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Avita FF You Are Mine Whn I SW U-XI,Pg-10 (Page 9)

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Hey everyone..know i am late for update

missed a week hun..Confused so without any of my bak bak here we go for UPdate Wink

Part- IX

    Next morning was a new start for the relations of Avdhesh and for some extent for Arpita too…though Avdhesh was still confussed about his own feelings for Arpita but he was sure for one thing that Arpita was his responcibility and he will save her from all problems.

At breakfast table…everyone was having breakfast while Shikha was almost sleeping over Arpita.

Amma-"Shikha…what's is this beta sit properly, why are you leaning over Arpi, have your breakfast and let her eat something, Ranvijay must be coming at any moment to pick you both…And where is Avi…Abhi tak utha nahi kya!"

Shikha-"May be… God knows Bhaiya kaise so paye honge raat ko, Ye aapki Arpi hai naa, she had gone mad at night…dragged me to terrace, full volume me music chala ke madam ji ko rain dance enjoy karma tha…God…main to theek se so bhi nahi paai…"

Arpita-"So bhi nahi paai..amma I am telling you…ye aapke dono bacche hain naa kisi kaam ke nahi…bilkul Boring hain, just like my Papa…kitne dino baad to baarish ka maza liya and ye…"

Amma just looked at her happiness and smiled at her

"Yaad hai Amma Hum kitna maza karte  the"

Amma-"Haan Arpi beta yaad hai…chalo ab zaldi se kuch kha lo..nahi to collage ke liye der ho jayegi, hum Avi ko jaga den…"

And she stepped toward staires to go to his room at terrace.

Arpi took the jug and said-"Amma aap rehne do hum jagate hain, Kumbh Karan ko, Chal Shikha."

"Don't you dare to think about that…" she had hardly stood at her place when Avi appeared at staires, wearing his denim jacket…"Amma, Baba apni iss Paagal Arpi ko samjha lijiye, or I will beat her some day…then don't blame me hun.."

Arpita groaned at him, but before she could utter a word Shikha enjoyed her epressions-

"Ha Ha ..Arpi..teri Pitaai..vo bhi Bhiya..aap…watch out…aaj to aapki khair nahi..hahaha Arpi is going to kill you. Princess Arpita Rai ko Dhamki!!!"

Avi-Avi took his place at the other side of table just in front of Arpi's chair

"Chutki…you too need to watch out hun…am seeing you too is accompanying her in her all deeds…bach ke nahi to guru se pehle Cheli pitegi,"

Arpi-"Haaa…Baba look at him…in front of you he is threatening US two Girls…where are your manners Avi..have you forgotten what Baba had tought you! How to respect ladies."

Avi-"Wow..such a drama queen You are Arpi…when it comes to you, you are a Lady, and when you want you turns Queen, and some times, decoit…" Avi taunt her and smiled on his victory over her.

Arpi stood up,banged her fist on table and grond at him "Decoit and Me..what have I steal from you, Mr.Thakur?"

Avi wipped his lips as he just had a bite of his Paratha –"My room, My parents and now My chutki too…"

Arpi looked at Baba –"Baba…aap chair peeche karo…."

Without any word Baba dragged his chair bit back, and get away from Avdhesh as he was sitting net to him, as he got that she was about to do something.

She took the jug, removed its lid and splashed whole water on Avdhesh's face and said-"Wake UP Avi…how many times I need to tell you, its my Home,my Family and you are crying for a Room, Say thank to me that am allowing you to stay in my home, to call my family as your's."

Avdhesh was just shocked at her reaction, while everyone was laughing whole heartly including Arpita who was maiking faces to tease him more.

Avi-"Arpi…..Ruk tu…aaj batata hun tujhe…" Avi stepped up on the table to catch her but she was quick then a squirrel, she doudged him and run out from her chair and start dodging him by hiding behind furnitures..

Arpi-"awww…lazy bones…catch me if you can…Ha ha Avi…admit it …"

She was hiding behind Amma and Baba…


Arpi-" tum Mote ho gaye ho..hahaha…you can't catch least not in this life hehe" and she ran out in the garden.

Avi-"Moti..ruk…abhi batata hun tujhe…mai mota ho gaya hun, ya tu aur pagal ho gai hai…you made me all wet…have to change , and collage ke liye bhi der ho jayegi. "

Arpi peeped out from behind the bushes-"awww..poor baby…then go for your class na..why are you wasting your time on me..admit it can't catch me."

And she ran out from the garden to main gate…

Avi-"Will catch you at any cost arpi…its my promise."

Avdhesh was chasing her, while she was enjoying his failures in chase…but all sudden she banged with someone and fell on the ground, a couple of arms held her just before she could hit the ground.

Avi-"Cought you!..are you OK Arpi..idiot…can't you see while running."

Arpi-"this is not done…you can't catch me like this…"

Avi tighten his grip on her wrist and put it at her back, she came close to him to decrease the pain caused by his action.

RV-"Hey guys…what's going on here…" It was RV with whom she banged and Avi cought her as he was just behind her..

Avi-"Thanks RV…yaa yaa everything is fine…I was just catching a Monkey and you unknowingly helpd me..chal amma breakfast table par tera wait kar rahi hain…we are coming in a minut."

RV smiled at his reply and left them with a look to Avi as he was trying to find out something.

Arpi-"Avi…leave me…"

Avi-"Why? You said I can't catch you…see cought you…"

Arpi-"Avi..hume dard ho raha hai…chodo hume…"

As she said it was hurting her Avi's grip turn  loose it self.

"Avdhesh ji…agar aap bura na mane to kya hum aapke saath collage chal sakte hain…"

Avi left arpi's wrist quickly and they she turns around to find Ria in front of them, her anger knows no limits as she thought that Avi left her hand because Ria appered there.

Arpi-"Why? What's special today?"

Avi had no words to say, as he was surprised at the sudden change in her reactions, just a moment ago she was smiling and so polite with him, and now she was so arrogant to Ria.

Ria-"vo actually because of last night rain, I can't find any auto and getting late so thought to ask Sir for help."

Avi step in their talk-"its Ok Ria, you can come with me, if you can sit on bike." He said almost taunting Arpi as she denied to sit on bike with him.

Ria-"No if you goes with Arpi  ji then its ok, I will not go today."

Arpi-"Arpita…that the name."

Avi-"Ria..darling its ok, Arpi and Shkiha goes with RV, he is already arrived to take them. Come , come in, just need to change,"
Ria-"Par aap bheeg kaise gaye?"

Avi-"Ahh… you know, there was special session of rain for me."

Arpi turns to him fuming and left them in anger.

After few minutes They were ready to leave for collage, Avi was changing in his room, Arpi comes to him..

Arpi-"Avi we are leaving for collage.."

Avi-"Hey Arpi wait yar..what happen, subha to mood itna accha tha..all sudden…what happened? Why are you looking dipressed?"

Arpi-"Avi don't you think Ria is too meek! "

Avi-"Yaa she is…and specially in front of you hehe…"

Arpi-"No I didn't mean that..look..i just can't accpt her..don't know why..but sometimes she seems fack…"

Avi-"Fack! OK….may be..but what's wrong in it…"

Arpi-"mean..uh…leave it just beaware…I am not liking your Girlfirend." She emphasises the word Girlfriend. This shocked him a bit.

Avi-"OK…..i will and what about you newly found Boy friend."

Arpi looked at him with suspecting looks..

Avi-"Suraj….i don't like him…stay away from him."

Arpi smiled at this-"Ok…well you get it correct…I was thinking about it."

Avi while setting his hairs-"About ??"

Arpi-"About …a Boy Friend…I think am liking the guy."

Avi threw his comb at bed and pinned her to the wall she was standing next to.

Avi-"Arpi..just listen…he is not a good guy, he don't deserves you. You are not meant for a guy like HIM."

Arpi-"chill Avi…let me handle this, its my life yaar…dn't I have right to take decisions of my own life…don't worry I can't handle this. Chill "

Avi found himself unable to reply and left the room.

______________________________ ma turn for BAK BAK LOLLOL

hope you liked it...

if yes then please hit the like Embarrassed

and if you don't then just let me know where should i work on story,char etc..Embarrassed

Hellooo comment too if you liked it LOLLOLLOLEmbarrassed

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coolpavni Groupbie

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged first !! Wow di i'm lovin dez avita scenes...ria toh kabab me haddi k tarah aa jati hey...! :o hmmm ab toh avi samajh jana chahiye k he loves arpi...updt next soon di...lots of luv :)
suvarnaawt Groupbie

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Posted: 05 October 2012 at 11:16am | IP Logged
very nice Clap
MuktaJaiswal Senior Member

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 1:32am | IP Logged
Neha superb update yaar  Clap liked all tha Avita -convo.. the fight ...Big smile gr8 going haun Embarrassed it seems now something is cooking between the two... Embarrassedwill they be falling in love or will be enemies..Wink
I wounder Ermm is Arpi's suspicion abt Ria true...Confused she hiding the real Ria frm Avi.Shocked ...the evil ...bad Ria...Dead 
 Quickly update the next m waiting...Day Dreaming 

MuktaJaiswal Senior Member

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Posted: 08 October 2012 at 1:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by joliefille

Originally posted by MuktaJaiswal

ooohoo !!! Shockedi came here to comment on ur earlier post Big smile n wow i got to know abt ur new update  es ka matlab may be m the last to comment fr last update Unhappy but wuld be the fisrt for ths update DancingyeeepppeeePartyDancingLOL
dekho m so happy with ur update Wink LOL well liked both the updated Clap Clap
last wala update was just awesome Thumbs Up what a cute fight Embarrassed aur usske baad their frndship toooEmbarrassed Cool 
Really feeling bad for Avi...Unhappy he is having a tough time Arpi usse ek ke baad ek jhatke dee rahi hai LOL kabhi fight toh to kahi no fight LOL usse kuch samajh hi nahi aaraha ki vo kya kare.. Wacko
ye wala update is just wow!!  Clap  lovely again..Embarrassed only ths time feeling bad for Arpi Unhappy
etni planning ki but Avi.. just wont join thm in rain danceAngry abhi bhi confuse hai...Confused last part khana saath khaya n now ice-cream gud Embarrassed LOL best part is Avi now accepts the bet he took was wrong Ermm kuch bhi now they both r frnds n hope they will stay like that  atleast for sometime.LOL
hmmm Avi's fav song "lega lega" is my fav song too haun LOL  hey m not joking haa, nahi saach mein i like ths song n i wanted to download it if u hv any link or site name thn do tell me Smile
n waiting for next lovely update Day Dreaming

Thankyou sooo much Di for lovely comment and appreciation EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
about Rain dance hehehe...who knows he may join net time Wink
and me too love the song Embarrassed so thought to use it Smile
and my brother use to download songs from Songs PK .com try thr you may find it there Wink
n if m not wrong the album was 'Ustad and Divas'
let me know if you can find it there or will try to give you some link for it Embarrassed
Luv yaa Di Embarrassed

thnks for the info. surely will check the site..Big smile
joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 4:16am | IP Logged

here is the next UD of ...


Part X

Arpita smiled at her victory over Avdhesh and followed him down stairs. Avdhesh started his bike in just one kick and looked back at Arpita standing next to Ria at door, she too looked up at him and then glaired at Ria,

Avi-"Ria, we are getting late dear'"

Arpita stepped forward gazeing at him and crossed him without any word just a cold look and banged the door of RV's car after sitting in the front seat.

Arpita-"RV, Shikha..don't you guys think we too study in the same collage! Come on I dn't want to be late."

And they all started for collage,

At collage'

RV dropped Arpita and Shikha at the gate and drove off to the parking , Avdhesh done the same, after dropping Ria with Arpita and Shikha He turned his bike to park and to rush for class, but as he took off his helmet felt a hand on his shoulder, by his firmness he get, who was its owner'

Avdhesh-"Hello Suraj'"

Suraj-"Wah wah '.have to say Avdhesh'you still remembers my entry hun'" and he winked at him.

Avi-"How can I? Who else can stab at your back?"

Suraj-"come on yaar'you still stucked in past'waise bhi that incident was not related to you, I mean I never STABBED you, It was only you , who poked nose in my personal matter"

Avi-"Your personal matter! It was not only your personal matter, you had spoiled someone's life'"this time Avdhesh was unable to controle his anger and replied back cluching his fists.

Suraj-"Chill yaar..why are you shouting? That chapter is over'" Avdhesh turns his face in disgust, "its time now for a new chapter ha ha ha'"

Avdhesh glared at him and without wasteing a second his hands were on his collar '"Don't you dare to repeat it with Arpita'I swear'I will'"

Suraj-"Oh'Mr. Avdhesh Thakur'let me remind can't do anything except to woo her before I steals her from your arms, infront of your eyes'remember our bet!" and he calmly removed Avdhesh's hands off from his collar and continued "Hun'so much anger in just one night after our bet..Seems her charm is working on you'watch out buddy'you suppose to be a predator not prey in this game case you want to save her from me'"


 He looked in a direction and when Avdhesh looked in the same direction, found Arpita standing there, near gate, in a group of girls of her class.

Her innocent sight remind him of their last night conversation,

Avdhesh to him self-"I can't create any scene in front of Arpi, she is so stubborn, meri baat maanegi hi nahi'and I can't tell her everything'I have promised."

Suraj-"Oh God'what a beauty she is'Avi yaar'if you can trust me'please back off'this time I want to be serious with her'If I can."

Avdhesh stepped between him and Arpita and intruppet his view, looked straight in his eyes..

"You have said naa'dn't be a prey, now I am repeating your own words for you, our bet has just started and you are talking to get serious about her! Trust can't even if you really want, I will not let it happen, you don't deserve Her, even to be around her."


Suraj-"Chill dude'I was just kidding you, as you are getting so serious about her'waise galti tumhari bhi nahi hai'Hai hi aisi cheez." He winked and left the place, while his last words poured in Avdhesh's ears as someone has poured melted led in it.

 His eyes turn red with anger, all he wished at that time was to punch his bloody dirty face.He followed him but before he can catch his collar Suraj reached and joined Arpita. And she too welcomed him with smile. It enraged Avdhesh more and he just arrived and shouted at shikha.

Avi-"Shikha'what is this? Don't you have any class'come on go to your class guys are already very late. Ria darling don't miss your lectures or I can't help you." He said Ria while his eyes were fixed on Arpita.

Shikha and Ria turned to leave without any word while Avi glared at Suraj'

Arpi-"Hey stop yaar'how can you leave me'after all if

I missed any lecture there is no one to help me Ria." She stepped toward Shikha and Ria while striking Avdhesh's shoulder while crossing him. "Oh So sorry'"

And she smiled back at him'and her one innocent smile made Avdhesh forget his all anger for Suraj, and He too left Suraj alone and joined RV for his own class.


After class, at canteen all were sitting together'

Arpita-"Yaar..class was so boring'shikha hope you have jotted something from lecture..because main to likh hi nahi paai'"

Shikha-"What? Don't tell me ke tumne bhi kuch bhi nahi likha!"

Arpita-"Tumne bhi Matlab!...kya tumne bhi? Oh god ab kya hoga?"

Simple-"Aree'why you both are bothering you have a studious one with you'isne zaroor notes banaye honge'Hai naa Ria!"

Ria-"un'me..yes..yes'I was trying to 'and "

Arpi-"Stop It yaar'mere itne bure bhi din nahi aaye hain ke tumhare notes lene pade.. I will manage'kal likh lungi'What happened to you Shikha? Tune kyun nahi likha?"

Shikha-"hello madem'it was you who didn't let me sleep last night'I was so sleepy..k kuch samajh hi nahi aa raha notes kya banati? Simple can't you help us?"

Simple-"I would love too'but I think I already have given my last sem notes to someone. Hey Avi'why.."

Till now Avdhesh was listening there talks as he don't wanted to intrupt them. When Simple looked at him he smiled at her but before she can complete her sentence..

"Hey Arpita'how was your lecture dear'don't mind but I was just passing'and heared something about Notes'may I help you!" Suraj stepped in the convo.

Arpi-"So sweet of you'yes..if you can..we need notes.If you still have as most of my seniors have already given others." She looked with side eyes at Avdhesh.

Suraj-"My pleasure to help you my dear" he smirked at Avdhesh and it made Avdhesh angry and to enjoy his anger Suraj mentioned more.. "actually I don't have it right now..but I have a friend Tina,(he looked at Avdhesh , he too looked up at him with disgust) she is not in collage now but she will give her notes to you for me.."

 Arpita-"so nice of you..thanks Suraj."

Avdhesh stand up with a jolt, everyone was shocked at his reaction but before anyone can get what was happening, few guys and girls enter the canteen with few pamphlets and start sticking them on walls.

Arpi-"Hey Avi what's that?"

Avdhesh was about to reply but before he can utter a word Suraj replied for her question.

"Ah haa'my fav thing'Intercollage dance competition'You know last year we missed it by just one point..but am sure this year  I will make it for our collage."

Arpi-"wow'you dance too..that's great'may I try for it?"

Suraj-"Oh why not'I will love it if you will join me in it'you know I feel last year my partner wasn't that much good like me'but you will  be a perfect partner for me."

Avdhesh-"Auditions abhi start nahi hue hain, and you are not selected yet to represent our collage Suraj'And Arpi' I think you should concentrate on studies more then all this."

Arpi-"Aree'but what's wrong in it'I will try for it for sure.."

Avi-"As you wish'but for now I think we should go home'come on RV'lets move."

And with this Avdhesh compelled everyone to leave for home'while he exchanged a cold look with Suraj.


EmbarrassedThanks for reading...hope you like this one too


don't forget to leave your precious comment Embarrassed

Edited by joliefille - 11 October 2012 at 4:18am

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coolpavni Groupbie

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 8:51am | IP Logged
This time too its meee first ;p and its awesome... di thru ur writing only i cud feel how avi wud hav felt whn suraj interrupted his talk wid arpi...!! wow wow dance competition...!!! i'd love reading dat portions but please di...woh suraj k sath arpi ka dance nai...arpi ko toh avi k sath dance karna chahiye... :) will b waiting for next...
suvarnaawt Groupbie

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Posted: 12 October 2012 at 9:20am | IP Logged
very nice updtsThumbs Up ab fir se avi n arpi mai zagda hogaDisapprove

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