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omg this is breathtaking...Clap
read both your ffs at one go cant believe i hadn't read it so far
you should have been the cv man then dek would have been a blockbusterStar
update soon n best of luck for ur system

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will u update today?
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Originally posted by Herman_4u

will u update today?

Yes dear but it will be late night show Wink

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Originally posted by shana0127

Originally posted by Herman_4u

will u update today?

Yes dear but it will be late night show Wink

yeppi di u will update today yes:p

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 2

Love Is In The Air

Part II

A convertible Bentley  glided thorough long meandering pathway  of Udaveer Manson  .Yuvraani Minakshi was back again ,her night plans with Yuvraaj Udayveer often failed but her day plans never failed as she was his rightful partner in many of his flourishing ventures. The car stopped at the porch ,the chauffer opened the backdoor of the car  and bowed to wish Yuvrani Minakshi .She looked through her large sunglasses and smiled and walked up the staircases . Yuvrani Minakshi  often had her breakfast with Udayveer as she felt it the best way to start her day with the man she had to bump in  all through the day .They had important meeting lined ahead with an European party interested in opening their own hotel chain in Mumbai.

She found Udaveer dressed in his regular official white shirt with black waist coat  seated at the dining table listening and nodding now and then to Suraj  who was on with his nonstop radio telecast of princess Adya   and her latest mischief .Minakshi sat herself by his side smiling at men in an one sided conversation.

'So where is the Pricess Adya the main culprit Suraj ,still sleeping ?,Minakshi knew she won't be sleeping at all as the rules at Udayveer s were quit strict be it anybody .

'No Yuvrani Sahib ,she is busy welcoming her mother', said Suraj  as he lowered his eyes to slyly look at Minakshi's reaction

The reaction was instant and as expected Yuvrani Minakshi was already coughing out the water she had just sipped in. Udayveer rose up and handed her the napkin,he looked sternly at Suraj who was busy enjoying Yurani Minakshi's  display  of shock  though Udayveer himself worked hard to stop himself from smiling at Minakshi's reaction .

'Mother!',Minakshi somehow cleared her throat  and looked at Udayveer inquisitively .

'Something very much like her mother but not her mother', clarified Udayveer as he again sat himself on the chair. He inquired the maid about Manya ,Manav and Adya .She informed him that they will be down in a minute.

'Udayveer will u  tell me what's going on ?', inquired Minakshi impatiently.

'Nothing Minakshi, actually we have some  guests or say new members at my place. Remember our Rajguru Shastriji, his grandchildren are here', informed Udayveer his voice firm and his gaze stern signifying his annoyance at her yester nights careless  behavior to his  guests .

So he knows it all ,Minakshi understood what Udayveer wanted to convey with his simple yet firm information, he meant it  quit straight and to the point Don't mess  in my matters 

'Fine Udayveer I have no such plans to do so, do whatever u want. Its your house and if u want to make it a dharmshala for people of your riyasat, so be it.  Its all your choice!,' sighed Minakshi

'Shall we start the breakfast or we need to wait for your mahaan  guests ,who  need to learn  a lot about your so called disciplinary nature.', smirked Minakshi as now she understood she had few more people who would  make her life difficult at Udayveers place  apart from Suraj and Adya .She was eagerly waiting to see the items so respectfully imported from some small town Haridwar.

'Hello Minakshi Aunty', greeted Adya as she kissed Minakshi at her cheek.

Adya had learnt the ways to appease her father, be well behaved and honor even your enemies .Udayveer took special care in teaching his daughter Adya about manners, he wanted his daughter to grow up as a true princess and be a girl of honor not only in commanding it but giving it as well and little Adya seemed to understand it well .

'Hello my princess',Minakshi returned her kiss lovingly  and pulled her cheeks.

Adya had her own plans in mind as the girl wanted her favorite  seat, the seat by the side of Papa for her  Mamma  ' Aunty please  sit on next chair ,this is for Mamma', requested Adya as she pulled Manya from behind.

Minakshi was confused and turned around to look at the person being called Mamma so lovingly.

'Manyata?',Minakshi shrieked out of shock as she  looked wide eyed at  the woman smiling at her though bit apprehensive at  her shocked looks .She felt  her world crashing down ,her true identity revealed!. Did she tell everything ?

Manya joined her hands to greet Minakshi, 'Namaste Yurani Ji ,I am Manya granddaughter of Pandit Deenanath  Shastri, former Rajguru of Jaigad  ',

Minakshi calmed herself ,So Mnayata u are back and playing smart to trap me down hun  mused  Minakshi as she looked at the girl claiming herself Manya 'Fine let me see how u prove it?'

'Oh I see ,U look so much like Yuvraani Manyata ,dear u really surprised me, that's why this poor motherless child is calling u Mamma  as she is confused too', Minakshi  found  Adya had already pushed her from the chair making place for Manya.

The little girl Adya was smart enough to know the real intentions of Yurani Minakshi right since the girl got the understanding of world around herself. Adya respected Minakshi and  liked her as well coz the lady was always kind and loving to her. But there were things in Minakshi Adya  did not like at all,it was her nearness to her papa, as for Adya he belonged only to her and Mamma who would come back one day. She knew her papa loved her mamma as the girl had often sneaked in to see her papa talking to her in paintings. She had often asked him to bring Mamma back to which he had no answers .But her Nani Maa always told that Lal Pari will send her mamma and now since her mamma  was back, she knew she wont let anybody but only her Mamma  to be on her Papa's side.

'No Aunty I am not confused ,she is my Mama and papa also knows it that's why he was hugging mamma hai na papa '

Now it was Udayveer's time to cough 'What !.' Udayveer exclaimed while Manaya nervously tugged her hairs . They looked at each other in embarrassment  at Adya's surprising revelation.

'Yes Papa   I and Manav saw u holding Mamma and then u both fell down hai na Manav,' little Adya had innocently put the fire enough to burn Minakshi to hell  but Manav was not at all amused by Manya calling his sister her mother again and again.

'Yes, But then she is my Didi and not  Your Mamma ,' said Manav angrily pushing away  Adya and making his place beside Manya 'U better go and sit by your Papa's side '.

'Now u both better stop bantering,' commanded Manya her voice strict, she felt the kids talk was making air uneasy and tensed. She apologized to Minakshi for Adya's behavior and requested are to carry on with the breakfast. Minakshi too decided to be calm and eat something to make her mind work against her old enemy in the new  form. Minakshi knew Udayveer must be probing Manya's real identity and she needed to know it before him.

Manya busied herself with the breakfast scolding Manav and Adya now and then as the duo seemed to have an endless  differences .

'So Manya u and Manav are really lucky to have Yuvraaj Udayveer as your guardian, everything will be free plus u will have all royal  luxuries u must have not even dreamt of ',Minakshi's words were more for taunt then mere appreciation of luck and guardianship and Manya understood it well.

'No ,its not like that Yuvrani Minakshi ,I know u rajwadas are great people' said Manya respectfully turning her gaze to Yuvraaj Udayveer and continued  'But I am a graduate, educated enough to earn my own living, I am going to work and take care of me and Manav, we are thankful for house and food for time being but very soon I will take care of it myself '.

'Good that's really good that u want to be  self-dependent Manya, our assistant secretary just got married and resigned to take care of her new life, why not u join at her place', offered Udayveer with his own intentions in mind

Manya was happily surprised at the sudden job offer that too at Yuvraaj Udayveers office and nodded enthusiastically.

'Fine then get ready and fetch your certificates and resume ,fast, u are coming with us, now', commanded Udayveer as he finished his breakfast.

'With us?', questioned Minakshi 'Udayveer we have to for a meeting don't we',

Minakshi knew why Udayveer was so quick in offering job to Manya,he did not want to lose her again, he wanted her near himself every time be it office or at home . Damn it Uday U are falling for a rustic bitch once again!

'I know Minakshi ,I will drop Manya at office and then Mrs Brogenza will take care of her and we will go for our meeting,' replied Udayveer as he gestured the maid to clean up the table.

Minakshi smiled her expressions normal revealing nothing of her inner turmoil,she was already thinking about the phone calls she had to make to fix up the things on right time



Manya stood in front of three storey plush white building studded  with blue glasses. She entered the gates where she was  greeted by the guard, he  knew her name and guided her to the main entrance to the reception. The receptionist welcomed her with a broad smile and lead her to Mrs Broganza's room.      

Manya felt self-cautious as she accompanied the receptions who was dressed in smart formals, knee length black skirt and white shirt, her heels high enough to make her few inches more taller. .Manayata nervously tugged her chunny which she had neatly pinned in her shoulder. She was dressed in her best dress, a red  chudidaar with a yellow  high neck kurta, her red chunni plated neatly and pinned  on her right shoulders .She was dressed in the smartest way her small town education could permit her to be , she had smiled at herself proudly when she looked at herself in mirror but as she entered the Building of famous Udayveer and Co., she felt herself dressed like a foreigner as the people inside were dressed in something she only saw on BBC news.

Mrs Brogenza shuffled through the certificates of Manya, she was careful enough not to stare at Manya as her Boss Udayveer had already informed her look alike with Yuvrani Manyata. He had asked her to investigate her certificates, education and where abouts of the girl at her own level .She looked through her golden framed glasses first at the resume and then at Manya

'Have u any work experience?' asked Mrs Brugenja as she tapped her fingers on the  resume

'Well nothing of secretary kind but yes I worked as counselller at an educational institute for few months' informed Manya nervously,she was taken by the authoritarian and punitive impression  projected by the lady sitting in front of her .The lady was so much like Yuvraaj Udayveer himself, she felt it were only such people employed by Udayeveer who  could reflect his very own rules and discipline. This place is not for me ,I just don't suit it ,thought Manya as she abruptly stood up to walk away.

'What happened ?' Mrs Brugenza was surprised at Manya's abrupt behavior

'I don't suit this place Ma'am ', replied Manaya apologitcly as she realized she was being nasty and disrespectful.

'We have not yet offered anything Manaya ? So no question of suitability at all. By the way u better leave the decision of your suitability for job on me', said Mrs Bruganza as she looked sharply at Manya.

Mrs Brugenza was a no mess lady,she was in the office for ten years and commanded the power next to Yuvraaj Udayveer. Udayveer relied on her  for most of  his office work and she returned his  faith with full sincerity .It was because of her well organized plans he conveniently managed his meetings and  tours, the lady had her own smart ways to fix his time problem specially then when he wanted time for himself .

Manya coyly sat herself on chair again her hands folded at her lap, she felt like a fool at her behavior but the very aura of the lady intimated her, She wanted to run on her heels but found her legs jammed so was the effect of a middle stature stern looking lady sitting in front of her scrutinizing her every gesture her every  expression.

'Well Manya u don't have much of experience nor u r trained enogh ,so its better u go through a month training under one of our juniors and then I will see if I can have u as my assistant or not'.

'Your Assistant ! ' Manya exclaimed she was terrified by mere thought of assisting a khadoos lady like Mrs Bruganza

'Yes mine but then I said I will see if u r capable or not.', Mrs Bruganza clarified as she pressed the intercom button to call Anya .

A  sharp scent of feminine perfume filled the air as Anya entered the room .She was tall and glamorous, her hairs short with blunt cuts, her eyes smoky heavily adorned by mascara and her dress!

'Hello Ma'am', greeted the girl her hands folded respectfully

'Hello Anya,I want u to train Miss Shastri according to our office rules, she is here to take place of Yesmine ', said Mrs Brugenza  and shrugged conveying her dislike for her short dress

'Yes Ma'am,' Anya bowed to Mrs Bruganza and gestured Manya to follow her. She wanted to leave the room as quickly as possible as she knew she was to be lectured at her dressing.

'Anya'. ,called Mrs Bruganza looking sharply at her tilting her glasses to scrutinize her dress carefully ' I think we allow knee length skirts at this place and shirts fully buttoned, don't we '.

Anya swiftly buttoned her shirts till collar and looked down at her knees 'Ma'am wo actually I washed my skirts and u know it just shrinked'.

'Ok u wash a knee length skirt  and it becomes a micro ,good Then Anaya buy ankle length skirts now,  so that they shrink to  become a knee length ',mocked Mrs Brugenza as she handed over Manaya's file to her.

Anya took a deep breath as she closed the door behind and looked at Manya who had somehow developed a liking for this young rebel.

'God she is such a chudail and one heck of khadoos',  muttered Anya as she walked towards her cubicle. She sank herself in her chair and drank a full bottle of mineral water in one go and sprinkled some on her head to calm herself down.

'Looks u got a piece of mind from Mrs Bruganza ' a male voice came from the side cubicle.

'Just shut up Aman I am already hating this place like hell',  slammed Anya banging the empty bottle on his head.

'Now that's your fault, I told u don't meddle with office dress ,but u r too much in love with your revealing micros,' smirked Aman as he peered through his cabin throwing the empty bottle in the dust bin .He saw Manaya who was standing aside enjoying their bantering .He liked her calm and soothing composure quit  contrast to Anya who was always on wire .He greeted her and offered her the chair.

'Welcome to Udayveer and Co., as fas as I know u r Manaya right'

'How do u know?' asked Manya surprised

'Through grapevine!'  answered Aman in an obvious tone 'By the way u r already popular here ,just tell me does Yuvraaj Udayveer has a crush on u ?'

'What ?' Manya exclaimed 'What kind of gossip is this?' ,inquired Manya her tone now mixed with surprise and anger

'Hey girl come on cool down, Yuvraaj Udayveer never references a girl for a job, so we just thought of it', pacified Aman trying to calm her down.

'Well I am his Guruji's daughter, maybe  that's why he referenced me ' clarified Manya.

'And u look like his wife may that's why too', added Anya who was listening to their conversation amusingly .

'He loves his wife a lot and as for me , I am not at all his wife Yuvrani Mnayata' stated Manya her voice firm as she wanted no confusion regarding her identity and existence and wanted people to know her as Manya and not as a girl who looked like some Yuvrani Manayata.

'Okey fine lets stop this argument and get to work, ' Anya raised her  hands gesturing surrender. Aman rolled his chair into his cabin while Manya smiled with a sigh thankful for coming to the point rather then arguing on a  gossip.

'Lets start with the rules ',said Manya as she looked keenly at Anya, who had crossed her beautiful  long legs and sank herself in the chair

'So rule number one, always be thankful and sorry to our chudail  Mrs Bruganza, well thankful for nothing and sorry for everything'.

Manya smiled as she listened to Anya she knew the girl was angry at Mrs Bruganza but then she did  note down her statement as rule in her little notebook which she always carried with herself.

'Now rule number two' continued Anya 'Be on your heels when our annadata Yuvraaj Udayveer is around the office'.

Manaya gave a confused expression to which Anya smiled secretively.

'Well dear our Yuvraaj Udayveer has his own charm and if u stand more then a  minute by him ,u will end up falling in his arms'. smirked Anya as she saw Manya blush.

'That's why I said be on your heels and run than to make fool out of yourself in front of that heartless man'.

Manya could feel a sense of rejection in Anyas voice, so its not only me Manya thought most of the girls go fool in front of him.

'He is not heartless Anya ,he just loves his wife too much', Manya tried to explain but stopped as she saw a secretive smirk on Anya's face.

'U know what Manya u r already in love with him ,but then let me tell u his truth dear ,the man is incapable to love by heart though he may have u in his bed if u r desperate for him'.

'Just stop it Anya, Yuvraaj Udayveer is a good person ,please don't talk such things for him .I respect him  for his keen and intelligent mind , his benevolent heart  and as a man who has loved only once and it was his wife '.

Anya nodded and smiled 'I respect him too Manya for everything u said but Yuvraaj Udayveer is much more than what u know Manya ,Don't worry dear u will know him soon and then I will ask u How much u respect him' .

Anya handed her the file containing rules 'Read them at home, we will continue with filing system tomorrow'.

Manya  clutched the file ,the words of Anya still echoing in her mind as she stood up to leave .She did not want her respect for Yuvraaj Udayveer tarnish but words of Anya did alarm her about the real truth behind the gossips. She walked past the endless number of cabins with employees working their daily routine and realized she was soon to be a part of this place buzzing with work and gossips .

She came out of the building and headed for the bus stand but found a car waiting at the gates .The driver rushed to open the backdoor for her she sat in hesitantly .This was how it is ,the grapevine was not totally  wrong  as she herself felt she was being treated special. Was it because she was Shastriji's daughter or just the way Anya said she looked like his wife. Suddenly Yuvraaj Udayveer's voice echoed in her mind u just don't look like her,u feel like her too. Manya could feel a chill down her body as she remembered his nearness, his intense eyes, and his touch.




Manya had dinner with Adya and Manav and felt a sense of relief for not finding Yuvraaj Udayveer at the table. His very  presence made her vulnerable, he seemed to know her every heartbeat as it so clearly reflected in his eyes. Anya was right Yuvraaj Udayveer had his own charm, so better be at your heels to run then to be fooled.

'Mamma please read me the story of little Mermaid' asked Adya  as she pulled Manya  to her bed room.

'Okey Adya I will come'. ,she picked Adya and walked to her bedroom

.Manav smiled  as he saw Adya's  bed room which was painted pink  he sat at the Unicorn and touched its horn. 'How funny u have a horse with a horn'

'Its not a horse its Unicorn ,u know he can heal all pains and can be held by virgin girl only ',told Adya as she caressed it lovingly

'What is virgin?  asked Manav intrigued by her  story.

'U don't know virgin? Virgin means virgin Mary, mother of Jesus,' said Manya as she pulled him on her bed 'come we will listen to little Mermaid story'

Manav jerked his hand away 'No ,I don't like fairy tales u sit and listen', he turned to Manya 'Didi I am tired I will  go and sleep in my room,u sit and read story for this chuhiya. But please u also sleep on time ok.'

'Ok', nodded Manya and kissed Manav at his forehead. Manav mischievously pulled Adya's nose and wished her good night .Adya seemed to like Manav's way of good night and smiled..

Manya read the story for Adya answering her questions and explaining her doubts, at last little girl fell asleep holding her new found mothers hand  and dreaming of little Mermaid and her prince.

Manaya looked at her beautiful face sleeping peacefully ,her brown curls falling softly on her cheeks Adya had a strange and serene effect on Manya, she made her feel complete her and  presence gave her peace while her father's presence gave her nothing but emotional turmoil.


 Manya was lost in the sublime peace when she heard the footsteps in corridor. She looked at the wall clock ,it was twelve at night. ,She rose up to see and bumped into Yuvraaj Udayveer who had returned home earlier then  his regular time. Manya was dressed in a  sheer white night gown which Adya had requested her to wear it as she herself changed in night dress. She had chosen to wear it as she found it best amongst the night robes provided to her  as a part of various royal amenities endowed upon her .

Udayveer was still in his office dress and was surprised to see Manaya in Adya's room.

'Are u all right asked Udayveer as he helped Manya holding her arms .It was for the first time Manya detested his  touch. She flinched and pulled her arms  with a jerk ,words of Anya flashed  in her mind and she was scared to know the truth of Yuvraay Udayveer which Anya had said she will know very soon .she rushed out of the room without speaking a word Manya's strange behavior surprised Udayveer but he was too tired to ponder upon. he kissed his little angel good night and slowly dimmed the lights and closed the door behind.

Manya walked towards her room taking in deep breaths of fresh air that blew softly through the half open windows. She reached her room and closed the door behind, she threw herself on the bed letting her body release the tension that Yuvraaj  Udayveers  touch had instilled in her .She did not know what was happening to her .She had suddenly started loathing  the man she had aspired and dreamt so long .

Anyas words pierced her deep , picturing  Yuvraaj Udayveer with women just for sake of lust and desire was impossible for her devoted heart but her mind did gave her words a chance and rang an alarm bell in her body .Now she doubted herself  for her own feelings to the man ,she claimed to respect .

Was she in love or it was just a mere desire to have him !

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Chahe kitna bhi ghatiya likha ho 


Chapter 3

A Fresh Start

(Page 65)

Love U All



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Wow.. lucky me, the time I just came you posted the next part!... YESSS!!

Ok I loved the update, the wait was totally WORTH it. Can I tell you that I just fly off to a beautiful fantasy world while reading such fabulous FFs such as yours. It has a flavor of its own that makes me happy and makes me crave for more. I'm so excited for this 'Rave Party'... can't wait.

Now first with something I kinda felt was left out/ missed was... Manya's reactions on the breakfast table that have some Yuvrani Manyata induced actions/ likeness in it or Uday testing her in his own way without her having any inkling of itShocked. I think the breakfast seq happened a bit fast. That was the only criticism I felt like pointing out but I still liked it... loved Minakshi's shriek ROFLon seeing Manyata plus I LOVE how you've carved AdyaClap.

Adya is such a smart child. She is just 5 yrs old but knows how to handle people. She shows that she is indeed Yuvraj Udayveer's daughter. I also liked Manya's office seq...Star

The office sequences are one I'm highly looking forward to because in this way you are giving her an opportunity to prove her worth, her brilliance, her intuitions about business etc which are a MUST HAVE for a yuvraniCool. I am so looking forward to moments when Manya shines through due to her brilliance an not only because of her physical appearance/ resemblance. Approve Plz Shana do prove her worth by creating sequences where she uses that engrained intelligence that a yuvrani possesses.

Another thing I really liked was how you've made Manya detest Udayveer as it was what attracted Uday to Manyata in the first place. I'm happy you've made Manya strong at heart too, to not fall for a guy just as easily, plzz keep her as a hard nut to crack who is melting inside at every mention of uday.Day Dreaming Plzz don't make her despo in any sense...

Plz update the next part soon!Big smile

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Herman_4u IF-Dazzler

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excellent Shanna, y oh y do u always leave me hanging like this lol, thank u so much for updating finally lol, the next time u write ur ff, u can write it on hotmail using skydrive even if u have gmail, u can use google docs for it, this way u don't lose data if ur computer crashes, cuz it's all online, in ur email account :)

the part was amazinggg, luking forward for interactions of udhai and manyata, keep it coming :) but please don't take long to update lol,

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-BerryCharm- IF-Addictz

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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