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Jarin04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 7:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shana0127

Originally posted by Jarin04

It's sunday update na pls

<div align="center"><font color="#000066">Sorry to keep u all waiting guys</font>

<font color="#000066">I think my update will come by Monday Morning </font>

<font color="#000066">As my Sunday night often tend to extends next morning LOL</font>

<font color="#000066">So chill and enjoy my dear friends FF</font>

<font color="#000066">U'r Shana will be there with her update by Monday Morning </font>

<font color="#000066">
Love U All



ok dear but it'll be difficult to wait for a whole long night.

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-RK_Ki_Biwi- IF-Sizzlerz

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-SilverAngel- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 9:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonam2801


She said she'll update monday morning dear!

Edited by mahi0809 - 29 July 2012 at 9:45am

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-RK_Ki_Biwi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 10:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mahi0809

Originally posted by sonam2801


She said she'll update monday morning dear!

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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 Chapter 2

Love is in the Air

(Part I)

It was seven o clock in the morning Manyata was still asleep as the eventful night had left her all weak and drained out .The played hide and seek with  the clouds as it showed itself now and then  through the curtains . She muffled her face in soothing comforts of the soft pillow and tried to sleep more, she felt a soft feathery caress on her face ,she liked the sensation and smiled pulling the  pillow nearer but felt it were some soft hands . She was alarmed by yet another intrusion as she had already faced one yesterday. But then she had closed the doors after that so how can it be another one.

She opened her eyes to find but then strangely found herself looking into her own eyes as the pair of eyes that were bent on her had her very same colour. Manya blinked her eyes to clear the vision and found a small five year old girl caressing her fondly , touching her cheeks ,her hairs  her lips with her  soft feathery hands .

Manya rose up astonished to see a  little girl giggling at her. She looked at the child carefully and realized  it was nothing but a miniature form of Yuvraaj Udayveer as the girl seemed to have inherited everything from her father accept those pair of deep brown eyes which Manya was sure must be like her mother.

'Mama u r back', the girl cooed as she hugged her tightly her little face merged in Manya's breast. Manya felt a  strange sensation gripping her ,her breast heaved as she moved her hands to embrace the little girl , she knew not who the girl was but then she did feel it like her own part.

It was Suraj who spilled the beans and told Adya that her papa has brought her mother back from lalpari,the fairy whom Adya believed had actually taken her mother with herself .Suraj had somehow made up his mind that the girl Manya would surely bring back the long lost happiness  in the house .He knew not the truth of Manya but then he knew one thing she already had her magical  effect on his master Uday as he had felt his master melting for this look alike of Yuvrani Manyata .

Suraj knew all dark secrets of Yuvraj Udayveer , his deep love and yearning  for his lost wife and yet his  weird relationships with women .While his conversation during night Suraj had realized his master had his own reservations against Manya and wont open up till he had his proof intact. But Suraj was afraid ,he was afraid of the fact that if proof went against then he would shut all the doors of his heart before they could be opened by Manya ,an angel who came one rainy night to lighten up the gloomy corners of Udayveer Mansion and its owner Yuvraj Udayveer .

Suraj felt Adya was the only way to make Manya unavoidable for his master and save him from any further indulgences specially with Yuvrani Minakshi .Suraj did not like his masters friendship  with Yurani Mainakshi the bitch as he often called her and took deep pleasure  when she was shown her real status by his master whenever she tried to put herself in Yurani Manyata's shoes.

Manya held Adya in her arms feeling her warmth and a deep sense of fulfillment which the girl diffused in her, something her body and heart seemed to crave since eternity .It was Manav who actually jerked her out of her ecstatic movement as the boy felt jealous of the little girl hugging his didi for so long as the Manav  believed his didi belonged solely to him  and had no plans of sharing her with some small kid for now.

'Didi why are u hugging this chuhiya so lovingly', complained Manav as he tried to push away Adya who was all lost feeling her new found Mama whom her Papa just brought back from Lal Pari .

Adya was annoyed to see Manav,a tall sturdy thirteen year old boy with intense black eyes. She did not like him touching her with his hands  which were still wet as the boy had come after his morning  bath .

'She is my Mama ok so u be away from her', Adya snapped coming in her commanding princess mode as the girl inherited the very gruff attitude of her father though she displayed it rarely but then the boy in front was too much for her as he was trying to push her away from her mother she has just found.

'O chuhiya she is my didi Manya ok ,so u be away from her', replied Manav angrily as he picked up little Adya in his arms to put her away from his didi.The little girl whined for a moment but then angrily bit Manav and swiftly slid down his arms and  hid herself behind Manya tugging her chunni .

'Manav ,now just stop it she is just a kid and look at u ,u are a grown up boy Manav, still u r fighting like some six year old' Manya's voice was stern and Manav knew it better to keep quit as he looked down angrily at the little thing hiding behind his sister.

'Mama is this Oont really your brother ,'Adya asked innocently as  she slyly looked at Manav and twitched her corner  lips .

'Yes my little angel he is my brother but dear he is not a Oont',Manya said softly as she tugged the black curls of Adya .Manya knew their was some grave confusion around as she had felt the behavior of people in the house quit strange towards her. First it was Yuvraaj Udayveer whose strange ways surprised her, then Suraj ,the head servent who seemed impressed by her for no reasons and now a little girl wakes her up in the  morning showering her immense love and claiming her to be her mother whom her father has so heroically brought back from some lal pari .

Manya bent down and picked Adya in her arms and asked lovingly 'But dear who told u I am your Mama'

'Everybody Mama, everybody knows u r my mamma who was lost long ago and taken away by lala pari.I always asked papa to bring u back now see he brought u back,'explained Adaya in her innocent child like way and then proudly added 'My Papa is the best Papa. I love him for bringing u back'.

Manya knew not what to make out of the little girl's talk but then her words did make her remember Yuvraaj Udayveers words you just cant leave me again. Manya was then too lost into the moment and Udayveers captivating presence that she forgot to analyse the true meaning of the words he said but now they seemed to unravel the truth he said she will know soon. So what was the truth was she really connected to him and this house someway. Manyata breathed fast as the very thought of having connection with Yuvraaj Udayveer and his daughter made her heart pound deep.

'I think u and your great papa have some big plan of taking away my sister from me', said Manav angrily pointing his index finger on Adya.

But Adya now did not care much of his anger as she felt safe in her mothers arms.

'No dear Oont we wont take your didi ,mama says u r her brother, so now she is my mama and your Didi both , lets be friends',  said Adya as she enthusiastically forwarded her hands to Manav for a  hand shake.

'I don't make friends with little kids', snapped Manav as he pushed away Adya's hand  and looked at his sister  hurt by her silence and the fact that she was  defending herself as his sister. He sat on the bed his hands folded eyes downcast ready to burst into tears. Manya knew her little brother was hurt and walked to the bed to comfort him with Adya still in her arms. Manav burst into tears and hugged his sister tightly as the boy was afraid to lose his sole relationship ,his only sister to the strangers ,who  claimed her to be their own.

Adya was taken aback to see the Manav crying and touched his cheeks. Manav jerked away her hands instantly as the boy hated her for claiming his sister to be her mother again and again.

Manya hugged Manav and kissed his forehead and gently skimmed away his hairs from his face to look in his eyes 'I am only and only your sister Manav, after Dadaji u r my only own, my world is in u my brother.' Manya too broke into tears as she took his face into her bosom and comforted him .She knew Manav was very possessive about her and the slightest fear of loosing her hurt him a lot .

'But then u are my Mama too hai naa', said Adya as she made her place in Manay's lap and added excitedly 'come mama I will show u how much we missed u ,we have u all around here come.'

Manya did want to know the truth herself and thought the  best way was  to follow Adya as the girl seemed to know a lot about her mother though in form of a fairy tale.  Now Manav also felt intrigued to know the truth as he knew his didi was on his side but then it was also necessary to know what was on this  little chuhiya's side which made her so confident to call his sister Mama.

Manaya and Manav followed Adya as the girl held Manya's hand to show her mother's photos. She took them straight to her fathers room where she knew there were ample number of her mother's photos to prove her point.


Yuvraaj Udayveer's room was one of the biggest and the most splendid piece of interior decoration as it seemed to be a big hall then a room. Udayveer was in shower trying hard to sooth himself off the previous nights shocking surprises under the warm water current ,trying hard to concentrate on the inquiries to be done regarding Manya's identity .He never locked his room from inside because nobody dared to enter it prior to his information accept his very own daughter who was always welcome.

Adya pulled hesitant Manya inside to show her fathers room and then came the surprise Manya didn't even dream of. She found herself already present in  the room,  in form of exquisite paintings and life size photographs. She looked at them carefully and found that it was not she but somebody like her as the woman in painting wore beautiful dresses and exquisite jewelry she can only dream of.

She saw a life size photograph on the central wall there she was standing by the side of Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh ,holding his hands smiling peacefully at Yuvraaj Udayveer who smiled at her, his smile so full of admiration and unspeakable love. Manya felt herself lost imagining the beautiful moment the picture had captured in itself a beautiful moment between a man and his wife where they were lost in each other.

She came out of her thoughts as she heard Manav and Adya arguing again .Adya had thrown a full jug of water on Manav who was all ready to bully her down with his shirt rolled to his fist. She tried to calm down Manav but Manav was already in rage all soaked in water and pushed Manya away to catch hold  Adya, the little chuhiya  who had already run out of room to save herself from the wrath of so called Oont .

Udayveer was disturbed by the noise outside and knew little Adya was in fight with some maid as usual .He came out and was surprised to see Manya standing in pool of water which Adya had splashed around Manya was stunned to see Udayveer wrapped in towel down his waist while his bare body still glistened with water from the shower. She looked down and flushed  while Udayveer  felt uncomfortable and rushed to Almirah to get his shirt.

'I think u should ask before u  come in Yuvraaj Udayveers room, I think Shastriji did teach u some manners', taunted Udayveer as he put on his shirt .

'Of course Dadaji taught me manners', answered Manaya as she carefully  balanced herself on the slippery floor 'its your daughter Adya who brought me here ,to show her mamma ,which she has mistaken me to be'

'Good,so I think u know the reason why Adya calls u so,' said Udayveer as he combed his hairs and looked at Manya through the mirror who was carefully trying to walk on slippery floor.

'Yes I know now I look like u'r wife, that's why there is so much confusion around ',said Manya as she tip toed through water but then tripped against the central table  to fall hard.

But strange it did not hurt much! She found that she had landed safely in Yvraj Udaveers arms who knew by her awkward movements that the lady was to fall very soon. But soon he  himself lost his balance on the slippery floor and both came crashing down with Udayveer up on Manya. For a moment he was all on Manya but then  somehow supported his hands on the floor to save Manya crushing from his enormous weight .

Manya had closed her eyes out of fear and embarrassment , she was afraid to open them now as she knew she was in a  most awkward situation with Yuvraj Udayveer all on her ,her body wrapped in his she could feel his breath on her face  and his chest heaving on hers ,her legs were awkwardly entangled between his .Her body shuddered by the very feel of his perfect male body on hers

She wanted to vanish in thin air and reappear somewhere in corridor but she could not  ,she wanted the moment to fast forward but it could not as she found herself trapped to face it,  to look into it .She slowly opened her eyes to look into the intense dark eyes smiling at her, she looked at that perfectly chiseled face and recognized that smile, it was the same smile she had seen in the photograph ,the smile of adoration how can she even think so, he gave that smile only to his wife not to her. Maybe she was imagining too much today ,may be she needed food to energize her weak mind which was hallucinating Yuraaj Udayveer being  in love with her.

Yes I know its hallucination said Manya to herself but then her thoughts were broken by a husky voice of a man she was laying underneath

'You don't just look like her dear stranger, you feel like her as well'.

Manya was shocked to hear such words from Yuvraaj Udayveer.She looked into those mysterious eyes trying to fathom his true emotions behind the words he spoke  but in a moment she found herself free.Yuvraaj  Udayveer rose up to receive his phone call. She saw him attending his phone busy answering the caller without even a dint of embarrassment or speck of emotions which he had displayed in that dreamy moment.

May be I am hallucinating too much thought Manya as she collected herself and moved out of the room trying hard to ward off the trail of emotions that were bursting inside her .

 Udaveer looked at Manya going out of the room and sighed as he sank  himself in  the couch 'God this girl is driving me crazy' moaned Udayveer to himself as he wrapped  his face in his hands trying to hide it from his very own conscience, the conscience that always told him the difference between right and wrong but which often got sidelined when it came to dealing with women who were all so ready to give themselves to him.


It was here he often failed and once again he found himself failing against Manya as he knew every part of the girl was craving to give herself to him and he himself wanted the same as everything in her exuded love in the way his Manyata did. But then he knew love is blind and when it came to loving something like Manyata then it was boundless as love lust and desires all seemed to drown in her to form a unique craving and this girl Manya did make him crave the same.


The biggest dilemma was the fact that he was unsure of her identity while the identity she brought with herself was something untouchable as her very surname reminded him of all the vows he had given to the great man she belonged .His heart did say she was Manyata but what if she was not, what if all his intuitions were falsely guided by  his blind love for his wife Manyata and his desperate hope to get her back  .

He did not want his desperation and blind love rule over his logical mind as he knew Manya was not at all a girl whom he would take into his bed even if both yearned to be as he knew he has to fulfill his vows with full faith but  if she was his wife Manyata then she had all rights on him and he had on hers and nobody could ever separate her from him not even God himself.

 His men were already at work be it investigation in Haridwar or DNA test in science lab all was going on under doctor uncle and he hoped to get results by next evening .

Just one more day Manya and I will know who u are, whether u are my lost princess or just a false hope that my wheel of fortune threw on me so as to laugh at me once again. 

Chapter 2 >>Love is in the Air >>Part II >>Page 53

But Guys u do u'r work ok

Like  and Comment

As I will do mine by updating ASAP

Love U All



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-SilverAngel- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 July 2012 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update... and you're right this chapter is turning into a khichdi.
But nicely done, I liked Adya giving Manav a nick name 'Oont'... looks like she gets her nick naming qualities from Manyata in that dept... that was CUTE! And I really liked the concept of 'Lal Pari'... that was sweet.

Uday has already started to gather DNA evidence... but HOW??... did he collect her hair sample or blood sample... maybe her hair strand came on his robe last night??... my mind's always buzzing with thoughts. Plzz update the next part ASAP.

Will wait impatiently!... cuz I have no patienceLOLLOL

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xxDaydreameRxx Goldie

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reserved :)


Shana...I dont even know how to put into words how beautiful this chapter was.

 Manya blinked her eyes to clear the vision and found a small five year old girl caressing her  fondly , touching her cheeks ,her hairs  her lips with her  soft feathery hands .

Literally the second I read this first paragraph, I think my breath got stuck in my throat or something and something wierd just happened in my heart. Confused I must sound so wierd but I guess all I can really say is that Adya's first encounter with her mom was just too beautiful in a way words cannot express. Its something that can only be felt.

I don't know what it is about Adya..maybe that aura that you've created around her, or maybe the fact that she is ManVeer's child, but I simply can't get enough of her. In fact I'm totally in love with her. Every little mention of her brings this smile on my face! Especially when it concerns UV's relation with her. 
He never locked his room from inside because nobody dared to enter it prior to his information accept his very own daughter who was always welcome.

Like who would have known that that line right there with just a little mention of Adya and Uday would make me smile soo much! I don't know I guess its just too cutee imagining UV as her father... Okay I'm definitely high off something. No really, I feel wayyy too calm, happy, and relaxed after reading this chap!

Seriously like if I could hug you through the computer I would have!

If the first half was beautiful, the second half was no less... Absolutely loved how even in that one painting Manyata was quick to notice the love between them. Love how all her pictures are all picture perfect!

And then the part where Manyata and UV was flawless! Like you wrote Manyata's emotions so perfectly that I could actually feel them. And then the way you described UV's craving...that mix of love, lust, desire...equally as flawless! 

After reading the last few lines I can only say two things. First of all, please don't create some misunderstanding where UV once again has to believe that his Princess is dead. That would just be heartbreaking to a whole other level.
Second, please update soon. And what kichdi? This chap is turning out to be one of the best for me and really I wouldn't mind if it had to extend several more updates. 

Edited by xxDaydreameRxx - 29 July 2012 at 11:20pm

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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yipee loved the update!

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