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Avita FF You Are Mine Whn I SW U-XI,Pg-10 (Page 13)

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Originally posted by suvarnaawt

sooo sweet arpi,Embarrassed very nice updatesThumbs Up

Thanks a lot Suvarna dear..Embarrassed

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Very Good noon frns...
here comes...
"You Are Mine"


Next morning was not less then any surprise for everyone at collage as Arpita went to Ria and talked to her as she was never annoyed at her. And most happy people were Suraj and their dance teacher as Arpita agreed to attend evening practice sessions which she had denied to attend earlier for Avdhesh's look after. After their classes when Arpita was leaving with Shikha and RV Suraj came running behind them. Suraj-"Hey Arpita…wait yaar…I thought you are coming for practice sessions…aren't you?" Arpi-"you were not wrong Suraj. Yes I am coming." Suraj-"Oh cool…then why don't you join us…I mean my gang is staying with me as we will get auditoriam for practice only after 4 and its just 1 now…we have enough time to improve our compatibility …(arpita looked up at him with questions in her eyes)woo sorry sorry…I mean if we are performing together then we should have nice chemistry at stage…and for that we should know each other…don't you think."

 Arpi-"Oh…I thought you are trying to flirt with me"

Suraj laughed on her frank words-"Oh..haha..well may I? if Princess Arpita Rai allows me…"

 Arpi smiles back in reply for his words-"can't say right now…well I think I should leave now…RV and Shikha are waiting for me."

 Suraj-"Hey wait yaar but what about our rehersal?"

Till then arpita had already left the place but she replied for his question while getting in the car-"don't worry This Princess never takes back her words…I will be on time." And their car moves out of collage gate.

 Suraj smiled on her reply and said to himself-"Must say…this Princess is really smart hun…but how long you will run away from me baby…will catch you soon."   

 At collage's auditorium, 3.30pm….

                                                                                 Suraj and his gang starts waiting for Arpita.As they were sure that she will come as she can't disobey their teacher's words if she wanted to participate in the competition. And in the last practice session he had seriously asked Arpita to work hard to match with Suraj, as she was performing nice alone but with suraj she didn't had the thing called chemistry.

One of Suraj's friend exclaimed with joy-"Bhai…I think she has came."

Suraj(without looking back)-"as if she had any other option…"


Suraj (without giving an ear to his friend)-"I know I know she must be looking Hot as all ways…"


Suraj-"Poor Avi…must be cursing his fate …and trust me he will wish to loose his sight instead of knee in that accident, just let Him…"

"Hello Suraj…" Arpita's voice stopped him from contineuing his sentence.

Suraj got up and turned around to welcome Arpita with a victorious, broad smile-"Hi Arpita…must say you are looking good."

Arpita-"Is it? But I am not wearing anything special Suraj…I dn't thinks that am looking different from my regular appearance."

Suraj-"When did I said you Are…(Arpita looked up at him, bewildered …)Ha Ha Ha…Oh…please don't get so confused..What I meant to say was…you always look priety. You don't' need to do any thing special to look beautiful."

Arpita laughed at his compliment –"Ok…got it..Now stop buttering and lets start our rehersels."

Suraj-"yeah sure…ladies first…" and he moved away to give her way to enter the hall.and Arpita stepped in leaving them behind.

Suraj's friend was about to say something again-"Bahi…"

Suraj-"Abey..stop this Bhai…Bhai…and leave us alone…didn't you heared our teacher, we need to work on our chemistry…and I don't want any disturbance in it…"


Suraj-"Aree samjha kar yaar….badi mushkil se Uss Avdhesh se peecha chudaya hai kuch dino ke liye…now I don't want you guys to replace him…Kabaab me Haddi."

And he pulled out a cigret from his friend's pocket with a smile and about to lit it when…

"Ahh…your badluck Suraj…" He felt a heavy hand at his shoulder….and it forced Suraj to turn around and get shocked –"Your Plan had worked…Lekin Afsoos…it's Me not any one else…your tricks can't stop me Suraj…try something else…and a free advice from my side…stay safe buddy…because you have messed with wrong fellow."

Avdhesh warned him , face to face, eye to eye and passed him by pussing him aside and entered the hall to accopmpany  Arpi there.

Suraj was still in shock, his planed had worked perfectly and if he had heared correct, it worked better then his expectations…Avdhesh and Arpita had fight because of that accident, even they were not talking, then what was he doing there with her?

Suraj-"What the heck is that guy doing here?" he threw his unburnt cigret and crushed it under feet in anger.

Friend-"Bhai I was trying to tell you about him only…Arpita was n't alone…she came with him only, he was driving the car. When she came here he had gone to park it. Then again I tried to tell you but before I could he had heared everything…Bhai…ab kya hoga?"

Suraj-"Ab…hunn.." a devilish smile got spread at his lips.. "Ab vo hoga jo main chahta tha… know what…fun begins now guys…comeon…lets have some fun."

And he enters the auditorium to find Arpita sitting with Avdhesh in the first lane.

Suraj went straight to the stage-"Hey Arpi…lets start it yaar..we have only 2 hours."

Avdhesh fumed at his word…as he called her as ARPI. Even Arpita was surprised to hear it from him…

"Its 'Arpita' Suraj… 'Arpita Rai' ." –Arpita corrected him.

Suraj-"Opss…sorry…Ok Princess Arpita Rai Ji…may I have the pleasure to dance with you…"

Arpita-"That's better…you sit here Avi I will be back in few minutes." She patted on his hand to control her own nervousness. As it was hard for her to bear anyone's touch.


Arpita turns back and looks in to his eyes-"Hun…"

He held her hand in his and said-"am here…don't' worry you will do it… I know you can…"

Arpita smiles back to him this time his touch gave her that confidence-"I know…that you are there…and that is all I want." She lefts him with a smile and reached on stage.

"And That's All I Want…" Avdhesh felt bit strange at her these words…what she meant by that?

On stage –

Their teacher wasn't there so his assistant played the music- a soft sweet romantic guitar…

Suraj got close to Arpita, she looked up at Avdhesh who was trying to control his anger, but when he looks into her eyes his anger got flushed away and he smiled and nodded in agreement to assure her that she can do it. She smiles back and gave her hand into Suraj's hand and rest another on his shoulder, while his arm moved around her waist and dragged her bit more close to himself.

Suraj-"You are not looking comfortable Arpita…"

Arpita-"ah…yeah…may be that's why we need to do these extra sessions!"

Suraj-while moving in a circular motion" uh…yeah how can I forgot…ok..lets make it bit easy for both of us…" he loosen his hold around her waist "hope its fine now…" and Arpita stepped bit back and felt easy and smiled at him this time "That's nice…hey…one more thing…look at you friend…"

Arpita looked up at avdhesh he was smiling and fuming at the same time.

Arpita to Suraj-"so…"

Suraj-"So! Can't you feel like laugh! What an insecure person he is yaar…I mean…if am not wrong doc had asked him to bed rest and look at him…yahan bhi chala aaya apni girl friend ko mujhse bachane."

Arpita-"shuu…am not his girl friend…and he is not insecure at all…he is just sweet…my sweet childhood….no my best friend ever…he came here for me…to accompany me."

Suraj-"Ok…thank god …you have said that…warna meri to jaan hi nikli jaa rahi thi soch soch itni beautiful girl to sirf meri girlfriend ho sakti hai Avi ki nahi."

Arpita laughed at this-"Ha ha..Oh my god suraj you are too funny…"

Suraj laughed a bit loud to show it off to Avdhesh and it worked as Avdhesh got more anger and his smile faded away.

Suraj-"Hey look there…your friend…oh my god havn't seen anyone jealous like that…don't' you enjoys it…hey come on Arpita please…for your new friend's sake…won't you love to tease him….you know we used to be really good friends…but due to some misunderstandings he don't likes me anymore…"

Arpita looked up at Avdhesh and loved the way he was gazing at her with suraj…there was jealous, possessiveness protectiveness everything…and she laughed aloud out of joy…

Suraj-"Hey what happened?"

Arpita-"now look at him…I didn't knew ke Avi ko jalane me itni mazza ayegi…thanks for the idea Suraj…seems you are like me hun…friends ko tang karne me kafi mazza aata hai tumhe bhi…you know what ghar pe to Avi ko bahut tang karti thi..but after his accident kuch kam ho gaya tha..he can't run after me naa.. "

Suraj-"Don't worry together we will irritate him more then ever" he winked at her and they both laughed…while Avdhesh was fumeing at his place to see Suraj coming close to Arpita.

"What the heck is happening here!" a voice roared the hall. And all sudden Arpita stepped apart from Suraj.

"Bhaiya…!" she had recognized the owner of voice , it was Chirag, elder brother of Arpita, who has came to see his young sister.

Avdhesh got up at his place, while Suraj took his hands off from  Arpita.

Chirag stepped up to the stage and faced Arpita with anger-"What are you doing Arpita? You supposed to study here not all this crap…"

Arpita tried to reply-"Bhaiya…it's for collage…I am participating in inter collage compition…I will be representing our collage."

Chirag-"Collage! You are bothering for your stupid good for nothing collage! What about our family! Our Name! we can't bring shame to our Royal Heritage by competing with comman people like this…we are made to judge them not to entertain them Arpita can't you get a simple thing?"

Suraj saw that the matter was turning hot as he had already got to know about Arpita's anger from other people of collage, and her brother seemed to him a step ahead, he find it better to leave the place.

Chirag continuies-"And where is that cheap guy…with whom you were dancing…do you think he is even able to talk to you…?if we were in Lalanpur he wouldn't permitted to see you."

"But this is not Lalanput Chirag…it is Mumbai..and here she is just a ordinary collage girl…even you are not a prince. So just calm down buddy."

Chirag-"Avdhesh …How can I forget you! was destined when Arpita is in your company…isn't it Arpita?"

Arpita glaired at him as she never allowed anyone to utter even a wrong word about Her Family (Thakur's).

"don't you think that I will get scared of your that silly anger…Papa has spoiled you…it's over…comeon we are going back to lalanpur.,..right now. After all he has right to know what are you doing alone here at his back."

Avdhesh interrupts this time in much cold tone-"Alone…Hello..Mr.Rai…aka Prince of Lalanpur…Arpi is with me…as you said…and trust me she will never be alone as I will be there with her like her shadow…(he wrapped his arm around chirag's shoulder from back and made him walk away from Arpita with himself…in a bit lower tone) look I can understand your concern being a brother…but the thing is…we both knows her well…you can't order her and expect her to follow it…she is not a kid…I have get it…and it will be better if you accepts it too…don't know about you Royal thing…but I can assure you for her safety."

Chirag listened his words and moved away from him-"Ok Avdhesh…if you have done with you preaching over 'How to deal with growing Sisters' let me tell you one thing…Papa will never allow her."

Avdhesh-"even I was not in her faver…but look at her…she wants to do it…mean…just think about it…your lil sis wanna live her life her way…for just few years….may be months…may be days….after that she will have to live your Royal Rules and boundations…can't you give her a bit of happiness of her share…come on yaar don't be so rude to her."

Chirag looked up at Arpita she was looking sad as alwaws she used to at Lalanpur, while he found her laughing when he entered there…some how Avdhesh's words and her sad face convinced him.

Chirag-"Ok…but I can't allow her to be alone with any stranger. I will stay with her."

Avdhesh-"don't worry she will not…told you…you are talking to her shadow… I know we were never good friends…but you are not that bad…we can be friends…"

Chirag-"I am not that Bad..hun…was it a compliment!"

Avdhesh-"well…you can say so…"

Chirag smiled at this-"Ok…but can't say so soon about our friendship….after all I am a royal blood…just take care of my sister." He smiled at him and left them.

Avdhesh called behing him-"Hey Mr.Rai…you can come with us…we suppose to go at same place."

Chirag replied without looking back at him-"No Mr. Thakur…I am not going to stay at your small place am staying at hotel."

When Arpita saw him leaving without anger, she get that he was not going to take her back, at least not at the moment, her heart get filled with happiness. She screamed with joy-"Thankyou Bhaiya…." Chirag waved at her voice without looking back.

And she ran to Avdhesh and hugged him tightly –"don't know what have you said to Bhaiya? How you convinced him? But what ever you have done…Thankyou…thanks a lot for it Avi…"

Avdhesh was bit surprised at her reaction more at his own feeling…when she was in Suraj's arms…his cheast was turning heavy…he felt bad, and when Chirag was talking to take her back, he felt as someone was snatching something from him, and her sad face that was most painful thing for him…

But the moment she ran to him and hugged him…everything got vanished…as the sun came out of dark clouds, and the light sunshine gave him new breath. His arms went's around her shoulder and patted her head lightly.

"Any thing…Any time… for you…" he said it without any intenstion  of saying it…it came from his heart.


Thanks for reading...

hope you liked it ..don't forget to leave your precious comments and hit like

if you liked...Thankyou Embarrassed

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I knw wht Samo after reading this update.. One song is coming to my mind...

"Surkh wala Sauza wala.. faiz wala Love,
Hota hai jo.. Love se zyada.. waise wala Love...

Ishq Wala Love..."Heart

Mann.. This was awesome...ClapClapClapClapClap
That last dialogue said by him...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed was damn beautifulEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by -Prashu-


I knw wht Samo after reading this update.. One song is coming to my mind...

"Surkh wala Sauza wala.. faiz wala Love,
Hota hai jo.. Love se zyada.. waise wala Love...

Ishq Wala Love..."Heart

Mann.. This was awesome...Clap
That last dialogue said by him...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed was damn beautifulEmbarrassed

Awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

you liked it...Big smileEmbarrassed that's really imp for me Embarrassed

going to update its next part ...think you will like it Wink

luv yaa Mrs.Thakur Hug

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Chirag had hardly reached at exit when someone banged into him and they both fell on the ground…

Girl-"What the heck…who are you? And what are you doing here in our collage?"

Chirag looked up to loose himself into her deep black eyes, while lying over her. The girl contineous..

"don't you have a thing called Manners!, get off from me and let me go…go you idiot…" she banged her fist hard on his shoulder as his arm got encircled around her waiste.

Chirag came back to his senses "Oh I am sorry…" he stands up and offers his hand to help her but she gets up without even noticing his helping hand, "by the way you too should be sorry."

"Sorry for what? For tolerating you! Or not slaping you for such idiotic behaviour?"

Chirag-"excuse me! Do you have any idea to whom you are talking like this?"

"who ever you are…I know just one thing…you don't have the thing called Manners, how to talk to a girl. "

Chirag-"excues me! You were walking like blinds not me!"

"How dare you said that?"

She shouts at the top of her voice that it reaches inside the auditorium and bring Avdhesh Back to his senses as he was still lost in the sweetness of the moment with Arpita. He quickly get apart, they both were surprised to hear such noise, at once they looked up in the direction of voices as it was increasing then to eachother and they both said it at the same time –"God ! its Simple."

They stepped toward the exit as fast as they can as Avdhesh was still not able to run properly.

Arpita-"Oh God just hope that Bhai hasn't messed with her. How can he repeat me?"

Avdhesh-"Repeat you! What do you mean by that?"

Arpita-" can you forget our first meeting…I messed with her without reason."

Avdhesh smiled at this as her words had  reminded him their first meet at collage. And he stopped at once.

Arpita-"aree why have you stopped? Is it paining? Tell me where?" she quickly sits in his feet and touched his knee lightly.

Avdhesh held her hand in his and made her to stand-"no..not at all…just thought to reach there after a while so we can see the out come of the battel which you had left in mid as we had intrupped you…am sure this time our Simple will win over your royal family."

Arpita-"stop it Avi, Bhaiya is really very harsh, I don't want him to hurt Simple."

Avdhesh-"Hurt Her! Hahaha…forget that…lets have a small bet tere bhaiya ki bolti band kar degi meri friend."

Arpita-"Ok..OK now move..come on."

She forced him to accompny her and when they reached…Arpita was amazed to see the scene…

'Chirag was sitting on stairs putting his palms on ears , gazing at her mesmerized while Simple was standing infront of him few steps below so she could look straight into his eyes and shouting at the top  of her voice.

Simple-"what the heck do you think of your self…just because you got birht in some rich family doesn't mean that you are a king or prince or deserve to get respect…Hello Mister…look up… talking to you…what have you done so far that you think people should respect you? What is your identity aprat from your father's name? "

Arptia was shocked to see her brother listing to a girl with such calm, Avdhesh laughed and jolted her shoulder lightly and whispered in her ear-"I won."

Arpita-"hun…yes…but how? Bhai never accepts his mistake so easly…and chup to kabhi hote hi nahi specialy in arguments."

Avdhesh-"shall we help your brother first! Or Simple to suna suna ke hi maar dalegi."

Arpita-"Oh yeah…please…"

Avdhesh and Arpita reaches there and Avdhesh touches Simple's shoulder lightly-"unn..Simple.."

Simple turns in anger –"What?"

Arpita reaches to her brother , Avdhesh continues-"how do you met Chirag? He is Arpi's elder brother."

Simple turns to Chirag and Arpita-"Arpi….is this guy your Brother? Samjha le inhe…aainda mere saath apni royal family ka ghamand naa hi dikhayen to behtar hoga…or I will show him what a comman girl can do."

Avdhesh-"Ok..ok…he get that…but what are you doing here? I mean at this time?"

Simple-"aree…I came for Arpita…have you forgotten you have asked me to be with her when you were in bed with your factured leg…ab mujhe kya pata tha ke khud hi plaster kaat ke yahan saath chale aaoge!"

Chirag-"what? You have came to accompny my sister!"

Simple-"No..i have came to be with my friend…for us she is our darling friend…not some princess."

Chirag turned his face away-"uh…its hard to talk with this girl."

Simple-"Oh..really then please don't do that…because no one is interested here in talking to you.."

Arpita stepped in-"hey hey Simple ..chill yaar…come on lets come inside…I will show you my steps."

Simple-"ok..chal. just hope your brother is not coming in."

Arpita-"no no…bhai is just leaving."

Avdhesh-"and so are we gals…"

Chirag-"why? Tumhe practise nahi karni kya?"

Arpita was bit surprised to hear such words from Chirag as few moments ago he was shouting at her just because she had participated in the compition and now he was asking about practise.

Avdhesh-"uh…actually your sister needs a lot of practise sessions…but think you have scared that lamb, Suraj, that he had left early today, so she can't practise alone."

Chirag-"Oh…such a chickenhearted guy…hamne use to kuch kaha bhi nahi tha…don't you have any couragious guy in your Collage Avdhesh…my sister have to dance with such idiot?"

Simple-"yeah…as our Hero has broken his leg."

Arpita-"Sheee…Simple…stop it yaar…its OK…lets go home…ab practise to kal hi ho payegi."

They all leaves for their places, Avdhesh Arpita in Avdhesh's father's car and Simple offered help to Chirag in finding a room in a five star hotel as he want to stay alone while she wanted to show him the grandure of her city…

Same night at Thakur's residence…

Avdhesh was trying to sleep but he was not able to do so as Suraj's voice was haunting his mind…the way he had seen Arpita dancing with him today at rehersals, he was not feeling good…earlier he used to worry about Arpita but at present that feel was different, her smiling face appeared in front of his eyes, but this time she was in His arms…smiling at that guy 'Suraj'…a sharp pang raised somewhere in his soul and encroached his heart…he felt more restless…an urgent craving to see Her aroused in him and he left his room and stepped toward her room downstaires…

Avdhesh reached to his old room…now which belongs to Her. At once he thought to open the door and fulfill his desire, to quench the thurst of his eyes as well as soul, but something stopped him,

"No…she must be sleeping…thaki hogi, collage then helping amma and nursing me then these dance rehersals…should not trouble her."

He stepped back, but at the same time a voice came from his heart… "what should I do?"

He repeated it "What should I do? If I can't sleep its my problem..not hers?"

He forced himself to leave but each step was hard for him…he tooks few steps toward her door then takes it back. Finaly he decided to see her in morning.

"Avi..bas kar…neend nahi aa rahi to kuch padh le…Arpi ko kyun tang karna!"

" now Mr.Avi is trying to be formal with me!" her door opened and she peep out.

Avdhesh-"you are not sleeping?"

Arpita-"No..actually am walking and talking in sleep…do you have any problem?"

Avdhesh laughed at this-"Ok…got I don't have any problem. Go to sleep now…good night."

Arpita-"good night bolne ke liye itni der se tehal rahe the?"

Avdhesh-"Uh…actually neend nahi aa rahi thi..socha thoda paani pee leta hun…you must be tired…take rest."

Arpita steps out, held his wrist and dragged him in-"rest and Me!...forget that…same condition hai Avi…tenstion ke mare neend hi ud gai hai…" she made him to sit in front of herself at bed and starts to share her problem "ankhen band karti hun to samne Hall dikhai deta hai…full of audience…waiting for us to perform…but jab haath badhati hun to samne se koi andhere me hi khada dikhta hai…"

Avi-"so..isme tense hone wali kya baat hai?"

Arpi-"aree..yahi to baat hai…that I can't see his face…it have to be Suraj…If I can't see him how should I imagine to have a chemistry with him! And jab vo haath badhata tension ke mare meri aankh khul jaati hai."

Avdhesh listened her and held her hand, made her to sit by his side, pats her hand lightly-"hey..calm down…everything will be fine…trust me."

Arpita-"Avi…agar aise hi chalta raha to ho chuki meri performance…jab practice hi nahi hogi to perform kya karungi…wish..koi partner mil ghar par hi practice kar leti."

Avdhesh-"bas itni si baat…Ok..may I have the pleasure to Dance with the Lady!" and he bows infront of her on his knee, that caused a bit pain. "Uh…"

Arpita-"Avi…sit properly…look its hurting…and dance karoge..!"

Avdhesh stands up , looks intensly straight into her eyes…

Arpita felt bit strange-"What?"

Next second she found her self in his strong arms…he held her by waist by one hand and another held her hand firmly.

Avdhesh-"sheee…you can't imagine to have chemistry with that idiot guy…let me teach it to you…look straight into my eyes."

Arpita was shocked to find herself so close to him, there was just a wind's space between their faces, and Avdhesh was gazing at her face intensly, she felt bit shy but at the same time pleasure. For next few moments there was complete silence, and they were lost in each other dancing, without any song or even any music.

Avdhesh broke the silence as now he felt bit relaxed, as that pain get  vanished compeletly by now.-"hum..ab hansi nahi aa rahi…? I think am boring you hun!"

Arpita came back from her own world as his voice compelled her-"What?"

Avdhesh-"no…I just observed that you were quite enjoying rehersal with Suraj…while now you looks serious."

Arpita-"Oh..that… what? Are you jealous?"

Avdhesh-swirled her away from himself…looked up at her "NO…" and swirled her back into his arms, this there was literally not a space for even air to pass from between them, his eyes met with hers.

Arpita-"vo you started to dance like this so get bit shocked!" her face turned red with blush and she lowered her sight.

Avdhesh felt that he has done something which was unexpectable from him in their relation, felt shy on his own deed-"Arpi…" he left her hand, and released her from his firm hold, she looks up at him and he turned his face away "am sorry…I should not behave like that…vo bas…" and a tear appeared at the edge of his eye.

Arpita felt a pang to that drop there-"Avi…what happened?".

Avdhesh-"Nothing…am sorry but I didn't' had any intention to hurt you." And he moved a step away to leave.

Arpita-"hey stop!" she held his arm and forced him to face herself, "Dumbo…how can you hurt me? Pagal…mujhe bilkul bura nahi laga…even am happy ke tum hampar apna haq jaante ho…and yaa one more thing."

Avdhesh felt surprised to see her reaction, he just smiled –"What?"

Arpita-"ye music less dance kal se with sound hoga…and most important thing…thanks for teaching me that eye to eye technique hun…will try it with Suraj, hamre jaise to nahi…may be thodi bahut Chemistry devlop ho jaye." And she winked at him to made him feel easy.

Avdhesh smiled-"haha…well hope so…" and wished , it could never happens.




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SmileHye dear
how are doing these days,nice update dear the story is turning more n more intresting,n really sorry for not replying regularly.
Clapgr8 work dear u have kept our avita alive
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avita's convo ... sooocuteEmbarrassed

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@joliefille: Awesum n fantastic!!!!Smile

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You Are Always Mine..!!A SAJAN FF.epilogue 130

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 127 128

Author: CrazyMS   Replies: 1018   Views: 109996

CrazyMS 1018 109996 09 October 2012 at 3:03am by PoojaSheth

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