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Avita FF You Are Mine Whn I SW U-XI,Pg-10 (Page 2)

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 23 August 2012 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MuktaJaiswal

HugWelcome back NehaHug

so u r here again haun.Big smile missed u very muchEmbarrassed
N i hope u will be not disappear againErmm 
I never thought any of the AVITA FF / OS were going to be updated Broken Heart all r losing interest in AVITACry 
u surprised m Embarrassed Update soon Big smile

N not only ths FF m waiting for BIYA update also. Wink Pls pls update both FF soonnn Day Dreaming

Hi Di Big smile Hug
Yap m back n don't worry di will tart update by tomorrow
vo actually i was not at home that's why abhi tak update nahi kiya Embarrassed
about BIYA...
Di have to ask Priya for it hehe as me too dn't know what's its end Confused

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 4:46am | IP Logged
Hello i said...
here is the next part of

" You Are Mine"
When I saw You...Part-V

The group gets in the Canteen,

Avdhesh was still in bad mood, while Arpita was showing to enjoy everything, smiling and laughing at mere things. They sat in circle around table. Avdesh was in front of her while RIA was next to him, when RIA smiled at him he reply with smile otherwise he was sitting silently, it was making Arpita angrier, but when Avdhesh looked up at her she smiled sweetly and lowers her gaze shyly. It made Avdhesh actually smile and he too lowered his sight with cute smile, he thought his old friend is trying to bury the hatchet, he looked at her again while Ria was talking to him..

Ria-"Avi ji, you use to come on Bike naa, why don't you come with RV ji and Arpita and Shikha. I mean you guys use to come from same place."


Ria was talking but Avi's mind was on Arpi this time when he looked at her he noticed that she was actually looking behind him and smiling again. Avi quickly looked back and it made him more angry, It was Suraj again, he was standing with his group at the entrance of canteen and seems like they were talking in eyes and gestures from the moment Arpi sat there.
Avdhesh get up at his place and relied Ria in disgusted tone, looking at Arpita-"Because I don't like fools and shameless people and apart from RV and Shikha there is that person in that car everyday." And he left them in anger, everyone was shocked at his anger, no one was able to get it why he said that, everyone knows that he was talking about Arpita. But why? Chulbul and RV followed Avi while gals were looking at Arpi, she was looking really hurt.

Simple-"What wrong with Avi today? Why is he behaving so weird ? Arpi don't mind his words, he never behaved like this don't know what's wrong with him!"

Arpita's eyes turn wet, but it was not out of any hurt or anger this time it was because of happiness, as the way he smiled at her before and his anger showed that there is something in his heart too, which made him jealous. She wiped her eyes and smiled at gals.. "uuuh come on yaar, m fine, I know he is mad. And I know him before you guys don't worry he will be all right in few hours." And she winked at them. "Now where is my burger, m hungry, after all I need energy to handle him. 'Have to deal with him at Home naa'" She emphasized last line looking at Ria as showing her that she is living with Avi in his home.

Everyone laughed at her.

Shikha-"Arpi you are too much yaar.. just few seconds ago it was seeming as you will cry buckets and now, you are behaving like nothing happened."

Arpi-"Oh really! But What happened? At someone tell me."

Ria-"Avi ji called you Fool and Shameless in front of everyone" she said a bit loud, which made Simple and Shikha surprised.

Simple-"Will you shut up Ria?"

Arpi-"Ohh Simple let her complete yaar, say say Ria darling say what were you saying.. "

Ria-"nothing, I thought it hurt your, after all its insulting in front of everyone naa"

Arpi-"what! insult! ha ha ha,(she laughed like freaks) Oh my God.. wait wait .. Oh sorry, actually you can say that if it happened with you, but our case, its nothing. We used to hit each other badly, and when we are together then world and the thing you calls reputation is nothing, he can say me what he likes and I can do anything with him. That's our relation."

Everyone was surprised at her behavior, she never talked about Avi like that, and here she said "Relation" not just "Friendship".

On the other hand Avi was walking fastly in anger toward his bike, RV and Chulbul were following him, calling him to stop. But he stopped at one Call..

"Avdhesh! What happened Dear?... ch ch ch ch leaving the court without single goal, that's not like Avdhesh Singh Thakur.. I think you have lost that edge."

The challenge freezed Avi' feet at once.. After all it was Suraj.

"What the hell you mean by that?" Avi turn in anger to face Suraj.

He was there with his whole gang. They came close to Avi, RV and Chulbul.

Suraj-"Its Simple Avi.(Avi frowned at him) wooo wait.. wait m not talking about our dear Friend Simple, here am talking about, someone else.. Who is not an easy task for both of us.. "

Avi got that what he was talking about he just turned to him and hold him by neck-"Stop your nonsense right now or your whole gang would be unable to save you from my clutches."

Suraj-(removing Avi's hand from his neck) Chill yaar why are you getting so possessive about her, (RV and Chulbul was still looking puzzled) Oh About Arpita.. (Avi started to fume in anger by now) She is Rich, Arrogant, Stubborn, and bit hard to handle naa.. But I like challenges, don't you."

"What do you mean Suraj, come to the point."-RV snapped in as he can see that Avi was really angry and he knows well that he is hard to tame once he burst out.

Suraj-"Cool point is, your friend is getting so angry or I should say frustrated, because Arpita is one gal who ditched him, even she is not agree to call him friend while rest whole collage gals are drooling on him, and she is liking me. So how about a bet?"

Avi-"Bet? Which kind of bet you are talking about?"

Suraj-"Now that's like ma old friend Avi. Bet the word really excite us naa..hun the bet is, its our last year, and her first with us.. so we have whole year lets see who can kiss her."

The word "Kiss made Avi mad and he reached to his neck again-"How dare you to talk such Rubbish about a gal"

Suraj-"Chill yaar, m not talking to fource her, OK, let me make it clear to you, Ladki ko patoo and make her to kiss you, if you can, which I think is just impossible for you in this life."

Chulbul-"Nothing is impossible for Avi Bhaiya."


Suraj-"See your Avi bhaiya knows it well that she is not the gal, he can handle. Ok as you wish Avi, but then you have to promise me that you will not come in my way, or I should say our way. She likes me yaar what s your problem, can't you see your friends happy. Believe me I will be a good boy friend for her, and then I can kiss her naa." He winked at him with evil smile.

Avi-"Stop it Suraj, you know it well you are not fit for anyone, and just stay away from my friend."

Suraj-"See she is your Just friend!!! and its just according to you, she is not counting you as her friend even, just make it clear in your mind

(He came close to Avi, face to face, eyes in eyes, challenging him)

 By the end of this year she will be mine. If you want to stop me, step in the field dude; steal her from me, if you can! If you can stop me from making her mine'(Avi formed his fist tightly)if she kisses you I promise I will left you guys alone, and will never disturb you."

Avi-"I Except it! " RV and Chulbul both were shocked at his word, he used to dead against this kind of bets where gals are involved. And here he is accepting it.

Suraj Smiled at this and stepped back to leave-"All the best Avi.. as you are going to loose this time very badly, not just a bet'but I can see a really precious one too" He winked wickedly at him and turns to leave.

Avi-"wait a second Suraj there is one more condition in our bet, You or I can't force her for anything, You can't touch her unless she wants' just stay away from her unless she came close, are you getting my point. Just stay away from her."

Suraj-"OK got it, and one more thing, as you stay with her, so you need to be more care full, she is too Hot!!!. Be careful, she can make you forget your own words, how can you resist her (He smirked at him, while he frowned) If you kissed her first then you will be disqualified, and you will not have any right to stop me."

Avi was seething with anger when they left the place. As they left Avi moved quickly toward his Bike but RV held his bike's handle to stop him.

RV-"Wait Avi! What was that??? Are we imagining or you really had such cheap bet with Suraj? And its about Arpita!!! How could you Avi? Have you had any feeble Idea what if Arpi, Shikha, Uncle or Aunty came to know about it?"

Avi-"Let me go RV, right now I want to be alone, just let me go."

RV-"No I will not, you have to tell us what's your problem with Suraj? He supposes to be your nice friend then suddenly what happened? And this bet, Why Avi?"

Avi-"I know it's not right, and especially when it's related to Arpi, she is here on our behalf, she is my responsibility, I have to take care of her. And if for that I need to put my own principals aside I will do that too. All I know was that I have to keep her away from Suraj. And I will do it by any how."

With these words Avi kick started his bike and moved it a bit but again RV stopped him this time he was thinking something. He held his shoulder lightly-"Wait Avi..let me correct you'She is not your responsibility, she is not here for you or because of you, you are not his guardian, she has her own mind, thoughts, life style, and if she wants to be his friend let her be, its her life. Let her live as she wants. Why are you so concern about her? "

Avi was a bit surprised at his words, some where RV was right, Arpi is not a kid, she knows very well what she is doing, but how can he allow her to commit such foolishness, when his heart was not allowing him' and why he feels bad at canteen incident. He was tangled in his own thoughts and new feelings.

Avi-"Yes she has her own life, and she can do anything with it but this time I will stop her, because I know she is doing wrong with her self, and I don't think I need to give explain to  you or anyone else; why I do anything for  her or not. She is a fool who forgot everything but m not, it's my right and duty to stop her from committing any foolishness even if she likes it or not. "

RV-"Avi you guyz are not kid anymore, and if you are forgetting; let me remind you, what kind of bet you have accepted just few moments ago."

Avi mind stop working suddenly at his words as he reminds him the bet.

"The bet is for a 'Kiss' and you know naa what does it mean, and for that you have to play with her emotions, is that mean you are going to play with her the game of love. Really Avi is it a game for you and what about her. She is your childhood friend, she must have faith on you and your family, what about that? Will you break her faith?"

Avi-"Don't ask me anything RV, I don't know anything."

He just accelerates his bike and left the place in speed.

Chulbul-"What happened to Him? He never behaved like this! He never run away from anything n today.."

RV-"you are rite Chulbul he never behaved this way may because there were no reason for it'but now there is (he smiled lightly and turned to face Chulbul) lets go to gals now, don't worry about Avi, he is not running from us, he is running from himself, hope soon he will realize it."



"Chahaa hai tujhe kuch yun

Ye mohabbat hi nahi Ibaadat hogi..

Jo chahaa kisi aur ko tune..

Khuda kasam , Kayamat se pehle kayamat hogi..."



hope you guys liked it...

please hit like if you liked itEmbarrassed

n don't forget to leave your precious comments Smile


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awsm Thumbs Up n scary tooo Confused

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jes_jade IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update Neha !!!!!!!ClapClap

I was so engrossed in it...dat this update was small for me...StarStar

I dunno what's going to happen...but I feel it will result in some kind of misunderstanding which will lead to their present situation  & hatred !!!OuchOuch

Luv ya !!!!!!HeartHeartHeart

& Update S.O.O.N. !!!!Wink

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joliefille Goldie

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Originally posted by suvarnaawt

awsm Thumbs Up n scary tooo Confused

Thanks Suvarna dear Smile
n about SCARY hehehe
just wait and watch Wink

joliefille Goldie

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Originally posted by jes_jade

Awesome update Neha !!!!!!!ClapClap  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I was so engrossed in it...dat this update was small for me...StarStar
He He He n m going to  make e it  2 or 4 updates at page  LOL

I dunno what's going to happen...but I feel it will result in some kind of misunderstanding which will lead to their present situation  & hatred !!!OuchOuch
well all i can say now is to wait and watch as there z alot in store Wink
Luv ya !!!!!!HeartHeartHeart
Luv yaa too EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

& Update S.O.O.N. !!!!Wink
will update next week for sure Wink

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Plz mugh ko bhie links send kar na
joliefille Goldie

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Originally posted by kespari

Plz mugh ko bhie links send kar na

Hi Kespari Smile

Thanks for liking the FF dear...Embarrassed

here is the link for previous thread at forums


if you want PMs for coming updates let me know Smile

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