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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 6:35pm | IP Logged

While Indu waits, thinna pandaram Angry nalla kottufy in hotel. The auto
guy goes to her and ask if she is PA pethima and tells her that he knows
her family and will send her back home.

At first she refuses but finally agree with the guy force her softly.
Indu follows him Ouch Back at home Uma keeps trying her husband mobile
but tinna pandaram refuse to answer wife call and thinks that wife always
disturb him during his meals D'oh In the auto finally Indu realised the way is wrong
and she starts crying and shouting but the rowdy shouts back and ask her to keep quite.

They tie her up and demand for house number. Rowdy call and Raji is the one who
answers the call. He tells her to bring 2 Lakhs and come to there. Raji panics
while Uma comes and ask enna achu nu and is it her daughter calling. Raji
does not want to make Uma tensed, lies to her that Indu had to stay back at school for
some extra classes and she will go with Harsha and bring her back. Uma ask if she should
go but Raji says no one at home and ask her to be here.

Raji goes takes the money and ask Harsha to follow her. On the way Raji
tells him what had happen. Both rushes to Indu place. They arrive there and shock
to see the rowdies and Indu who's hand and mouth tied up.

Harsha demands for Indu to be let go first while the Rowdies ask him to hand over
the money first. Harsha refuses and both side demands each other when finally
Indu makes attempt and runs away towards Raji.

Harsha moves front and fights with them. In the fight, one of the rowdy takes
out knife and stabs him. Shocked The other rowdy scolds his friend for stabbing and
all runs away from there. Raji shock and screams. Ask Indu to wait beside him ..
she runs out to get auto and takes Harsha to hospital


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Posted: 03 July 2012 at 8:30pm | IP Logged

Harsha is taken to hospital. Raji immediately calls Devi and tells her that Hasha 
adipadufy and is admitted in hospital .. she ask Devi to come immediately. Devi cries 
enna achu nu but Raji refuse to make her worry by saying his been stab. She just ask Devi 
to come to soonest. 

Devi rushes to hospital. On the way she calls Prabu and tells him about Harsha, 
cries out being worried and ask him to come there immediately. Prabu said his on
way back from Thirichi but ask Devi to go first and he will join her there. Back at the hospital
Indhu cries and ask Raji to send her back but Raji calms her and ask her to hold on.

Devi arrives and ask Raji what happen. Raji explains to her about Indhu being kidnapped
and Harsha went to save her. But got stabbed. Devi is shock and cries out but Raji
says its not severe. Doctor said his been stab  by side of stomach nu. Devi cries that
Harsha normally does not even stand a small pain. Raji tries to calm her.

Doctor comes out and ask if she is related to Harsha and Raji says yes
Doctor ask ennava vendhum and Raji says amma Shocked Devi too looks surprise.
but Raji continues pointing at Devi she is amma and Raji is her friend nu. 
Doctor says Harsha needs blood and Devi ask to take hers. But her blood does not 
match. Raji ask enna blood group and doctor says AB negatif nu. Raji says
hers is the same and to take hers.  Devi looks thankful to Raji
Raji donates blood and Harsha wakes up half way.. sees her giving blood
and smiles at her.

Devi stands outside with sad look ... hurt  and sad not being able to give
blood but Raji is giving nu.

Raji comes out and Devi thanks her for saving Harsha life. Raji says 
Harsha is like her son. Indhu is crying also wants to go back. Devi ask her
to wait as Praba on the way but Raji says she cant wait that long and
leaves first... same time Prabu arrives.
Both misses each other.. Prabu coming by stairs and stops to inquire for 
Harsha while Raji walks pass him and gets into the lift.

He comes to Devi and ask how is Harsha now. Devi says he needed blood
but hospital did not have AB- .. Prabu immediately ask why can't Raji give the blood
and Devi is surprise ... she ask how did he know Raji has the same blood category.
Prabu malapufy saying he called hospital on his way and they had inform
Rajeswary is giving blood nu ... 
He thinks back flashback where Raji once told him she is AB - nu

Thinna Pandaram returns back home and Raji question on where he went. Rombha
thimira he says he went to take his daughter but got late. He ask who is Raji
to question his family matter Angry Raji scolds him left right and tells him
how Indhu got kidnapped and they ask for ransom. Thinna pandaram happily 
says for sure that money is not a big matter and they would have given the money 
and brought back Indhu Angry Raji shouts at him and tells him that Harsha'
got stabbed. Thinna pandaram laughs and ask already sanggu udufy for Harsha vaa
and Raji gets mad and raise her hand to hit him.. but manage to stop her self and goes
away after asking if his a human. Thinna pandaram shouts at raji and ask dare
she lay hand on him and he will kill her
PALARRR !!!! ShockedShockedShocked its Uma who gave her husband a slap Clap
Thinna Pandaram warns all of them and goes away. Thodarum

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Posted: 04 July 2012 at 4:12pm | IP Logged

Pavithra comes to collect her pictures but gets upset cause it did not turn out good. She goes back to the auto and notices her pictures there.. looking natural and beautiful. She wonders who snap it and its Jeeva. She says sorry to him for being rude that day. Jeeva then ask her permission for a photo shot and also request her not to bring her friends cause it would be distraction. She agrees and leaves. Jeeva goes back to the other photo guy and thank him for taking Pavitra photo flat. He also takes back Pavi money from him and goes off laughing, knowing his got Pavi into his hook Dead

Hospital. Doctor informs them that Harsha is completely alright and can be discharge. He takes Harsha to change the bandage.

Devi tells Prabu to get ready and go back to Dubai immediately with Harsha. She no longer wants Harsha to stay here. Prabu says that  is hard. Devi ask why what happen. At this point Harsha comes and hears what his parents are talking. Prabu tells Devi that Harsha is in love with Sruthi. Devi shock and says this cannot happen as they have given word to netra parents. She tells Prabu that she will convince Harsha.

Harsha says no, nothing can convince him. He loves Sruthi and will only marry her. Devi tries to blackmail him with her pasam by crying and asking if she is not important. He tells his mother that she don't know the meaning of love. Devi agrees she don't know meaning of love but she has so much of pasam for Harsha. He shouts back that he is her son and so she has to love him  but that is called suyanalam Shocked

Prabu ask Harsha to stop talking. He scolds Harsha for saying such word to his mother. How could he? Just because of a girl who came suddenly, his calling his mother suyanalam?? He could get 100 girls like Sruthi but will never get a mother like Devi. Only he knows what sacrifices she has done for Harsha. Devi cries heartbroken. Harsha goes away without saying a word sorry to his mother Angry

Kittu mokka podufy with Pavi playing chess. Raji comes and sit beside them. Kittu ask her not to worry as Harsha call and said already discharge and on his way here nu. Raji says she is only worried about Devi as Devi was so freaked out. Harsha tells a flash back on how some guys beat up Harsha and upon knowing this, Devi fell ill terribly. Raji tells Kittu that Harsha is lucky to have Devi as mother.

Harsha sits and thinks on how rude he was to his mother and feels upset. Devi is heartbroken and sad ... Ouch

PreCap : Raji telling Ramji her baby is not death nu ... Harsha goes to PA to ask something while sruthi looks at him ...

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Posted: 05 July 2012 at 3:49pm | IP Logged

Devi pulambafy to Prabu about herself doing nothing for Harsha. He had been right. She is suyavadhi only. She did not even give birth to him. What more, even she could not even give blood for him. Someone who knows him for only 2 months love him so much to even give blood. Prabu only listens. Harsha comes and say sorry to both his parents. They hug him.

Raji back home sitting and thinking about Harsha. She then tells her husband that the baby she thought was dead is still alive. Also tells him the truth about her going in search and how Harsha also helped out. Ramki says he knew she was disturbed this few days... she could have told much earlier ... Raji is silent. Ramki ask if she has doubts he would accept the baby nu .. Ramki says he knows her so well and as he accepted her as wife, of course he would accept the baby too. Raji cries. Ramki ask her not to cry, harsha is smart boy. He will definitely help her to find her baby.

Uma ask Raji not to tell PA anything about the kidnapping and Harsha getting stab. Kittu nearly volaran about it but Raji manage to cover up fast. Harsha tries to explain to Sruthi the truth but she refuse to listen anything.

Some reporters comes to see Saradha  to interview her for her drawings. Looks like her drawings had won first place in a competition. Everyone congrats her happily. PA wonders who send the paintings for the competition. Harsha says he was the one who send the drawings for the competition. Everyone praises him. Saradha writes a thank you note and ask Raji to read. Such touching moment Cry

PA praise Harsha and ask him what he wants .. Kitta ask Harsha to seek Sruthi nu. Harsha goes to PA side ... thodarum

Sorry makkazs no picture and brief updates...konja busy Cry

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(Brief updates...)

Harsha ask PA for a kottu on the headShocked Sruthi seem kind of disappointed Tongue PA laughs and tells him that he still owes Harsha something nu.

Netra calls Harsha parents and ask why his not been answering her call. Devi malapuran says his not well. Prabu tells Devi not to tell netra anything about Sruthi. He will find away to get their son back and for now not to do much as the love is binding Harsha.

Harsha tries to explain to Sruthi night time on motta madhi. First she refuse to listen but finally seem convinced. She hugs harsha and this is seen by Raji. Both get shocked to see Raji standing there.

Next day prayers going on in the house, Raji is busy walking there and here preparing stuff. Both Harsha and Sruthi tries to get hold of her and finally when they do .. Raji pretend like being angry with them LOL but finally laughs and says this news should be told to PA first and she goes away happily while Harsha Sruthi tries to stop her. Raji goes straight to PA and whispers something to his ear. PA turns and looks at both Harsha and Sruthi.


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Both Harsha & Sruthi thiru thiru muluchufy when Raji whispers something PA ears. PA stares at Harsha and ask if he wants to take arathi vaa nu ... Raji happily enjoying the tensed in Harsha face LOL Harsha gladly says yes and does the arathi. Sruthi goes near Raji and thanks her Big smile

Both Harsha Sruthi standing in 2 different sides whispering not knowing Raji is also standing there hearing them LOL Harsha ask Sruthi to come up at 7 as his going to serve her candle light dinner. Sruthi agrees. Raji talks to herself.. candle light dinner vaa? Varen LOL

Both have candle light dinner. Enga saptangal.. both end up looking at each other for almost 5 mins not realizing Raji coming in between LOL she does a fake sneeze and both get shock. Raji brought cakes for them to enjoy ... cake vaa ShockedROFL

Pavithra friends are concern about her wanting to become a model. They advise her to be very careful especially with this new photographer. Pavithra is left thinking.

Next day Raji tells both Harsha & Sruthi that she is going to talk to PA about their love matter. But just then comes marriage broker who shows few photo's.

PA seem to like this guy and decides him as mappilai. He becomes more happy when he comes to know the boy is grandson to the great Nadarajar Harigadha vittuvar nu.

Everyone is happy with the proposal except for 3 shock Harsha, Sruthi and Raji.

PA tells his son this wedding must be a grand one.

Raji is left confused.

All this is watched by Nila & Thinna pandaram Dead

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Both Gomandan and Nila playing snake and ladder ShockedLOL Gomandan poison Nila mind and tells her who is this Sruthi.. she is a anadhei and why need to spend much for a wedding. Nila too seem to agree with this. Gomandan ask her to make her husband question about this, then only PA will know there is someone in the house is objecting nu.

Photo guy (i forgot his name...Confused) calls Pavithra for photoshot which she politely says no need nu. He then ask if she wants the copy of her photo's and so ask her to come by to his house. She hesitates and he lies to her saying there is appa amma at home nu. She agrees. The guy immediately calls his friend to set up fake family for him Angry

NIla goes to Mahadeva and says his son is not being a good husband cause he don't want to follow her for a wedding Mahadeva says the wedding she is going to attend is not in good terms with his father adhan Kumar don't want to go for the wedding. Further Mahadeva  also forbids her to go. Nila insults PA .. same time her father mother enters the house. Madhava ask her not to talk wrong.. Nila ask what wrong is she talking... she is living with his son not with someone on the road. mahadeva gives her a slap Shocked This is watch by her parents but they remain silent watching this. PA scolds Mahadeva for hitting her. Nila cries and says she is going to make police report and turns in time to see her mother standing there. Her mother Meera D'oh starts her subrabatham and tells her husband to get divorce for their daughter Shocked Father goes to Nila and Palar slaps her ShockedClap He ask daughter is this is the way she is living? Does not know how to respect at all. He praises PA family.  Karpagam is touched with his way of talking. He goes to PA and says sorry for Nila behavior and warns NIla to be more careful and leaves. Meera unable to say much to her daughter.

Pavithra goes to his house... fake family is introduced to her. Habbaa his name Jeevan SleepyPavitra falls for this and agrees for private photo shot Ouch


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Raji tells her husband about Harsha and Sruthi. Ramki is very happy but he does not dare to tell PA and mattufy Raji to inform PA LOL

Gautam comes like minnal to PA house... introduces himself and seem to know everyone in the family ShockedPA likes his character. He then openly tells them he likes and love Sruthi. He goes directly to Sruthi and ask if she likes him to Shocked PA also tells Sruthi to say yes nu Shocked Lucky Raji comes and says to give 2 days time nu. Felt so pavam to see Harsha face.

Night time both talks and worries what is going to their love nu. Raji comes and ask them not to worry and promises to take care of this. Chellapa has seen all this D'ohHe goes to Harsha father and tells him about the love matter getting support from Raji nu. Harsha father says he will take care of this matter nu.

Raji goes to see Gautam and tells him about Sruthi Harsha love story. Gautam says he don't care and only he will marry Sruthi Shocked


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