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Wheels Of Fortune Thread #1 (Page 139)

TuTeradekh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 September 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
shana bas ab bahot ho gaya...week end bhi chala gaya ab toh bachcho pe reham karo...

arna753 Senior Member

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wen will you update shana...
cant wait anymore. pls update has sonn as possible.
andy.a IF-Rockerz

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Smileplz update soon .
And make it so looong plzTongue
cant wait ...
ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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will update tonight ...sorry guys it wont be too long but yes will update next chapter within two days itself 

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Havii IF-Sizzlerz

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Yuhoo jaldi jaldi update karo i m waiting

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Chapter 7

The Realization


It has been six years since Minakshi had met her cousin Vikram.Vikram the only man she felt she could share her fears he apprehensions and her dark secrets.She had grown up with him. They knew each other so well. Vikram Jeet Singh a successful corporate a multimillionaire and a man she would has  surely liked to marry if only he were not her cousin. They so much matched eache other.The only person who could second Yuvraa j Udayveer was Vikram Jeet singh .He was not a prince though he was a rajwada. He had denied the titles as he felt worthless to be prince if he could not be a king.

He had always respected Minakshi  and her ambitions as he felt they were so much like his. He wanted to have his own successful business which  he had now. He was thankful to minakshi and her keen intelligent advices which helped him to have an edge in business though it was never enough to beat Udayveer. In return he helped her in achieving her own ends. Their only failure was Yuvraaj Udayveer singh. Years back they had planned to get him.Minakshi so cleanly removed the biggest thorn Manyata .They had planned so well but still marriage of Yuvraaj Udayveer with his cousin Minakshi never happened as the thorn left back its prick in form of little Adaya .

He had received a call from Minakshi. She was worried about sudden emergence of Yuvrani Manyata whom she he thought she successfully got rid of years back.


Vikram jeet had never seen Yuvrani Manyata but he knew she must sure be some magnificent woman with countenances magnetic enough for she had a man like Yuvraaj udayveer singh in love with her so much so he ignored his beautiful and brilliant cousin Minakshi. He had never cared to know about Manyata as he knew Minakshi was enough to handle her. But now he felt he needed to see this Mnayata and handle her himself as his cousin seemed tired of this never ending problem which emerged again and again .He was told that this time she had a new name called some Manya ,what a coincidence ? He had thought this problem always comes with capital M.


'So this Mnayata does not remember anything', said Vikramjeet .He sat leisurely on the sofa sipping is black coffee while Minkshi paced restlessly in the room.


'Yes she does not  and this is what we can use against Udayveer.But we have to be careful .Because Udayveer is very protective about her.'


'Don't worry di I have  come .I will handle this amnesia girl in my way. You just relax and wait and watch! Till now u have done your part now its my turn.Waise bhi I have a long list of debts to be payed by Udayveer.This Amnesia girl is going to get all my dues payed pack.'

'Hey cousin please no harm to my Udayveer .I still love him ',Minakshi smirked.

'Oh sure Di .I will only harm his business that too where u don't have partnership.'laughed Vikram .

He knew his cousin wont allow any harm even to Udayveer's  business His poor cousin was still in disillusion that it  would all belong to her when she married  Udayveer one day.But he had no disillusins.He had his goals clear.He was not a fooled lover  like his cousin .Instead he was a shrewd business who had been waiting long to get one weakness of Udayveer.And to his great luck it had come now in form of his estranged wife.

Vikram had come with all his homework done .He had the reports of Manya's illness and knew her weak nervous system was incapable of bearing any past shocks.Her serious illness forced  Yuvraaj Udayveer to alienate himself from her till she herself accepted him by her own will which he would never let happen



Little Aday strolled in her room impatiently .The girl had inherited impatient strolls from her father whom she had been used to copying right since her first day on earth. But today she was angry with her mighty papa. Today her papa scolded mamma for nothing. He even scolded her for calling her Mamma .He said she was not his mamma but some Manya granddaughter of rajguru she never knew.

'That's impossible', the little girl muttered curling her soft little fingers into fist.

The maid came in her room and asked the five year old little princess of Devgad if she was hungry.

'No I am not', bellowed the little child with the temper and tone equaling her father's making the maid shift back in awe.

The maid knew it wont be easy day for servants now as their little princess was not in good mood.

Badi ma saa saw the maid coming out of her little grandchild's room. The grim face of the maid told her all she wanted to know. She gestured the maid to leave taking the tray of food in her hands.

Little Adya dumped herself in bed tears rolled from her eyes. She did not want her mother to leave the house which she knew she would for sure. Her father had strictly ordered her to leave the house .He had said his house had no place for those who ran from themselves .The five year old mind could not understand the deep thoughts behind those words. What it  could decipher was that her father was very very angry on her mother for reason she did not know.

Or may be GrandMa knows ! Little girl exclaimed to herself.


Badi ma saa gently sat her old arthritic body  by the side of her granddaughter. Adya heard her grandma wince .

'GrandMaa!', Exclaimed Adya and she threw herself into  her grandmothers loving arms

'Yes my child'. The gray eyes of the old lady twinkled with love as she pressed the child to her heart.

'GrandMaa why is papa angry with mamma and from whom is mamma running away.'

The old lady gave a deep thoughtful look at her inquisitive grandchild and sighed. She knew not how to console her .How to tell her that her mother was running from her own self. That her mother had an incurable illness called amnesia which had weakened her mind so much that any pressure, any tension of her past may do permanent damage .

While her talks with Udayveer and the family doctor the old lady had realized that best way to get their Manyata back was to accept her the way she wants herself to be. But her constant denial had embittered the most patient .Sure something had happened between Udayveer and Manya that made them hate each other. What she didn't know .



Manya busied herself in packing things. She had decided to leave Udayveer Mansion as soon as possible. Eight weeks had passed since that fateful  new year night. She still remembered Udayveers challenge, how confidently he had declared that soon she would realize that she belonged to him. But strangely with every passing day she realized she could not hate Yuvraaj Udauveer even more. He was hell bent to make her realize that her very existence was because  of his benevolence and she the proud Manya left no stones unturned to prove him wrong

But now it was becoming impossible to live under same roof. Today he scolded little Adya for calling  her Mamma.It pricked her most. She had somehow started believing that the little angel belonged to her. It was the worst morning ever Mnaya thought as she remembered little Adya being scolded so heartlessly by Udayveer.

Manya had come to realize now that Yuvraaj Udayveer was actually venting off his frustration on a five year old child which happened to be his own daughter. She felt if she lived here more, poor Adya would get more such scoldings .She knew Adya would never give up calling her mother and would often end up making her father angry. So better leave the place and save little Adya from her father's anger. She did not know how she would live without little Adya but sure she would find some way to reach her.


Manav had no idea why his didi suddenly decided to leave the house. He did not want to go. He had started liking little Adya and his man to man talk with his youth icon  Yuvraaj Udayveer . But then he thought he needed to support his sister. He was well aware of his sister's sickness and doctors warning regarding his sister's incapability of handling high stress .


Manya had talked to her friend Anya regarding her present plight and only advice she got was leave his place. More she was away from Udayveer  better it was for her present state of mind Anya had said . Anya had been alarmed by her friends ghastly detoriation of self-respect and  self-confidence which were so high in the girl she had met few months before. Aman had organized for the room at his place at Mrs Iyyar who was happy to have her one more paying guest at her desolated big house.


Manya made her way through the endless corridor while Suraj helped her with her luggage. The head servant had requested Manya not leave in his own meek and respectful way to which Manya had cordially denied with tears in her large brown eyes. Suraj understood matters were out of hand. Sure something broke very hard and it seemed too late to  amend.




She had reached the main door .Suraj opened it for her .

'So u r leaving ' a deep voice echoed through  the central hall.

 Her body shivered, not that she was afraid of that voice   but coz of mixed effect it had on her these days . The sensations created by the voice were deadly . It was this sensation she was running away from. She turned back to look at him. He stood their on the central balcony high and mighty ,his body a little  bent supporting  itself on the fences.

She spoke nothing and  glared in air her posture straight and stiff.

Udayveer decided to break the silence .He felt no need to come downstairs .It was better he was away from her with a good distance between them. He was not sure of himself .He was not sure what he may do this adamant women who denied his love, her family and above all her ownself. Pity! he pitied her condition. But then his wife Manyata was never a woman to be pitied.She was capable of making her own stand which she was doing very well as Manya just the way she did it as Moniya years ago.

But things were different now her new form irritated him, specially when it had such a despiteful thoughts about him .She had called him rapist .For her he was a lecherous fiend who drugged women. Damn it! .It was impossible to be with such a woman under same roof. But then he needed to make sure that  she knew there was no way back once she left.

He wanted her to know that Yuvraj Udayveer was tired of her allegations and wanted to end things forever. That he wont be there to save her from the cruel realities of the world from which she had been sheltered so long by him and by her dadaji.He made it known to her in words and tone most harsh which he  chose deliberately to hurt her heart  as much as  her words had pierced him.

Manyatas eyes glistened with tears while she heard transfixed to Udayveers words. The man who never let go of her even at her worst allegation, the man who challenged her to make her his own had suddenly disowned her .He seemed  like a aristocratic stranger who looked down at a common girl who meant nothing to him but a relative to his respected Guruji.

She could not deny his financial  help to Manav and herself as it came as his right to be their guardian .But after that nothing .Her very denial to consider herself Maharani  Manyata of jaigad had suddenly left her so lonely, the love she got from badi maa sa and little Adya seemed to have been mercilessly snatched away by Udayveer as none came out to bid her farewell.

Her eyes still searched for little Adya as she moved out of the doors to the porch.She still expected the warm embrace of badi maa sa before she left her homely house forever.The massive door closed behind her leaving her  leaving her like a lonely warrior in the battlefield of life .She had been used to sheltered life be it her dadaji  or Udayveer .They had always stood by her so naturally.But today she was alone her dadaji dead and Udayveer so far away .She looked at young Manav who still stood by her, an adolescent young  boy of fourteen.He smiled at her releaving her off the tensions.Sure she had somebody on her side.She had her young dynamic brother by her side whom she needed to take care and make a better man.


Rakesh stood there by the car his chuffer's cap in his hands ,his face grim .He had requested Manya to drive her to new place for the last time. he was sad at the decision of Manya leaving  Udayveer Mension. He had tried to know more from Suraj who himself seemed to have not much idea of sudden differences that immerged between his master and his beautiful angel Manya. He opened the passenger seat for Manya and Manav and siftly loaded the luggage in the diggy.

There was a chilling silence during the drive. Something in Rakesh said that he needed to talk to Manya.

'Can I tell u something Manya considering u as my younger sister.'

The request had come from a man who had been generous and respectful to Mnaya all though her stay at Udayveer Mansion. The man who still reminded her of freshness and simplicity of her small town life. Manya felt no reason to deny being his younger sister which would have been impossible to be if she were some high and mighty Maharani Manyata of some riyasat called Jaigad and devgad.

'Yes rakesh bhiya do tell', said Manya softly

'Yuvraaj udayveer is not a bad man'.

'But he not good as well Bhaiya'.Manya deliberately looked towards the  window hiding her real expressions which seemed to mismatch her words

'May be u r right Manya but what I saw that night was a different man'.

'Which night ?', asked Manya intrigued by Rakeshs soft tone.

'The new year night'

Now Manya knew here was the man who knew what happened that night .Someone who would not frame but tell the truth.

'When u did not come home he was worried like a mad man as though he would loose everything if u don't come home in single peace all chaste. He had got the call from someone. From whom I don't know but he had rushed to the told place to find u all drugged and without senses. I felt as if u were framed and deliberately drugged by our masters enemy. Why I again don't know?'

'Why did not he take me home?',Manya interrupted still not sure of Udayveers clear intentions.

'Because Badi Ma saa had come home Manaya.How could he present u in that drugged condition to the lady he respected most.'

His answer stunned Manya. She remembered Udayveer being careful with her dress in the morning and buying her a new one which suited her as a respectable Indian lady .Yuvraaj Udayveer respected her and had no intentions to dishonor her !

'How was I that night Rakesh Bhaiya', asked Manya afraid to hear something very unsuitable to her character

'Well u talked all nonsense which I and Uday sir did not understand. He tried to calm u down all the way to the hotel. Plus u know I have heard these drugs have strange effects.'

The last words of Rakesh made Manya inquisitive about the effects of the drug she had. She had talked to Anya who herself had been effected by it. But then they were two different girls. Anya was used to different boyfriends and she was used to none.

'What effects Rakesh Bhaiya ? 'Manya asked bluntly

Rakesh felt uneasy to speak as what he had heard would sound indecent to a woman's ears. But Rakesh decided to tell as something in him said that may be it was the reason of sudden differences between his  Uday Sir and Manya. May be Manya blamed his master for something he didn't do but happened. His knowledge of udayveers character assured him of one thing ,he was not the man who forced himself on women specially in drugged and drunk cases Never!

'Do u love Yuvraaj Udayveer ', asked Rakesh trying to make more sense to the  answer he was about to give

'That does not matter Bhaiya tell me what effects?',  said Manya trying to avoid his straight questions.

'Well it may sound indecent Manya but may be u' Rakesh paused and looked at Manya through the rear mirror who was waiting breathlessly for his answer. He shrugged and  looked away to the road ahead .'  May be U forced yourself on Uday Sir' .

'No I  didn't no I didn't ', muttered Mnaya to herself as she enclosed her face in her hands. She felt sudden shame and guilt shrouding  her body. What do u think  a man would do with a drugged and  barely dressed woman like u  Udayveer's words echoed in her mind. It was she who was mad and full of lust not Udayveer .It was she who had approached him not he .

Rakesh had asked her right was she in love with Udayveer .Yes she was !.the drug had heightened her long cradled lounging for the man who had been so epitomized in her dadajis story and the one who seemed to have an unknown connection with her .The connection which she had felt when she had first saw him in the study, then in her bed room and then on stairs when he had devoured her and she had strangely  given in like a woman to her lover. Something like this  happened that night too when she Manya Shastri gave herself to the man she loved. Udayveer was right she had made love to the man she loved and he to his wife.

She wanted to run back home to Udayveer Mansion .Embrace  him tight in her arms and say he was something more then a man.he was God .Yes he was.He had loved her endlessly whether she was his wife or not was still something she needed answere for but she loved him and he loved her was the fact she realized  existed forever since time she had never even met him.

Sigh ! it was too late to turn back .She herself had slammed the doors behind  .How would she ever face the man she had allegedly called a rapist which he never was  and blamed him for things he never did. May be this was the penalty  for the blunder she committed. To live far away from the little angel she loved and the man who had rightfully challenged her and won as she had now realized she belonged to him 

'Would I ever be redeemed'

thought Manya as she looked at the glaring street lights through her tear filled eyes.     



Chapter 7

Against Each Other... Amidst Love

Coming Soon...


Love U All



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RESERVED.Monkey Emoticon
EDITED.Wink Monkey Emoticons
Claps Claps Claps for the update.Clap Clap MINDDDBLOWING.Monkey Icons 
I liked Vik's intro.Wink He's Minakshi's Bro.Now I want to see what'll the effects on him when He'll meet Manyata first time.Smile Monkey Winks
Chutku Adya didn't understand why her loving dadda scolded her for calling Manya, Mamma? But She has great impact of UV on her, She's carbon copy of UV n jus like him never give up.Wink Monkey Emoticons
UV-M's scene was nice.UV was really angry cos his Princess thinks that last night he forced himself on her in her drugged condition.Disapprove
Convo between Manya n Rakesh n when She realised that She was one who forced herself on her love/UV.Smile 
Thanks for the beautiiiful update.Loved it.Smile Monkey Emoticons
Do update soon.Tongue I'm really excited for the next one.Wink  Monkey Winks
SORRY FOR THE LATE COMMENTS.Embarrassed Monkey Icons
GREAT JOB.Thumbs Up Monkey Emoticons
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Originally posted by Vasishtha

RESERVED.Monkey Emoticon
I know u don't like my RES Signboards ROFLbut don't worry I'll defo edited after reading it n other FFs also.Monkey IconME FIRST COLLAR HIGH.Monkey Emoticon
Feeling sleepy.Monkey Winks

was it so boring Ouch

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