Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

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Hey guys I've been with this forum for quite a while now but I've never really had time to write anything ff wise. I'm currently writing my dissertation got really bored with it so thought I would write a quick one shot to pass the time and avoid working, hope you like it.  It's my first written piece in this forum so your feedback will be much appreciated, it might encourage me to write something more.P.S I've not proof read so apologies for any errors. -Jagruti

Sweet nothings

She loved him more than anything, her better half, her husband her Laad governor, her swami.. Khushi smirks as she thinks of that irritation on his face every time she teases him with swami. She couldnt help it..she loved to see him getting annoyed, his eyes carried something special during phases of anger, a certain affection that Khushi could see beyond the exterior of Arnav Singh Raizada.

Admiring him from a distance Khushi dressed in a pale yellow and red saari, holding his morning cup of coffee in her hands pauses to look over her husband  for a moment. He seemed relaxed, there was never really a time where Arnav would get a chance to be at peace, constantly surrounded with business commitments it was rare for him to get rest but as much as she didnt want to she had to wake him up. Taking a few steps towards the bedside where Arnav lay on his back forearm arched over his head..khushi pauses a second as the Khushi kumari gutpa way of thinking kicks in. putting the tray carrying his morning coffee down on the side Khushi with a mischievous grin on her face..walks towards the bedside, bending to her knees hovering over his earshe is just about to use Arnavj when she rephrase her words. A mischievous look in her eyes  as she silently whispers. Swami..  into his ear. Watching a little movement she tries  again a little louder this time .. Swami this time around she gets an tired..hmmm in response still not the response khushi was looking for she tries for a third time shouting in high pitch . SWAMI!!!!  Not letting it get to him arnav simply responds with a sharp  SHUT UP KHUSHI!!! And turns to face the other way.. Khushi disappointed with the way her husband had reacted pulls a face of annoyance before throwing out a  Rakshash!! And turning away.. only to be stopped by his intervention..turning his expression on the pillow Arnavs face creases in disbelief.. What was that?? khushi turns back.. a little anger on her face as she speaks with irritation.. Aapne theekh suna Mr Raizada..! rakhshash..!! hum aapko itni pyaar se jaga rahe hai aur aap ho ke

Before khushi could keep up her wining she feels a tug at her forearm and at no time at all finds herself colliding against her husbands posture. Falling over him..khushi finds herself at a close proximity to arnav, left speechless, a little embarrassed as she finds herself in an eye lock with him.. his eyes questioning her playfully.  Mein kya khushi..?? enjoying  watching her wife blush arnav finds himself grinning a little as he encourages her  to replytell me ..what??

Watching khushi lift her eyes that sense of embarrassment and innocence yet love for him in her eyes. Arnav pulls her closer to see a faint smile forming on her lips as he closes the proximity.


Getting late for work Arnav strides down the staircase as he talks into his hands free to Aman and adjusts his black tie which sits over  his trademark white shirt and brown three piece suit.  Khushi at the breakfast table with the rest of the family catches sight of Arnav and is  quick to stop him.

Khushi speaking in a very concerned wifely tone.. Aap naasta nahin karenge ?? work always priority arnav is adamant..Muje der ho rahin hai mein jaa raha hoon.. but one glance towards his wife who was pulling the most adorable expression he finds himself giving in annoyed at how she always seemed to get her way those innocent eyes.

Later on in the day, around 12 noon at Raizada headquarters, arnav sat in his office dismisses two of his staff from a routine meeting and just as they leave  Sharmaji enters with what looks like Arnavs lunch.

Strolling in after a knock at the door Arnav looks up from the file he is reading when he hears a tune that sounded familiar. That stupid song khushi would sing to annoy himwas he singing that???

Looking a little confused Arnav passes a glare at sharma ji as he puts the tiffin down on the desk. Just as arnav is about to say something the phone rings, arnav gives a silent nod off the head to dismiss sharmaji as he picks up the phone.

He didnt even have to ask, he knew exactly who it was the words were same every time, a little strayed with routine.. but it made her happy..

Yes khushitumara tiffin milgayay..Thank you! .

Putting down the phone..arnav takes a look at the kkgsr label on the tiffin and smiles , as much as he would deny it he loved that his wife did this for him.

Later into the evening as Arnav returns home khushi who just finishes her favorite task of making jalebis sees arnav walking up to the bedroom and her smile becomes more lively juggerling  with her jablei making kushi tries to prepare arnavs routine coffee on the side too. taking out milk from the fridge, coffee and sugar from the cupboard whilst trying to supervise the stove.


Walking into their bedroom with Arnavs coffee Arnav  who has now changed into his nightwear lying on the recliner  is busy typing something on his laptop. Not wanting to disturb him khushi silently puts down the tray at the table in front of him. Just as she puts the tray down his eyes catch her expression in a silent acknowledgement. Khushi responds with a stubble smile before heading for the restroom.

Walking out of the restroom after sometime, kushi having showered and changed into her nightwear dries her hair with the towel at hand..talking as she walks out of the bathroom.

Lagta hai laad governer so gayey..

As she dries her hair she hears a faint, strayed voice..his voice which gets her attention.

Struggling to let out his words Khushi sees Arnav slouched in his chair..

Heading towards him swiftly she knew this was a sign that something was wrong.

Sometime later as the family surround arnavs bedside, kushi watches from a corner in the room her eyes tearing up gradually seeing him this way. He was fine now or so he reassured his family but the doctor had expressed concern for his health, he needed to take care of himself. Anjali sat by arnavs side, feeling his forehead whilst Arnav assured her that he was okay. Not quite convinced yet wanting her brother to rest anjali along with the rest of the family agree to leave so arnav can take some much needed rest. Arnavs eyes move from anjali and the family who were leaving the room to khushi who stood in one corner of the room. Arnav notices the way her eyes are filmed in tears.

His expression a little weak, head rested on the headboard of the bed he straightens his posture to sit up in bed his eyes calling her closer.

Walking a little distance khushi who carried an incredibly upset and concerned expression moves towards the bedside and takes a seat at the edge of the bed next to him.

Watching disapprove of her tears  khushi listens to him trying to convince her that he was okay and as ever it was done in a very adamant manner, his words sharp.

Im fine are not going to cry over this do you understand.

Khushi remains silent taking his hand in hers trying to comfort the pain she new he was going through.

A little later when Arnav falls asleep khushi lets go of his hand gently and pulls his side of the bedcovers over him. Just as khushi walks around the bed towards  her side her eyes fall on the  coffee that sits on the table by Arnavs recliner, getting a sudden flashback of events khushi realizes that she had mistakenly added sugar to his beverage and her mistake was the reason he was in this condition.


Next morning Arnav wakes up to an empty room khushi hadnt bothered to wake him. Finding it a little odd yet not thinking too much about it Arnav takes a tried stretch and leaves his bedside to get ready for the day. 

Walking out of the washroom in a black trousers and a grey shirt arnav swings his waistcoat around his arms and straightens it.  Seeing khushi who was stood with her back to him putting his wallet, phone, keys and watch on the bed ready from  him whilst he perfects the knot of his tie Arnav walks towards her putting his arms around her waist and stepping that little closer so his words echoed on the crux of her neck. Feeling the warmth of his touch on her waists and the soft hover of his lips on her neck khushi closes her eyes for a moment and reopens them slowly listening to a very deep voice.. Kya hua aaj uthayay nahin, ??

Arnav had noticed the way Hari prakash had brought him his morning cup of coffee today instead of khushi. The way in which that bubbly nature of Mrs khushi kumari gupta singh raizada seemed to be missing today didnt go unnoticed by him. Khushi a little upset and guilty for what he had go through last night had decided that she wouldnt make his coffee this morning. Turning around to face him ..kushi tries to hide her upset behind a faint smile.

Putting her hands to his waistcoat khushi fastens the buttons of his waistcoat neatly as arnav looks down at her.

Taking a glance up towards himshe speaks in a more timid fashion than normal. Goodmorning Arnavji..

Arnav noticing a hint of what seemed to be sadness in his wifes eyes decides not to touch on the matter for if it was something she wanted to share with him she would do so in her own time.

Leaving for the office Arnav per routine Arnav prefers to skip breakfast to get ahead of the city traffic just as he walks towards the exit of Raizada Mansion with Aakaash he hears khushi. Arnavji..!

 Stopping upon  hearing Khushi, Arnav mumbles to himself a little, knowing that Khushi was going to pester him to eat.

Turning around..arnav makes it clear that he didnt want breakfast and he was not going to put up with her nagging.  Look khushi were getting late, mein office pohoch kar kuch kha loonga. Kushi not reacting to his comment actually wants to say something totally different. her tone still very demotivated she speaks very calmly. Nahin woh..muje bas itna kehna tha ke..aap please apni davaayi vakt par le leijyeyga. Arnav finding this surprising gives khushi an estranged look and then nods a yes before leaving the house with Aakaash...

Lunch time at AR offices, Arnav puts down his laptop, expecting the phone to ring any minute he allows Aharmaji into the room..who leaves his lunch on the desk. Opening up the containers of the tiffin..arnav looks at the content and notices something different.

Aaj ka khanna khushi ne nahin banyay?? He questions sharmaji who is about the leave his office. Sharamaji a little surprised by his bosss interest in the matter replys per his knowledge.  Nahin aaj ka khana hame banayay hai, kuch aapati ho toe.. Arnav silently nods a no and watches sharma leave the room looking back at the food Arnav felt himself feeling a little disappointed. It was only a matter of lunch but it seemed to annoy him and she hadnt even called today.?

Reaching towards the phone on his desk arnav dials kushis number..but finds it not reachable.


Late evening and as arnav walks into Raizada mansion from a long days work, NK stops him.

 Nannav!!..muje tumse kuch important baat karni hai..kushi ji ke baare mein..

Nk tells arnav about how he had seen khushi upset earlier on in the day, explaining that she had accidently used sugar in his coffee the day before and she blamed herself for his ill health.

Kushis distance, the way she deffered from cooking for him, why see seemed so upset all began to make sense to him.  Annoyance building on his face arnav mumbles in irritation  Stupid..girl..  as he walks up to this room, NK trying to stop him. Nannav!! listen to me.. is situation ko carefully handle karna tor phor  Naanav!! NK scratches his head a little worriedly hoping he had done the right thing.

...Dinner time at raizada mansion, Arnav had not yet seen khushi after returning home, getting changed into his casual attire arnav takes a seat at the dinning table alongside the rest of the family. NK comes and sits next to arnav giving him a slightly edgy look knowing that he wasnt the happiest person right now.

As the rest of the family sit in there respective seats, khushi and payal bring the evening meal. Kushi dressed in a pink shade of dress as ever her simplicity yet perfection gets Arnavs attention.

As khushi approaches the table and heads towards arnav and is putting food into his plate arnav questions her. Yey Khanna tumne banayay khushi?? NK knowing full well that arnav was asking this on purpose beggins to hope for the best. Kushi replies softly.. Ji nahin..hari prakash ji ne..banyay hai.. As arnav questions Kushi further with a Kyun??family members begin to sense a little tenseness in the conversation too but NK steps in to ease the situation.

Nannav..! what a silly question..khana hp ne bannaya ya kushi ji ne is not important, bas tasty hona chahiyey right!! all expect arnav and kushi begin to laugh at NK, Khushi could feel the way in which her husband looked at her, she could sense the seriousness in his voice that made her a little wary of how he seemed to be reacting.

Kushi takes a seat at the opposite site of the table in front of arnav and beggins to eat with the rest of the family. A few minutes into the meal and  Arnav Interrupts the silence.

Khushi if you dont mind.. muje ek black coffee chahiyey.. All the family members looking at each other for a moment find it a little strange but carry on with their meal. NK knowing the basis of this gives a slightly more worried look.

Kushi replies with a ji.. and walks to the kitchen seeming a little tense.


Returning  after a few minutes with a tray containing a porcelain cup, khushi puts down the cup in front of Arnav and begins walking back to her seat only to be stopped by him. Mujhe tumari haath ki baanyi coffee chahiyey thi Khushi..Is that too much to ask for from my wife.?!!

Arnav knew straight away that kushi had got Hari prakash to make the drink, arnavs high pitch voice getting everyones attention at the table Anjaali is just about to intervene when  arnav makes sure nobody speaks.

Koi kuch nahin bolega..! arnav getting up from his seat..his eyes filled with irritation he looks at nothing other than kushi..

Khushi ..come with me!... khusi a little startled by this sudden aggression of his finds herself stood there nervously until arnav walks towards her..takes her by the arm and walks her towards the kitchen. The rest of the family anxious yet unable to intrude between husband and wife listen to mamis comment on the drama.. Lagta hai fati saari ko aaj cooking  lesson milega padi..

Dragging Kushi into the kitchen Arnav overlooks the fear on her face and insists that she do as he had asked of her initially and make his drink. " Im waiting khushi!!

Arnav watches whilst khushi approaches the stove and shakily begins to put a saurcepan on, light the flame beneath the stove..add watercoffee..

Kushis posture shaky with fear, eyes filming with tears arnav seemed to have control of much as it hurt him to see her upset he put on the hard front of Arnav Singh raizada..because part of him was still angry but more importantly he wanted to prove a point to her. As Khushis eyes begin to fillshe finishes pouring the cup of coffee into a cup..she shakily picks up the cup wiping her tears and sniffing away her emotion before turning to face him. Arnav seeing those reddened eyes that were downcast..that unsure, fearful expression of khushis as she passed him the cup..arnav continued to watch her expression as he took the cup from her..

Just as arnav takes hold of the cup..khushi swiftlyruns out of the kitchen in a cry. Arnav watching herputs down the cup on the side and takes a sigh closing his eyes for a moment.


Sometime later as arnav walks into their bedroom, the room empty his eyes search for kushi and stop at the poolside where she is sat in the corner crying.  feeling a surge of sadness at seeing her in this state.. the look on his face softens. Carrying what looks like the cusion from his recliner chair arnav silently walks out into the poolside. Drops the cusion next to kushi who continues to remain silently sobbing and takes a seat next to her by the poolside. Kushi feeling his presence wipes her tears and does her best not to look towards him. Arnav passing a compassionate glance towards his wife passes her his hankerchief. Taking it after a pause khushi remains silent still not looking at him as he speaks.

"I didn't do what i did to punish you Khushi, yes I was angry that you didnt tell me what was troubling you but..." taking a look towards her seeing the extent of sadness on her face arnav decides to say things in a more direct manor. "NK ne muje batayay ke us raat ko, just what happened that night.".  --  stopping as khushi turns towards him with teary eyes arnav changes the course of his words a little.

"Mein tume yey ehaas dilana chahta tha ke we all make mistakes khushi but that doesnt mean hum  hamri tareeke se jeena chorde ya ham apne aap ko badalne ki koshi kare.  How did you even think that I would be angry at you for something that was a mistake khushi?" khushi looks towards him with a mix of relief, sadness, overwhelm his words were becoming more and more comforting and made her realize that she had misjudged her husband.  "I know I can be difficult at times but mein itn bhi what do you call it ...  'governor' nahin hoon ke ek galti ko ghunna maanlu."  Khushi seeing a sense of compassion, love, affection in his eye and the way he had tailored his words and used governor every word that he had just used lifted a weight of her shoulders. Still sobbing that little.. khushi drops her expression onto his shoulder. "Agar us raat aapko kuch ho jaata toe mein.."  arnav understood her broken sentence, her silence and comforted her putting his arm around her affectionately. Rest assured khushi tumare laad governer ko kuch nahin hoga. Saying so in a slightly light manner..arnavs words bring a slight smile to khushis lips as she rests upon his chest. After a short silence puts her words forward softly a little muffled from speaking into his jumper.. aap hame maaf karenge naa.. arnav replies a little  tactfully On one condition khushi lifts her head from his chest moving away slightly from him to look up at him in question..seeing the worry on khushis face Arnav elaborates.

Muje meri purani Khushi wapas chahiyey. Seeing a smile on his face khushi too manages to replicate a smile beforedropping back into his arms.



Feel free to PM me would like if you would like links to my ff index.

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Sooo cute :) bless em <3 

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Originally posted by KaShGurTiLuverr

Sooo cute :) bless em <3 

How fast do you read?LOL thank you for readingWink

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That was beautiful!! I really really loved it :)

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very cute os
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so sweet and cute

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beautiful OS

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