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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Spice Girls Hangout:How I met my wife!

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:50pm | IP Logged

A trip down memory lane, the story of how he met his wife was the highlight of tonight's episode. The one who thought he would never marry, falling in love wasn't for the mighty ASR. Tonight he confesses to a third person how a small town girl captured his heart...Day Dreaming

He gloats over how he made her life miserable, locked her up, how he released the footage, let her fall off the first floor, made her stand in the parking lot in pouring rain, sent her to the construction site...

NK wants to hear the sweeter side, his Khushiji's side, one who can do no wrong... LOLArnie fondly remembers how she called him LG...  how she threw hot tea on him, once threatened him with a knife... how she let him starve till he fainted...A shocked NK - Yeh love story hai ya horror, thriller story? LOL

NK-Nannav Singh Raizada were a big hit tonight...Clap

Arnav forces her to accept the gift, he bought it himself, it's the color of his choice, and he ordered itLOL It's for her and she can't say no...ROFL Mentally remembering how NK asked him to court her with sweet nothings, baby, sweetheart...he tenderly says he wants to see her wearing it...Embarrassed 

Why Khushi was upset... 

  • Anjali and  Manorama are upset
  • Aakash and Payal are not happy
  • Arnav blamed her for everything, she cannot forget all that easily.
  • But she isn't even upset with ArnavWHAT THE...D'oh

But the last one had me stumpedConfused Is there a new writer on board? What have we been watching all these days? If she wasn't upset with him, why not tell him the real reason? Why send him on this wild goose chase of trying to please her? Well, there is a reason for that too - how else would we get the ASR manao Khushi mission...D'oh

Just when we thought the sisters were bonding again...When will Khushi learn?Confused

Tonight Anjali's pain was real, any woman's worst nightmare. She has been blindsided by a scumOuch She finally breaks down & wants to know the truth. How could she have not known. Chote can't be wrong...Her Shyamji can do no wrong...Anjali finally asking questions...muaah...I loved her for that... Clap But Shyam jaisa beta? Shocked Poor Girl...


Role reversal... After all the gloating, who was in the closet? Jaha Khushi ho waha paagalpan aur madness hoga hi...awww...Embarrassed


PS:Sorry guys for keeping you waiting. IF was acting up; lost my initial post, had to redo.
Thanks Ippy for the Siggy...Hug
Pics - ipkbs, Sue101


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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:51pm | IP Logged
Congrats to the entire IPK cast and crew on episode #300!!!Party

Very nice episode with the first 3 minutes being pure IPK gold. Arnav frustrated that Khushi is ignoring his gift, switches to ASR mode and forces her to open the gift. As she is opening, he intently watches her face hoping that she will be surprised and like the gift he bought just for her.

The second she refuses, he is no longer willing to take no for an answer.He steps on Sada Haq mode and asks her the reason for rejection, when he himself has brought the gift, his favorite color for her and demands her to wear it. He remembers NK's advice, immediately tones down, decreases his decibel level and requests that he would like to see her in the saree. From demand to request - a giant step indeed for ASR.

He still does not take no for an answer and presses on for the reason and she replies that he may have bought a gift but cannot not buy a smile for her. First conversation as husband and wife where he does not walk out without knowing the reason and she finally vents her frustration, Hallelujah!!. These two are finally taking baby steps to meet at the half way mark!!

Khushi's talk to her confidant (DM) reveals that she is deeply hurt by Arnav's words. She is gently admonished by Payal not to interfere between her and Akash. High time Khushi stops being so selfless and worry about her own life -that reminder could not have come from a more correct person than Payal.

"Khul gaya sari baal" - Is Nani going to help Anjali unravel the knots of confusion? Anjali has slowly started thinking about the incident - while she still has the belief that Shyam cannot do anything bad, she also knows that Arnav cannot be wrong - one conflicting the other, leaving her confused and frustrated.

Loved the wide angle shot of Arnav and Khushi walking towards one another and when they are closer they turn away- foreshadowing? NK- Arnav interaction once again brilliantClap. He admonishes  and asks him to use "heart" and not "mind" to  impress Khushi.

Arnav reliving their love story from the beginning was very well done, walk down memory lane on episode #300 was fitting. As we remember those incidents we are made aware once again that IPK is not a traditional love story and indeed is love story combined with hate, horror, thrills and madness!!

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:51pm | IP Logged

So TRPs released and sent everyone into panic mode with a 2.0 rating after a 3.4 high, fortunately it was a mistake with the show still going strong which was great news to start off the day especially given the fact the show is celebrating 300 episodes!! Congrats to the entire IPKKND team Clap

Second good news was the episode itself, which I enjoyed. I've learnt to keep my expectations low and so far it has worked to my advantage.

Onto the episode, how many thought Arnav would actually listen to NK and say something like sweetheart or baby to get Khushi to accept his gift? Poor thing is trying so hard yet fails to understand why Khushi is still so upset. I was convinced after watching all the segments that a huge confrontation would happen but I was wrong, he did walk away upset but not in the way I expected

ASR with layers of Arnav went ranting to NK about how his plans flopped all because of him, his ideas were of no use as Khushi wouldn't even look at ASR. He is frustrated and rightfully so. If only Khushi would tell him the truth, let him know that she's not angry but hurt at his words those night. Yes, Khushi loves ASR despite his flaws but this is one flaw she would have liked to change when it came to her. For Khushi after everything that happened between them it was not expected of Arnav to be so harsh, I feel bad for her but her husband is no mind reader. Khushi needs to let him know why.

It was good to see someone with Anjali today but I got very annoyed with Nani. Anjali is someone who is still trying to make sense of it all and when she rightfully wants answers she's instead drugged and put to sleep, how is that fair? This is why the girl is such a wreck, this constant need to keep her in a bubble has been damaging to her frame of mind.

I'll be honest I fast forwarded through Akash and Khushi's scene, it spelled disaster. Clearly Khushi has not learned her lesson from what happened with Anjali and doubt I she has even after Payal rightfully told her sister to butt out. It leads me to believe she will land herself in trouble with Arnav having to come to her defense and shut Akash and Manorama up once and for all

Now to my favorite scene of the episode, the continued bromance of NK and ASR. How cute are these two??? NK continues his attempts to play cupid, thinks recreating some moments would help but is horrified when he learns the details of Khushi and Arnav's relationship. It was hilarious, but to me it was the perfect way to describe just how unique Khushi and Arnav's story is. It is one that stands out from the rest and really makes you see how far they've come. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, is indeed the perfect title for the show and this was the perfect episode for their 300th milestone!

The precap was too adorable, Arnav has figured it out where there is Khushi there is pagalpaan and now he is going to recreate one past encounters that holds meaning to him to bring a smile to her face, looks like he succeeds but will it be enough to break the ice? I sure hope so, they can't keep going back and forth forever eventually he'll need to know what he did so wrong. I want a confrontation!!

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Hi Sari and SGs!!

Wow for once im updating fast cuz im chillin at my sister's place free from house chores Wink

Today was a good epi but i mostly just enjoyed the first 5 and last 5 min...the middle stuff with Payash and Anjali was good for the story but i just found it meh..sorry i can never warm up to Payash story now it seems...

Anyway getting to the parts i liked..Arnav forcing Khushi to take the gift and she refusing to accept him and him all in ASR mode telling her she ant tell him no and now he finally got the kind of gift he thought she he chose, his favorite color..but no she is having none of it..i loved when he softened up after remembering Nk's words and said "main tumhe yeh sari pehne hue dekhna chatha hoon"..this guy is soo irrestible at times like these khushi has great will power lol...and then Khushi talking about how he cant get her to smile and all and the sad music liked that...although im still confused with khushi's feelings like some other SGs..i know she is upset about the contract and also all the other problems in the house like her sisters but still she can at least remember his midnight wish that was really meaningful on his part...

Anyway movin on i liked how next Arnav went and complained to Nk how his plan didnt work! Gosh this jodi is rocking!!

Khushi should just focus on her relationship with Arnav rather then try to fix things for an attempt to fix things for Payash she is just messing them up and seriously khushi u think sending them in a honeymoon will fix everything..dont give such ideas to Akash right now..i mean Di ka kya hoga..Di itni pareshani se guzar rahi hai aur tum chathi ho yeh honeymoon jayein..khushi ji aap bhi na bilkul sanka devi ho LOL...apne aur Arnavji ke honeymoon ka soch lo eoh bhi toh itne stresses rehay hain itne din..he needs a break too Wink..

Ok then my last fave scene..the NK-Nanav one at the end..that was soo adorable! The way he opened up to him and NK's reaction lol!! Barun's expressions were amazing in this scene! I loved all the flashbacks...i have never watched the beginning epis so it was a great treat to hear Arnav tell the whole how we met day i really need to catch those epis lol!

Anyway the precap looks cute..lets see how it plays out!!

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:53pm | IP Logged

Good balanced episode. With a bit of everything. I enjoyed. 

Although I do fail to understand when we have been getting brilliant episodes for the past 2 weeks now, what on earth is the hullabaloo with the TRPs. Anyways thats a long rant on its own and I am not getting into that here i'm still recovering from the shock of that drama fest.Ouch

Episode starts where we left off yesterday with Arnav shoving the prezzie in Khushi's face. Khushi says She doesn't want it and ASR forces her to take it because he is ASR and knows how to get his own way. So the girl gives in, opens it, looks at the sari and hands it back to him.

"Hume yeh nahi chahiye" and up goes ASR's gussa meter. "But Why?" "Maine tume yeh laine ke ilava koi option nahi diya hai. Yeh Sari maine khud khareedi hai, yeh colour meri pasand ka hai aur iske liye order maine kiya hai. Yeh tumhare liye hai tumhe pasand karni hogi!"

Arnie, my man, you do not corner a girl and terrorise her to accept your gift. Be glad this is KKG who has spunk.D'oh

And then he remembers NK, his mentors advice, on wooing her with something meetha meetha and he calms down and asks her to wear it politely. But she ain't going to agree ofcourse not after you force her into a corner.

Confused boy wants to know why? What is her problem?

And Khushi tells him although he succeeds in buying her a gift he hasn't succeeded in buying her smile...

And there goes the famous temper and out he goes...

Now what I didn't get here was, sure he's just spending money on her and buying prezzies and things but the aim behind them is for your happiness isn't it??

She talks to DM and tells her that all this doesn't mean a thing to her because Di, mami and Payash are unhappy, so how can she be happy?

I understand she said she cannot forget his words but if she has forgiven him then why?

But do those small gestures not count just between you two? Does your relationship and happiness have to be marred by the family's happiness? Correct me, I don't know anything about relations, but can a husband and wife not be happy for themselves???

Because I remember the family being happy when all was not well between you two.

If she has no complaints with Arnav, then why is she giving him a hard time instead. Does he have to go around and spread the love within each member of the raizada house to gain brownie points for Khushi??

Very confusing Here. Hope they enlighten on this further.Confused

NK – Arnav scenes were perfect. I love the bond between these two. NK's hilarious anyway but he can make a kadhoos man like ASR funny too.LOL

BS and KG were fab today.Star

What made this episode 300th worthy was the purani yaadien. NK asking about romantic moments. ASR tells NK how the odd way they met and got to know each other.Clap

And NK calling it a horror thriller story as opposed to a love story. I agree NK where is the Lau?? that you so conveniently stole from here...

and ASR realises to make Khushi happy he need to recreate the purane moments hence the ASR in the wardrobe.Big smile

On the side – Khushi butting in between Payash. Don't girl, your sister is right, puhleej leave them to their own haal and fix your relationship first. Although you still will butt in but if it brings ASR to your rescue. So be it.

Anjali wants Nanha Shyam. Kyun? Bhys? Clearly she doesn't think aap bhi naa is wrong or even her chotte. So how long before she pitches the blame on Khushi?Shocked...However we got some more insight into her thoughts. She is in denial. She is confused. She doesn't know why her husband was thrown out. She does not understand. Someone in RM need to sit down with her and explain from A-Z the faults of her husband.Ermm

Like I mentioned in the previous hangout. I don't want romance. Give me an argument, a conversation so both these budhus know what the problem is between them. Because they aren't going to ever have a rational conversation ever.Geek

VM request by Veeps. Idea is ASR trying to talk to khushi but of course he can't and Khushi gets annoyed and shuts him up so he talks to her when she is sleeping. Just like the show. Nothing new.

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:53pm | IP Logged
300 episodes later we watch still in total admiration...It's had it's high's and has had it's low's but for me this still is the best show on Indian television! Thumbs Up

-The Leads Rock it! Heart

-The supporting cast is pretty brilliant in their own way. Big smile

-The Story still even at it's worst was better than all of the other shows! Clap

-And the Hate from Love and Love from Hate is just awesomeness to watch! Day Dreaming

Team IPKKND CONGRATULATIONS on this feat!!! Here's wishing you all MANY MANY MORE!!! Party

And so it began where it ended yesterday...Gift in hand a rather irritated Arnav waits for Khushi to come back and makes her aware of the obvious present he has bought for her...he is eager, impatient, irritated and just overall losing his mind for this girl that he is so smitten by to accept this present he has personally selected for's of his choice, the color he loves and one he wants to see her in and she flatly refuses it! LOL Good for you KKGSR Clap He is left speechless and makes the request in his own way that he would like to see her in this Sari that he picked out and she let's him know that no materialistic thing can bring her smile back and thats all that he really wants from her too indeed. Unhappy Both SI and BS are brilliant in this...words are said...feelings are hurt and he walks out of there frustrated! 

Psssttt...She might wear this Sari on Teej Wink

The Ram and Bharat...Nannav and NK chemistry rocked for another day and boy are they a total Joy to watch or what???? Big smile Brought a smile on my face every single time. Saas ko Maro Goli!!! ROFL TRP audience this one was for you!LOL NK calms a rather Kaan se Dhuan Nikloing Nannav and so cutely worried about Khushi not eating properly or responding to him...sighYeh Ishq Nahi Aasan...Bas Itna Samjh Lijiye Ki Ek Aag Ka Dariya hai Doob Te Jana Hai...Day Dreaming Arnav we get you...we really do...but Itna to banta hai Boss...Wink

Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada has matured and has become an onion within herself. This character has so many layers shes as complicated as ASR himself. She's blaming herself for it all...DI's life is ruined because of her, Mami is angry because of her, Payal and Akash have issues because of her...and she's not even mad at Arnav! Um yes KKGSR GLobal warming, the lack of world peace, the end of the world will all be bacause of you girl! Brilliant! Show Arnav you are mad at him for all this aswell but andar se you arent mad at him...Satayanash...Silly Coming back to the seriousness of this character right now...and how similar she is to her Arnav...Arnav became ASR because at some level in his heart and in his mind he holds himself responsible for everything that went wrong in his Khushi holds herself responsible for everyones current state...they blame themselves versus blaming others...they take personal responsibility for what has happened in their lives and try to correct them and in all of that have managed to sacrificed themselves in the process. But now things will change...Khushi has pulled Arnav back from ASR and wont let him go back to that dark side and Arnav will bring his Khushi back in due time. Day Dreaming

I am choosing to ignore everything Mami, Payal, Akash and DI related because honestly and truly I dunno what is going on with the Akash and Payal storyline right now. I am ASR as the real brother isnt as torn between his Di and his Wife the 2 clearly affected by this Shyam mess...I am not too sure why Akash a cousin is acting all outta whack with his wife who other than protecting her sister and sister in law has done nothing wrong in all of this. Akash Singh Raizada...GROW UP!!!!! Try and have a conversation versus these walk-out's you are doing...this isnt the parliament where anything happens you just simply get up and leave! Censored

Di has her similar moment of breakdown and has decided she wants a son like Shyam...Confused Please one Shyam is enough on this planet...a Mini Shyam is a little creepy to imagine and digest honestly...Confused But Di really really REALLY needs to wake up and smell the coffee and trust her brother on this...he did what was best for her...we know that Smile

The best segment of the night though again was the NK-Arnav segment towards the end. NK wants to know about their moments together and we essentially get a Pre-Cap of the last entire year! This is the team celebrating their 1 year Anniversary about 6 weeks later but it is nice to hear it from Arnav Singh Raizada himself. This ASR made Khushi Kumari Gupta's life Hard, Miserable and Difficult and today the man once known as ASR to Khushi Kumari Gupta has changed. Today the man that once caused her pain is trying to give her the happiness she deserves. The man that once hurt her wants to pacify her. The man that once HATED her wants to LOVE her. 

The man has come a long way...NK say's it well "Ek Ladki ne the Great Nannav Singh Raizada ko Girwa Diya"...he was ASR the day this all began...Ruthless, heartless, emotionless...but today a shy and naive Arnav stands who just wants her smile to return back...he wants to give the world to her and he is going to do everything in his power to make this girl fall in love with him all over again and this time forever. How can anyone not love him and all of this? Day Dreaming 

And once again we hold onto our hearts and wait anxiously for tomorrow for the Pagal Khushi and her Pagalapan and how the Pagalpan has rubbed off on Arnav Big smile

Note to CV's: Thanks for using our dialogues...Horror Thriller indeed is what this had become ...Now it's time for the Love story right???? Romantic moment's honge na? LOL

In memory of Rajesh Khanna the Song's of the evening go out as a dedication to him. R.I.P. 

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Thanks for the hangout Sari! Cute post  Smile

Just some quick musings from me on the 300th. 

- Beautiful beginning to the episode. He doesn't want het to simply accept his gift, he goes as far as to admit he wants to see her wearing it.   But Arnie boy,  "What has happened that you can't even smile?" You really need her to answer that?  

- The bromance has to be the biggest trump card of this track -who would have thought this possible between Nannav and NK?  The bhai-bhai lau is simply mindblowing! 

- There is so much confusion about Khushi's monologue, but it made perfect sense to me.  She cannot forget, and she fears the future because kuch baatein kabhi nahin badalti.   She has forgiven him completely -she forgave him the second he struck Shyam stating her as the reason.  This is Khushi, the silly idealist who sees the good in everyone and at one time was even looking for reasons to forgive Shyam.  She can never stay angry at anyone in the universe, why would she hold anything against her Arnavji?  However, she was given a reminder of his volatile temper a couple of days ago when he brought up the contract, she still fears HIS anger -evident by the way she flinched when he was snapping at her today.  She prefers to safeguard her heart for now. Let us wait and watch while this resolve crumbles Big smile

- In case it hadn't been clear already that Aakash now disapproves of Khushi, it was made amply evident today by their interaction.  Today I agreed with Payal, Khushi needs to stay out of this mess. 

- Loved Anjali's thought process today -finally some coherence.  Shyamji can never ever commit any of the crimes he has been accused of.  But Chhote cannot be wrong either.  What is the truth then.   Pray continue Anjali, the viewers wait with bated breath to see what your conclusion will be. 

- Closet 360 is to finally happen and how!  If this isn't a googly, I don't know what is!  

Happy 300th everyone Party

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First things first:

lambi sans ander
lambi saas bahar - kiyon kay saas bhi kabhi bahu thi

Interesting facts about 300:

300 is a triangular number, that is the sum of all positive integers up to 24.
300 is the largest possible score in bowling.
300 = 149 + 151 (sum of twin primes)
300 = 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29 + 31 + 37 + 41 + 43 + 47 (sum of consecutive primes)
All human beings are born with 300 bones, but adults only have 206 because some fuse together naturally.
300 m/s is the speed of the sound in the air.
1 cc of habanero chili after being diluted in 300 liters of water still gives the feeling of hotness!

"Sapnay zaroor dekho magar unkay poora honay ki shart mat rakho" (if you don't know where this line is from then chullu bhar pani main doob maro, doc is going to kill me for this one, again!)

With absolutely zero expectations, interesting episode today, had a little bit of everything for everyone. TRP aunties bhi khush, phangurls bhi khush bas Khushi not khush. There were some major issues but I'll get to those later.

Loved loved Nannav-NK bonding again today! These guys are just hitting it out of the park! the one-liners, expressions, delivery, timing, everything is just fantastic.

KKGSR: Haye Devi Mayya, aap ki iss bacchi ka kuch nahi ho sakta, nada! Satyanash - if I knew we'll get her monologue today, I wouldn't have wasted my time yesterday formulating theories and arguments. Chalo.. wayshtage ka zamana hai. I mentioned yesterday that Khushi is a bit selfish and today her monologue confirmed it. She is ridden with guilt - regardless of anyone saying that to her face or not, deep down she holds her self responsible for everything that has happened. Di naaraz, Mami nakhush, Jiji -Jijaji kay beech un bun, she knows that none of these people have openly accused her of ruining Ashantivaan's "shanti" but they haven't reassured her either that it wasn't her fault, what she did was right. The only person who has done both, reassurance and then blame, is ASR. But he isn't even her problem at this point and that's the beauty of it! She is not mad at him, she is frustrated and he is not helping by forcing her to stay. She is hurt for sure because she hasn't forgotten what he said but in a way she has accepted it. He is who he is: pal main shaitan pal main rajkumar. She wants to get rid of her guilt, make everyone happy but she is forgetting that Gauti doesn't like happy people. He likes dhoklas.

Arnie Baby: You are actually getting adorable by the day! Project Manao Biwi is hitting a snag day after day eh? oh how the tables have turned. There are no fairy lights but aap to phir bhi ulajh gaye! Up until the beginning of the episode he was doing things the ASR way to woo her. If you have noticed, we see the Arnav side when he is making plans but as soon as Khushi enters the picture, ASR comes back. The only exception to this was the ME because he felt guilty throughout the episode. So as far as Khushi sees, she only gets ASR trying to shove his wishes down her throat and she doesn't need that shit right now. But today - ASR ki batti jalling. He changed his tone when he asked her to try on the sari realizing ASR isn't going to get lucky ever so Arnie baby better make an appearance. Looks like Arnie baby might come out of hiding and might be here to stay for a little bit! I certainly hope so.

The FBs were awesome. I am all up for recreating the magic since it worked for us and TRP the first time. Why fix it if it aint broken? As is ASR turning into Arnav is a big change, if CVs were to introduce new wooing techniques, that would be too much to handle. I said yesterday that I saw this as Swami track in reverse. Guess what, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada ko Patanay kay 101 Tareeqay! I for one liked the Swami track, comedy was enjoyable. Khushi has to be manaofied by Khushi's pagalpan only. But everything is futile in the end if reasoning isn't clear to both them about what is eating Gilbert Grape!

Payash - Interesting way to play the blame game. Look for the weakest link outside of your marriage and use her as a trigger to vent out your frustration. Direct communication is so overrated. Who gives a rat's ass right? it is tiny anyway.

Anjai - So you are asking questions. Ok. I will give you that but are you really asking questions? I think you are making veiled statements to please the TRP aunties. Biwi ki saut here I come with new sarees and different hairdo.

Sore points:

1. If you notice for the past few days I have been talking about characters and not the story because there is none! at least not a cohesive one. There are parallel tracks and that's about it.
2. Khushi is in for a rude awakening. One by one everyone is slowly turning his/her back towards her. Mami and Aakash are already against her, Anji is getting there, Nani doesn't count and Payal might be at a crossroads and might crib under the pressure of Payal - the wife and bahu. So all these people that Khushi wants to manaofy will turn against her leaving her completely shattered, an orphan again. Once again, the battered girl has to weather the Raizada shitstorm to garner sympathy from the aunty jis and move the TRP meter a little to the right.
3. The only person who can help Khushi is her husband but they are not on talking terms. Why? Because it is a 22 min daily soap dammit! They can't show everything in one day. Dekhna hai to dekho..
4. ASR goes from carrying Di to her room to not really talking to her in a matter of 3 episodes! Aadmi hai ya Ferrari? Bhy you not spending more time bith her?
5. Khushi having complete amnesia that a volcano erupted in RM, the only freeloader of the house got kicked out and that too because of her! Goes to her BIL and suggests romancing his wife when his sister is stuck in a limbo. Sub chalta hai? Di's sad? koi baat nahi.. baday baday deshon main aisy choti choti batain hoti rehti hain
6. If the so-called alienation of Di is being done to garner sympathy, is it being done at the expense of every other character? Maybe she will gain sympathy but not only because of what has happened to her but also because her chote has abandoned her and this is not just a figment of her imagination. It is clearly being shown. Regardless of ASR spending time with Khushi or not, he is not spending time with his Di. So is the idea for the TRP aunties to love Di and hate ASR? WHAT THE!!
7. I am having a hard time connecting with Di. I don't know if it is Anjali or Daljeet, the story or all of the above. Why isn't she asking everyone? why doesn't she feel neglected by everyone? Her whole family stood there when her world collapsed, why this kolaveri against chote only? If she is supposed to have a mental imbalance it should be towards the circumstances and everyone involved. Why isn't she frantically calling her husband?
8. If this hodge podge, disjointed randomness is for Di to shine, than I hope Anjali or Daljeet can be a bit more convincing and connect with the viewer because Chandramukhi ho ya paro, ki farq painda yaro! Neither one of them got Devdas. So Anjali or Daljeet, better buck up or you might not get the TRP.

Aaj ki bakwaas padnay ka shukriya.

P.S. I have been wanting to write a poem for Di but I just can't connect. Sorry!

Food for thought: ASR is coming out of the closet tomorrow and his chemistry with NK has been mind blowing. I see potential here. Nayi soch anyone? Wink

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Wonderful Scene- Khushi Is Arnav's Wife

Author: Khilonaa   Replies: 5   Views: 3984

Khilonaa 5 3984 06 December 2011 at 1:04pm by minuu
Sushpective:Arhi inject spice into Payash Story!!

2 3 4 5

Author: -Sush-   Replies: 38   Views: 5892

-Sush- 38 5892 30 November 2011 at 11:14pm by sbk2
Khushi's Babuji and Manorma Mami Husband-Wife! LOL

Author: ArnavKhushiLove   Replies: 0   Views: 930

ArnavKhushiLove 0 930 25 November 2011 at 5:33am by ArnavKhushiLove
Barun-Sanaya as husban wife in dulux ad!

Author: UltimateBarun   Replies: 0   Views: 1196

UltimateBarun 0 1196 21 November 2011 at 7:17am by UltimateBarun
show has lost its spice!

2 3

Author: neelamra   Replies: 17   Views: 2809

neelamra 17 2809 18 August 2011 at 4:43am by ananya2000

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