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Spice Girls Hangout:How I met my wife! (Page 2)

meens80 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 6:01pm | IP Logged

Hi Sari and SG's! Loved the title SariBig smile

Congrats to the entire team of IPK for completing 300 episodes and may we have many many more to goPartyParty. A number of cute moments made the episode a light entertaining watch.

Loved the emergence of ASR when he "gifts" Khushi the sari, forces her to accept the gift, open it and wear it for himTongue. Then remembering NK's words he softens and requests her "main tumhe yeh pehene huye dekhan chahata hoon" Awww but our dear Khushi is not willing to oblige just yet because she rather be the self sacrificing lamb than a young wife who enjoys her hubby's love and attentionOuch. What about the months where everyone was happy in their lives while she was fighting her battles aloneCry. Arnav is the only one making an attempt to make her happy and give her some attention; so what if he is buying gifts; atleast he is taking an effort, then why not thoda appreciate itShocked

Finally an insight into Khushi's thoughts in her conversation with DM; to be honest her monologue left me confused. She is sad that everyone in the house is unhappy so she thinks has no right to be happyConfused She says she is not angry with Arnavji but was hurt at the accusations: now can you please verbalize your feelings to your hubby who is trying hard to put a smile back on your face so that he knows what exactly is bothering you and we can stop going around in circles.

Kudos to Payal today; she is finally speaking her mindThumbs Up. It is a good start with Khushi and I'm hoping Akash is next in line. Khushi really needs to stop butting into others business; will this girl ever learn?D'oh Today was a classic case of how her interference made things worse for Payal and she still says "mujhe kuch karna hoga", take your sisters' advice woman and back off; not everyone can see the good intentions and golden heart behind the "I can solve the world's issues" mentality.

Naanav-NK bromance a big plus todayClapClap; loved how NK coaxed him into sharing his love story, ASR ki prem kahani uski zubaniHeart. What I loved today is how comfortable Arnav was when NK repeatedly mentioned that he loves Khushi; he would bite someone's head off for mentioning he is in love not very long agoWink. He recollects the bitter sweet moments that brought them together, with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye. NK aptly realizes this is more of a horror story; but this is ARHI; so not our average couple.  While I think recreating the past moments is a wonderful way to bring a smile back on Khushi's face; and as ASR correctly said "jaha Khushi hai vaha pagaalpan aur madnesss toh hoga hi"; I hope he retains his ASR appeal and does not turn into a complete mushy Arnav in his attempt to win her back. Tomorrow he will show her that he will bring back that smile without spending the money for gifts that mean nothing to her.  I liked the precap and cannot wait to see how it plays out! While we are at reliving past moments can we get to the incomplete Diwali kiss right awayWink

Anjali is finally showing signs of breaking down, of wanting more information, of questioning to know the whole truth; she is confused; she cannot believe Shyam would do all that but she trusts Chote's judgment to. Nani the time to speak up has come, please stop sedating her to calm her down. You cannot protect her forever! She needs to hear the whole truth; to break down and let it all out, turn negative if necessary so that she can move past this disaster and emerge stronger.

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N112 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 6:07pm | IP Logged

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premparbat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
HI Everyone ,
     The PH are back to their old habits again.  The seriousness and the intensity that the show had a few days ago has been yet again directed towards light comedy.   Like the aftermath of the ArHI marriage Khushi went into the 101 ways to irritate Laad Governor the aftermath of Anji being left desolate is 101 ways of Arnie winning over his wife.   Trps went downhill and if today morning was not a shocker enough then I do not know what is .  It is what it is lets enjoy while we can.
   Ah!!!!   Arnav Singh Riazada in LOVE !!! How the mighty have fallen. 
And he is learning.  "Khushi I have not given you an option but to accept the gift "  TO  " Khushi I  would like to see you in this saree ...Embarrassed "    When will the dialogue writer in this show ever write full sentences and proper replies ?   "Khushi what has happened that you can't smile .." was  responded by "You can buy a saree but not a smile ..."  ???  Girl - he is a guy , spell it out to him that I am unhappy with everyone else being unhappy.  You can chat with DM but not Arnie ? What about  the telepathic connection that you had made several weeks ago. that link is broken ?
     Just found Khushi very irritating today. Cvs yet again messing with her.
The Arnie - NK bonding .  A friend that Arnav & Khushi both needed so badly. I can well imagine the scene at the sets when Karan says that Barun has to work harder with these scenes as he cannot stop laughing.  Arnav being reminded of "His romantic momentes "  was so typical ASR.  He is fondly reminded of the  time he "made life diificult for Khushi"  , the mad girl that he has fallen in love with and if NK is thinking of Khushi being an angel then he is wrong.  She has equally made his life difficult for him as well.  I loved his smile throughtout.. 
  Not too interested in other scenes though I do wish to mention Anji.  I am so with her and  her questioning the facts is a good sign.  I hope  nani brings this up with Arnie tomorrow as Anji needs to be pulled out of her depression.  Arnie or  the cvs have completely forgotten that he has a sister next door who needs looking after . I do want romance but please do not shove the other track under the carpet.
  FYI - there is a Rangmunch video floating around in the forum of people sending hate mails to DB for her recent track. She was being a typical "Anjali"  there complaining about peoples reaction. She was supported by Akshay Dogra saying people should stay within limits etc... Found it really childish.
Lastly adding a link of SJ's post which is hilarious on role reversal ..keep going down to several pages...
Take care

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-Sush- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
I liked the episode today Sari...

Payal rocked...
NK was a sweetheart!
Arnie was good
Some one took the time t care for ANJ
Znj at least tried to talk aout her grief

KHushi...umm...quite meddlesome and chirpier than suited the occasion...

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 6:26pm | IP Logged
Sari great post. In regards to Khushi, we know the reason behind her pain but not the reason why she hasn't told Arnav. Why not let him know? Is she hoping he would understand on his own? If so, poor girl has a lot to learn. Khushi needs to tell him flat out that he hurt her that night with his accusations and that it is not easy to walk around happy in a house where she is a scapegoat and Anjali is in so much pain.

Anjali is in denial mode, not ready to accept Shyam's truth so I am not surprised she wants a son like him. This is why I got annoyed with Nani even more, what is she waiting for? Anjali deserves to know the truth so she can move forward, she needs to know that yes her brother is not in the wrong here. Nani is just making things worse for all involved.
Sri, I loved the way Arnav who was getting hot headed cooled down after remembering NK's advice. He is on the right path but Khushi needs to help him out, her not telling him what is really bothering her would frustrate the most patient person.
Tee, loved your VM!! I think we will get a confrontation. My guess is Khushi will temporarily smile, but when she realizes she is starting to melt she will get annoyed again and push him away. Arnav is going to confront her wanting to know the reason why, not taking no for an answer and that is when Khushi should burst out what is really going on. The CVs can't drag this on for much longer, not with the TRPs on the line here. As much as I'm loving ASR wooing Khushi, they've beated around the bush for almost a week now, time to move forward and at least show him knowing the truth behind her pain.

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--Sari-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 6:36pm | IP Logged
Sugar's post...


I quite liked Episode 300. This show and its story often has layers, much like its characters and today was quite the onion. Everyone had their time and everyone had their pace. Things are building up. Akash and Payal are hitting turbulent waves and Anjali is starting to question. This will all blow up, and whether we are ready or not, whether Arnav and Khushi's love story is ready or not, it will soon blow up towards Khushi. This will be the last snap though.

Arnav Singh Raizada is known to not think in anger and say things, the unexpected. sometimes truthful, sometimes hurtful. This time, he will let it slip that he forced Khushi to get married for his di and threatened to break Payal and Akash's marriage. This will be enough for Akash and Mami to eat dust, get a grip and come around to Team Khushi. What follows is anyone's guess, we know he will not let go of her and at the same time will not let go of his di. A walkout is inevitable, but this show has never been predictable. He may just walk out and make a statement. Or he may fight for Khushi's right and they live under one roof. The tension and angst can lead to a blown out 360 confrontation.
Anjali ofcourse will not completely register it, most likely because her strings will be pulled by Shyam. She will only come around after a 3 or 4 way 360 between Arnav-Khushi-Anjali-Shyam.

Alright, I admit, had a complete phangirl moment today with the closet scene. I may have been jsut as loud as the teenage cousin next to me. But I love it!!!
I had once predicted on the Sushpective after the 200th episode when Arnav had told Khushi that "he does not like this nautanki business", that he will be the one who'll come around to doing it to woo and pacify Khushi...100 episodes later, we're there Smile
And it ain't stopping here!! There's a lot of potential, I personally want to see a dance, complete OTT acting (much like Khushi did in Nanital), hell Arnav get to the jalebis too!!

Loving the tale of Arnav-Khushi from Arnav. He knows he's come a long way and he's head over heels in love with his wife Smile

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MrDarcyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 6:37pm | IP Logged
Hey Spice girls,
Loved the 300th episode! ASR is back and sitting with "Love Guru NK"!! He narrates his "Love story" which sounds more like a Horror story to NK! I found the whole thing adorable!!
The pre-cap took the cake with the "Closet" scene! It was pure gold! That closet scene was one of my ALL time favourites anyway!! One worthy of "Re-creating"!! I hope Arnie decides to re-create the "Payal tying" scene too! I am just waiting on Khushi's reaction to "ASR in the closet"!! WHO would not smile at that?
Wont go into Anjali wanting a criminal for a son, or Akash's increased rudeness! I LOVED Payal today! She acted with real maturity! Khushi needs to STOP fixing other people and focus on herself and HER relationship for a change!
Waiting for tomorrow!

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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 01 March 2009
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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
Hola Sari and SG's ... Rabba ve, all! Clap Congratulations to all of us for making it to this point ... and to the cast and crew for 300 episodes ... for the roller coaster ride of the last one year plus, for keeping us entertained, enthralled, enraptured, irritated, amused, boiling mad and ready to throw the remote ... what a ride it's been! LOL
And the last bit reminded us of that ... a trip down memory lane ... Sari, lovely anchor post as always ...

Three main themes in the story today ...

1) Confusion all around ...
Arnav is confused why Khushi doesn't like anything he does ... this time he did it all her way, he chose her gift himself, his favorite color, the card was addressed to the right person, more importantly, from the right person ... why does nothing work?! Why won't she take it, wear it ... he wants her to wear it!!!
Arnav bitwa, just go through that list and see how many times you and your own wishes figured in it, and how many times hers did ... you might get a clue ... Tongue

Or you might not ... because Khushi is equally confused ... she's upset, miserable ... for a girl who only wants to spread happiness and sunshine, what upsets her the most is that everyone is angry with her, her Jiji's marriage is rocky, and while she's not really angry with her Arnavji, she can't forget what he said so easily either ... especially when she feels it's true ... but then, he didn't have to say it, did he ... and then when she tried to make up for it and leave, he forced her to stay back ... but only for two more months ... she thought things were finally all right between them, then he brought up the contract ... and again, she doesn't know for sure what he really means ...
He said - she can't leave for two months till the contract is over ...
She thinks - he meant that after that, she can leave, she has to leave ...
Miscommunication again!!! What she really wants is for him to hold her tight and tell her she's not going anywhere, because he loves her and she's his wife for ever ...
But considering the only time he managed to tell her he loves her, was when held at gunpoint, that's not happening any time soon ...

Anjali ... Finally Anjali wakes up from her slumber ... okay, her shock (I see doc glaring at me LOL) and starts to wonder ... is her Shyamji right or is Chotey ... Shyamji couldn't have done all that ... but Chotey is never wrong either, how could Chotey believe all that ...?!

2) Fools rush in ...
Khushi shoots her mouth off most inopportunely with Akash. Don't blame him for getting mad at her at all - one, for telling him to run his married life, ... like he said to Payal, quite rightly, she had no business doing that. And two, for the idiotic suggestion that he and Payal go on holiday, when the situation in the house is so depressed. So what Payal said to Khushi was completely justified and well said ... Khushi has to stop trying to sort out everyone's lives for them, her own is complicated enough for her to manage. I liked the way Payal ticked off Khushi on that one ... Khushi needs to stay out of other people's marital issues, even her own sister's.

3) Trip down memory lane ... Arnav recounts to a horrified NK the story of his and Khushi's love-hate story ... I half expected NK to ask Arnav, how did Khushi ever fall in love with him at all, after he finished recounting all his misdeeds with her ... LOL
And Arnav's glint of pride when he says that nothing he did could ever break her spirit ... shows exactly why Arnav has fallen so hard for this spitfire! Embarrassed Although, hello ... where's the remorse??!!!

So now Arnav is on a trip of madness and pagalpan to woo his stubborn wife back ... we wanted a terrace 360, and we are getting a Swami 360 ... LOL

I will add today in Anjali's defence ... Arnav does indeed seem to have forgotten all about his sister, in his single-minded attempts to woo his wife back Tongue
And in Arnav's defense ... have to be fair Wink ... he's had four months to come to terms with his Jeeja's kameenapan ... and only a few days to come to terms with how unfair he's been to Khushi ...

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