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Avita FF You Are Mine Whn I SW U-XI,Pg-10 (Page 12)

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 2:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by coolpavni

wow thanks for dedicating it to me and suv di...Smile lovd d updt...Big smile

Thankyou Pavni dear...for liking it..Embarrassed

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2012 at 2:50am | IP Logged
Good Noon everyone...Happy Deepawali frns..
here is another quick, looong updte of..


Part 14

The Next day was a shock for everyone to know what had happened previous night with Avdhesh, specially  for their Dance teacher. As now he had to find another match for Arpita…for the compition but the question was would she get agree to dance with anyone else…and if she did would she be able to generate such kind of chemistry on floor…he decided to take few more practice sessions so he could choose the perfect partner for her. On Other hand Arpita was sad and at the same time angry with Avdhesh that he didn't took proper care of himself and met with accident and spoilt her whole plan of winning the compition, but without saying a single word she was taking good care of him at home, she refused to go collage next day and stayed home to nurse him with Amma, while she forced Shikha for collage and dance with RV and Simple.

At collage

Ria-"thankyou RV, for coming to pick me…but I will manage…howz Avdhesh ji?"

Simple-"Avdhesh…how do you know about him? Who told you?"

Ria-"what I came to know ? I was asking about their dance rehersals…he said he will not come to pick me as he will be busy with dance practice with Arpita. Is there anything wrong?"

Shikha-"Uh…nothing…actually last night Bhaiya met with an accident..his bike had some prob and he loosed balance…and his knee get dislocated…so he can't walk for next few days."

Ria turned into tears-"What? But how?..oh no…can I meet him..please?"

RV-"Its OK Ria…after collage we will take you home with us…and don't worry he is a tiger…doc or any plaster can't stop him, he will be fine very soon."

Simple-"stop it RV…don't you dare to say such things in front of Avi or he will not stay in bed even for a day…and Arpita ke  aage to galti se bhi na bol dena or she will kill you for giving such foolish idea to Avi. You know Ria she is going to  be his nurse for next 15 days. Such sweet couple they are."

RV and Shikha both burst into laughter on Simple's comment

"couple and Avi and Arpita….haha..Oh My God Simple…I didn't know that you have such nice sense of humor."

Simple-"Why what's so funny in it?"

Shikha-"Simple…stop it..there is nothing like you are imagining…Bhaiya and Arpi..hehe…you have to see them at home…if Amma and Baba were not there naa…both must have killed eachother and may be them selves too after that…as they are best friends since childhood..but dono ke beech kabhi understanding naam ki to cheez rahi hi nahi…ek aag hai to dusra shoal.."

Simple-"don't' know…but I can see a perfect couple..bas dimaag thanda rakhne ki zaroorat hai dono ko."

Ria-"Arpita will stay at home…so how will she participate in compition? Mean it was her wish naa. She should fulfil it…"

Shikha-"So sweet of you Ria…yes you are was her wish but as I told you…they are best friends…if Bhaiya is on bed how can she dance and enjoy? I don't' think she will come collage for next 15 days…to comption to bhool hi jaao."

Ria thought something in her mind.

When everyone was separating for their classes Ria take Shikha's leave for few minutes and went to canteen for some coffee…but in a way someone dragged her by arm.

Suraj-"Hey sweety…Happy now."

Ria slapped Suraj-"You.. I will kill you…you said ki Avdhesh ji ko kuch nahi hoga…and see…he is seriously injured."

Next second Suraj held her by hairs rudly-"Don't you dare to cross your limit ever…zara dhang se baat kya kar lit u to sar par hi chadhne lagi…Avdhesh JI Avdhesh JI…break wire nikalte hue nahi pata laga tha ki tere Avdhesh ji ka kya hoga?" he threw her on ground roughly and sit next to her with a evil smile "chal…your wish has fulfilled naa…now you can go to him..and shower your love and care on him…congratulations…"

Ria starts crying-"you didn't' told me that it was break wire."

(Ria did it when Avdhesh was at her place for coffee)

Suraj-"so what? You want him not to dance with arpita naa…see he will not…ha ha ha…He can't."

Ria smiled and get up…turned to leave-"Yes…he can't…but I am sorry …sorry for you…you did all this to take Avdhesh ji 's place with Arpita naa…congratulations…she too is not participating in compition as she is nursing Avdhesh ji at home." And she left Suraj in shock with her words about Arpi.

After collage everyone reached home to see Avdhesh. He was in his room, while Arpita was cooking something for him in kitchen. Everyone reached to him.

RV-"Hey tiger…how are you feeling now?"

Avi-"Hey…Much better yaar…how was collage ."

Simple-"as usual…boring…but your dance teacher is in deep dipprestion as he have to find another couple."

Avi-"Couple! You mean another partner for Arpita right?"


Avi-"What? What do you mean by NO. Shikha…what's going on?"

Shikha-"Bhaiya..vo..Arpi is not participating in compi anymore as she feels you and Amma needs her more."

Avi was bit surprised to hear that..but somewhere he felt realy happy and relieved as since the moment he met with accident his only worry was Suraj as after him his way was clear.

Ria-"Avdhesh ji. I am sorry…" and she starts to cry.

Avi-"Sorry for what? "

Ria-"agar aap sabke saath hi ghar aa jate to shayad ye accident na hota…it happened because of me."

Avi-"hey stop crying…there is nothing like that. Jo hona tha ho gaya ab isme tumhari kya galti?" and he wiped her tear.

At the same time Arpita entered in room with a tray of tea.

Arpi-"What the hell is going here..Avi you didn't tell me that you get late because you went to drop you Girl friend."

Avi-"calm down Arpi…what's wrong with you…why are you getting so angry?"

She banged the tray on the table next to him and held Ria's  hand and pulled her away from his bed.

Arpi-"Why am I angry? Do I need to explain it Mr.Avdhesh Singh Thakur? I told you how important this compition is for me..and have spoilt everything…if you came with us on time then all this havn't happed ever."

Ria-"Sorry Arpita…it all happened because of me…but you should not spoil your dreams because of me…I will take care of Avdhesh ji…(Arpita glared at her in anger) I mean I will help aunty."

Arpi-"You know what! You better do that. But as its my home my family matter you better stay out of it."

Ria-"I am sorry…I didn't mean that."

Arpi-"I have get what ever I should get about you and your boy friend, and am sick of seeing your dirty face. Just get out of my sight…right now…(Ria starts to cry bitterly at her harsh words while everyone else was just shocked to hear her.) Get out! Jaati ho yaa dhakee maar ke nikalun?"

She shouts at the top her voice. And it shocked everyone.Ria can't dare to stay in front of her anymore, she just ran out of the room.

Avdhesh-"Arpi what the hell are you doing? Ria stop yaar please…(But she has already left with tears.) RV…please yaar use ghar chod aa..Arpi has gone mad. Humari taraf se sorry bol dena."

Arpita-"Wait RV…why will you go…Mr.Thakur..aap jaiye naa…itni bholi ,bechari ladki ko aap ghar chodne nahi jayenge…raat ko ghar se bahar nahi rahenge to accident kaise karwayenge apna!" she taunted him while holding RV's hand to stop him from going behind Ria.

Avi-"Arpi why are you over reacting…it was just a mishap ho gaya naa ab bas karo…and bechari Ria ki kya galti use itna suna diya?"

Arpita-"ARPITA..not Arpi Mr.Avdhesh…and I give a damn care that it was her fault or not. And can you explain me, who else is responcible for all this…you got late because you went to drop her late night. Isn't it?"

Avi-"So What?"  Till now he too got his temper as Arpita was continuosly shouting at him in front of everyone.

Arpi-"Haa…So What..So that Mr.Thakur…I can't participate in that compition just because you have broken your stupid leg and lying in bed!"

Avi-"so…have I asked you too nurse me? Have I asked you to not to participate? Answer is NO…its all your own decision. The compition is still can participate…and if you want I can talk to Sir to send you to represent our collage. Fir dekh lenge kitna dance karti ho, aur kitna jeet sakti ho compition."

His words and more then that the way he said made her more angry.

Arpita-"Excuse Me…Mr.Avdhesh Singh Thakur..if you are forgetting…you are talking to Arpita Rai, you may need recommendations to prove your self…I don't and now I will participate, and will show you how to win it…and mind you, will get the best match for me."

They both were fuming in anger, while others were just gazing at them as just few minutes ago he was talking so calmly and she was cooking for him and now they are arguing like arch rivals, to prove their superiority over other.

Arpita looked up at Simple-"Simple will you pass me my cell."

She was standing next to it on othe side of Avi's bed.

Avi-"Aree…why are you asking her…main deta hun naa…ye lo..kis se baat karni hai, laao main dial kar deta hun naa…Sir ko call karun…"

Arpi snatched cell from his hand and dialed a number-

"Hello..Suraj…I am in. main aa rahi hun practice ke liye."

Everyone was shocked to hear that she called Suraj.

Avdhesh can't control his anger anymore-"What the hell was that? You called Suraj? Where the hell you got his number?"

Arpita cut the call and turned to answer him but this time in much calmed way as his irritation gave her pleasure.

"He is my friend….and who knows…may be my dance parter too" and she left the room with a smirk.


Happy Diwali everyone...

thanks for reading..Embarrassed

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happy dewali to all my dear friends...

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suvarnaawt Groupbie

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Posted: 16 November 2012 at 9:27am | IP Logged
kya zatka diya yar,,,,,,,,,RIA Angry 

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 21 November 2012 at 7:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chahat22

happy dewali to all my dear friends...

Thanks dear...hope you enjoyed it Embarrassed
joliefille Goldie

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Originally posted by suvarnaawt

kya zatka diya yar,,,,,,,,,RIA Angry 

told you...its going to be a roller coster ride Wink
joliefille Goldie

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In just a flick of second everything got changed, Arpi was more then angry with Avdhesh and now she was regula at collage, behind her Ria use to visit Avdhesh at home and gave him updates about collage and specially about compition practice sessions as preps were taking pace their teacher was making his mind for final pair , who would represent their collage. Days start to fly like wind, Arpita was regular for collage,classes and also for practice sessions but she never neglected Avdhesh's look after as she said to Ria, she nursed Avdhesh day and night but without any single word, she was silent like her voice has gone, her silence was painful for Avdhesh but his ego and more then that his anger always stopped him from uttering any single word in her presence which could be enough to break the ice clustering in their cute warm lovefilled relation, anger as she had shouted at him in front of everyone, as she was mad at him when he was in bed with a plastered leg, as she was going for dance compition when he can't be with her, as she was participating not just because she want but just because he didn't' want her to participate, as she was practicing. Almost a week passed like that….they both were suffering the pain but no one was ready to accept it…at one night before sleeping Arpita came to Avdhesh's room to give his medicines.she placed the jug of water on his side table, sits by side of it, pulled  out his medicines from drawer and stretched it toward him without a word while he was studying in his bed in side lamp' s light-"Arpi are you OK?"
                                                                                                                                Arpita-"What?...take your medicines it's not your concern to know how am i?"

Avdhesh-"Stop it now…you are giving me wrong medicines…it's my morning doze…where is your mind?"

Arpita threw the medicines on Avdhesh, her eyes get filled with tears –"If you can take your medicines then what the hell am I doing here.and why should you care where is my mind…as if you care about me."

And she ran out of his room sobbing bitterly. Avdhesh felt realy bad as it was clear for him that she was hurt but he found himself helpless as because of his plastered leg he can hardly move in bed, he had a stick by his bed side with which help he recently started to walk a bit in day. He tried to reach it but it was bit away from his reach so he thought to leave the thought and stay at his place, He switched off his side lamp and tried to sleep but when he closed his eyes , tear filled eyes of Arpita appeared in front of him, He found himself helpless once again. This time he determined himself and tried hard for stick and got it. With small steps he managed to step down from stairs as it was his wish to stay in his terrace room. He reached his old room, which now belongs to Arpita,He wanted to knock at it but then he thought about her anger and his own self respect –"What are you doing Avdhesh, this time its her mistake, when she knew well that it was an accident then how can she blame you or Ria or anyone for it…and about Suraj…she is practicing with him, agar tumhari thodi bhi chinta hoti to aisa na karti." His mind said to him and he stepped back and turned to get back to his room.


He had hardly taken a step and her sob filled his heart with pain. Without any second thought He pushed the door and for his surprise, it was n't locked either, the door banged with wall and he found Arpita crying hard with the pillow in her arms. Arpita looked up at him and quickly sits back and wiped her tears.

Arpita (still hugging the pillow)-"what is this Avdhesh? Have you forgotten your manners? This room belongs to a girl now. And for your kind information its Me. Can't you knock it before breaking it like this.?"

Avdhesh-"Arpi..tu ro rahi hai? What happened? Is there everything OK at collage?"

Arpita-"tumhe kya fark padta hai? Tum to apni tang tudwa ke baithe ho naa…yahan kyun aaye ho?"

Avdhesh stepped in and sits next to her, held her by shoulder, lightly-"Arpi…what happened? Why are you crying?"

Arpita starts to cry bitterly once again and this time hugged him hard and cried a lot…her tears, sobbs were making Avdhesh restless, his eyes turn red with pain  and get filled with tear-"Arpi…" only one name flashed in his mind who can hurt her behind him "Suraj ne kuch kiya?"

Arpita pushed him hard and get saperat from him, she turned face away from him and replied in rejection.

"Stop it Avi…Suraj,Ria,RV….can't you think above them…am crying because of you."

Avdhesh felt strange at her reply-"ME! But maine kya kiya?"

Arpita-"bar bar Suraj Suraj ya Ria Ria…where do I stand Avi? Meri koi importance hai ke nahi…maine kya wish kit hi..just to participate in that collage competition ….and you…tumne vo bhi mana kar diya."

Avdhesh-"but you are participating naa…"

Arpita-"Yes I am…but how! And on which cost?...main din bhar collage me Suraj ke saath practice karti hun…but my mind and heart is stucked here with you…mean how can I…when you are here lying in pain….fir shaam ko Sir ka remark…'try a bit more Arpita can do better….you can match with Suraj' and now…I need to attend more practice sessions…just because I don't have nice chemistry with Suraj."

Avdhesh-"Extra practice sessions..but what about your classes?"

Arpi-"extra sessions evening me hain….that's why I am crying…abhi to classes ke baad main ghar aa jaati hun..tumhare aas paas hoti hun..but kal se…" she looked up at him with tear filled eyes, their eyes met and for next few seconds they were lost in their own world…Avdhesh felt as he was listening beats of two hearts in rhythm , he felt like heaven..that feeling was strange yet pleasing…a drop of tear rolled down at her cheek and broke their eye lock, Avdhesh smiled unknowingly to himself.

-"ye sab rona dhona sirf mere liye?"

Arpi-"you are laughing….hans lo hans lo jab mujhe chot lagegi tab dekhungi tumhara reaction kya hoga."

Avdhesh-"stop it Arpi…tumhe kuch kyun hoga…mere hote..main tumhe kuch nahi hone dunga kabhi nahi…and about your problem…I can't help to improve your chemistry with that Suraj…but I can do one thing for you."


Avdhesh-"wait a sec.." he stood up and reached to a drawer, pulled it and took the sessior out, and started to cut his plaster himself.

Arpita ran to him and held his hand to stop him from doing that-"What are you doing Avi…"

"dikhai nahi deta kya…plaster kaat raha hun…ab plastered leg le ke to tere saath practice pe nahi chal sakta naa!"

Arpi-"What? Are you coming with me on sessions?"

Avi-"le..ab written me dun kya?"

Arpi-"but how will you..doc me tumhe rest karne ko kaha hai…"

Avi-"sheee….doc ne kya kaha hai, kya nahi..i don't care…I will do what I want. And tight now I want to get rid of this plaster"

Arpi-"but…mere liye…"

Avi-"Nahi..its not for you…its because I don't want to take chance by leaving you alone with that guy" Arpita narrowed her eye brows at his words, "Haha…look at your face Arpi…idiot…by the way ek baat bata…ye saari ladkiyan pillow ko hi hug kar ke kyun roti hain?"

Arpi-"Saari ladkiyan? What do you mean by that…kitni ladkiyeon ko aise rote dekha hai tumne?"

Avi-"wait let me count.." and he strted to pretend to count on his finger tips.

Arpi-"Haa…you scoundrel…" and she starts punching him.

Avi-"Oh…shee…my leg my leg…"

By now he has cut off his plaster, his cries made her panic.

Arpi-"kya hua ..sit here…" she made him sit on bed "told you naa…but you never listens to me…ab dard ho raha hai sit here main Baba ko leke aati hun…abhi docter ke paas chalet hain."

Avdhesh held her hand and pulled her back to sit in front of him-"buddu.. I was teasing you…am fine..koi dard vard nahi h raha…am perfectly fine now…"

Arpi-"sacchi…swear on me.."

Avi-"aree..don't you trust me!...acha…fact is…thoda pain hai but zyada nahi… I can come with you…wish I could participate too…but seems I can't…"

Arpi-"if you will come with me…that will be enough for me…"

Avi-"I am always with you…"

They shared a sweet smile and Avdhesh assured her for his support.


This is all for this update...Embarrassed

Thanks for reading hope you liked it...Embarrassed

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sooo sweet arpi,Embarrassed very nice updatesThumbs Up

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