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Superficiality and tricks in dance?[ DT NOTE P16] (Page 2)

NxtRockstar.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Finally someone pointed it out!! Thanks dear... Embarrassed
For me, this performance was more of a drama where lighting, make-up and effects were used brilliantly. I have figured out a lot of flaws in dancing portion in this performance. As you mentioned, connections, yeah I too noticed that they were lacking. when they were trying to hold hands or when Isha was trying to hold him from his hairs, it was faulty there. It was like rushing to another step or should I say "to other position". I found this performance of them quite lousy. 

And I never saw Shampa-Sushant performance from last season so I can't comment on that. But in dancing show like JDJ, it is necessary to distinguish dance from tricks and superficiality. Pure dancing deserve praise and reactions from judges as they gave after this performance. 
That body-folding movement by Isha was outstanding, even I was surprised to see her doing this. It was really good but apart from that nothing was fascinating for me in this performance. The story they wanted to convey wasn't clear. My sister who was watching this show with me, she asked me right after this performance " did you understand what they wanna show??!! She said, "it was all foggy about story-telling. I felt the same too. Salman wasn't looking like guilty murderer lover and Isha wasn't looking like betrayed killed lover. I wasn't even scary. Madhuri ji's remark that how I will sleep at night??! made me laugh as it hadn't made any impact on me as a horror story. 

If we talk about dance and flawless performance, it was a let down for me...Sleepy

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sushantfan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 7:32am | IP Logged
thank u fr actually pointing it out explicitly..
salmans certain steps n facial movements are carbon copy sushant so as ishas one step a xerox of shampas..
js ishas flexibility tht makes it different frm sushant shampas piece..

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quarky Senior Member

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 8:11am | IP Logged
I personally felt Isha and Salman raised the bar a few notches with this act. I loved Sushant and Shampa's act last time, but the only reason people find that more dancey is because they showed the story to be a happy couple where the lady is killed by Sushant. But this one starts at the graveyard. 

Btw Shampa had a wig on that fell off midway + She couldnt wear much ghost makeup because she had to turn into a ghost midway into the song. Whereas Isha started off being a ghost. 

Also, after Shampa becomes a ghost, there were really no dancey steps (traditionally speaking). And the guy doesn't play much part, if he's chased around by a ghost. There arent really a million expressions to show a scared man chased by a ghost. The main highlight IS the woman, the ghost. And fortunately Isha was the contestant and she was brilliant.

Look tricks and stuff is all a part of dance. The question is how you use them. To me, the only "trick" in their dance was the last part where she err climbs a pillar. But look how beautifully and effortlessly it was done? It gave me the shivers. SuShampa didn't have that. And this trick added to the horror value of the performance. And to be honest, harness shouldnt even be considered a trick. Since it is very commonly used in dance.

The rest of the dance was all how well Salman utilized her flexibility. Salman - just like Sushant cannot take the spotlight in such acts. The only reason Shampa had the part before she turns into a ghost was to show Sushant's dance because once she becomes a ghost, he has no role except being a man scared shitless. He was the contestant and he had to take the spotlight for sometime. And If i remember correctly, Remo even said after the dance that he was ONLY looking at Shampa. So they had a different limitation back then. Here Salman was free to give Isha the entire spotlight, thereby not needing to add a pre-murder track and include the "traditional" dancing. Isha is more flexible than Shampa and thats where Salman-Isha's dance scored for me. You need that flexibility to show someone possessed. 

Also, I believe you are always attached to the first version of something. Like in movies, if you see a movie that was realeased and then a re-made version of that movie, you are going to like te original better. Similarly if you watch the latest one first, then the original - you're going to think the latest one was much better / faster etc. Or if you read a book first and then watch a movie made by it, you're going to think they massacred it. But if you watch the movie and read a book, you're going to love the movie irrespective. So I believe that might have been a factor here. Sushant, Shampa did this theme last year, and now that you are watching something similar, you might not like it as much as theirs. Then again, you might just really not like this... I was just sharing my opinion.

This is absolutely my POV and why I think Isha-Salman's dance was much better. And this coming from a HUUUGE Shampa fan. And Sushant - well I've watched him from his ZNKD days - so a HUUUGE fan of him too! 

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IamaPCmaniac Goldie

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 8:12am | IP Logged
you are right... i think salman iha performance was just banal and ordinary.. apart form circus acts, didn't see much dance.. sushant and shama walla performance was waaah bhai waaah

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Hey Pallavi, remember me? *waves*
Would you feel flattered if I say that I especially watched this performance cos I read your post and was intrigued by your comments? :D
(Actually I had no heart to watch the performance earlier when I was told that it was sort of a rip off of Sushant-Shampa's act. :( )
Now that I have watched this performance, here are my observations, along with some questions that came to my mind while watching the dance. Hopefully someone can clear them.
1.) The way Salman came on stage and kept the bag on the stage, facing the audience all the while felt a little weird. He didn't look into the act. Aisa lag raha tha he has brought something to show everyone.
And I don't know if anyone else felt this, but I saw Salman wiping one side of his face just before he began to dig. I thought he was wiping tears, and that sort of made me feel for a moment that he was grieving for her. That didn't gel with what was shown later- that he was the one who had murdered her. So I watched it again and again and I felt the same everytime. Didn't gel with the dance. What do you think?
2.) Isha's flexibility was the only good thing about the dance. The two best moments of the dance for me were when she came out of the bag (that was brilliant!!!!) and when she climbed like a spider on the wall. (reminded me of 1920, I have an issue with that as well but will come to it in the end.) These two steps were freaking awesome!
3.) The backward bending step or the way the ghost was walking was the same as Shampa's. Worse, they sort of spoilt the impact/scariness of the step by doing it too many times.
And that is just my grouse with the act. There were tooo many tricks in the act, all the time Isha was bending and stuff and there was little progression in the story/concept after the point she came out of the bag- it was the same, camera constantly focussing on her bended body and she trying to scare Salman. Plus there was very little of dance. The highlight of the dance was not the concept (already done before, nothing novel about it), the expressions, or the dance (hardly any dance was there)
3.) There was no story. Whatever I could understand of the concept was only due to the SONG, not the actions/steps/histrionics. As I have said above, when the dance started, I actually thought Salman was weeping for Isha.
4.) Salman looked confused for a major part rather than nervous/scared/trying to put up a fight. Wasn't much impressed with his body language too, especially when she hung him in mid air- no struggle shown. Good thing was how he tried to hit her with a stick in his desperation and then tried to throw her in the pit he had dug. That was nicely done.
5.) The red spotlight shiining on them for too long. I don't know, it just felt weird to me. The act would have looked better without it.
6..) It did look like it was "inspired" from Sushant-Shampa's dance last year. Even if it was not, I am not impressed. Where is the novelty if you go with something that is easy enough/common enough to resemble acts of others?
7.) I am not an expert in dancing, but in the beginning, the dance form mentioned was contemporary. Honestly it looked far from any contemporary performance I've ever seen, but that could just be my ignorance. Could anyone throw more light on it?
8.) Ending was weird. When she had killed him, why did she go up? Don't ghosts get mukti after taking revenge? LOL Then why show her as still tadpofying? I'm not sure what that was meant to portray, but I loved the way Isha did that wall climbing step.
I am fully aware that my views might be dismissed as a 'fangirl's views cos I'm a fan of Sushant and Shampa. That is why I asked my room mate who is no fan of the two. She loved Isha coming out of the bag and the last step, but on the whole, her remarks were, "Yeh kya tha? Isse better toh un dono ne kiya tha, sushant aur woh kaun this uske sath pichle saal? Concept bhi same lag raha hai.."
BTW, is it only me or did someone else feel that Madhuri didn't really look impressed? Karan and Remo did, Madhuri didn't.

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..Sonii.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Hii pallavi,
I honestly felt the praise for Isha's performance was for the sake of it!...to appreciate the efforts on appearance of act.
I hardly found any dance in that act...was much of horror drama...
I was surprised that remo and madhuri both were judjes of last season...didnt they find any similarity in dance steps...of shampa and isha...walking ulta with 4 limbs...even shampa must have thought the same...
Dance is balanced with rhythm of song...which I hardly find in some dance performances...so as to add WOW factor, they add 'stunts' which obviously look amazing but more of gymnastics..like the last sec of act when isha goes up climbing...I too find this trend in DID too...

Sushant-Shampa's act too was horror but with dance and poise...but was not the case with isha-salman...but additional horror factor, thats why everybody's reaction was much like horrified than impressed with dance...

Me too feel the gymnastics factor has made her performances predictable...there is no connect of the performers with the audience...

I am yet to find any soulful performance in JDJ5...

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Interesting post there. But I disagree with the fact that a guy doesn't have much to do in such a dance. When Sushant did that dance, he was praised A LOT for his postures, grace and body language. You can watch the video again, Madhuri said "Your body language is terrific!!! You dance like a man.." and yada yada and Malaika too praised him a lot. Remo DID NOT say he was simply looking at Shampa- that was said by Malaika and Remo in the Jazzamba that they did much later and in the lyrical hiphop. He simply said he would give a hug to the most beautiful ghost. I remember all the comments cos I've seen this video hundreds of times by now.
In that act, there was a balance. Sushant and Shampa, BOTH impressed. In fact the camera focussed on both for almost equal length of time. Just see that part where the bell chimes, the stage turns red and Sushant starts to writhe in pain, or when he gets scared of Shampa- just see the expressions there or the part when Shampa strangles him. Salman in contrast had really very very little to do in the act- something I also mentioned in my analysis above. His body language didn't impress me in the scene when Isha hung him mid air and dropped him. There was no writhing, no struggle. In many of the parts, he looked confused. And as I mentioned in my analysis, he actually confused me when he was wiping his cheek.
My point is that there was no balance in the act. Salman had very little role to play, and whatever there was, I was not impressed. And no, its not a case of being more impressed with the original. There were actually FLAWS, as I wrote in my post above.
I was trying not to compare it much the dance with Sushant Shampa's and review the dance in its own light, but since its being openly done now, these are my views. Respect your opinion though.

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 9:46am | IP Logged
Ah finally someone mentioned this in this forum...LOL I saw this a couple of days ago too and was just FLABBERGASTED at the BLATANT plagiarism from Sushant-Shampa's act from last year...even more at all the praise being heaped on this act like it was the PINNACLE of perfection or something.

It's kinda ironic that Salman felt the need to copy from Sushant-Shampa...imitation being another form of flattery? Ok thenLOL

I just found it super hilarious that they copied it to the extent of using a song from the SAME MOVIE too...THODA toh attempt karo to change it...LOL but I guess that would require too much creativity.

Sushant-Shampa just raised the bar of JDJ forever with this act last year...it left everyone in awe, open-mouthed watching it cuz nothing like this had ever been executed on JDJ before...I toh just find it strange that two of the judges are the same as last year and they are talking like pata nahin Salman-Isha ne kya PIONEERING cheez kar di hai...lol

Isha lacks GRACE...being able to bend and contort yourself into pretzel shapes doesn't make you GRACEFUL...Shampa had AMAZING grace even as a freakin ZOMBIE in that act...THAT is her brilliance...which combined with Sushant's amazingly creative concepts made them an unbeatable combo last year.

Anyways, agree with you about the superficiality and posturing in the act, Pallo...for me it was a combination of just the shock at how OBVIOUSLY they copied Sushant-Shampa's act and the fact that the act itself had nothing in it to really make you appreciate it like the story Sushant-Shampa put together in their act...Dude, they even copied the whole CAMERA ANGLES bit from SS...hadh ki bhi hadh kar di...un-freakin-believable.

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