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Originally posted by shana0127

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hey as usual am late lateef EmbarrassedLOL beautiful chapter minakshi reaction on seeing MLOL 
love the office part also ...thxs for the pm continue soon

Thanks priya where are u yaar humare dek forum par bhi aa jaya karo...I see o often on lmyam forum
Shana Jiji kya tadpa-2 ke marne ka irada hai kya. CryBas ab ek hi baat puch rahi hoon exact answer dena ok. Monkey Icon Cici

Warna Jarin ke haath se bana hua AKASH  KA BHARTA aapko serve karenge haan nahi toh.Monkey Winks

No Darling update is all written will update tonight.

I know i faltered my weekend promise but no more will update tonight just let Shaurya sleep and u get ur update

yes yes yes u will update night i am so happyDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancingDancing

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Chapter 3

A Fresh Start


Yuvraaj Udayveer paced impatiently in his office ,he was waiting for Dr. Uncle ,it has been one week since he had been leading an investigation regarding Manya's identity and today he had all reports with him .Dr. Uncle came in and handed over the report to Udayveer with sheer disappointment .Udayveer shuffled through the report and was surprised at the outcome.

'Uncle how is this possible DNA does not match and even Haridwar investigation is negative, its impossible uncle I know she is Mnayata my intuitions can never go wrong', retorted Udayveer throwing away the report

'But Beta u cannot ignore the facts, DNA tests are always accurate and our people investigated every police station ,people of or her old neighborhood, voting records ,birth records, certificates everything  and all  facts indicate that she is Manya ,the valid granddaughter of Pandit Deenath Shastri '.

'But Uncle her medical report says she had a major accident in which she had a memory loss,that too five years back exactly then when Manyta was lost '.

'Yes I read that too but then there is no answer to DNA mismatch ,may be her accident and memory loss are a mere coincidence just like her face ,'Dr. Uncle tried to justify the facts though he too had his own apprehensions like Udayveer

Udayveer felt there were some discrepancies in the report as there can not be so many coincidences all at once and decided to re investigate the DNA  report .He  called the lab but the doctor in charge was on Europe tour. Udayveer sat with report in front contemplating on the facts presented he knew his intuitions never defied him plus so many coincidence made the case seem fishy .Udayveer always combined his intuitions with the facts to reach a decision but here they seemed to diverge with no considerable justification.

Udayveer asked doctor uncle to keep the track of the lab and doctor in charge as he felt the reports were tempered .He wanted to know the truth and decided to know it in his own ways



Manya looked at herself in the mirror ,she was wearing a light makeup on her face and  looked smart in her knee length black skirt and white shirt with full length sleeves, her hairs tied up in form of a pony tail. It has been one month since she had joined Udayveer and Co..She had successfully completed her training under Anya who not only taught her rules and know hows for  working at the place but also convinced her in wearing the office dress. Manya found no reason for rejecting it as it covered her well and looked smart to wear. She changed into her office dress in office itself like Anya who hated wearing office dress and found it funny .

Anya had five years of work experience with different companies where dress was never an issue but at Udayveer and Co. they had dress system all thanks to Mrs. Brugenza who seemed to be in love with black and white. Yuvraaj Udaveer respected Mrs Bruganza , she was his oldest and one of the finest  employee he had. He had smiled and nodded when Mrs. Brugenza came up with the idea of dress code for employees .

Udayveer and Co. attracted large number of young interns aspiring for their career in hotel industry .It was pride for a youngster to start at his company as many were soon absorbed in his chain of hotels. The lady was alarmed by seeing the increasing  deep cuts and decreasing length of dresses of her young female employees while male employees appalled her with their  broken shirt buttons or may be their shirts had no buttons in the top line at all.The news of dress code was an unwelcome at office but was soon accepted enthusiastically when they found their own boss following it by wearing formal black suit at office.

Mnaya was one of those twenty five lucky female employees who worked at the head office of Udayveer and Co.  in Colaba,Mumbai. Manaya was one of the three assistents who assited Mrs Bruganza. Anaya and Aman were her colleagues and comrades in bearing the day long torture of Mrs Bruganza ,a lady who always kept them on their toes.They never knew when they would be praised and when scolded as she had her own standards of appraisal .

Manya assisted Mrs Broganza in dealing with the clients and correspondences and found Anayas first rule very helpful as the lady confused her a lot. Till now Manya had not yet got the chance to follow her second rule as Yuvraaj Udayveer has been mostly  on business tours abroad .He had returned from his tour yesterday .

Manya could feel her heart flutter at the very thought of meeting Yuvraj Udayveer.It has been one months since she had seen him.She remembered her last meeting with him and regretted for her irrational behavior.She knew Yuvraj Udayveer had his own life and his own reasons to be right and wrong,she as a guest at his place and employee at office had no rights to judge him.




'Its an important meeting ',said Mrs Brogenza as she glared through her gold rimmed glasses at the trio ,'I don't want anything wrong from your side ,Manya u have to brief Yuvraaj Udayveer about recent developments in our  projects now, as soon we are to have executive board meeting. Our Boss should know every new development ok.'

'Yes Ma'am', nodded Manya collecting the files and left for Yuvraj Udayveer's office. Manya was nervous as it was her first encounter with Yuvraaj Udayveer as an employee.

Yuvraaj Udayveer sat arched in his chair, rubbing his lips with his fingers  listening keenly to Mr. Tejwani ,the legal adviser of the company.He looked at Manya through corner of his eyes ,her dress surprised him, he did not expect Manya to accept western so easily.He looked at her carefully ,the so called decent dress chosen by Mrs Brogenza for his employees did look good on her the tight fitting shirt and knee length skirt and stockings did cover her whole body but failed to hide her beautiful curves. He could not resist the sly smirk that twitched his side lips as he saw her trying to make herself comfortable in the front chair  waiting for his conversation to finish.

'So Manya how is office going on',  inquired Udayveer as he opened the files trying his best to keep his eyes on file though he was more  interested in Manya  then files  amused by her  constant rubbing of her nose tip out of nervousness .

'Fine Sir', said Manya her voice barely audible.

Udayveer stood up from his chair and walked  past his large office table to come by the side of  Manya who sat her legs tugged together and her hands folded on her lap .He sat himself on the table by her side his long legs spread  leisurely.

'If u speak with such voice Manya ,then I have to really sit even more nearer to hear u.', smirked Udayveer as he bent towards her 'Should I ?"

'No! ,' exclaimed Manya as she abruptly backed off  making her chair screech the floor but soon she composed herself and continued with her task .

'Mrs. Brogenza told me to brief u about the latest developments in our projects', informed Manya .The girl had learned to maintain her cool in most trying situations as Mrs Bruganya but Yuvraaj Udayveer was a  strange situation for her , as the man seemed to pull her to himself like a magnet with his  irresistable charm though  his repugnant smirk was her only savior as it  always made her realize that she was caught red handed making big  fool of herself .Alas! she could not follow Anyas second rule as she seemed caught by her own big task of information. 

'I don't have that much time Manya u better accompany in meeting .I already have an idea of everything and if I miss something ,I will have u to remind me Ok', Udayveer rose up  to put on  his coat and dashed towards the door to open it for Manya.

Mnaya sat still in her her chair hesitant to go in the meeting,'I am so new  here . I think I am not fit for attending such an important Executive board meeting said Manya diffidently .

Udayveer laughed 'Manya its me who will attend the meeting not u ,u  have to assist me like a secretary. So don't worry, u just have to be on my side to help me ',explained Udayveer, his softened voice had calming effect on Manya  and  suddenly she felt  his smirk changing into a broad inspiring smile that lightened his face

Manya followed Udayveer to the meeting room. She found various heads of his different companies seated on the long table with endless seats.Yuvraaj Udayveer ,the owner and the chief executive of Udayveer and Co. seated himself on the center chair .She sat by his side listning carefully to the points presented and soon found herself comparing and analyzing different  investments  and profits and losses. She enjoyed listening and being part of  a company that was growing fast enough to be one of the Indian Multinationals  .

'Manaya how is Raheja Project going on in our Jaigad Riyasat ', asked Udayveer bringing her out of her own trail of thoughts.

'Its performance is good  in terms of profit but'',Manya hesitated and stopped as she felt her thoughts may not be liked.

But what Manya do continue ,I would like to know your views as well encouraged Udayveer

Mnaya felt relived as she saw YUvraj Udayveers expressions and continued ' but I think company is not addressing the envirnmenta issues .I just read human health care report,it clearly states that its pollution issues are not being handled well due to which it is effecting the health of people of devgad  as well as jaigad riyasat '.

'But our papers are complete Yuvrani Manyta',explained Mr Arnav Ravat the head of Jaigad Devgad Private limited  .

I said what facts say Mr. Ravat paper work does not save peoples right there is much difference between politically correct and practically viable. I think Yuvraaj Udayveer should  see the matters himself as he represents people as well as company ',stated Manya 'and yes Mr Ravat my name is Mnaya Shastri not Yuvrani Mnayata', corrected Manya looking sharply at Mr.Rawat as she hated being called Yuvrani Manayta the tag people often gave her ever  since she came at Yuvraaj Udayveer's place .

'Sorry Miss Shastri I know u are not Yuvrani Mnayata ,in fact we all know it, but then u suddenly spoke so much like her .It was only she who talked of people first and then the business'. clarified Mr Rawat

Mnaya's every action her every word reminded board members of Yuvrani Mnayata  and that was all Yuvraj Udayveer wanted to see. He just wanted to be sure of his own intuitions. He wanted to be sure that his heart  was  not ruling  his mind, he wanted to know what others thought and they thought exactly the same now his suspicions regarding discrepancies in report became more profound and he knew sooner or later he would find Manya's factual truth and the one trying to hide it.




'How was the meeting?' asked Anya as she saw Manya back in her cabin

'Fine', answered Manya as she cleared the files which she had been reading since morning.

'Not fine ,I think It was fabulous,' interrupted Aman 'Yuvraaj Udayveer took a simple secretary to his executive board meeting where all top notch matters are discussed and the secretary blasts the meeting by her concern for people of  Yuvraaj Udayveers Riyasat .Come on Manya u did  what only Yuvrani  Manyata  could think of doing'.

'Stop calling me Yuvrani Mnayata ok I am fed up with this name.I am Manya ,Manya Shastri granddaughter of Pandit Deenanath Shastri , that my real identity Aman,you better know it' yelled Manya as she banged the files on table.

'Shakal Bhi Yuvrani Manyata ki  aur Akal bhi Yuvrani Mnayata ki .Don't u think u u are a big bundle of coincidence in yourself,u look like her u speak like her and now we know u even think like her . Now I know why Yuvraaj Udayveer  took u with himself in the meeting', said Anya as she handed her the bottle of mineral water.

'Why ?'asked Manya surprised at Anya's logic.

'Because he is checking u again and  again  Manya. Cant u see it. Nobody assists Yuvraaj Udayveer in meeting .I have been working here for two years Manya and never saw him taking assistant in meeting ,he deliberately took u to see your reactions and behavior in a set situation. He is scrutinizing u every second Manya every second.'

Yuvraaj Udayveer still thought she was Mnayata his wife.The very thought of the fact sent a chill down her body .Manya had come to know that Udayveer had held the investigation about her past as well as her DNA match with Adya but noting was found so she thought now it was over .But Yuvraaj Udyveer seemed to be on some endless mission of proving her something which she was not.

'Just chill Manya ,your identity crisis will never end ,so better give halt to this endless story and lets go shopping! ',said Anya excitedly waving her hands to bring Manya out of her thoughts.

'No Anya  I have to reach home early I promised Adya to tell her the story of sleeping beauty .Now a days I am already going home late.' replied Manaya packing her bag .

'Come on Manya don't lai to me yesterday itself u told that story to her don't u .Now come with me ,after all we have to do lot of shopping .I want us to look awesome on this new year party.' Anya snatched away Manaya's purse and handed her the cell phone to make a call to Manav and Adya  for an excuse ass he knew Manya always informed Manav and Adya about her time to return home .Cute little Adya was nice enough to  permit her Mamma for coming late but this time with extra promise of Cindrella story  while young Manav had his brotherly concern didi come soon.

Aman accompanied the ladies in their shopping spree and the three friends barged out different malls shopping for the new year party .Poor Aman was caught by Anya's persuasive ways and Manyas sweet charm. The man found Manya irresistible, her innocent beauty and  humble behavior fascinated me .He was impressed yet surprised by her intelligence and touched by her deep  compassion for people which he seldom found in common people .

It was already late night as it often turned out to be whenever Anya decided to go for shopping after work. Aman offered Manya to drop her home on his motor bike  which Manya thankfully accepted. 




The bike stopped at Udayveer Mansion and Manya waved Aman goodnight. The guard saluted Manya and opened the gates. He offered Manya to help her with shopping bags which she refrained giving her its ok broad smile.

Manya entered the hall which was dimly lit and hastily made her way towards the stairs but stopped to see a tall figure hovering up on the balcony. It was Yuraj Udayveer clad in his blue night robe gazing down at her.

'Is this the time to come home?' said Udayveer as he leaned himself to the fence .

'I was shopping', replied Manya trying to look aside feeling  uncomfortable by his constant glare .

'I think Suraj must have told u the rules of my house ,u must return home  by ten o clock',  said Udayveer as he descended down the stairs stopping halfway to look at Manya who stood their clutching her shopping bags

'Yes I know I am sorry ,I wont be late again', said Manya as she tried to make her way up the stairs to be stopped by Yuvraaj Udayveer again ,this time she found him near enough to smell his male cologne .She dared not look up at him afraid to reveal her inner vulnerability which she suddenly felt by his nearness.

'So does your boyfriend always drops u here late night? ', said Udayveer sarcastically 

Manya was stunned to hear such words from Yuvraaj Udayveer . She could see sheer jealousy in his eyes and in a way it amused her. The great Yuvraaj Udaveer who never lost his calm  seemed effected. Manya knew she needed to answer or else she would be stuck on stairs  for whole night with Yuvraaj Udayveer hovering over her .

'Well u seem to know everything about me, my boyfriend ,my past  and even my blood group and DNA don't u Yuvraaj Udayveer. I think by now ,u know that I am not at all your wife Manyata. So please stop stalking me  and let me live my life happily'

'Sure I would Miss Shastri, but u seem to forget I am your guardian too and u live in my house 'said Udayveer pulling Manya towards himself 'Its my house not a dharmshala where u can come and go any time  and yes one more thing if u r interested in that boy better tell me ,I will  call his parents and get u married to him.' Udayveer's last words hurt her as she could feel the disgust in his voice .

'Yes u are my guardian and this is your house but then I am free to live my own life, am I not Yuvraaj Udayveer? Why don't your rules apply on u .I think u come late night too don't u? As for your last offer well let me ask u one question, Do u marry all women u sleep with ? ' smirked Manya looking straight into his eyes enjoying every bit of his stunned face

'Of course not Yuvraaj Udayveer u r all so free ,then why should I marry  my first boyfriend itself .In fact I am thinking to have another one now'.  Manya jerked away her arms from his hold which had loosened abruptly by her bold remarks.

Yuvraaj Udayveer was left speechless for a moment as the lady infront was by no means less than him , she was no more the frail emotional damsel that had entered his doors two months before. But then he was Yuvvraaj Udayveer  his momentary silence soon busted away and he got his spirit back enough to make Mnaya regret her own words.

'Good it seems u are really inspired by me ,u want to be like me right ',smirked Udayveer as he pursed his index finger on his lips his tall athletic body still hovering over hers, 'What did u say u want to change your boyfriend ,good ,why not  try me for next ,waise bhi  it has been really  an year since I had my last stand '.

Udayveer leaned against his hands which were placed on her either side  against the wall .Manya could feel his warm breath against her face his eyes gazing mischievously into hers .She felt herself shuddering out of embarrassment under is hovering body. She regretted every word she spoke she knew she had challenged  the very man in Yuvraaj Udayveer and there was no forgiving for her deliberately committed crime.

Udayveer knew Manya was not at all brought up the way she behaved.It was all due to the effect of new companions she got. But then he wanted her to realize her mistake.

Manya tried to move but found herself pinned to the wall her hands held tightly, she felt  his hands  slowly  traveling down her waist . He brushed his lips against hers and felt their soft quivering . He pulled her up to look into her eyes which were wide with shock. 

'Its better to have u  for this moment than to crave for eternity ' murmured  Udayveer as he took her lips forcefully into his  sucking them hard ,his hands had made their way inside her shirt holding her bare waist . Manya tried to push him back , piercing her nails into his bare chest  but found his grip too hard to break.But soon she felt her mind  giving in to her hearts long cherished desires  and felt herself reciprocating to the man she had longed to touch right since she had  learnt to feel her  feminine desires . She closed her eyes  to enjoy every moment ,every speck of passion that his kiss diffused in her.

Udayveer could feel her body melting into his and decided to let his heart  play cupid in enticing the one so much his beloved. He gently opened her shirt  buttons to bare her shoulders and  caressed them sensuously  slowly moving  down  to reach her beautiful cleaves that showed off her half open shirt .He kissed her soft hands passionately  which were clutching  the shirt tightly at  bosom and smiled softly as he looked up at her ,her face  flushed and her body heaving with desire .

He slowly traversed up kissing her beautiful cleaves and thin long neck line ,smelling her beautiful skin  and silky hairs which fell softly on her bare shoulder,  he smiled raptly at the beautiful lump of desires laying at his chest her body  pressed against his. His body longed for more , to be with the girl who had so much of his beloved in herself , to be lost in her for few more moments but then he knew he needed to take care of this beautiful hope more than his own desires..

He slowly pulled up her shirt to hide her beautiful skin .He knew she was his touchstone ,the one by which he would realize his happiness someday. He did not want her to fall in the same dungeons of lust and desires to which he had succumbed  years back, waiting for his savior his princess  Manayata .

'Don't be so surprised dear, I  just gave u the trailer of what u will get from your boyfriends,u want to be like me don't u ? 'said Udayveer with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. He moved down to pick up her things which had fallen out of her shopping bags .

'So preparing for the new year party ', observed Udayveer .

Manya  spoke nothing ,she was still in shock, shocked at what just happened and how foolishly she had yielded to his impulsive surge of passion .She cared not answering his question while she herself was lost in answering her own. She realized how strangely her body seemed to know his every touch and her heart sensed his every emotion. Do I really know him so much! thought Manya as she slowly moved upstairs .

She heard Yuvraaj Udayveer coming behind her. She swiftly buttoned her shirt and tugged her hairs as she turned  to face him .She grabbed her shopping bag from his hands and rushed to her room but was stopped by his voice .She did stop but dared not look at Udayveer  as she found  it  impossible to look at the man who always brought out her most  vulnerable side .

'Manya ,this is Mumbai here lot of things go on in name of being bindass and having boyfriend I  hope u won't fall for any such thing that will embarrass u and me. I know u hate me for what I did just now but believe me Manya u will hate yourself even more if somebody else does this to u. Don't compete with me Manya .You  just can't be as  mean and pathetic as me .I don't want u to end up  hating yourself  like me.'

Manya was surprised at softness of his voice  and was touched by  his last words of concern  and  looked up at Yuvraaj Udayveer,  she could feel the tears brimming her eyes ' Is this the only way u had to teach me the ways of the world  Udayveer ?'

It was for the first time he heard Manya calling him Udayveer he could feel the pain in her voice.He had decided to end his conversation by a mare lesson but Manyas pain seemed to falter him from his objective.

'Do u really think it was just a lesson Manya,'sighed Udayveer as he looked into her large brown eyes.

He said it all ,Manya knew what he meant as she herself had just felt the real meaning of effect they had on each other.

'Why do we know each other so well Yuvraaj Udayveer? Why cant I just hate u for what a pathetic womanizer u are and why cant u just let me  fall than to save me every now and then ? ,'

'May be this is how we are meant to be Manya , its just that reflection of Manyata in   u that binds us together  and nothing else. Your looks do carry me away Manya just the way u get carried away by something I barely fathom .But those faltered moments cannot make our lives Manya, which we know are poles apart   ', answered Udayveer his voice soft but firm successfully conveying his feigned  disinterest in her as person .

Manya watched him walk away and slowly disappear down the stairs. His words  pierced her deep , its just that reflection of Manyata in U that binds us together and nothing else his words echoed in her mind. She was nothing but a reflection of his wife Manyata. All his love ,all his care was their because she had his darling wife's face .Manya was nowhere in his heart or mind the one who she actually was. She remembered Anya's words how Yuvraaj Udayveer  scrutinized her every move just to find his Manyata in her. .She was nothing but a mere specimen for Yuvraaj Udayveer whom he analyzed in his own ways to prove his point, to prove that she was his lost wife Manyata

Manya knew she needed to be strong  to save herself from the shadow of Yuvrani Mnayata which hovered around her . She decided she would never give up her identity and dare not  loose herself to Yuvraaj Udayveer  who wanted nothing from her but Manyata his princess.

She promised herself to have her own niche as Manya rather than to live as a reflection of some woman called  Yuvrani  Manyata.


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Chapter 4

The Rave Party

(Page 83)

Love U All






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Yes, Yes, Yes.  Monkey Emoticon First comment  mera hai.Dancing Yipeee. Monkey WinksI'm not a lazy DESIGIRL. LOLMonkey Icon  Fantastic, superb, Lovely, Awesome, Amazing, Fabulous, Wonderful, beautiful...Update.(Fill in the blank please).Wink
I love Manya-Uv meeting scene & also Stairs scene. Monkey Emoticons
But I think DNA Reports changed by someone or may be Minakshi.Monkey Emoticon
Thanks for the long & lovely update. Smile  Smile

Next time itna time mat lena, ok.Monkey Icon
Hug Hug

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I'm so friggin lucky... as soon as I took as break and came to the forum... the first thing I see is your FF updated... yippie!!

res... will comment more after reading!

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brilliant totally fab ur work is always a treat to watch loved manyata's dilema and loved the way uday was giving her answers:)
 and that minakshi she tampered the dna report Angry
cont soon loved it :)

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shana i have no words all the words are understatements for this update everything was so beautiful i could imagine each and every scene happen and i was blushing like a crazy person though out this update was fabulous and stupendous i love your writing skills shana  all the dialogues were awesome i loved it from the bottom of my soul really this update was the best update i have personally ever read i loved manyata's attitude and our prince charming uday rocked as usual and jealous uday is always awesome and shana i have a small request  and manya enter the rave party with aman as her date please i would loved to see sorry read about jealous uday and great update please update soonBig smile
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Originally posted by vampire12345678

shana i have no words all the words are understatements for this update everything was so beautiful i could imagine each and every scene happen and i was blushing like a crazy person though out this update was fabulous and stupendous i love your writing skills shana  all the dialogues were awesome i loved it from the bottom of my soul really this update was the best update i have personally ever read i loved manyata's attitude and our prince charming uday rocked as usual and jealous uday is always awesome and shana i have a small request  and manya enter the rave party with aman as her date please i would loved to see sorry read about jealous uday and great update please update soonBig smile

Request accepted  my dearest vampy Aman will be his date done

 btw where is your update am waiting for that twist
Big smile
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Originally posted by rocker12

brilliant totally fab ur work is always a treat to watch loved manyata's dilema and loved the way uday was giving her answers:)
 and that minakshi she tampered the dna report Angry
cont soon loved it :)

Thanks dear will update asap

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