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Originally posted by Sanarasheedroxx

Shana monday night toh kab ki shuru bhi ho gyi ab kab post karogi???

i was annoying shana by asking her when she will update usualLOL just kidding i pmed shana and she said she will update tonightBig smile but after mignightOuch but she will update so i am super excited DancingParty

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please update soonCry 

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Chapter 4

The Rave Party



It was six o clock in morning,Udayveer was tired  and decided to have a little nap before he started his gruesome day. He gropped  for his blanket but  ended up holding the  little hands of Adya.

'Ammm what is my little princess doing here ' groaned Udayveer as he pulled little Adya to himself.

'Papa when will I grow tall enough to be a girlfriend?', asked Adya her voice complaining as she made her place on her Papa's flat tummy .

Udayveer laughed, he did not expect his morning start to be so innocently delightful .

'Well u need to wait for that my love', chucked Udayveer as he rose up to have his nightrobe

'Till when Papa', asked Adya impatiently as she helped her papa with his night robe .

'First tell me aapko girlfriend kiski banana hai, then I will answer accordingly' grinned Udayveer playfully amused at his five year old daughters romantic interests.

'Manav ki ',answered Adya lowering down her face all ready to cry.

'Adya u don't need to grow tall to be his friend my child, he is already your friend', said Udayveer as he cupped  her little face into his hands.

'No Papa,I want to be his girlfriend like Swati, U know papa Manav plays with Swati coz she is tall and when I want to play with Manav he calls me chuhiya ',whined Adya and tears rolled down her large brown eyes .

Udayveer smiled and picked Adya into his arms, kissing her salty tear smothered cheecks .

'How dare Manav  call my little princess a chuhiya, come I will see him.' said Udayveer feigning anger by raising his eyebrows and flaring his nose.

Udayveers feigned anger did scare Adya and little girl decided to save Manav from his Papa's anger, '  No papa don't be so angry on Mnanv , he is a good boy. .You just tell him to  play with me and make me his girlfriend like Swati'

'Okey my little princess as u order ',said Udayveer as he playfully  bowed his head .'But then my princess, boys have only one girlfriend at a time ,so I think u should wait to grow tall enough, till then I can ask Manav to be ur friend and play with u.

'Okey Your Highness ,I will wait till I am tall enough', smiled Adya and hugged her papa ' But Papa Manav will play with me hai na'.

Sure my child come ,first your papa will talk to Manav then only go to office', promised Udayveer.

The father and daughter searched for Manav and at last fond him in Manya's room confused between three white shirts.

'Come Papa' squeaked Adya pulling her hesitant father in 'Come on Papa my friends parent live in same room and look at u ,u are so afraid of Mamma that u cant even enter her room!'

'Udayveer Uncle', exclaimed Manav happily and ran to hug him.

'So what is my young man doing hummm',asked Udayveer as he looked at the shirts laying on the bed.

'Well searching for wo wali shirt 'sighed Manav 'didi is in bathroom yelling at me to bring her shirt and every time I give her one she says ye wali nahi wo wali, now  I don't know which wali she is asking for.

Udayveer looked at the shirts one was unpressed, while another one had broken button which reminded him of last night ,he could not stop the smile which unwittingly  spread over his lips.

'Well I can help u with this problem, if u help me with mine ?' replied Udayveer.

'I know what ur problem is Yuvraaj ,this Chuhiya must have complained against me' squawked Manav looking angrily at Adya who stood at safe distance from duo as she knew she may need to run anytime to save her life from Manav.

'Manav Adya is just a little kid,she just wants u to play with her,'

'I doo play with her Uday Uncle ,yesterday Swati came to meet me ,so I got busy with her showing our house and did not get much time forAdya  and look she got angry and complained', said Manav trying to clarify his point

Udayveer knew his little daughter was jealous of some Swati named girl who got more attention from Manav then her.Childeren ! sighed Udayveer.

'Uncle u choose right shirt for didi till then I will take care of this chuhiya.' said Manav as he narrowed his eyes at Adya.

Adya knew their tom and jerry show has just begun and giggled running out to the corridor making Mnanav run behind her .

Udayveer smiled as he saw Adya and Mnanav  running to the corridor. he swiftly picked up the right shirt and walked towards  bathroom.


Manya was had been waiting in bathroom for her shirt and felt she wont get it , at last she decided to have it herself. She wrapped herself in towel and angrily yanked out of bathroom. She did not expect herself to collide in the man she had sweared to maintain  distance yester night. But then she did collide and fall in his arms in an  utmost embarrassing condition. She found herself looking into the face that haunted her whole night and now again it was their mocking at her embarrassing condition and relishing every bit of her awkwardness.

Udayveer himself did not expect the bathroom door to open with such a blast  and was taken aback by a  fresh towel wrapped piece  of little mermaid falling into him . Yes she did look like mermaid of Adyas fairytail  with her  long wet hairs forming curls round her neck and shoulders  and her beautiful face still glistening with water. But soon he could not stop but mock at her clumsy attempts to free her hair locks which were entangled in his neck chain

Udayveer gently removed Manyas hairs from her  shoulders and moved his fingres seductively down her bare back making full use of her unintended proximity  as now every proof of her being Manyata made him enjoy her nearness more.

Manaya  pushed Udayveer forcibly her energy great enough to jerk Udayveer out of his fantacy .Mnaya had somehow succeeded herself in freeing her hair locks and was angy at Udayveers growing assaults day by day..She did not want to be party in any of his passionate outbursts.

She snatched away her shirt from his hand and turned to walk away but was pulled forcibly with a  jerk. She felt his hands trailing softly on her back .

She turned to look back and saw herself seeing into  the eyes which seemed shocked by some sudden revelation.

She forgot her anger as his eyes made her to raise more curious questions

'What happened ?' she asked confused at his prolonged silence

'How did u get this scar on ur back Manya?' asked Udayveer as he trailed his finger on her back

'I don't know, well there are many things I don't remember about myself as I had an accident in which I lost my memory

'Manyata too had scar on her back Manya'

'Please Yuvraaj Udayveer stop it pls stop searching ur wife in brother Manayv has scar on his back too and he too does not remember much about it. Does that means he is ur lost brother !' taunted Mnaya and  made her way to bathroom

Udayveer was in no mood of listening to Mnayas  explanations  Now he knew he was never wrong about Manya and why he was so attracted to her. Now he had reason for all his questions. DNA report was tempered for sure but why and by whom were the questions he desperately wanted answers now. There was somebody who was using Manyas memory loss  aginst Mnaya herself. Somebody who did not want her to be back in his life, may be somebody who was behind her disappearance as well. He stood their staring at the door trying to sort out the mystery .

Manya came out dressed up in her office dress .She was surprised to see Udayveer still standing in her room lost in his own though. She shrugged and walked to the mirror to comb her hairs

'Manya just tell me how u got an accident in which u lost ur memory' ,Udayveer asked inquisitively as now he felt answers to his questions laid in Manaya herself.

Manaya was fed up with Udayveers endless questions and decided to ignore  'I am getting late for the office',  snapped Mnaya and walked to the door.

 Manayats disregard  at such serious matter  was annoying. Udayveer vehemently pulled Manya back in the room and slammed  the door behind.

'Office can wait my princess but my questions cant.', It was after five long years Udayveer had so rightfully  called a woman his princess as he had only one  woman to be called so and now he knew she stood right infront of him. Running away from her ownself just the way years back she had  tried to run away from him calling herself some Moniya from chawl.

What an irony it was and what a faith he had as every time he got his princess back from clutches of his dark destiny ,it was not his princess but a  girl lost .She always turned out to be some sleeping beauty waiting for  a prince who needed to kiss her again and again to wake her up from the long slumbers of their star crossed destiny. Here he stood again like years back grabbing hard his long lost love who had no clue of what she had actually lost and seemed all so happy being a common girl,while he  and his daughter pined and yelped for her for so long.

Manya felt an unknown sensation gripping her as she heard Udayveer call her princess. Princess the word echoed in her mind again and again. Why did this word seem familiar so her very own. She could feel the sheer pain in his voice but then she needed to control herself. She knew her mind often played games with her right since the time she had lost her memory. She had often faced such instances where her mind questioned the very sanity of her heart and soul itself.

'I have no answers to your questions Yuvraaj Udayveer. If u think I am your wife its your problem not mine as I have not a slightest memory of having u as my husband'. replied Manya as she vain fully pushed Udayveer to make her way out of the corner she had been forced in.

'O really princess ,so u want to say my proximity has no effect on u right' ,said Udayveer  as he looked intensly at Manya ,thrusting his body deliberately onto hers .He grabbed Mnaya by waist and pulled her up to bring at his level  while Mnaya tried hard to free herself from his arms which seemed tightening around her like iron band .He smiled playfully at the despiteful expressions she gave him for his so called unwelcomed passionate upsurge which she had now started considering as  physical assaults.

Her expressions reminded him of times when he had worked hard to woo her and again he found himself doing the same. He playfully nuzzled his nose against her flaring one  ' humare saath kuch nazdik pal guzzar kar to dekhiye princess  saari yadasht wapas aa jayegi,' said Udayveer his voice hoarse with passion as he scrutinized Manya who was on verge of blasting  at his  seemed to be disgusting  offer.

'What do u think of me Yuvraaj Udayveer, a wh**e who will sleep with u just to make u believe that she is your wife', said Manya furiously , grinding her teeth with disgust but soon  felt  a hard slap on her cheeck that brought her staggering down .


'Don't u dare call yourself such names princess, u  should learn to respect yourself , as things those belong to me are of high esteem and u r so rightfully mine.' Manyas words had  shocked Udayveer her crazy thoughts seemed to test his patience which he had been keeping so long. Her adamant denial to accept the truth had already taken toll on his patience .He knew the words he spoke were disgusting enough  to evoke  outrageous response from a respectful lady but was unprepared to hear it from Manya.He regretted his instant reaction but then was too proud to accept it infront of Manya who mocked away his love and belief.

'Just know it princess ,u r my wife and mother of that little girl who calls u Mamma .I don't know if u will ever remembers us again but I know u can still  feel us. We father and daughter have waited for u so long..I don't need any ECG to know how ur heart beats fast on my mere proximity neither do I need special eyes to see that motherly care u have for Adya. But then I know u r my princess in real sense. the same Manyata who always ran from her truth sometimes calling herself Moniya and now Manya.But u know princess what no Moniya or Mnaya can ever come in my way to Manyata. Try as much as u can Manaya at the end aapko hona humari princess he hai .Aap kal bhi humari princess theen aur aaj bhi hai. Few years of separation and games of destiny cannot change my relationship to u. Destiny did what it wanted to and now our wheels of fortune have taken full circle bringing us together again. and if it wants me to woo u again so be it I am all ready do it again and again till u r mine forever'.

Manyata could feel her throat go dry .She had never seen this side of Yuvraaj Udayveer as he seemed so obstinate in his belief .Till now he had always given her space to have her own ways  , a guardian who cared for his ward ,a guide who showed her right path in his own twisted ways. But now he seemed all so different , he was a possessive husband who hated to be ignored and a proud aristocratic  lover for whom his beloved was too dignified to be called by some fallen name .

Mnayata tried to collect  herself,  her cheeks still burning with the slap she had received as a gift for her wrong choice of words. She tried to concentrate and think on what had just happened but only thing she could remember was princess ,princess u r mine the words reverberated again and again , once again her mind had started to fail her ,she felt herself falling into a dark bottomless  pit deep very deep .It was so dark around ,Manya tried to speak but could no hear her own voice ...She felt a pair of strong arms encircling her, somebody kissed her on forehead ,she heard a hoarse male voice say 'princess let me please u tonight ',she felt herself melting under a taught male body. 'Princess u make me complete' he said  .She felt her body  in sublime joy but then it writhed in pain ,somebody called out 'It's a baby girl'. She heard  a little  baby  giggle, a voice said  'she is so much like u princess look at her eyes'... There she was holding the  child in her arms nuzzling it and then she saw a man smiling at them   kissing the child and her ,his strong arms holding them together. She tried to recognize the face of the man but then suddenly she found herself alone she heard water gushing down the valleys.She turned to see a woman smiling wickedly at her ,her face so clear and eyes so dark so ugly with vengeance. She heard her say  'Ganga will take care of u ! 'and down again she fell deep in water with no voices to be heard with darkness all around.



Manya opened her eyes and found Dr. Uncle tending her. She was surrounded by machineries .She tried to move her head which was  heavy with extreme pain.

'Do u often faint like this Mnaya ', enquired Dr. Uncle .

'No uncle not often but yes she does faint when she tries to use her brain ',laughed Manav who was used to Manya's sudden unconsciousness. He sat by Manya's side holding her hands 'Come on didi  now rise up ,did Udayveer Uncle gave u a  mushkil wala puzzle game ?'.

Mnanav did try to light up Manyas mood though he knew his didi often fainted when she tried to remember something of her past. It was because of this tendency of hers ,dadaji and Mnanav always avoided everything  of her past.

Even Manya knew about her ailment and avoided thinking too much of something she had no recollection of as it often ended her into a pitiable state worrying her old dadaji and little Mannav. She had decided to live in present and dream of future rather than sulk over her lost memory. But Yuvraaj Udayveer was the person who always reminded of something she knew she had in herself but was cluless of its existence. She avoided him and his questions because they often made her question her very own identity which she had created  for herself after that major boat accident from which she was the only one saved alive as told by her dadaji.


Little Adya looked at her father who paced  restlessly in the corridor .'Papa don't worry Mamma will be fine ,Manav told me she often sleeps like this when she is too tired'.

Udayveer smiled at Adya's innocent words of consolation .He stopped to look at her dotingly  and carried her in his arms embracing her tightly to himself. He felt guilty of  being the reason for Mnaya's blackout .He did not know about Manyas nervous ailment and her sudden blackouts. She had been unconscious for half an hour but for Udayveer it seemed years. His heart pounded every minute that paased seeing her laying salient on the bed .

Doctors examined her and her previous medical reports. They told him Manya suffered from partial amnesia as she had lost certain mamory due to the brain damage .Doctors told that she was lucky to recover fast but then any strain on her brain may further intensify the chances of increased forgetfulness  as  her nervous system has been weekend due brain damage  .


Udayveer entered Mnayas room ,she had been given sleep injection to make her mind rest. He looked at her face which had turned pale due to weakness. He gently sat himself by her side and took her soft hands into his .He knew it was his fault  of not knowing what his wife had gone through in all these long years of separation. He could now understand her ignorance ,her evasions as now he knew these were just the means by which she was trying to protect herself from identity crisis and blackouts which she often  went through while trying to recollect her lost memories .

He decided to let go off his obsession  to bring her memory back as he understood he may loose her in this process  instead of getting her.He felt the best way to get his princess was to woo her all again rather then forcing her to accept something she had no recollection of. He looked at her fondly caressing her soft cheeks. As u wish my princess I wont ever call u Mnayata. As from now u will be Manya and this prince of yours is going to sweep u all again .

  Humari to aap hain he bas aapko apna banane ka tareeka badalna hoga.

A maid came in and informed about the call of Badi Maa Saa .The very mention of her name brightened his gloomy heart .

'Yes give me the phone', replied Udayveer as he gently rose up and walked out of Manyas room.

Udayveer knew Badi Maas a was a big bunch of surprises as the old lady always kept him guessing of her next arrival and here she was on her way, about reach mumbai at  new year eve .Badi maa saa had just completed her teerth yatra to Puri and now the old lady decided to spend new year  with her grandchilderen before leaving for her next teerth yatra..But now this time his mansion had bigger surprise waiting for her a great new year gift! Her very on Manyata.




Manya searched for Raheja project file .She had already searched all her drawers and racks.She had to present its details regarding environment planning to Yuvraaj Udayveer by afternoon but it seemed it was going to be yet another round of scolding session from Mrs Bruganza and then deadly glares from Yuvraaj Udayveer.

Manya   observed a sudden change in Yuvraaj Udayveers behavior right since her sudden blackout three days ago. He  had suddenly stopped worrying her with his non stop my wife Manyata chant .He seemed to ignore her very presence in the house.They did meet on breakfast table but then it was more a kind of morning ritual he spent with Adya and Manav  listening patiently to their arguments and answering their queries now and then. She felt herself non existent to him at home while she seemed the only person he knew in office as he needed her every minute be it regarding some  file detail she had never heard or some client she never knew.

At last she sat tired of her endless search  with her face cupped in both her hands. She knew Chudail Brugenza wont accept  her half day application now in name of pending work. She felt all her enthusiastic plans for tonights new year rave party crashing down. She heard the knock at her cabin and looked up to find Anya standing with file in her hands.

'I think u are searching for raheja file right',  beamed Anya as she slipped the file on Mnaya's table.

Manaya grabbed the file and looked at Anya inquisitively.

'Don't look with those killing eyes my princess ',Anya replied feigning her voice to be hoarse and mischievous   like Yuvraaj Udayveer 'Humne to sirf aap ke liye report taiyyar ki hai,taki aap jald se jald is jail se chutkara pa saken', laughed Anya making Manya burst into laughter as well.

Manya  gave a tight hug to Anya and swiftly opened the report to go through the details. Anya had covered all important points and had summarized the environment planning issue .

'I think now Mrs Bruganza will have no reasons to stop my half day', winked Manya and rushed out of her cabin .

Manya  knocked at Yuvraaj Udayveers office door. She entered the room and found Udayveer busy with his tablet.

'Is it done Manya?' asked Udayveer without looking up. He gestured her to sit and forwarded his hand for the file..

'So u have applied for half day',stated Udayveer keeping the file aside

'Yes Sir',Manya replied looking at the tablet which seemed most important thing in the room as it occupied Yuvraaj Udayveer to the extent that he cared not looking at the employee who has been revolving round him all day answering his smallest need .

'Good  so where are u going for new year party?', inquired Udayveer

'I 'am not sure ',stammered Mnaya 'Anya will decide it,  she has kept it a  surprise ',layed  Mnaya as she knew if she told Udayveer about the rave party he would never allow her to go.

'Good ,enjoy the party. But be at home on time. ', It was for the first time Udayveer raised his eyes from his tablet and looked at Manya emphasizing his seriousness about time.

'It's a new year party Udayveer..'paused Mnaya to correct herself 'Sir ,at least I can be late today. I have already told Manav and Adya about it.'

'Manav and Adya are children Miss Shastri not your guardian .Its good u care for them. But then be at home by one o clock. I think it will be enough time for u to enjoy. ' said Udayveer once again busying himself with the tablet and files


Manya nodded quietly and walked to the door sighing thankfully at the non-  argumentative   end of conversation .But then she heard  Udayveer saying something and turned back to face him.

'Manya I don't know which party u are going but then beware drugs and drinks they are quit common in such parties' warned Udayveer.

'I am not a child, 'snapped Manya irritated by his over concerned behavior

'Children don't go to the parties where u are going Manya,I just want u to know that your actions will affect me as well so better be careful that's it'  retorted Udayveer.

Manya decided to keep quit or she would never be able to leave office on time. She silently nodded and left the room.


'So which dress u will wear'  asked Anya eagerly as she dumped the files in the rack and switched off the office pc.

'The red one I think', replied Manya

'Good choice ', interrupted Aman who was packing his bag too.'You will be my perfect prey then'. laughed Aman

'Perfect prey means? asked Manya confused.

'Manya, Aman will be having a vampire getup and u in red so hui na perfect prey'. explained Anya who decided to wear black.

'So guys lets go party tonight !' exclaimed Manya excited for her first new year rave party of her life.



It was late night .Udayveer returned to his mansion after an informal new year party with his client. He found Manav  sitting in Hall watching tv.

'Manav  why are  u awake so late night come on go to sleep', commanded Udayveer , he lowered his voice at Manav's  gesture to keep quit.He looked down where Manav pointed and saw his daughter  Adya sleeping on the sofa with her head in Manavs lap.

Udayveer slowly tipp toed to the sofa.

'Uncle she just slept watching new year programme .But see I cant move',  complained Manav pointing to Adya who was holdng his lap tightly.

Udayveer gently picked up Adya in his arms and inquired 'Where is your Didi Mnanav?'

'Partying',   yawned Mnanav 'she will come late, she told us to sleep but this chuhiya is so stubborn. She wanted to see Salman Khans new year dance show and slept while waiting for it'.

Udayveer layed down Adya on her bed and dimmed the lights of the room.

'Udayveer Uncle I am going to sleep now,  can u see that didi comes on time please uncle ',requested Manav like a concerned brother.

Udayveer smiled at the little boys concern for his elder sister.'Sure Manav ' answered Udayveer as he fondly buffed his hairs and lead him to his room.

Udayveer knew Mnaya would be late but what worried him was the fact she did not tell anybody about the place she was going. he tried to call her but her phone answered unreachable. He called Anya and was relieved to hear her phone ring but then she did not pick up. He decided to wait as he knew Anya would sure call back as soon as she saw her boss's number on phone.

Udayveer walked to his wardrobe to change in but stooped to see his phone beep.

He picked up and was surprised to hear Minakshi.It has been a month since he had his last talk with Minakshi. He could hear the party music in background  while  talking  to her .Udayveer was in no mood of party and rejected her offer for the party that too at one o clock night .But then Minakshi had some news that caught his attention.

'Uday come dear at least come to see your favorites Miss Shastri dear! .Come and see tumhare guruji ki so called great poti yahan rave party me kya gul khila rahi hai.'

Udayveer was alarmed at Minakshis last words.Rave Party !.So Mnaya deliberately hid the fact as she knew he would never allow her for such party.Damn It princess ,why do u always keep challenging my patience.

Udayveer asked Rakesh the driver to take out the car immediately .Rakesh knew there must be some emergency by seeing Yuvraaj Udayveer anxious expressions .



 Udayveer rushed in the hotel Blue Jade .He told Rakesh the driver to park the car in the lobby and be ready as he knew he had to be realy quick .Badi maa sa would be home at any time.


Udayveer walked past the Gyrating electronic music,  trying hard to find Manya amidst flashing  laser lights  and glow sticks. He searched for Manya in midst of mad crowd of overly excited youngsters .He knew it was a rave party in real sense with drugs and alcohol all around .What surprised him most was Manya attending such a damned party . He knew this party was not of her type he wanted his answers and knew only Manya could give . His heart sank every second he lost in searching her . The very thought of finding her in drugged condition terrified him.

He knew what rave parties were all about they were actually about drug dealing in cover of  high profile party. Udayveer has been hotel business since ten years. He had top seven star hotels of Mumbai in his name . But then he had been very strict with drugs. He never competed his competitors in this arena but then he knew he was not a police or social worker who could bring out such hoteliers in light who actually let such things happen at their place.

At last he was able to figure her out. She was on the dance floor with Aman and Anya swaying with the Brazilian music her long brown hairs falling on  her face now and then. She was dressed in a red  evening gown which took shape of her curvy physique and  swayed with her body reveling her most beautiful curves. He was struck by her beauty for a moment. He had never seen Manyata in westerns dress except the first night they spent together . A smile sweeped  on his face as he remembered his first night with Mnayata and  sighed at the coincidence as he saw Manya wearing red .

Udayveer called Manya but his voice was all lost in the loud music. He decided to get her by himself and walked to the dance floor .But then somebody dragged him out of the crowd  .

'Come on Udayveer at least cheer a drink with me on this new year eve', said  Minakshi fondling around his arms  as she pulled him to the bar.

'Look Minakshi I have to be at home. Badi Maas Sa will be home any time'. said Udayveer trying to keep an eye on Manya.

'Then Why did u come here Uday, just to watch ur wife's look alike shaking her legs with men around', taunted Minakshi

'She is not'  ',Udayveer stopped as he felt it was better to keep Manya's truth to himself. He did not know his wives  real enemies  but for him now Minakshi seemed to be a chief suspect .He knew this jealous woman had no limits when it came to cruelty of thoughts and schemes of dangerous mind .

'Well She is Shastrijis daughter Minakshi , u know any blemish on her will be a blemish to me. So I have to protect her to be safe myself', clarified Udayveer as he  did not want to give Minakshi any clue of his liking for  Manya till he knew the real culprit behind the tempering of the reports.

'I will talk to u later Minakshi', waved Udayveer and walked to the dance floor once again.

He tried to talk but Mnaya seemed to be in some other world too overexcited and clinging around people . Her friends Anya and Aman were no good as all seemed mad at once.

Udayveer knew Manya was not at all in her  senses she was drugged and not only  she but her  so called friends as well. 'Damn it Manya u took drugs!! ',.Udayveer inquired though he knew there was no use asking her as she was all lost

'Manya just control yourself , said Udaveer as he jerked Manya to bring her in senses we need to get out of this place now he added as he tried to look in her half closed eyes.

'Yes Sir ',the words escaped softly through her lips as she lost herself  into his safe arms.


Chapter 5

Princess  You Are Mine

Coming Soon

Now please no haunting me like Jinn during nights for my late update

I think I deserve something better

Something Kinda Like and Comment Wink

Love U All



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And I'm lucky again... was going for an all niter today... so much to study.. just came on the forum while having a drink... and saw that u updated... so cool.

And OMG Shana..who's haunting you babe?... tell me kiski supari nikaalni hai for haunting my ex-nanand?LOL.. I have the right type of criminal mawali for the job...Akash!!ROFL

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Originally posted by mahi0809

And I'm lucky again... was going for an all niter today... so much to study.. just came on the forum while having a drink... and saw that u updated... so cool.

And OMG Shana..who's haunting you babe?... tell me kiski supari nikaalni hai for haunting my ex-nanand?LOL.. I have the right type of criminal mawali for the job...Akash!!ROFL

Will comment more after reading!... luv ya Shana!.. Heart

Puchh mat mahi vampy will be super angry on me I promised her update late night  and see early morning ho yayi ...koi bachho hume ...Udayveer Manya ko chodo aur mujh abla shana ko bacho

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prernade Senior Member

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 9:22pm | IP Logged
wow i am the first to comment..shana u r too good..please please update some more..please...i really love this ff of yours...i wish it were a novel ...

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prernade

wow i am the first to comment..shana u r too good..please please update some more..please...i really love this ff of yours...i wish it were a novel ...

Thanks Prerna

will update soon dear ...actully I had to cut its part to make another chapter coz this update became too long Ouch

-BerryCharm- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 10:06pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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