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MsLuscious IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2012 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mahi0809

Waisay Shana tumhara toh celebrity status hogaya hai yaar forum pay... people are so impatient for your deedar... I mean your creation's deedar..Well catch ya later... keep on working lol

lol mahi u r ryt! Every0ne ix after this nani si jan :p

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vampire12345678 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2012 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
shana when will u are going to update i am waiting please tell me if you are going to update it in a few hours so that i wait for your update if you are going  to update in the  morning then i should not wait please update fast i want to  read the next part 
please reply
love your writing
-SilverAngel- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 July 2012 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by vampire12345678

shana when will u are going to update i am waiting please tell me if you are going to update it in a few hours so that i wait for your update if you are going  to update in the  morning then i should not wait please update fast i want to  read the next part 
please reply
love your writing

She'll update in the morning... don't wait up right now!!... She's still writing.
vampire12345678 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 July 2012 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mahi0809

Originally posted by vampire12345678

shana when will u are going to update i am waiting please tell me if you are going to update it in a few hours so that i wait for your update if you are going  to update in the  morning then i should not wait please update fast i want to  read the next part 
please reply
love your writing

She'll update in the morning... don't wait up right now!!... She's still writing.

oh k thanks for tellingSmile
ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 1

The Rainy Night

(Part II)

Manya and Manav were taken to the guest room as Yuvraaj Udayveer wanted them  to stay at his place  till he decided something further.Manya and Manav were mesmerized by the magnificent house and their room was a heaven for them. Manav touched the walls and exclaimed

'Look didi the paint is so smooth and bright and no cement is falling'.Manya and Manav had never seen such a  grand house as they had lived in the age old traditional house of their Dadaji, which was on verge of collapse .

Manav jumped into the bed 'Wow its so soft ',Manav pulled Manya on bed out of excitement who was still lost thinking about Yuvraaj Udaveer and his strange behavior as she could feel her body shudder at the very thought of his name.

The maid came in with the dinner and informed them that Uday Sir is very strict with time.He has wished them good night  and wants them tomorrow  to  be at breakfast table at eight o clock sharp.

'He is such a Hitler ' said Manav as he had his noodles working hard with fork.

'Good for u 'quipped Manya as she wiped away the noodles which Manav had carelessly let fall on his shirt. 'You  never listen to me now listen to this Hitler, afterall he is  your hero'

'O O look who is speaking Yuvraaj Udayveer is my hero yes, but what about u didi, Udayveer ke naam ki mala to tum bhi japti ho,it were u who was at loss of words when we met him, all-star struck and starry eyes ',taunted Manav  winking his eyes  as he knew he was irritating didi and may get his ear pulled any time.

'Fine now go to sleep u have to wake up early', Manya put blanket on Manav and gently   put pillow down his head. Manya was used to Manav's teasing as she knew he always did it to get into argument and then a fist  fight and when felt he was loosing he would hug her saying' Love U didi really love fighting with u'

But Manya felt she should be careful now as she did not want public display of her feelings regarding Yuvraaj Udayveer specially  in front of Yuvraaj Udayveer himself and  fall into any embarrassing situation .

She lay down beside Manav and looked towards the window while the gusts of rain washed its pane ,she felt  a mild headache and found herself feverish ,she knew it was because of continuous  drenching in rain She  closed her eyes to rest in the cozy comfortable bed  and soon fell into sweet dreams of her own.


Udayveer twirled in his bed from one side to another as the sleep seemed to be a distant thing. How could he sleep when he just found a ray of hope for his lost princess  after a long and gloomy five years. The hope which was sleeping just few doors next  to him ,in his very own house or may be in her very own house. Udayveer sat himself up  and looked around at his princess ,as she was there everywhere in his bed room, her pictures adorned the walls her things still at the place as she left them .


He did not part with anything of hers but then they all were kept carefully in her cupboard next to his .Udayveer opened  the wooden chest by his bed  and  took out the frame, it was  Manyata again but then this Manyata was the one he had first met .The one who considered cockroaches a better species then Yuvraaj Udayveer, the one who was nothing but a jungli  billi or jungle queen as Vijay banna often called her .There she was smiling from the frame her two braids dangling on her either side, the clothes belonging to some mill factory  that existed during Gandhiji era .A girl innocent and vulnerable  yet  rowdy and boisterous. 

He suddenly really realized he was looking at Manya herself ,as she looked so similar but then Manya was different, she seemed mature and strangely feminine, the quality Manyata initially lacked. he still remembered taming of his princess Manyata from  a tomboy shrew to a princess in real senses. The Manya he just met seemed to be a crossover, something raw and bold  yet with unique refined feminism around herself.

'Isn't it strange princess u have come back to me yet in a strangest form', said  Udayveer to the frame as he often talked to his princess when he felt loneliest of all  as she always  heard  him patiently and smiled lovingly through the frame waving away all his loneliness and worries.

'Why princess, Why ! why have u chosen this way, granddaughter of a Rajguru !,How is it even possible princess. I know its u and only u but then a mere touch at you makes me guilty  as I have no rights to touch u, ,I feel like betraying my own guru and his trust which he held in me while sending his grand  daughter and son  to me , to Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh which he thought was the real king in making as he himself created him by his teachings and training  .But then I am not so strong princess, I really need to know your truth I need to prove that u r my lost princess and I will prove it , as now u just can't be away from me anymore, not when I know u r so near to me'.

Udayveer decided to have a walk as he knew he wont sleep tonight or even coming nights till he knew the truth of Manya .He walked through the corridor to the dining area and found his head servant Suraj still awake. Suraj himself was surprised to see Uday Sir  but then somehow he was able to make out the reason as he knew how shocking it was to see Badi  Madam back .It was he who guided Manya and Manav to the guest room. He had grinned hard showing his yellow teeth  at Manya calling her Badi Madam just the way he called to Yuvrani Manyata but she showed no reaction, instead felt awkward at his too much respect full behavior. Her attitude and negligent behavior did make him suspicious  of her memory and identity but then he kept quit as he  felt it the best way for a royal servant.

'Sir Should I make a cup of coffee ',asked Suraj as he  saw Udayveer walking restlessly in the hallway.

'Yes Suraj  make it black and strong', requested Udayveer as for him Suraj was more like a old friend then a servant. He has been there with him through worst and through the best., though Udayveer never shared his feelings with Suraj  still he seemed to know all his pain and  his emotional turmoil and was always there with a smile or a glass of water or  a cup of coffee to comfort him.

Udayveer sipped his coffee and asked about the routine household things Suraj understood what he actually wanted to know and  he indirectly told that Manya and Manav were staying in the  guest room  at left most flank of the mansion.

'Thanks for coffee Suraj, I think u should  to sleep now' ,instructed Udayveer his voice strong as he did like Suraj but then he liked privacy , specially when it came to his personal life.

Udayveer walked towards the left flank just to have a goodnight look at  the girl, who has brought  all new hope in his life, the one who has made his heart  throb just the way it did  for his princess .

He walked through the dimly lighted corridor and stopped at the door of the guest room which was half open  as he could see the light spreading through it. He did not expect the door to be open but then peeped in hesitantly .He was  surprised to see windows open, he walked in to close them, working out the curtains in knot as the wind seemed to make them unruly . At last somehow he managed to close the window but ended up with cold  rain water on him .He fastened his night robe and  shaked  off his  head to let go off water from his hairs making tiny droplets sprinkle around,  out of which some landed on sleeping Manya .

Manya was fast asleep and seemed least disturbed but then it did disturb Udayveer as he saw her moving her hands casually on her face to wipe them off all in sleep. He was taken  by her face ,the very face which has been haunting him since years ,the face which had become a distant dream and now a sudden reality.

Udayveer felt an irresistible urge to touch Manya and  for a moment  he forgot all his defenses and bent down to touch that beautiful face but then was surprised to find himself looking into Manya's the large brown eyes. Manya was shocked to see  Udayveer  into her room hovering  over her, Udayveers night robe was  open enough to reveal his taught chest  and his water soaked hairs made him look  sensuous enough to make  Manya shudder as she groped for her chunni  in the bed embarrassed and ashamed of herself and her fleeting desires. But soon a rage of anger held her as she felt intruded .

'May I know what are u doing in my room ', asked Manya  angrily as she  courageously collected  all her wits .

'Well I was doing what u should have done before sleep', smirked  Udayveer as he was well aware of Manya's embarrassment and seemed to enjoy the turmoil she was going through  as she behaved so much like Manyata now. Hiding her strong desires with her weak anger !.

'I think u should ask before u come in a young ladies room',Manya defended herself .

'O really young lady, but then young ladies never sleep with their bedroom doors open, especially when it's  a  stranger's house', smirked Udayveer as he looked mischievously at Manya .

Manyata was outwitted   and looked away as she knew she did the mistake, but then she was always in habit of sleeping with her bedroom doors open just because of her nightmares which she so often got. Nightmare of falling down ,nightmare of drowning ,nightmare of loosing her most precious things. The girl was haunted with such nightmares since ages. It was because of this she always kept her room open so that she could run to her dadaji and be safe in his arms. But then now Dadaji was no more and their was nobody to take care of her from those dreadful nightmares which often made her breathless and sick.

'I thought it was a king's house ,and I am safe here but no I am not, I think Dadaji chose a wrong guardian for me and trusted a wrong man as I doubt your intentions, which seem to me more of some hideous kind.', said Manya repulsively as Yuvraaj Udayveer's smirks and gazes made her feel revolting.

Manyata's words seemed to pierce udayveer but then he knew no girl accepts her weakness and is always expert in blaming the man in front .

'Well I have already cleared my intentions at our very first meeting Manya, now its on u how u interpret it. Understanding it  or misunnderstang  it , depends on your choice and intellect', stated Udayveer as he turned to walk away.


But Manya seemed to have enough of  Yuvraaj Udayveer's pride and overconfidence.

'We will better leave tomorrow .I myself don't want to  be with a guardian who seem to have his own secret intentions and keeps hovering around like a ghost '  Manaya retorted angrily as she banged to close the door but then  she was stopped pulled and then pinned hard on the wall.

 Udayveer was already inside the room he pushed the door behind  and soon Manya found herself  looking into the eyes of  the man she was trying hard to run away from. Udayveer pulled her up to bring her at the level of his eyes  .

'You Just can't leave me again', howled Udayveer ,as he grabbed Manya's arm 'Not again my princess' added Udayveer but his last words came out of sheer pain as Manya could feel his sudden increased pace of  heart throb near her breast. She could see the pain in his eyes brimming with tears .. She forgot all her anger as now her own eyes reflected his pain and she found herself  unknowing yielding to his passionate hug.  

Yuvraaj Udayveer was sweeped in for a moment as he knew not who he was  by status or who was the girl in his arm by parentage, all he could feel was that he was Uday, and the girl in his arms was Manayata and only Manyata  as he knew her by her very feel  and her very smell  as she ignited the man in him the way only his wife could do. Udayveer crushed Manya inside himself  as he found Manya responding to his stimulus. Her every part touching him filling him , he looked at her face which was already flushed, and her lips quivering as ever all longing to be taken in but then he looked into her eyes and stopped abruptly . Her body did respond to him but her eyes said some other story, they were asking intently who are u and why u have such effect on me.


Manya felt herself coming out of some deep trans as Udayveer released her abruptly,she felt herself falling but then Udayveer supported her .Manya looked down embarrassed while Udayveer had no words for his very own immature behavior. He tried to compose himself and walked to move out of the room but then looked behind at Manya who was still trying hard to recover from her very own shocking behavior.

'U will get answers to all your  questions very soon and please just don't blame yourself ,I am equally responsible', said Udayveer his  voice calm and composed , 'I am sorry Manya ,will try my best not to put u  in such trying situation again',

Udayveer, did regret his behavior and  regretted in the way most genuine yet with pride so inherent with Yuvraaj Udayveer.

Chapter 2 >>Love Is In The Air >>Part I >>pg 36

Now where is my Like and Comment

Give it ok

I think i deserve it


Love U All




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-SilverAngel- IF-Stunnerz

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Hmmm Uday already feels his Manyata inside Manya by her very smell ... WOW... now that is love!!

Liked to see the perfect royal Uday losing his emotions once in a while and succumbing to his desires. I liked his talk with Manyata's portrait too. I am happy to see that he kept her alive in some way in his life in these 5 years.

Plus, Shana I want a convo of Uday with M's portrait (like a flash back moment that occured within the past 5 years) that she knows that he only loves her even though he uses women for pleasure, he could share a bed with a woman but never in their bedroom... never their bed and no other woman could ever make a place in his heart... he is just trying to keep his body alive, its only a ritual for him now as a man and nothing more. I want to see that loyal side of his heart that does not like it but does it just to keep his body running.
 I know this scenario sounds kinda cheesy... but somehow I always envisioned a perfect lover to be loyal in nature too and would like to see the characteristic of 'loyalty' in Uday's personality. His charm, intellect, persona, attitude etc always comes out in one way for another... his loyalty should come out too... its just a suggestion!!

The story seems to be moving well. Can't wait to see how Adya will react and is Minakshi still in the house?... will she see Manya right away or will she escape from her eyes for a few days? Can't wait to see what measures Uday will take to uncover the truth. I wonder if Manav's gonna spill the truth about Manya's drowning nightmares or somehow she herself will blow her cover.

Plus, I hope to see Uday put Manya in situations and keep on judging her reactions like how she reacts seeing her favorite food in front of her etc... since we all know Manyata is such a foodie...

I love your FF...  it gives me endless possibilities to think/ imagine and I like this feeling.
Great update... can't wait for Sunday!!

And one more thing... Will this Manya make some awesome nick names for Uday? Even though she respects him... we all know how witty Manyata was in the nicknaming department.

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-RK_Ki_Biwi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Oh teri, I mean Oh meri.Wink I'm late.Embarrassed These powercutsAngry I tell you.Enough my rant.LOL
Fantabulous update.Clap Clap Clap
Manya was trying her best to hide her feelings from Udayveer.Tongue BuddhuLOL she forgot UV is the soulmate of her.Smile
I like Manav-Manya bonding.Heart
UV saw his Manyata in Manya. SmileHe know her touch, her smell,her anger her feeling in her eyes for him.Smile DO JISM EK JAAN.Wink Blushing Blushing
Love UV's self-talk from Manyata's Portrait.Embarrassed
Thanking you so much for the amazing update.Hug
Great job.Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
Sunday means Sunday ok,Thumbs Up so Please update next chapter on Sunday night.Don't be so late.Cool
Tight hugs.Hug Hug Hug

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xxDaydreameRxx Goldie

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Oh shana what a beautiful update!
Really words like awesome and amazing would be an understatement! I loved Yuvraaj Udayveer's control but just as much loved Uday's unconditional love! Amazing parallels between the two.. I just really really adored this chap because we finally felt UVs pain.. the heartbreak and now the fear of losing her all over again!
Also love Manya and the fact that she is a mix between manyata an monia.. Clever clever!
Oh man all i can think right now is that sunday is way too far away! Your doing an awesome job so feel proud and pat yourself on the back! Smile

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