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Avita FF You Are Mine Whn I SW U-XI,Pg-10 (Page 10)

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 2:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by coolpavni

This time too its meee first ;p and its awesome... di thru ur writing only i cud feel how avi wud hav felt whn suraj interrupted his talk wid arpi...!! wow wow dance competition...!!! i'd love reading dat portions but please di...woh suraj k sath arpi ka dance nai...arpi ko toh avi k sath dance karna chahiye... :) will b waiting for next...

Congos for the first Position again Pavni LOLLOLLOL
So Nice of you dear..that you chk  for it so eagerly Embarrassed
n Big thanks for liking it tooEmbarrassed

about Competition hehe its going  to be a real competition hun

just wait n watch...lots of twists r thrEmbarrassed

hope you will like them too Embarrassed

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 2:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suvarnaawt

very nice updtsThumbs Up ab fir se avi n arpi mai zagda hogaDisapprove

Thanks Dear...

about jhagda n ol hehe just wait n watch

btw thes fites r signs of thr luv Embarrassed

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 3:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MuktaJaiswal

Neha superb update yaar  Clap liked all tha Avita -convo.. the fight ...Big smile gr8 going haun Embarrassed it seems now something is cooking between the two... Embarrassedwill they be falling in love or will be enemies..Wink
I wounder Ermm is Arpi's suspicion abt Ria true...Confused she hiding the real Ria frm Avi.Shocked ...the evil ...bad Ria...Dead 
 Quickly update the next m waiting...Day Dreaming 


Thank you Di Embarrassed

hehe lot s of cooking between them Wink just chk out the coming updtes Wink
about Ria hehe cn't say nything right now Confused

and now am waiting for your comments Di Embarrassed

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 3:11am | IP Logged
Hello Frns...Embarrassed
here is another update of


Avdhesh was confused to what to do, how to stop Suraj, how to make Arpita understand, so he thought to stop her from participating in dance compition as he knows well that it would be a golden chance for Suraj to came close to her.At dinner table…

Avdhesh-"Arpi…I think you sould concentrate on your studies more then anything else at this time."

Arpita-"And why you so? Baba aap hi batao…wahan Lalanpur me Hume aise compitions me participate karne ka mauka kahan milta tha…aur wahan to Papa bhi allow nahi karte…as he thinks…" and her face turn pale with gloom.

Baba-"Oh hoo…Humari rani bitiya udaas kyun ho rahi hai!...tum zaroor participate karo beta…and m sure ke will win it for your collage" and he put his hand with affection on her forhead and her face get bloomed with happiness… while Avdhesh found himself helpless to stop her from participating.

Shikha-"Aree Baba, first of all she have to get selected "

Baba-"Humari Arpi zaroor select hogi…dekhna…par beta Dance compition hai to you will dance alone or in group?"

Arpi left her chair and hugged baba from back of his chair and replied happily-"my baba is best…can't say baba…nothing is fixed yet…Avi ne to mana hi kar diya tha hume participate karne se."

And she made face at Avdhesh…

And they all enjyed it except Avi as he was more worried about her now, what if suraj get selected for Arpi's dance partner…!

Once again Avdhesh spend a sleepless night and again early morning he went to see Arpita in her room.

Avi-"Arpi…" he knocks at door and waited for reply but she didn't reply so after few mins he knocked again and enters the room... "Arpi…are you there?"

And he stepped toward the bath room's door to knock it. But before he can knock, it get opens…

Arpi-"Aree Avi..tum…itni der se awaaze laga rahe the kya ho gaya? Itni subah subah Humari yaad kyun aa gai ji?"

she crossed him while drying her wet hairs by rubbing towel in them…she was wearing white kurti  with pink flowers on it, tiny drops of water were falling on her cheeks through her wet strands, she was blooming like a fresh rose when she crossed him, the scent of her hairs attracted Avdhesh and he forgot for what he had came to see her..mesmerized by her beauty..he was just following her in whole room as she was controlling him with some invisible thread…while she was just getting ready for collage.She arranged all her books, pens,notes one by one almost running between shelves and cupboard…while Avdhesh was just gazing at her, following her silently…

Arpi-"Avi…koi kaam hai to bolo naa…tumhari Girl friend bhi aa hi rahi hogi..fir tum kahoge ke mai usee pasand nahi karti n all.."

And finally she stood still infront of mirror and threw her wet hairs on once side to dry them up with dryer…its droplets felled on Avdhesh's eyes and broke his reveire.

Avi-"Hun…uh…nothing…" he took his eyes off from her for a second and scolded himself for behaving like and idiot..and tried to continue "aaj Indian…is there anything special?"

Arpi continueing with her hairstyle-"why I can't wear Indian? Am I looking odd?"

Avi-"No No I didn't mean that…you are looking...good…"-

Arpi-turned around and looked at him with surprise "Avi…are you OK…"

Avi-"Yeah..why you asked so?"

Arpi came a step close to him and with a cute smile she said-"for the first time in said something good about Me! Vo bhi mere saamne! Kuch to gadbad hai…."

Avi by now he controlled himself well-"Chal chal..inta bhi bhav nahi kha…I just said Good OK…waise bhi subah subah apna hair style thodi hi naa khrab karwana hai tujhse…chal get ready and come fast….My girl friend must be waiting for me down there naa." And he winked at her to tease her and cover his real condition to see her like that and he starts to leave the room.

Arpi-"Aree…ruko too…I know your girl friend is waiting for you…but at least you can help your old friend naa…"

She turned around and collected her hairs from back at one side "please Avi ye dori bandh do naa…ye Shikha bhi naa koi simple sa suit nahi de saki…pata nahi ye kya de diya hai." While she was saying all this Avdhesh stepped close to her and took the dori's of from her back and started to tie them at the back of her neck…but his all mind get fixed on a drop of water falling from a strand to another and before it can reach her neck he catched it on his finger tip. He smiled to himself which get noticed by Arpita in mirror.

Arpi-"Kya Avi…am dying of nervousness and you are smileing! Avi…do you really don't want me to participate in compition?"

She asked with all her innocence.

Avi hide that drop in his fist and looked up at her-"do you really want to do it? Will it make you happy?"

Arpi-"Yes…I want to."

Avi-"OK..if it will make you happy then I am ok with it…All the best for auditions." He held her shoulders firmly from back and assured her for his support.

Arpi smiled whole heartly-"all The Best …yahin par..are not you coming for auditions?"

Avi-"I don't think so.."

Arpi-"come on Avi…you are coming..and that's final…you were asking naa Is there anything special! Yes there is….i wanna be perfect today…I wanna be get selected and if you will not come who will cheer for me?"

Avi-"why it matters for you so much Arpi?"

Arpi-"Uh…it will not get it…you are coming naa!"

Avi turns to leave –"can't say..but will try for you."

Arpi-"only try!! OK…mat aa…Suraj to hoga naa….i will try to impress him..he will cheer for me."

Her words gave him a shock and a reason to stop.


Arpi-"Hun…see he said he will be there whenever I need him…waise bhi if I get selected to perform to usi ke saath karma hoga naa…"

Avdhesh got a sudden shock as he realized what was going to happen.

Arpi-"waise kuch bhi kaho Suraj me baat to  hai…hai naa Avi…"

Avi-"All the best for you and your Suraj." And he left the room in anger again…everything was going against his thoughts…Arpi was attracting toward Suraj and he found himself unable to stop her or him, but how can he accept Suraj's victory …its not so easy for Avdhesh it was about Arpita…not  any thing or  person but Arpita!!! He didn't realized when he rode his bike and reacked collage, attended all lectures without exchanging a single word to anyone. When all lectures got over and girls left them to attend auditions he get back to himself.


Chulbul-"theek hai bhaiya ..par kahan?"

RV-"Avi..kya hua? Kahan jaana hai? Subah se dekh raha hun..khoya khoya sa hai? What's the prob?"

Avi get burst in anger-"What's the prob!! As you don't know it RV…am going..if any of you want…can come..if you don't then it's  OK."

And he left them while they all followed him with quick steps.

At the audition hall…

All girls gave there audition, there dance and drama profferssor was takeing there auditions Arpita was already got selected in top 5 girls . they all get selected for practises as there teacher have decided to send only one couple for a ball room dance from their collage, and auditins for guys were going on…

Shikha-"wow Arpi…you got selected..mazaa ayega."

Simple-"congos too got selected hun…"

Arpi-"Hun…maza to ayega…but aur bhi maza aata agar tumhara vo stupid bhai bhi hota atleast rehersals me uski taang kheechne me to maza aati."

"woo girls…kiski taang khechne ki taiyari ho rahi thi..kahin humari to nahi..!" all sudden Suraj took the chair next to Arpi, smiling at Her.


Suraj-"don't tell me you were not xpecting me! I may your dance partner yaar…may be kya… I will be…I will make you perfect…and we both will rock the stage."

"Oh…really…as you had done last year!" a voice came from their back seat. And a voice echoed the audition hall..

"Next is Avdhesh Singh Thakur"

Everyone was surprised to hear his name for auditions.

Suraj-"Avdhesh! Is he participating?"

"Yes Suraj…. " and Avdhesh appeared at their back seat "surprise..surprise….its not going to be so easy for you this year dear…because I am not going to take my name back like last time."

And he left them to give his auditions…when he was performing on stage all girls present in the hall was gushing over his looks, his moves, his style and at the end of it hall roared with sound of applause.

Shikha-"I never knew that Bhai dances so well!"

Suraj was frawning over him while Arpi was just looking everthing with a soft smile over her face as nothing was happeing which could surprise her.

Simple-"there's a lot about your brother which can surprise you even we get surprise often just like today…on one of us knew that he will come..and see..he just steal the show…god knows who will match him. How will professor find his match at floor."

Arpi to herself-"I know that."


This is all for this Update

hope you liked it

please leave your precious commentsEmbarrassed

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coolpavni Groupbie

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Di...its again MEEE First...awsm update di...woah !! As i expected avi s also participating... :) hmmm ab ayega maza...! suraj ke liye toh sapna ho jayega yeh compt. aur bet jeetna...n u knw wat di ? Whn i was reading abt avi's dance ashu ji ka dance mere samne aa raha tha...n aapne bilkul theek likha hai all d girls bilkul flat ho jaate hey unke dance toh love to see him dance,..woh bhi arpi k sath ho toh...maza aajata hey :P
suvarnaawt Groupbie

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
wow avi, arpi k sath Day Dreaming
-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 October 2012 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
Hiee Samo.. As expected .. M here WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink

So.. Dance competition ha...TongueTongueTongue

I know Avi will win,... Bt more importantly I want Avi to be with Arpi.. as dance partner!!!!WinkWink

Hey, FF writer.. pleej make them together naBig smileBig smileBig smile

His movesDay Dreaming I can imagine wellWinkWinkWink

Loved it!!! ClapClapClapClapClap
kespari Goldie

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Posted: 22 October 2012 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
nice part

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