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Dil Na Jisha Aapna Kaha-LAST PART PAGE 17

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Well, I'm sure that most of you guys read the fan-fiction DIL NE JISE APNA KAHA, By Kritika.

Her old ID: kool_gal

Her recent ID: ~*kRiTu*~

If you guys didn't read the fan-fiction and would like to read the first half of it here is the link: =1&TPN=1

And, I will be writing the second half of the fan-fiction.


The fan-fiction will not be continued everyday.

I DO NOT want PM's or Messages telling me to continue everyday. I'm sorry its annoying.

And last, it won't be a long fan-fiction. Maybe 10-15 parts Max. I would make it longer if i wasn't writing two other fan-fictions.

Now if you guys don't want to read the first half here is a nice short summary.

Angad Khanna and Kripa Sharma are rock stars, and well known. They meet eact other at the beach, after Angad topples on her. He instantly falls in love with her. That same day they meet again at dinner, and share a dance. New feelings are inserted to their hearts for each other. A week passes they continue with their lives. They don't meet again until they are both singed for a concert. Naina Khanna, is not happy about Kripa and Angad working togeather. Angad's feelings for Kripa rekindle as they spend time togeather. He just doesn't realize them, until his sister, Aaliya Khanna, tells him he is madly in love with Kripa. He tests Kripa, by telling her that he is love with someone, not her. Kripa is hurt, and from there they both start to talk less and start to ignore each other. Angad tries to tell her many times that he loves her but she never allows him to. Angad knows she loves him equally, but she doesn't know he loves her much more. After their concert, Angad goes to meet her. Kripa angry, sad, despreat, confesses that she is in love with him. She at the same time tells him that he doesn't have to feel sorry for her, and he should carry on his life with the girl he loves. Angad also slightly angry with her yells out tha fact he is in love with her just as madly as she is. He also tells her how many times he has tried to tell her, but she never would let him. All in all, they end up hugging each other.

That's exactly were the first half ends, with a hug. And, I'm back with the second half.

Hugs and Kisses



Part One

"And that is how I met your Mom." Angad looked to his side and found his eight year old daughter closing her eyes in his arms.

"Where is she now, Daddy?"

"I don't know jaan."

"Will she ever come back?"

"I don't know."

"Good Night Daddy, I love you."

"I love you too bachaa." He kissed her forehead and tucked her away. As he reached the door, he turned and looked at her. She looked just like Kripa with her eyes closed.

Priya Khanna. Angad Khanna's eight year old daughter, who has lived with only her father for as long as she remembers. Angad and Priya now live in New York City, and have been for the past seven and a half years.

Angad never hid from Priya who her mother was, but then he couldn't tell her where he was because he himself didn't know where Kripa was. They hadn't seen each other in over seven years.

Angad placed his heavy body in a rocker and heaved a sigh. Angad had told this story to Priya for the millionth time tonight, and after that she had asked him the same question, where was she and would she ever come back.

Priya knew what Kripa looked like. She had seen pictures of Kripa and Angad's wedding, and many other pictures. Priya was saddened about the fact that she didn't have any picture with her own Mom.

Priya was an eight year old, mature , and only for her father. They both lived for each other. Angad was the owner of many lavish hotels in NY, and managed everything from his house. Priya was home school for the time as well, but she had many friends around the neighborhood.

Angad owned a house that was built on a 3 acre land . He gave Priya everything she wanted, everything. It was almost like she knew magic. She would open her mouth and what ever she needed would be in front of her within 24 hours.

She was his princess and he was her king. Priya loved Angad more than anything. She was not spoiled but just loved too much by Angad. She was pampered by him almost every second of her life. But then, when Angad thought it was important Angad would also scold her a little. It was important, as Kripa had told him when she was pregnant with Priya.

Kripa and Angad were expecting a boy, so when Angad had went shopping he had brought every blue item from ever shop in Mumbai. But when Angad found out it was a girl, he went back and brought every pink item available.

They were so much in love eight years back, they couldn't live without seeing each other for a hour. And here they were. They hadn't seen each other, or heard from each other in eight years now.

Eight years. Angad thought now. Eight entire years, 2920 days, 70080 hours… he stopped calculating in his mind and stood up and walked back to Priya's room. Every time he had to tell her this story, he would go back to Priya and fall a sleeping beside her, crying. Asking himself, why does he love her so much? Why did she love him so much? Why were they separated? Why did he leave her? Why did he abduct Priya from her? Why? The question of all these why's would only be found once they both met again.

Next morning, Angad woke up with Priya trying to get out of bed. He opened his eyes and looked at his daughter, who was trying to get out of Angad's embrace. She smiled. "Morning Daddy."

"Morning Love." He left her and they both sat up in the comfy bed.

"Why are you sleeping in my bed?"

"Oh, I was just slightly scared last night."

She giggled, and he winked. "Come on, I'll send a maid so you can take a shower, and then we will have breakfast together."

"Yes Hun."

"You're forgetting."

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead, "I love you." She kissed his cheeks and repeated the same words. It felt good to know that she was there for him.

Priya Khanna, Angad Khanna's daughter was his everything. And, maybe somewhere she had made herself more place in Angad's heart than any other person alive. Or maybe it was because Kripa wasn't with him. But what ever it was, he loved her so much he was ready to do anything for her.

About an hour later Priya finally walked down stairs dressed in jeans. She was a girl yet hated wearing skirts. Her entire wardrobe consisted only of jeans and shorts. Angad walked to her and picked her up in his arms. "My daughter looks beautiful today."

"Daddy you say that every morning."

"Because you are the most beautiful person."

"More than Mommy?"

Angad laughed, "Um… maybe a little less than her, but still you're very sweet." Priya kissed her fathers cheek as he set her down in the chair.

She grabbed the box of cereal from her tiny hands and poured it in a bowl. Then picked up the jug of milk and poured it carefully. Angad watched her precise actions, like almost every morning. She was so careful, so perfect, so much like Kripa. Every part of her reminded him of Kripa. Was that why he loved her so much? Nah, she was his daughter and he loved her because she was different in many ways.


The stage was dark, and the crowd was screaming one name.


The music blasted and she turned around to face the audience. The music changed, to a soft tone; she slowly walked up front. The fog around her cleared and she could be seen properly. Each accept of her glistening due to her outfit. She took a deep breath when she realized that they were screaming only her name.

This was her first stage show since Angad had left her. This was her first stage show alone since she had done her first concert with Angad. Unexpectedly, suddenly she was nervous. She picked up the mike to her lips and slowly started to sing without any music to accompany her.

"Kaun Sa Mod Aaya Zindagi Ke Safar Mein
Bas Gaya Tu Hi Tu Ab To Meri Nazar Mein
Dil Ki Har Ek Dhadkan Tujhko Pehchaanti Hai
Meri Chaahat Hai Ab Kya Tu Nahin Jaanti Hai
Main Tuhje Jaan Gayi Tujhko Pehchaan Gayi
Phir Bhi Teri Haan Hai Baki
Thoda Sa Pyar Hua Hai Thoda Hai Baki"
As she sang her eyes filled with tears, the words were for her and Angad. He came into her life like a gust of wind, and then left in the same way. Leaving wounds, sad memories, happy memories, love, friendship, captainship, and many other things behind. He had left everything with her but taken her most precious thing, her life, her daughter Priya.


"I'm so glad you did this show Kripa."

Kripa smiled weakly at Aaliya. "You know why I did this show Aaliya. It's not for me. I want Angad to see me where ever he is today. I want him to know I still love him. I want him to come back to me." Aaliya reached for her arm. Kripa closed her eyes and soon hugged Aaliya.

"Hey guys." It was Prithvi. He walked to Aaliya and kissed her cheek. "Well Kripa, your show was a hit."

"Did they agree?" She asked impatiently.

"Actually they did. Zee T.V and Sony are willing to air your concert on T.V. around the world."

Kripa stood up and smiled. "Angad will know where I am now. He has to come back to me now. He has too."

Aaliya looked at Prithvi once Kripa was gone. "Why did you lie to her Prithvi?"

Prithvi, putting one arm round his wife told her. "Because she would have been shattered if I told her we can't do that. Because we know where Anagd is."

Aaliya sighed, and hugged him. "I want him back just as much as she does Prithvi. I really do/"

"I don't know what's going to bring him back."

"Kripa is."

Prithvi looked at Aaliya, "How?"

"She is willing to do anything since she has found out why Angad left her. She will do anything to get her back."

"I hope she can, because I miss him too. We haven't seen him in almost eight years now,"

We haven't seen Priya either."

Prithvi nodded as he held her close. "Hopefully everything will be fine soon."
"Hopefully." Aaliya repeated.

Part Two

"Angad!" It was Prithvi's voice, and he sounded horrified.

"Prithvi? What's wrong?"

"Angad, Kripa is…"

"Kripa what, Prithvi?"

"She met with an accident a few hours back." Angad felt his body stiffen, his heartbeat stop.

"Where is she now?"

"Doctors are attending her in the ICU."

Angad sat down beside his sleeping daughter on the sofa, "How did this happen?"

"I told you she has been looking for you. We lied to her that the channels will show her concert around the world which will help her find you. Of course we lied, when she found out she left the house angry. She was gone for a day, and this morning we received a call saying she was in an accident."

Angad sighed, "Will she be fine?"

"I hope. We haven't seen the doctors yet."

"How long have they been attending her?"

"About three hours."
"Keep me updated, will you?"

"Sure." A short pause followed. "How is Priya doing?"

Angad looked to his side. "She's right here, sleeping."

"Well, you take care. I'll call you as soon as the doctors are out."

"Alright." He clicked the phone and turned back to Priya. Now, sleeping peacefully in his lap. He leaned down and kissed her. Somewhere Angad wanted to leave right now and be with Kripa, while the other part of him told him he couldn't do that. And, looking at Priya he decided he was going to stay and keep in touch with Prithvi and Aaliya.

Kripa is going to be fine, he told himself. She has been in many minor accidents and she's going to be good as new in a few days.

Angad was just pacifying himself without knowing this accident was going to bring them together once again. And, this time perhaps forever.


Kripa's hand moved , on top of Josh's, who woke up. "Angad," she whispered.

"Kripa, it's Josh. I'll get the doctor." He left her hand and ran from there .

A few minutes later when the doctor came , Kripa was once again unconscious. The doctor checked her pulse and a few other things. Then had to leave, until she woke up again.


"How is she now, Prithvi?" Angad's voice was tensed.

Prithvi smiled into the phone, and then let out a long breath before speaking. "Much better. Nothing to worry about. But…"

"But, what Prithvi?"
"Doctors think she might have lost her eyes."

"But you just said she was alright? And now…"

"I know, but… we can't say anything until her bandages are removed from her eyes."

"When is that going to be?" Angad picked up the glass of whiskey, took a sip and then placed it back on the polished table.

"As soon as she regains conscience again."

"She hasn't yet? It's been almost three days now."

"She did for about three minutes, but then she…" Angad heard Prithvi sigh. "But thankfully, the doctors don't say it's a bad sing."

Angad didn't speak for a few seconds, nor did Prithvi ask him until Angad decided to speak for himself. "I want to see her, Prithvi."

Prithvi smiled, "Then come over."

Angad rolled his eyes. "I wish! You don't know how much I've missed her in these past years. I yearn to see her again. Sometimes I wish I could just fly and come over. Meet her, see her. Take her in my arms just once. That's enough to keep me alive another ten years." Prithvi was surprised to hear him talk like that. He wanted to punch Angad for being so selfish, and then at the same time he understood. But didn't Angad understand what Kripa felt? "Prithvi?" Angad said loudly into the speaker.


"Did you not hear what I just said?"

Prithvi took a deep breath. "Angad, just think about Kripa once. Think what she has gone through the past years. You had Priya, who did Kripa have?"

"She had Aaliya, Josh, You…"

"She needs you not us. She needs the man she loves."

"Loves!" Angad scoffed. "I know she loved me Prithvi, but…"

"I know, I know." Prithvi stopped. "You should visit her once."

"I do all the time," he paused. "I visit her in her dreams always. Every night in fact!"

"Angad, you're such a looser. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greatest of them all?! Loser!"

Angad laughed, "I know you're speaking for yourself."

Prithvi laughed. "Bye Angad."

"Bye." Putting the phone down, Prithvi wiped the tear that was trickling down his eyes. When he turned he found a smiling Aaliya. He took a step closer to her and hugged her tightly. "How would I live without you?"


"What do you see Kripa?"
"I see nothing." She slowly replied. Her hands reached for her eyes. "I can't see anything!" she shouted this time. Her hands dropped as she repeated the words, this time in a softer tone.


"She has lost her eye sight." The doctor said in a sorry tone.

"What can we do doctor? Is there anything we can do?"

The doctor smiled. "New York is your answer."


"New York Aaliya. We can't, Angad is there."

Aaliya sighed. "She can't see, she'll never know."

Prithvi nodded his head. "I'm gonna have to talk to Angad about this."

"He's not going to mind, trust me."



"Hey Prithvi, what's up? How's Kripa?"

Prithvi took a deep breath. "She lost her eye sight in the accident." Pause. "We have to take her to New York for a surgery."

The phone dropped from Angad's hand. He caught it and screamed. "What the hell are you talking about? You can't do that. She can't come here. No!"

"Calm down Angad. She won't know. we'll take her back as soon as the surgery is done."

"You know that the doctors have to see you for three months for check-ups?"
"Ya, you just told me."

"Shut-up Prithvi." Angad said, irritated.

"Angad, calm down. Aaliya has it all planned out. You can help us with everything. Kripa will never come to know, she can't see. You won't talk while she is around. When her eyes come back you will disappear. This way you can see her, and so can Priya. Angad please."

Angad heaved a sigh into the phone. "Give me sometime to think about this. Please."

"You have all the time," he paused. "Till tomorrow when I call you again."

Angad rolled his eyes. "As you wish. Bye."

"Bye." Prithvi smiled.

Aaliya smirked. "I'm sorry Angad. But it's time you guys met."


"Doctor, Is there anyway we can take Kripa to New York for this?" Aaliya asked.

The doctor smiled. "Yes, Aaliya."

"Then, when my husband comes to ask you about the cure. You tell him New York."

"Anything special there?"

"Yes," Aaliya smiled. "Very special. Kripa will be very happy to get her eyes back there."

"All right then, you have it!"

"Thank you doctor."


Aaliya opened her eyes, smiling. Around her, Prithvi arms held her close. "What did he say?" Aaliya asked.

"Nothing really."

She smiled. "Ok."

Part 3

Prithvi, Aaliya, and Kripa stood at the New York national airport. Kripa wore dark glasses, and held Aaliya's hand, tightly. A few minutes later Prithvi saw Angad looking around. Tears welled in Aaliya's eyes when she also saw her brother after eight years. She left Kripa's hand. "I'll be right back." Before Kripa could ask anything she was gone.

Aaliya, with a quivering hand, touched Angad's shoulder. He quickly turned around, and looked at the familiar face. Slowly Angad lifted his hand and wiped the tears from her eyes and hugged her. Aaliya broke down completely in her brothers arms. After a long five minutes Angad left Aaliya. "I told you that you would get fat after getting married."

"Well at least I used to have a figure, unlike you." She wiped his tears, "come on." Angad didn't move. "I can't do this Aaliya."

"Well, you don't have a choice."

Angad took a deep breath. "Alright, I'll get the car and you guys meet me outside."
"Alright." Aaliya kissed his cheek and left, Angad watched her leave and then turned. He was not as worried about seeing Kripa as he was of what would Priya do when she saw her mother, for the first time. He hadn't told her about Kripa coming. Now, he thought it was a huge mistake.

"All done!" Aaliya told them. "Lets go."

Prithvi left first and Aaliya helped Kripa.

Angad sat in the front seat, looking in the side mirror. A few minutes later he saw Prithvi in view, he looked away and stepped out. Prithvi saw him and smiled. Angad reached down and opened the back to put the luggage away. For the first few minutes Angad didn't talk to Prithvi. Prithvi watched him put the luggage away without a fuss. When he was done, Angad looked at his old friend. "Do I need to give you a tip now?" Prithvi asked. "I mean you did quite good job."

Angad made a face and pulled his shirt forward, "You come home and I'll kill you. I have many accounts to settle for you." Prithvi looked to one side and Angad to the other, the first thing he saw was Kripa coming his way with Aaliya. Angad left Prithvi's shirt and Prithvi followed his gaze. While Prithvi left to the ladies Angad stood there still. As Kripa came closer to Angad he turned around with tears in his eyes. Then as he heard Aaliya's voice coming closer he wiped his tears and closed the back and turned once again.

They all came to an halt and Angad's eyes didn't leave Kripa as she fiddled with the phone in her hand. She looked the same, but weak. Her eyes were still hidden behind the dark glasses.

Aaliya placed her hand on his shoulder, and squeezed it. "Aaliya, Kripa this is my friend… Yash. Yash this is Aaliya my wife," Anagd gave him a look. "And this is Kripa Khanna."

"Let's go," Angad said in a whisper. As he turned he felt someone hold his hand. When he turned around he saw Kripa smiling.

"You have a nice name." Angad looked at her, wanting take her into his arms. When he didn't say anything Kirpa left his hand and her smile vanished. "Did I say something wrong."

"No," Prithvi replied. "Yash here is just a quite man."

"Oh! Well, there is a thing called manners here, or is New York manner less."

Angad smiled in his tears, she still was that same old Kirpa. So bitter but sweet. "Thank you, Ms. Khanna." Angad was louder this time. He turned around, "Let's go guys, it's getting cold."

Kripa knew the voice. "Prithvi, do I know Yash?" She asked. "His voice is so much like…" she stopped.

"Like Angad? I know." He sighed. "Angad, Yash, Josh, and I went to school together," he sighed. "Angad and Yash would always play pranks on us because there voices sounded so much alike." Aaliya gave Prithvi and giggling look. "Come on lets go, or my friend Yash here, will be mad. His temper is also very much like your darling husbands."

"Well, I liked, like, Angad's temper."

"My god this lady!" Angad honked, "Lets go Mrs. Angad Khanna."

Aaliya and Kripa sat in the back and Prithvi and Angad in the front. By the time they got home, the sun was down, and the clock had hit ten. He knew Priya would be asleep. He was absolutely glad about that.

Angad stopped the car, "You've got a nice place."

"Angad Khanna always owns the best." His voice was arrogant. He slammed the door and took the luggage out.

Prithvi looked in the back to find both the ladies asleep, thankfully Kripa hadn't heard that.

Angad instructed the butlers to take the luggage in side. He made sure Kripa's room was not near his, and therefore gave the man instructions that her bedroom will be the one on the first floor. When he was done with that he opened the back door and looked inside. Kripa was no wearing her shades and her eyes were closed. He slowly moved his hand to her shoulder but then moved to towards Aaliya. "Wake you Aaliya." Kripa opened her eyes instead. "Prithvi help Ms. Khanna, I'll get wake up Aaliya."

"How about you help Kripa, and I help my wife."

"Prithvi?" Kripa said in an arrogant tone. "I can still walk."

Angad rolled her eyes, and moved aside. "Be careful of the steps."


Prithvi smiled as he watched Angad keep an eyes on her. "Prithvi help your darling wife wake-up. Kumbkaran ki behan."


He heard Kripa scream. Then looked at her, "I'll go help mine."

"Ms. Superwomen," He called.

"Let me help you. I told you to be careful of the steps."

"Well how would I know where they start."

Angad rolled his eyes, "Whatever." He grabbed her hand and pulled her forward. "Your room is on the first floor."



"What's your last name."

"You don't need to know."

"Uff… fine." Angad opened the door. "Thank you."

"Welcome. I'll make sure you get familiar with the house tomorrow morning. Until then if you need anything, there's a bell right next to your bed." he placed it in her hand. "Ring it, and someone will attend you. If you need anything, I'm the last person you will ask. Breakfast is served at the time my daughter wishes, and I eat with her, you can tell someone what time you would like yours. Same with lunch and dinner." Angad stopped talking. "Now, good night."

"I feel like I'm in a jail."

"I've been in this jail for longer," he mumbled.

"And, I feel sorry for your wife." Angad looked at her, then realized he was still holding her hand. He left her hand and then the room.

He went towards Aaliya's and Prithvi's room. First knocked on it and then entered. Aaliya was have a cup of coffee and Prithvi wasn't seen. "So…" Aaliya smiled at him.

"You could have taken her anywhere else, then why here?"

Aaliya took a deep breath and replaced the cup of coffee with Angad's hand. "It was the only way."

"Aaliya, do you have any idea how hard this is going to be for me?"

"I do…"

"Then why did you do this?"

"You know why, Bahi."

Angad looked at her and then pulled her into his arms. "I've really missed you, Aaliya."

"Me too. And, I'm not going back this time without you."

"How about you stay here and we can send Kripa back?"

"How about I kill you instead?"

"How about Prithvi and you tell me something?"

"What?" Prithvi said.

Aaliya and Angad looked at him. Angad still held Aaliya, it was important, as he held her he wondered, or realized how much he loved his younger sister.

"And stop hugging my wife."

"She's my sister first, and I never approved of this marriage. You guys told me a year after getting married."


"Shut-up Aaliya." And she did. "This was important for me. I can't believe you guys did this to me."

"We can say the same about you Angad." Prithvi's voice was sad.

Angad left Aaliya, "I need to do this."

"Then we needed to get married." Prithvi replied.

"Whatever, I have to go check on my daughter."

"Can I come?" Aaliya asked.

"In a little bit, I need a moment with her."

"Ok, I'll just see her tomorrow."

"Ok. Sleep tight." He kissed her forehead and left.

Angad entered Priya's room after changing into a pair of pajama's and white vest. He reached for the lights and when he turned them on Priya quickly sat up.

"Daddy!" she yelled.

"Priya? Why are you still awake?"

"I was waiting for you."

"I missed you today, jaan." He sat in bed beside her and hugged her.

"Me too."

"What did you do all day?"

"I did my homework, and then watched T.V. and that's it."

"Did you have dinner?"


"Why not?"

"Because I wanted to eat with you."

"Aww, my bachaa. I love you, but you should have ate."

"Did you eat?" she asked with a naughty smile.

"Just a coffee." He winked and lifted her. "Come on, we'll have a late dinner."

"Yes! And then ice-cream?"

"Whatever my princess wants." Angad carried her down the huge stair case, and then placed her on the table. "I need to see what we have first?"

"Dad," he turned and looked at her. "The food is in the microwave, you just have to press start."

"Oh! So you had this all planned." She nodded cutely, and Angad smiled back. "I'll be right back."

Priya looked around and noticed the light of Kripa's room on. "Daddy,"

"Quite Priya, you're bring very loud."

She jumped from the table and walked towards the door. When she reached it, she reached for the handle and opened it. Slowly she walked in and found a petit body on the bed. She walked around the bed and then climbed up and removed the quilt from Kripa's face. She sat cross legged for a few minutes until she realized who was sleeping in front of her. She rushed back into the living room and then went upstairs as fast as her small legs could carry her. She ran into Angad's room and grabbed Kripa's picture, and then ran back into Kripa's room. She sat beside her and looked at the picture and then at Kripa, then back at the picture, with tears in her eyes she slowly bend down and kissed her cheek, and whispered. "This is my Mom."

When Angad noticed Kripa's room's door opened and Priya gone, he felt his knees go weak. He quickly rushed to the room, but before he could Priya was coming out. Angad kneeled before her and saw the tears in her eyes. "Sweetheart I…"

Priya hugged Angad, "Thank you Daddy, thank you." Angad closed his eyes.


Angad knocked on Aaliya door, and a few minutes later she opened the door, rubbing her eyes. Then looked down at the little girl hold Angad's hand, and then getting closer to his leg. Angad picked her up. "Who is this Daddy?"

Aaliya brought them in and woke Prithvi. "Alright Priya." Anagd began. "This is my sister."

"So you are her brother?" she asked.

Angad looked at her cutely. "Exactly! You're very smart."

"Oh, be quite Daddy. When I asked for a brother you said it was impossible, see it's not. She has a brother."

Aaliya giggled, beside Prithvi. "She's your daughter alright!"

"Shut-up Aaliya."

"Daddy be nice to her."

Aaliya laughed again, and picked up Priya. "Forget your stupid Dad."

"Don't call me Dad stupid, he's very smart."

Now it was Angad's turn to laugh. "Alright Priya, I'm sorry."

"Don't say sorry, you're older than me."

Aaliya threw her head down, and Priya laughed with Angad. "I'm sorry, I'm just bugging you."

Angad exchanged hi-fives with his daughter. "Alright, that's enough, Angad." Aaliya said angry. Hearing her angry tone Priya kissed her cheek. "And, thank you for that. Now, I need a little help from you." Priya looked at her. "You can't let your Mom know that you are her daughter, and Angad is Angad, and he's here> Okay?"

She blinked. "Huh?!"

Prithvi and Angad laughed seeing Aaliya worried, and Priya's confused look. "Ok!" Aaliya started again. "Your Mom doesn't know that you are here, and she doesn't know that Angad is here. You can't tell her that your father is Angad, and she is your mother. Okay?"

She looked at Angad, sadly. "But why." She shifted into Angad's lap and hugged him, biting her lower lip.

"Please do this for me Priya."

A tear trickled down her eye, "Ok Daddy. But then what do I call her?"

"When you see her tomorrow, you can ask her," said Prithvi.

"Ok, now can we go finish our dinner."

"Yes," Angad picked her up and left.

"Isn't she cute?" Aaliya asked Prithvi.

"Very," he wrapped his arm around Aaliya. "Now maybe can we plan about having a family."

"Good night Prithvi."


Around twelve that night Priya and Angad sat in Angad's room, in his warm bed. The light were turned off, and the fire crackled in front of them along with Priya still crying in his arms. "Priya stop crying please."

"Daddy, you know when I play with my friends sometimes, they all ask me where my Mother is, and I always tell them I don't know. But now I know where she is, then why can't I tell everyone where she is."

"Ok, I'll tell you why. When you see Kripa tomorrow morning, she won't be able to see you."

"Why not?"

"Because before coming her she had an accident and she her eyes got hurt, and she can't see until she has her operation here. That's why she is here right now. As soon as she gets her eyes back she will go back."

"But why?"
"I can't tell you that, but you can't call her Mom."

Priya rubbed her cheek against Angad's chest. "Ok. Can I sleep here?"

"Yes." He replied. Her tiny arms went around him and she laid hugging him tightly.



"Will you ever leave me?"

Tears sprung in Angad's eyes, "Never."



"I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, jaan." Angad held her tighter and when she finally fell asleep, he tucked her in and watched her.

Alright guys!  I won't say I hope you guys liked this part, cuz i want u guys to like the last part, (part 3) cuz i loved writing it. Embarrassed  I fall in love with my work sometimes.  I'll will update this fan-fic on mon most likely.  I have also updated Kabhi Na Kabhi chapter 3 if  you guys havnt already read it.  I will update 2 of my fan-fics each day.  So enjoy them.

After that i will write one fan-fic at a time until summer is over, two at the most.  They will NOT be about Angad and Kripa, but just random names giving u the power of imagining anyone u want. 

This fan-fic has abt 10 parts.  Enjoy them!  I'm very exicted about this fan-fic for some reason. Ouch

Coming up:  Priya meets Kripa, while Yash and Kripa have a conversation.

Hugs and Kisses,

Neha Smile

Edited by neha9 - 04 July 2006 at 8:52pm

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kneeduh2000 Goldie

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Posted: 17 June 2006 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
That was interesting...and all three parts were good buh i liked da last part da best..Can't wait to read the next part..Continue soon and keep up da great work!

Sour Skittles IF-Dazzler
Sour Skittles
Sour Skittles

Joined: 19 February 2006
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Posted: 17 June 2006 at 9:06pm | IP Logged
those were awesum parts!!!!!!i have one ques....why did angad go away frm kripa?? Ouch i fink i meissed that part Confused .....cont soon
himani Tongue
SNoorien92 Senior Member

Joined: 12 August 2005
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Posted: 17 June 2006 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
wow! i luv the father daughter relationship. it's sooo cute. lol hmm continue soon. can't wait. hmm ?, why'd angad leave her? did I miss that part? lol continue when you can.

♥ shaheera
~*kRiTu*~ Goldie

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Posted: 17 June 2006 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats Chooooo chweeeeeettt!!! and ermm.. why are angad and kripa seperated again???

it was weallyyyy good and shweet.. i fell in love with it too Embarrassed
indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 June 2006 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
WOW!!! I really like this ff!! It's so different!!!
neha9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 June 2006 at 11:38pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Sour Skittles

those were awesum parts!!!!!!i have one ques....why did angad go away frm kripa?? Ouch i fink i meissed that part Confused .....cont soon
himani Tongue

lol thats a secret... u'll know later Wink

neha9 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 April 2005
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Posted: 17 June 2006 at 11:38pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by Shahrambaa

wow! i luv the father daughter relationship. it's sooo cute. lol hmm continue soon. can't wait. hmm ?, why'd angad leave her? did I miss that part? lol continue when you can.


nope i just never told anyone.. its a secret

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