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Avita FF You Are Mine Whn I SW U-XI,Pg-10 (Page 14)

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Hey Friends...
thanks for appreciating You Are Mine so far..Embarrassed

here is your next Update...(sorry for such a long gap..Confused)


Part -18

Next day Avdhesh woke up early morning as he was never injured, he came down to take breakfast with everyone , Arpita helped him in that, at table they all get surprised as Chirag came to see them, and more surprising thing was' he agreed to take breakfast with them without any second thought, as he used to hesitate a lot in behaving like comman people and getting friendly with them.

Avdhesh whispered to Arpita, as she was sitting next to him at table-"Oh ho'kya baat hai'your brother is behaving like a normal human. Hamari Simple ka lecture kaam aa gaya lagta hai."

Arpita-"shee'kuch bhi naa bola yaar...Bhai n Normal Human..ho hi nahi sakta.." and they both laughed whole heartly.

Baba-"arre  kya kar rahe ho'take your breakfast and get ready for college Arpi is your practice going?"

Arpi-"practice is going well Baba."

Chirag-"Well! How can you say that Arpita? If am not wrong'you didn't had it yesterday as that guy had run away."

Avi laughed at this.

Arpita gave him an angry look while Chirag smiled at him.

Arpi-"So what! I have practiced my steps'and will start it in much better way."

Chirag-"zara samhal ke..kahin stage se bhi bhaag gaya to wahan bhi akele hi steps perform karne padenge." He taunted Arpi.

Arpi-"Excuse me! When did I say that I practiced alone'Avi is going to help me. Hai naa Avi!" she beemed at him. While everyone else looked him with surprise.

Avi-"What? Why everyone is looking at me like this? Am not permanent lame 'am fine now'and ball room dancing me hota hi kya hai'just moving here and there."

Chirag-"that's not just moving here and there'that's a graceful form of dancing'Oh leave it'if you thinks like that than am sure'Arpi has got perfect Guru in you. As she has the same thought process."

 Arpi-"What do you mean by that?"

Everyone laghed at this'as Chirag has succeeded in pulling her leg and she got it only after few minutes. They all enjoyed there breakfast and Arpita lefts the table to change and get ready for college. At the same time Chirag's cell rang and he picked the call happily and left the table, Amma accompanied Baba to see him off for work so Avdhesh was left only on the table when Chirag came back and joined him.

Avdhesh-"Girl friend!"

Chirag-"What? Didn't' get you."

Avdhesh-"you are looking quite happy after the call'so I thought it must be your girl friend's call."

Chirag-"We are not allowed to have such FRIENDS! It was your friend. Simple'she thinks she can change my view about your city'but I am sure Lalanpur is much better then any City."

Avdhesh smiled at this-"Oh..yeah'after all you are prince there'but have to tell you one thing."


Avdhesh-"apart from a Prince'try to live your own will love it'no offences..just a friendly advice."

Chirag looked up at him and smiled in a friendly manner.-"hun'by the way'am going back tonight."

Avdhesh-"Why? Are not you liking to stay..i mean you suppose to stay here till Arpita's performance!"

Chirag-"I was staying for Arpita but'.well'have some work at Palace'and the Hotal,, am starying.." he paused.

Avdhesh-"is it not comfortable ? well if you don't mind can I ask and offer you something?"


Avdhesh-"as you were staying for Arpi'I think you should stay with Us'here'for a day at least'she will feel good."

Chirag thought a bit. "but the problem is'that you have to share the room with me'as your sister has already occupied my we have to stay up there on terrace."

Chirag smiled at this-"do you think I will accept this condition?"

Avdhesh-"well if I am not wrong..and you love your will..come on yaar'just a day."

Chirag-"Or Night!"

Avdhesh-" you say'so it are going to stay with us for tonight. Done!"

Chirag-"OK..but for Arpi only hun. And what were you asking?"

Avdhesh looked up at his watch then at stairs as Arpita and Shikha were coming down.-"Shaam ko baat karte hain naa."

Arpi-"Shaam ko! Bhai are you coming for dinner here?"

Chirag-"uh..yeah! "

Avi-"actually your brother have some work at Palace'so he thought to stay here tonight for You."

Arpita's face get bloomed with happiness, she hugged Chirag-"Thank you Bhaiya. I know My Sadu Bhai loves me." And she laughed with joy.

Chirag hugged her back with affection and cares her head softly.

RV's car honked out and Arpita and Shikha ran out to board it.

Chirag-"Are you not going college Avi?"

'Avi!' said Avdhesh.

Chirag-"I thought..we are friends now." And he stretched out his hand toward Avdhesh, which he accepted with a smile.

"Yes We are. Yaa'actually am not able to walk properly'so thought to stay at home for few days."

Chirag-"then what were you doing there yesterday at her rehersals? And how will you help her in practice?"

Avdhesh-"come on yaar'I said am not able to walk Properly'but chal to sakta hun naa'and at college Simple RV Shikha everyone is there with her..but at rehersals'"

Chirag-"is there any problem!"

Avdhesh-"No..its just'I don't like that guy, Suraj much. So I thought to be around her."

Chirag-"same here'even I think you should be there at college today."


Another car honked at their gate. Chirag-"because Simple will not be there today'she is taking me on tour of your City today."

Avdhesh got bit surprised but smiled at him'

Chirag said while leaving-"So are you going college?"

Avdhesh-"Yes I am."

Avdhesh joined  Arpita at college'everyone was surprised to see him .

Arpita-"what are you doing here? You suppose to be resting at home naa!"

Avdhesh-"chill yaar'if I can dance'then I can attend classes too."

Till then the news of Avdhesh return reached to Ria , she came running to see Avdhesh'but as she found him talking with Arpita, she stopped at a distance, smiled at Avdhesh from there.

Avdhesh-"hey Ria'how are you sweet heart!" He smiled at her as he was seeing her after long time.

Arpita-"Nautanki'behave to aise kar rahe ho jaise saalon baad mil rahe ho!"she said to Avdhesh.

Avdhesh-"What? Yeah ofcourse'by the way..tumne bechari se sorry bola ke nahi'the way you behaved that day was really rude hun!"

"Do I need to? I know tum to ab tak das baar bol chuke hoge meri taraf se'jab mere peeche vo tumhe dekhne ghar aati thi." She taunted Avi while leaving.

Avdhesh was surprised to know that she knew about it-"What!"

Arpita turned and said-"ahaa'acting'vo bhi hamse! Go go'your part time girl friend is waiting in que"' And she left the place.

As she lefts Ria stepped ahead toward Avdhesh-"How are you Avi?"

Avdhesh-"am fit and fine..see!"

Ria smiled at him but a tear of repentance appeared in her eyes as she realized its all happened because of her foolishness'to believe Suraj.

"Hey'are you crying? Ah'm fine dear'and don't worry'will drop you at home from today onwards'your chauffer is back on duty ma'am." And he wiped her tear off.

After classes they all gathered in auditorium for Arpita's rehersals'

Arpita started the dance with Suraj..this time she was bit confident and comfortable as she had practiced with Avdhesh and more then that, Avdhesh was sitting there just infront of her eyes'but only distraction for her was Ria'as she had accompanied Avdhesh'

Arpita saw her laughing at something said by made her soul jealous and she turned her face away in anger.

Suraj-"what happened? ..(he looked at avdhesh behind him') OK..seems..our friend has cought us!"


"see'we were trying to make him jealous that day'so he is doing the same with you."

"what! Oh please'stop it yaar...why will I get jealous with a good for nothing girl?"

Suraj laughed hard at this' "Ha ha ha'Oh my God'Arpi'you are too much!"

Arpita narrowed her brows as she had already made it clear for him that he should call her Arpita only..then how can he dare to call her Arpi! But before then she could say anything he whispered in her ear-"now look at him! sure'ek second ke liye bhi nazar nahi hatane wala yahan se."

Arpita looked up at Avdhesh to find him gazing at herself with fixed yet doubtful eyes'that why didn't she objected Suraj to call her with the name which was only his right.

Arpita can clearly see the anger and jealousy in those eyes'and some where it gave her pleasure , she smiled whole heartly.

"oh'hooo'mazaa aa gaya Suraj'manna padega'you are a old player in this game hun'kitni girlfriends ne jalaya hai'tumhe ab tak iss tarah se hun?" she smiled  at him.

"well'girl friends to bahutreh chuki hain'but ab tak'kisi se jalne  ki naubat nahi aai'but lagta hai'ab aane wali hai! "

"What?  Ab kyun? Who's  the lucky one?"

"aap'" he bent a bit on her and said in a whisper.

"What?" replied with a shock.

"aree'I  mean to say'aap kyun puch rahi hain? Waise bhi Avi to aapka sirf friend hi hai naa'uske jala ke maza hi to lena hai'koi pyaar ki jung to nahi jeetni!" he covered himself at the same time taunted her.

"of caurse'we are friends'and you  don't need to overload your think  tank with  our concern'" she replied rudly this time'Suraj got that he had damaged the distance he had covered so far'

"Oh'aapne to personally le liya'I was just kidding."


Thanks for reading...Smile

hope you enjoyed reading...Embarrassed

waiting for your comments..will update next part by this Friday...Embarrassed

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Suraj immediately get that he still need to work hard to impress Arpita and take Avdhesh's place in her life…she still didn't allowed him to call her as Arpi unless she want to make Avdhesh jealous.

"Sorry Princess I was just kidding…by the way I know that Avdhesh is your childhood friend…such a lucky guy and don't mind but silly at the same time…Bachpan ki friendship hai fir bhi aapko chod kar dekhiye naa Ria ke saath zyada time spend karta hai.I wish I were at his place." Suraj said with a cold sigh.

Arpita can't stop her smile at this and replied wih a cute smile-"Why so?"

Suraj-"are hum hote to apni itni acchi aur sundar friend ko kisi aur ke saath aise dance thode karne dete. I would stay around you…to protect you, accompany you…so that you would never feels want of any other friend ever."

Arpita looked up at Avdhesh who was again got busy with Ria, sitting next to him. Her face turn pale for a second Suraj smiled at this as his words banged on target this time.But Arpita smiled again and replied with the same calm way-"better luck next time…for this Birth I have him…and he is not that bad actually, bit stubborn! But not bad."

"Arpi…how long you guys will move like this?" Avdhesh stood up and inquired with indifference…Arpita thought he got irritated to see her with Suraj.

"See…a possessive Friend woke up." She whispered to Suraj.

"Avi…how many times I need to rectify…we are not moving we are Dancing! And I think I will take at least one more hour." She replied to Avdhesh without looking at him.

"OK…fine keep moving…I will be back in half an hour. Ria's mom called she have to be at home now." Avdhesh replied in the same tone while taking up his helmet in one hand and Ria's hand in another.

Arpita got a shock at his words…as she thought he will wait for her for next hour or show disagreement but he just left without any word about Her…just for Ria!

Arpita banged her heel on floor with anger as Avdhesh stepped out of the hall.

"Suraj…practice is over for today…I will see you tomorrow now." And  she lefts the stage.

After half an hour Avdhesh reached the hall to find the peon locking it's entrance.

Avdhesh-"Aree…kya hua…band kyun kar rahe hain? Rehersal khatam ho gai kya?"

Peon-"haan…aadhe ghante pehle hi!"

Avdhesh-"half n hour! But …Arpita kahan hai? Mean vo ladki..main dancer!"

Peon-"aree beta..hame pata hai  Arpita bitiya…kaun hain…par vo to sabse pehle chali gai thi aaj.."

And he turned to leave Avdhesh in shock but he stopped him again as it was about to fall dark.

"Kaka…ek minute…kiske saath gai Arpita…Ranvijay ke..?"

"Nahi…yahan se to hamne unhe akele hi jaate dekha tha…thodi der baad Suraj saab gaye the." Peon replied for his question and move away on his work.

Avdhesh starts to worry by now… as Peon told him that Arpita went alone and Suraj was the second to leave after her. Immediatley he called Ranvijay then Simple, Shikha and home but she was not any where..his heart started to sink in the pool of darkness….he called Chirag but she was not even with him…he was still with Simple.

He called at Arpita's cell but after few rings the call get cut. It made him more restless when her number started to go switched off after few rings.

Now Avdhesh had no other choice but to call Suraj.

He called him but no reply…he was not taking his calls…

Avdhesh saw the man at parking…immediately an idea struck his mind..

"Suno…Suraj ko jaate dekha tumne? Kisi ke saath tha ya akela?" Avdhesh inquired without waisting even a second.

"Haan dekha tha…jab gaadi nikali thi tab to akela tha…par shayad kisi ko lift dena chahta tha kyunki kaafi zaldi me tha."

At this reply Avdhesh mind started to carve more wired imaginations…

"damn it! I gave him golden oppertuniy…how would he leave any single chance to get close to Arpi…how foolish am i? but she have to reach home by now…but Amma said she is not there…then where the hell he took her!"

Avdhesh started to redial Suraj's number again and again…and at the same time started his bike to start the search for Arpi on beaches, malls every where , where he knows that Suraj use to take girls with him. But all went vain…and he reached home tired with a gloomy face, but still trying Suraj's number…finally as he stepped in the house…Suraj picked his call..

"Hey Avi…sorry yaar…I was bit busy…to teri call nahi le paya…" He replied casually.

While Avdhesh was seething with anger-"Where the hell are you?"

"hey dude..chill maar yaar..kya baat hai aaj bade dino baad apne iss friend ki yaad aai"

He replied with a sarcastic tone…but there was something else which attracted Avdhesh's attention more then his tone…a desired voice…sound which he love to hear…

"that's Arpi…vo Arpita ki hansi hai…where the hell have you taken her?" Avdhesh roared at him as by now he came out in the garden area.

"bola naa chill maar..itna  desprate kyun ho raha hai? And teri Arpita…opss teri friend Arpi…hans rahi hai..that mean ke she is enjoying herself with me…to tujhe takleef kyun ho rahi hai…chal rest kar…use dhoodh dhoondh ke thak gaya hoga naa…go and take a tight sleep…tere uthne tak teri friend tere saath hi hogi…" he laughed hard and cut the call…and switched it off.

Avdhesh felt helpless..Banged his cell on grass in anger and went to his room.

"Amma Arpi aaye to use bolna sone se pehle mujhe mil le." He roared aloud and his mother get that he was in anger but didn't get the reason of it.

Avdhesh locked himself in room as he didn't want to let anyone know about his state of mind..Arpita was with Suraj…what if he done anything wrong with her…it was obvious that she had gone with him with her consent as he heard her laughter…

The sound of her giggling was equals to thunder for Avdhesh's mind at that time  as he knows that she was with Suraj…

"She was laughing!!

Does that mean she was enjoying herself with Him!

(he threw his jacket then shirt and turned on the shower to calm himself but it seemed vain…)

No! how can she? But she had to tell me before going atleast…atleast one call to inform me…inform! Why didn't she wait for me…I wasn't that late!"

At the same time he heared breaks of some car in front of his home, without waisting a second he reached his window to find Arpita stepping out of Suraj's car with a broad smile at her face…

"Thanks for dropping Suraj…had really nice time with you…thanks for it."

"trust me…Pleasure is all mine dear…" suraj peeped out of window and replied so loud that Avi could hear it from his window at terrace.

"Damn it!! Why can't she get that?"Avdhesh banged his fist at pane in frustration and a tear of frustration rolled out at his cheek."

In next few seconds he could hear Arpita's assending steps toward his room, he tried to calm himself down, but it worked opposite, as she opened the door with smile and entered the room…

"Avi…Opss sorry…I didn't know that you take evening bath before dinner…vo bhi…hehehe" at once she saw him wet, without shirt from back so she covered her eyes but as she realized that he was standing at window with wet jeans too…she thought he must had pour some peel of water on himself unintentionly, and she burst into laughter. But her laughter revieved the moment when he heared her on cell , when she was with Suraj, when he was searching for her like insanes…

"What's so funny in it Arpita? What's Funny that you are laughing like mads…" He truned to her in anger, grabbed her close by arms.

"Avi…kya hua..itne gusse me kyun ho?" She was shocked at his reaction; it was not the first time she was making fun of him. He never reacted so rude.

"Kya Hua? You are asking to me! Don't you think I should ask it to you? What the hell is wrong to you? Tum Uske saath kya kar rahi thi? Couldn't you wait for me at hall? I was there in just 15 minutes and you were not there! Why?"

Avdhesh roared at her, for a second her heart escaped beats,

 "Why?" He shouted at her while shaking her a bit, this time her eyes get flooded and tears started from her eyes.

"Avi…chodo hame dard ho raha hai…" she hardly compeleted her words and looked down at her right arm…Avdhesh looked at too…to find a bandage there, which had started to bleed as he was holding there firmly.

"Arpi…ye kya hua? Chot kaise lagi tujhe?" he quickly releases her from his hold and made her to sit on bed while she had starte to cry hard by now.

"Arpi..Arpi please stop crying…I am sorry…but when…tell me…ye chot kaise lagi..uss Suraj ki wajah se lagi! Am not going to spare him for this!"

And he hugged her firmly to pacify her…while doing that he felt his own heart beats…a kind of peace…peace..which's absence was driving him crazy till then…on other side Arpita gained some streangth to speak up in front of him.

"leave me!...pehle daant lo hame…man kare to maar bhi lo…fir puchna ki kaisi hai Arpi?" she pushed him apart and turne her face away in anger.

"Arpi…am sorry yaar…but you don't have any idea how worried I was for you…" he tried to make her understand.

"Why? Why were you worried for me? And if you were…then why you left me there alone? "

"Arpi…I told you naa..that I would be back in few minutes…and I was there…but you were not! Then I came to know that Suraj left just after you…it made me worry…and just half and hour ago I heared your voice on his cell…tu nahi janti uss…he is not a good guy Arpi…"

"Not a good guy! Yaa you are right..Good guys should be like you…who leaves their friends for their so called girl friends…poor Suarjkitna accha hai… you know I was walking down the street for taxi when some bikers passed and one of them had almost hitten me…when Suraj came and took me to doc…ye bandage bhi usne hi krwai…took me for a coffee as I was crying out of pain…and you are saying he is a bad guy…God knows tumhari usse problem kya hai!"

"are you looking for TAXI!!" Avdhesh said with surprise.

"to aur kya karte? I was angry on you…rehersal me bhi man nahi laga to sab chod kar akele ghar aa rahe the…par pata nahi kahan se vo idiot bikers aa gaye…jinhe theek se chalani bhi nahi aati thi…idiots.."

Avdhesh was speechless as somewhere he found himself responcible for everything happened.

He pulled out the first aid box from his drawer and started to change her bandage as it was soaked in blood.

"Arpi…" he couldn't dare to look up at her as she was still not looking at him out of anger but the way he called her name she was compelled to look at him.

"I'm sorry…" he with lower sight while finishing the bandage.

"Sorry for What?" she repled indifferently.

"for everything…for not being there…for being so rude..for hurting you , scaring you." He compeleted his sentence while gazing at floor,sitting in her feet as she had denied to move even a bit from her place, And got up to leave, but before he could move away she held his wrist and made him to sit next to herself.

"look at me…" she uplifted his face by chin and made him to look at herself.

"what's wrong Avi…"

"Nothing…" he replied as he himself had no answer for her question… "can I ask you for something?"

"kaho…" she agreed innocently.

"kuch nahi….go and change now…amma will be waiting for dinner…and yaa…you will be happy to know..your brother is going to stay with us tonight." Avdhesh was going to ask  for something but restrained himself.

"Sacchi! Bhaiya..yahan! hamare saath! Wow! Tumne baat ki bhaiya se? unhone khud kaha ke vo yahan rukenge…hotel me nahi?" she smiled with joy as nothing has happened.

"hun." Avdhesh just nodded in agreement.

"Wow Avi! You are so sweet…and must know some spell jo bhaiya ko mana liya haha" she gave him a tight hug in her excitement.. "Thank you…thank you sooo much Avi."

This was for what Avdhesh wanted to ask…he wanted to take her in embrasse as her thought about Suraj had scared him. He just spread his arms around her shoulders and felt her presence there….close to himself, a silent tear rolled down at his face. But next second Arpita moved apart and start to leave the room.

Avdhesh felt a pang when she moved apart but covered it with a smile as she was smiling whole heartdly.

"Avi.." she stopped just at the door and turned around.


"is everything Ok with you naa!" she inquired as if she had felt his state of mind.

"yeah…nothing to worry."

"haha…no dear you should worry…because Bhaiya rukenge vo bhi tumhare saath…tumhare room me…think about it…ek princess ne tumhara ye haal kar rakha hai to jab Prince bhi dono bhai behan tumhara kya haal karenge?" and she burst into laughter.

"What? Kya matlab?"

"aree matlab simple hai…take rest because m not going to let anyone sleep tonight…" she winked at him and left the room.

The same night after family dinner Avdhesh and Chirag were going to share the same room…

Chirag-"it's such a small room…how do you manage? How will we sleep here?" chirag exclaimed with surprise while inspecting Avdhesh's room.

Avdhesh-"Bed is all your's …I will sleep on couch, problem solved; ek raat ki hi to baat hai, don't worry you don't need to spend a life time like this." Avdhesh replied calmly and hit the couch.

Chirag-"Are you sure! You don't have any problem!"

Avdhesh-"Chill yaar..opss sorry Prince! You are our guest tere liye itna to kar hi sakta hun naa…" Avdhesh replied with a smile and a wink.

Chirag just smiled and started to walk out at open terrace, infront of the room. Avdhesh had to got up and follow him…

"what happened? Are you not going to sleep?" Avdhesh inquired Chirag.  

"Nothing…u know… I use to wonder why Arpi loves Thakur's…just got it now…she loves you as she gets it from you guys…" Chirag replied while gazing at sky.

"What she gets from Us?" Avdhesh inquired curiously.

"Love…you guys are selfless…mean…she received this love since our childhood that's why she's so attached to you guys…After Maa I indulged myself in stdies , state work and all to get over it…the pain, the void she left behind….but she was too young, and luckily she got  Amma, Baba,Shikha and You " Chirag kept his words on without noticing that Avdhesh was gazing at him with wonder as It was the first time he was hearing Chirag so emotional as if he was shearing his heart.

"tonight I saw a satisfaction on Her face…when Amma was feeding her with affection…Thanks for asking me to stay Avdhesh…I will never forget this Eve…thanks for it." And he looked up at Avdhesh while his eyes were moist; Avdhesh just gave him a friendly Hug in return.

"Hey…come on yaar…its not just My Family or My home…you and Arpi belongs to us…you know Amma Baba never thought that they have only two kids they always counted you both too."

At the same time Arpita and Shikha came up with mugs of coffee …

"Hey…if you guys have done with your friendship can we  have coffee." Arpita cried aloud.

"Pagal…why are you shouting?" Chirag replied while smiling at Arpi and embarssing her too.

"Oh Hoo..Bhaiya what happened…just in a day you have changed a lot…seems Simple effect kuch zyada hi ho gaya aap par." She teased her brother as he was behaving too loving and amicable after his meetings with Simple.

"What?" chirag spit out his first sip of coffee with shock over her words.

And everyone else got burst into laughter.

"Aree Bhaiya..i was just kidding…I know its not that easy to affect you..and Simple…she's not of your type hai naa! Aapko to koi Princess chaihiye." She winked at him and dragged Shikha toward Avdhesh's room .

"Hey where you both are going?" Avdhesh inquired while sipping his coffee.

"Avi…what's wrong with you! Told you naa…no one is going to sleep tonight…Amma and Baba are spared as they are tired but am not going to leave any of you…we are going to play Antakshri…truth and dare and all games.Chal Shikha…room adjust karte hain."

And they both left Avdhesh and Chirag. When Avdhesh looked at Him he was looking lost in some other world.

"Chirag.." Avdhesh called him.

"Hun!" he reacted as if someone woke him up.

"You ok! "

"Hun…yeah…hope so…"

"what's the problem? Come on you can share with me…after all we are friends now. Trust me am not going to spread it." Avdhesh winked at him.

"what's the problem…I wish I would know…what's bothering me …when Arpi mentioned Simple…she was right…I can't…she is not of my type.."

At the same time his cell rang…and the flashing on it's screem was 'Simple'

He took the call and stepped bit away from Avdhesh…Avdhesh got that there was something related to Simple which was bothering Chirag and may be She was the cause that Chirag talked to him so candid…he tried to avoid over hear him and looked in his room's direction where Arpita and Shikha was playing while adjusting the room to make some extra space to sit in a circle on ground…unknowingly Avdhesh lost himself in her smile..he started to smile with her…after few minutes Chirag returned to Avdhesh to find him gazing at Arpita with a innocent smile on his face.

"Uh Uh..!"  he caughed a bit.

"Hey….you ok…kya hua? You were saying something about Simple…looking perplexed." Avdhesh reacted as he was waiting for Him.

"I doing something...what I should not." Chirag replied while gazing at horizn.


"I am falling for a Girl who's not for me…I think am in love…with Simple." He just said it in one go to leave Avdhesh in shock.

"Are you serious! Mean…that's good naa…mean Simple is really nice girl yaar…I knowher from a long time by now..she is my school frined." Avdhesh exclaimed with happiness.

"Its not that easy Avi…there's a lot…I tried to avoid it…but I think I should not do that. If I keep running away from my love, from accepting it then how can I expect her to understand it…and what if someone else said it befor me…I can't let her go…" Chirag said his feelings while Avdhesh's sight unknowingly reached to Arpi…and he felt as Chirag was voicing his feelings.

"Dil ki baat samay rehte keh deni chaihiye…kahin bahut der naa ho jaaye." Chirag looked up at Avdhesh to find him gazing at Arpita.

"Hun…you are right…so have you said that to Simple?" Avdhesh lowered his sight and inquired Chirag without looking up at him.

"No…but she's coming to bid me farewell tomorrow…I will tell her everything…everything…if she will be ready to leave world behing for me…I will do that for her." Chirag said firmly.

"What? Isme duniya chodne ki baat kahan se aa gai…you love her and am sure she likes you too… " Avdhesh said with surprise over his words.

"She loves me…I know…but its not that easy…once she accepts Me…everyone will get to know what's the problem…where is the problem…Avi…if I will need a friend…can I rely on you guys?"

"Any time buddy…why are you getting tense?" Avi get that something serious was bothering Chirag. But before he could ask Arpita came to drag them to room…

They had to give break to their talks as chirag didn't want to Arpi smell about his worries.

They played for a long time but as Shikha fell asleep they had to stop the game as only three were left. Soon Chirag too showed desire to sleep; Arpita had no choice left except to allow her brother but she didn't let Avi go…

"Hey…how can you think to sleep…tumhari wajah se hamari practice nahi ho paai aaj…come on lets dance with me."

"Arpi its too late…take rest…I promise kal teri double practice karwa dunga…"  Avi tried to sulk her but she was firm.

"Abhi mean ABHI! Or I will not allow anyone sleep…" She replied in annoyed tone.

"God why I try to deny anything when I know ke tu manegi nahi!"  and Avi started to dance with her.

"Arpi…aaram se Chirag and Shikha jag jayenge…tera bhai mujhe maar dalega…for dancing with you like this at this hour of night."

"shii…mere hote Bahi kyun tumhe marega…"


"aree.. I mean I will not let any one to touch you…that's only my right..even to kill you " she cought him by collar and both start laughing…

She forced Avi to dance with her till 3 of night…

Chirag  observed them silently as if he was sleeping..


Thanks for reading...

hope you enjoyed reading...

don't forget to post your valuable comments Embarrassed it means a lot Embarrassed

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Cuty16 Goldie

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Posted: 22 February 2013 at 9:55am | IP Logged
Thanks dear nice update...
i am just desperate to know datTongue how dere cute story goes to angerAngry story but i know everything will be all rightStar...n jo bcoz of u our avita is still dereClap ...Smile

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amandadsouza95 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 February 2013 at 11:38pm | IP Logged
@joliefille: Nyc story!!!!Smile

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cuty16

Thanks dear nice update...
i am just desperate to know datTongue how dere cute story goes to angerAngry story but i know everything will be all rightStar...n jo bcoz of u our avita is still dereClap ...Smile

Thanks Rups Embarrassed
yap soon you will get to know how the story got the drastic change Confused

n m thankful for you guys for still having interest in this FF Embarrassed

joliefille Goldie

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Originally posted by girlz-rule

@joliefille: Nyc story!!!!Smile

Thanks for liking dear Embarrassed

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