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Spice Girls Hangout:How I met my wife! (Page 13)

LadyLaLa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Sari--

Originally posted by LadyLaLa

Finally, they should stop treating Anjali like a patient.. agree she is suffering from Depression and is distraught.. the best cure for depression  is to mingle with people and being in a lively environment... Whereas now she is confined to her room where people treat her like an invalid.. she should be up and about and if she is suffering from shock.. then please get her some help...

Welcome to the hangout LLL...A catchy username indeed...LOL Don't we love some spice...Wink Interesting post, you most definitely added plenty of spice. Yes, I chuckled when nani was ready with some medicine. Anjali was upset not sick. So what medicine do we have for tears?LOL

Khushi's entire chat w/DM was good except for the line when she said she wasn't upset w/Arnie. So what was all the fuss then? Is she simply acting hard to get...LOL Then the chat w/Akash...She sounded so like a old lady...A meddlesome SP bahu for TRP's?Confused

Thank you dear Hug I feel all teeky teeky and spicy.. LOL

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joenet1234 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
Doc - This is it. I am not going to write anymore. I am baffled everyday at the amazing, thorough, awakening point of view of yours. I bow down to thee. From tomorrow on, I shall be a silent reader and absorb all the great stuff this thread has. You are amazing! simply brilliant!

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-Maggie- Goldie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by docgirl

Rabba Ve on milestone #300, masala sahelis  Hug

Nope, it was not the hospital hug or the temple lift... in some ways it was even better was hatke, just as the IPK morance has always been. So I'll start there. Hat tip to the writing team for devising a very clever little tribute. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up A trip down memory lane that let us relive where we started and how we too fell in love  --- with this show and these characters. Not only that, there was that wink-wink, nudge-nudge too, I think from the writers to the audienceBig smile

How else do we explain NK's dialogs? NK who has seemed to be very much the stand-in for the audience - our eyes and ears and now our mouthpiece? "Pyaar kiya nahin jaata, Kho jaata hai (we've been screaming for the rooftops about the missing pyaar in the show's title).  Tum gussa ho saktey ho, you can get really mad, lekin yeh "lau" hai na, iska tum kuch nahin kar saktey. Aur yeh mat kehna ki tum "lau" nahin kartey ho... kyon ki agar tum usey pyaar nahin kartey toh uski yeh saari baatein tumhein affect nahin kar sakti. 

That seemed like the love-hate relationship between the audience and the show (including perhaps one hotheaded tweeting CV? Tongue) . Then again, maybe I'm reading too much into this but how does one explain the "lau"? Now if NK raises any "kostins" --- that'll seal the deal. Wink  Fanciful thinking? Perhaps... but this is one instance I'm happy to stay in my SKD (otherwise popular in the hangout as sapnon ki duniya - Thanks   for the nifty short form!Big smile

The reminiscences of the "horror-thriller" also seemed to be a time to take stock and  a time to let go of the sting from that painful past. Clearly Khushi with her monologue about love in the shadow of hate has already done that. This time it's 
Arnav's turn and perhaps ours too as the audience. His recounting of the  pagalpan and madness was rueful, amused, affectionate even. Too easy an absolution for some pretty horrific ASR misdeeds? --- perhaps? But this is a horror thriller love story and I'm very forgiving --- at least of fictional characters Wink, so it worked for me. Star

The episode itself took us back to the three principal players in the triangle: 

Anjali: She's lost, broken and confused... "Do I believe the evidence that was before my eyes and stay faithful to memories of the love I've had over the years from my husband or do I believe in my brother who's been the mainstay of my life?" She's been a horrified bystander in the drama, things have happened to her, decisions made for her ---- even when she's ready to vent, she's shushed and sedated.   

Clearly sach ya jhoot was not established  -- it was husband said, brother said. Back again to atoot vishwaas - where does she place it? The horns of an emotional (or existential even) dilemma about what is the truth...  chottey is unavailable to her to resolve it,  fighting as he is battles of the heart. Can she be more understanding of his ordeal? Sure!... but how does one begrudge  her time to grieve?

ASR: He's been to hell and back, finally the barriers around his heart have come tumbling down. He's eager to make things right with his much loved patni and she isn't even playing. The vintage version of ASR picked up from where we left off yesterday. He's done everything she wanted... chosen the gift, ordered it, personalized the message and she still won't accept it. Dammit, what does she want? The hell with it... "I'm not giving you a choice, accept it you will and wear it you will." And... then he softens as he recalls NK's advice, "I'd like to see you in it" ... that passionate request melted me but not Khushi Broken Heart  . So now he'll try  again  with the 360s... cute but pagal stunts - like coming out of the closet!!!!  ShockedShockedShocked

Could he have been more attentive to his Di in her time of dire crisis?... sure! It's been what ...3 maybe 4 days since D(i) day, but how does one begrudge him his shot at Khushi? 

Khushi: What does she want? Can't she see that he's doing cartwheels for her - all in the name of love? What were the cake, fairy lights, rose, forehead kiss, poori-aloo, sari but manifold demonstrations of love? Confused

Today she tells DM - "I'm sad that others are sad and I feel like it's all my fault. I'm hurt that he used me as a punching bag and that he did that so easily. Then he tells me what's between us is just a contract. How can I just acquiesce when he can use hurtful words so readily to justify his ends?" So, it's complicated --- does he even realize what's at the root of her resistance? Until he does, does he think she can be placated with candy as if she were a child? 

No she hasn't told him ---- why should she? Why does she need to hold it up  in 72 point bold font. If she does, how can she know that he won't revert to type and blame her for his misery the next time Di has a crisis. "You're the biggest mistake of MY life." What about HER life? "Aur Main?",  he asked when she was ready to walk out. Never one did he ask, "Aur tum, tumhaare Khushi ka Kya?" Her desire for the birday greeting was never about the words. The kostin was would he subsume his out-sized ego to do something for her that he had never done before. When he gets that he should be able to bring a smile to her face. 

Could she have been more understanding and accepted at least one of the many olive branches he extended her way, knowing where he was coming from? Sure!...but how does one begrudge her a shot at getting her atoot vishwaas and her Khushi? ---  nope, not the pretty telepathic words or the hotheaded thappad to her tormentor BUT the kind that doesn't vanish in a crisis, that  doesn't get sacrificed at the altar of the bahot badi ego. 

So here we are at the crossroads of the story at #300... it seems wide open, lots of different ways to take this and it will surely involve a TRP prediction game. The one thing that keeps coming back to me is last night's drama of 2.0 TRP (it did end up being 3.0!). I had to wonder if somehow #300 portends the show's own version of the Battle of Thermopylae... that this story is Leonides with the dwindling audience of 300 that are doomed to die at the hands of the Xerxes that is the Lamp and Wick type of drama. Ouch

We got a pretty darn great week and still the ratings were at 3.0, the ME while I was not the biggest enthusiast, was surely better than a 2.0. What do women want... esp those in the TRP audience? Confused Don't mean to bring anyone down on celebration day... I only want to raise the kostin of whether the hatke horror thriller love story that drew us in is a double edged sword... it draws a somewhat different kind of audience perhaps but does it struggle to play with the big "boys"? 

Maybe SKD is just fine... we enjoy the mantal and the craji times for as long as they last and give thanks to the masala ladkis that we made it to #300. Party Dancing 

Thanks everyone on the IPK team for a wonderful run! ClapClapClap
Love it!!
Wondering why the dry spell re: sharths??? I feel like a gamblin' tonight!

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howcome IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Vee05

I worried about it initially but I have to give everyone credit here...they have portrayed Arnav beautifully! They have done justice to this character and kept him true to his core of ASR. I dont think theyl swing his pendulum too outta whack like they did with Khushi though but they will show the Pagalpan some...which I am quite frankly looking forward to because it is another layer of the character in my opinion. I dont think we will see it that often but it is in there I am sure. Atleast in my head it is all adorable! But but BUT...I only see this reveal infront of Khushi and no one else...his softer self is because of the condition of his ouse...and I think the wrath of ASR will return and the one person who will witness it fist hand will be Akash and I think Akash will go bad before he becomes good. Only the REAL ASR can get thru to Akash in this state and if i were him...I would be worried and scared because when ASR comes and set's him straight...oh well Akash really cant do much then Wink
Vee - dont you think Mami is in line and has been waiting for an ASR tadka long before akash...
with all the taunts Mrs. ASR gets , i would expect mami to at least be warned Tongue

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Starktastic IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:48pm | IP Logged
This is Nannav's version of "How I met your best friend / sister in law" 

Love the title Sari ROFL

The episode was smashing... Again minus Anjali's boo hoo. Honestly I'm tired of her howling

Moving on, it was a treat to watch NK & Nannav in action. These two have fabulous bromance going and I highly doubt if anybody can beat their chemistry in the bromance department. Nope not a chance!!

Although Nannav doesn't wanna admit it, if not for NK he wouldn't find any good choices to make Khushi khush Wink

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ipkbs IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
Doc fab post.
agree today was CVS day to bop us on the head with their dialogues and remind us that this is not just a Lau story but a horror thriller Lau story and we need to prepare for the horrors also..
I like how you linked this as a trust building exercise which these two seriously need.. we had forgotten about the atoot vishwas.
and trps. Uugh. I'm also happy in my SKD. I'm still scarred from this mornings trp tamasha.

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LadyLaLa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MentalExotica

Yaar SGs you guys write so much that my thoughts drain out by the time I read all the posts, all beautifully and well written.

I feel there is nothing left for me to comment

I just want to see ASR wear a red saree if it's time for some reverse gear rabba-ve


Hey Geetu... ROFLROFLROFL  this was brilliant... how about that unfinished kiss.. could Khushi have a go at it too?

The trick is Geetu to only read the TM post first, do your response and then read the rest of the responses.. that is how I do ...

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docgirl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by joenet1234

Doc - This is it. I am not going to write anymore. I am baffled everyday at the amazing, thorough, awakening point of view of yours. I bow down to thee. From tomorrow on, I shall be a silent reader and absorb all the great stuff this thread has. You are amazing! simply brilliant!

Joey Hug ... thanku! Fishing for compliments?... much. Tongue I laued your post...BUT don't  think I'm not going to call you out on the DDLJ obsession - kya maajra hai? Jurmana bharna padega... just for this tom poem on Anjali Di. Wink

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