:

Yash reached geets house, he knocked it several times bt no response he tried again and again getting worried, after like an eternity geet opened the door. He was so much concerned for her that he hugged her tight he didn't know y she looked so pale as if she hasn't taken food since long. Geet came out of his grip, looking at him she cudnt help bt sobbing, now he was more worried

Yash: kya hua geet?? Tu aise kyun hai u look so weak and pale kya hua gudiya?

Geet kuch nahi hai yash who main bus aise hi

Yash: jhoot mat bolo geet sach sach kaho mama ki yaad aarahi hai? She didnt know wat to say so she agreed nodding her head for an yes!!! That's the only thing that can bother geet he feels it bt now its maan she cant voice that out.

Yash: geet stop cryig I am here to take u to the hawan gayatri aunty has sent me here aur unka kehna hai ki agar tum nahi aayi toh pooja nahi hoga here take this packet saree hai, she sent it for u make it fast

Geet reluctantly took the saree, she has to face maan now coz he wud defo attend it. She didn't want to hide or sit in a corner of her room as needs to be strong with her decisions and actions.


Maan entered the juneja house, the whole house was decorated with a wide variety of flowers the incense sticks added to the soft fragrance, as he walked towards the pooja room he found geet and prem doing the  hawan. She was looking flawless in that cotton saree too, then he understood that she did not wear any fancy items, just had a bindi and She looked so pale and weak as if she was deprived of sleep and food he didn't know wat was it bt wanted to talk to her. Dadima was all the while watching maan frustratingly. She didn't know wat magic has this girl done to him bt has decided to warn geet. Soon the pooja was over geet started to give arti and Prasad, she saw maan from the corner of her eyes. He was watching her earnestly, she was getting careful and attentive with every step of her. She didn't want to face him bt as she moved towards him her legs became weak, she began to breathe unevenly. He took the arti and forwarded his hand for Prasad, geet placed it in his hands brushing her fingers and his palm in the process. She took back her hand instantly making him even more doubtful. She ran away from from there!!! From him!!! Her payal's chum chum filled the house, gayatri ma's heart swelled with proudness looking at geet wen her own daughter cudnt attend the hawan geet made it for her.  She found geet was getting irritated with her hair falling on her face so she made her hair into a plat. Geet could recollect her mom doing the same for her, she looked like an angel now, bt with that her back got a clear view for the ppl present there, something which maan did not like, he was observing geet's every move. He cud make out she was not the same geet today. Moreover the concern of gayatri ma is remainding her of her own mother. She is completely in a stage of breaking down, her heart seemed dangerously in pain.

Meanwhile geet went to the store room to dump out some unnecessary items there wen suddenly she heard the room door click open. She turned around and found dadima looking at her with anger filled eyes. Geet moved towards her to take aashirwaad bt she moved away

Dadima: geet aapko yeh sab naatak mere samne karne koi jaroorat nahi hai. Hum aapko achi tarah se samajhte hain {u don't need to do all this drama I know wat u are}

Geet: mam maine aisa kya kiya? Aap aise kyun bol rahi hai? Geet did not understand dadi's anger and her words{wat did I do mam? Y r u speaking like that?}

Dadima: baniye mat!! I know wat u are aapne apni adawon se maan ko phasa sakti hai mujhe nahi dadima gave a disgusting look as geet's back and waist which were almost visible. Geet understood her eyes

Geet: aap yeh kaisi baate kar rahe hain mam? Aap mujhe galat samajh rahi hai

Dadima: galat? Aur hum? U appearance says it all geet anyways hum  saaf saaf bolte hain maan se dur rahiye. Do u even know how reputated we are? I am sure u wud know it we are one of the richest families in india toh it wud be pretty obvious for u to trap maan lekin ek baat main aapse kehdo main aisa hargiz nahi hone dongi u are just an employee in gayatri's skul toh jaise aap hame mam kehti hai waise hi maan aapke sir honge bus yahi tak aapka rishta hoga maan se. Agar aap apni hadh bhool gayi toh hum yaad diladenge apni aukaad mein rahiye saying this she stomped out of the room.

Maan was searching for geet since a long time, and found out that geet is in the store room from the servants, he walked towards the room and opened the door, the sight that greeted him was something that he least expected. He saw yash was hugging geet tightly. His hands tracing her bare back and waist, his blood boiled, he felt like punching yash so hard. He could only see yash's face bt not geet's. He was trying to console her bt maan was taking the sight in a wrong way,  then he found yash releasing geet from his hold. He now cud understand that geet was crying for some reason and he did not like somebody else touching her. Y cant she just share her pain with him?? That was the only thing he cud get in his mind bt the irony is that she was crying with the pain of her decision of staying away from him

Yash: gudiya mujhe ab aise kyun lag raha hai ki koi aur baat hai jo tujhe pareshaan kar raha hai '. mujhe nahi bataogi?

Geet: nahi yash agar kuch hoga toh bataongi na? bus mama ki hi yaad aaraha hai

Yash: are u sure na?

Geet: haan baba sure yash wiped her tears and again took her into his arms. Just then his phone rang it was meera, he had to leave now. Geet sat down all tired with the hell lot of work bt she cudnt take out maan from her thoughts again crying this time almost on the verge of breaking down. After yash left maan entered and found geet weeping bitterly, his heart wrenched looking at her like that bt the moment geet understood that maan was standing infront of her, she got up wiping her tears. First she looked at him with pain filled in her eyes and began to walk away. He got so wexed that he caught hold of her pallu and pulled her towards himself harshly colliding her with his rock chest. He held her from waist, He did not like yash touching geet. He ran his other hand on her back to waist, stopped there and sqeezed it tight making her choke

Maan: kyun ro rahi ho? I am observing u y are u avoiding me?

Geet: aapko main kaise avoid karongi? Who toh bus kaam mein busy thi just got tired that's it!!! she tried to explain

Maan: acha itna bewakof lagta hoon tumhe ki main samajh hi nahi paon ki wat were u doing here with that other man? he spit out holding her waist even more tightly almost digging his fingers into her flesh to which she gasped bt he did not budge aap galat samajh rahe hai mujhe she wriggled bt no use.

Maan: main galat samajh raha hoon? Aisa kya hai jo tum use keh rahi thi par mujhe nahi keh sakti

Geet: aisa kuch nahi hai sir agar kuch hoga toh main aapko nahi bataongi, mujhe mere hadh mein, meri aukaad mein rehna hoga and it wud be better if u don't touch me this way its wrong

Sir?? He was shocked at her words, bt still did not leave her. Now with that only word he understood that somebody has hurted her bt who? Then the thought of dadima struck him as she too was present here and its apparent that she wud warn geet

Maan: y cant I touch u? wat happened all of a sudden? Aur kya kaha tumne? Sir? Main tumhare liye sir kabse ban gaya geet? Wats wrong with u? dadima ne tumse kya kaha? Mujhe batao agar kuch kahogi nahi toh main kaise samjhoga?

Geet: plz sir leave me don't make things more complicated. It wud be better if we stay away from each other I don't want u to risk ur relations coz of me plz sir she started her protests again, bt this time he left her with such a force that she fell down. He bent down on his knees held her plat so tight that she wheezed to let go off her main jaanta hoon tum aisi baatein kyun kar rahi ho bt let me tell u miss geet handa I wont let u go away from me even if u want to samjhi tum? Agar tum soch rahi ho ki main tumhare saamne rounga gidgidaonga to tum galat samajh rahi ho maan singh khurana ke bare mein tum thik se nahi jaanthi I have my own way of procuring things and u too, aur yeh kya hai? Y did u make a plat? Cant u understand ur back is bare? He roared and opened her plat aur haan I am warning u agar kisi aur ne tumhe aaj ke baad chua toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga

Those words were like a medicine to her wounded heart bt still she has to stop him and herself too, she was getting scared with his anger maan aap kitna bhi koshish karle main aapko apne kareeb nahi aane dongi. Our paths can neva meet plz maan try to understand saying this she ran away from there leaving him baffled.

Geet started to walk on the road aimlessly not bothering the vehicles all the while getting scoldings, lectures. It started to rain heavily. She got soaked badly as it was a cotton saree she was in. soon she reached her home, entering it she ran towards the bed thumping herself on it she screamed maan's name shedding endless tears holding her waist where maan held her sqeezing it tightly trying to feel his touch again, his scent again, him again. Here maan was getting restless donno y he started to get weird images, his mind began to feel as if she is in pain, as if she needs him now.

Geet(st): I got to know now that maan started to like me main khud ko hi nahi rok paa rahi hoon maan ko kaise rokungi?  Babaji aise mujhe kab tak sehna padega? Mujh mein aur takat nahi hai. I have been deprived of love and care all my life and now when I have started to get all of it u are again playing with me? Y?

She got up and went to the changing room to get a towel after a long time trying to compose herself. She dried her hair. Bt again things got fired in her. Geet came back to her room all wet with her lifeless body, for a minute nothing got registered in her mind she felt as if this lonliness wud kill her to death. Her loneliness is something that is getting fatal every passing sec and the thought of letting maan out of her life is like now piercing needles into her veins. She tore her diary all her pyar ke panne!!! Madly sobbing, violently throwing everything that she is finding in her room. She looked at her image in the mirror it felt like her image started to laugh at her condition, she lost it completely, she threw the vase onto the mirror shouting, yelling teri jindagi sirf ek kora kaagaz hai geet aur isme pyar kabhi nahi bhar sakta. Y are u still alive? Tujhe toh mar jaana chahiye kab tak aise akele akele jeeti rahegi? Kab tak pakde jaane ka darr laga rahega? Ab tu apne pyar se bhi nahin keh nahi payegi kit u use pyar karti hai. Ek na ek din toh mujhe uss duniya mein jaana hi padega use acha hai ki tu mar jaa!!! {ur life is just a blank paper geet and it can neva fill with love. Y r u still alive u need to die. how long will u stay alone? How long will u lead a life fearing with of thought of being caught? U cant even confess to ur love and its better u die. afterall ull die someday y not today?}

Then she recollected those words of maan

main jaanta hoon tum aisi baatein kyun kar rahi ho bt let me tell u miss geet handa I wont let u go away from me even if u want to samjhi tum? Agar tum soch rahi ho ki main tumhare saamne rounga gidgidaonga to tum galat samajh rahi ho maan singh khurana ke bare mein tum thik se nahi jaanthi I have my own way of procuring things and YOU TOO!!!

agar maut hi ek raasta hai maan se dur hone ka toh main who bhi karongi kyunki jeethe jeethe who mujhe apne se dur nahi karenge, aur waise bhi jeekar main unki maut ki kaaran toh nahi ban sakti na{ if death is the only way to stay away from maan ill do it. He wud neva separate me from himself and I cant become a reason of him dieing being alive}

she started to move away, bt her feet were so wet that She fell down tripping onto the carpet in the room, all the mirror pieces pierced into her wrists, few into her stomach, blood started to ooze out from stomach right at the place maan touched her. She smiled trying to feel his touch for one last time. Maan came out of the mansion started his car driving madly towards the apartment of geet every part of him, every ounce of him were like on fire its like as if some of extra senses started their work.

Gathering her energy she got up and walked towards the kitchen, THE KNIFE!!! She took it into her hands, holding it firmly closed her eyes and cut her wrist with a smile playing on her face, with contentment. She was in a pool of blood. Her saree dripped with the blood. The towel in which she was till now was so thin cloth that it completely got soaked with her blood. She fell unconscious on the floor. Chotu started to bark looking at her.

precap: nahi dongi!!!LOL chalo gimme likesOuch

I know many of u might feel as if this is too much lekin jaaniya yehi toh hai twist yaha se story poora ka poora badlega kaise?? Ull know it I am tired of asking u as to y u are not liking this story bt nobody answered so its ok if u don't feel like telling anything bt ill do my work of updating and advise to all my honest readers keep ur hearts strong from here ull find a total diff maan and geet. And abt geet she has reached a saturation point of her life where she is completely tired and now she is hungry for love and wen she is getting from maan again here she needs to compromise. Solution? Maan se bhagna? Bhagegi toh kab tak? Kaha tak? She can run away from him if she wants to then her heart? How will she manage it? So is the reason for her to attempt sucide any more doubts? Ill clear out bt then ull have a totally diff geet she will seem to cross some PAGALPAN KE HADEIN too ya I am I mean it. This story will be intense and painful from here so this is the last time I am telling u all will not say this again.I shudnt demand likes here bt can I expect 80+ atleast? Is it too much?? Bt plz try giving me my likes. Silent readers plz hit a like it's a request its ok even if u don't comment

Coming up next BKH and MHH this week pagalpan readers thoda time dedo plz coz I need to update the other stories too thanks for giving me my likes there




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 awesome part dear 

but sad one also 

daadi maa is such a ,,,,,,

how can she accuse for no reason 

please maan come soon 

geet is in pain 

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that was a very emotional update...feeling very sad for geetCry...bechari uske saath hi aisa kyun hota hain???
ohh she attempted suicide...maan shud come to save her now...
that was a cliffhanger...update soon...waiting for it...

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Lovely update dear. feeling sad for geet CryCry. continue soon.

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i cant believe dadima can behave with geet like dis...whty she is behaving like dis...i hate her...but m worried n scared fr geet...wht will happen nw...

excellent n wonderful update...

loved it to the core...

thank u very much fr d lovely update...

eagerly waiting fr d nxt prt...

continue soon plz...

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superb updtae dear:)

waitinf for nxt...

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 Awesome part dear...Tongue
 But u make us Dukhi Aatma...Cry
 Poor Geet...She is in so much pain...Cry
 Hope Maan'll be there ...Confused
 Love it...Tongue

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