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Wheels Of Fortune Thread #1 (Page 118)

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shana where is the update please update soon u said u will update today late night but there still no update please update soon

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Chapter 6

The Bet

Manya tried to move her body ,she felt herslf crushed under some heavy object .She opened her eyes to look ,trying to recognize the things around. It was not her room for sure, she tried to recall the last night events, she remembered of having a strange drink offered as new year sip by the organizer, they were asked to have it in one go to welcome the new year with renewed joy. She had been dizzy after that, she tried to tell this to Aman and  Anya who seemed to be in same condition as hers.

'Where am I Manya?' thought looking around for clues, the room was not well lit the sun had just started to colour the sky which seemed like a canvas of a child's painting.


She tried to push the object, strangely she liked its feel!   She searched for the switch of night lamp near by , switched it on and realized the shock of her life. She was laying under  a man she had feared most to fall for in real . The man who made her weak at mind , the one who forced her to realize  the emptiness she had felt thorough all these years since her accident. She never told her dadaji or Manav about this unknown loneliness she often felt .She was afraid to hurt them .She knew how much they tried to make her feel at home.  Dadaji spent most of his saving in her medication which were an unending expenditure.


A sudden nuzzling at her breast brought Manya out of her deep trance she had fallen at the sight of the man who lay beside her . To her surprise she felt his hands curling round her waist and cuddling her bosom ,she  jerked his hands and jumped out of bed. She felt she had nothing on her body and to add her embarrassment she found udayveer's eyes gauging her with a sensuous grin. She  grabbed  the bed sheet which was occupied leisurely by Udayveer. Manya was struck in awe as she glimpsed at him in the morning sunlight, he looked like some greek gods who lay huddled  in white bed sheet his taught skin shining golden in the pale  sunlight  .


Yuvraaj Udayveeer seemed to be in playful mood .He could see the shock and surprise in his lady's eyes .Poor girl had least expected herself to wake up with the man she avoided like a sin. The day she touched him would turn her evil. Now what dear u just did not touch it u actually consummated it . Udayveer wrapped himself in his night gown and gestured Manya to have her own.

Manya swiftly wrapped herself in shapeless gawn her temper shooting high. Udayveer seemed so relaxed as though nothing happened while she felt herself robbed out of everything a woman has.

'What is this place ?',Manya asked trying to control herself .

'Well its  my hotel room, girls like u often end up here', taunted Udayveer ignoring her anger.

Udayvver's reply shocked Manya what does this man think of himself?. Manya did want to argue with Udayveer , she knew not how she reached here ,she knew not what happened between them. But she did feel some blunder did happen. Her body still ached due its after effects.

'I knew u r some kind of lust stricken species Yuvraaj Udayveer ,but never knew u are such a lecherous human who drugs women to have them in bed.'

Udayveer was not at all surprised at word spoken by Manya what more he could expect  from his  Amnesia stricken defiant wife who considered her husband nothing but a stranger .An adamant  woman who dared not share her fears with the man so ready to help  but whom she rejected on the grounds of rumors she believed to be truth. He did not care now what she felt for him or what she called him but one thing he did care ,was that he wanted her to realize the blunder  she did .He did want her to realize how she had risked her own reputation and her so called dadaji's reputation on stake.

'Do U really think I need to drug women', sneered Udayveer grabbing Manaya .'Specially U my own wife!'

'I am not ur wife Yuvraaj Udayveer' .Manya jerked Udayveers hands despitefully but inside she seemed to doubt her own words, her own anger which she thought seemed baseless. Yuvraaj Udayveer was not the type of man she called him to be .He was right he did not need to drug her ,to be with her.

Whatever reasons she may give herself to be away from this man she knew she did had some connection with him .The connection she so  forcefully denied but which did exist . But then it may be just one of the games her mind often played with her. Doctors had said many times our mind plays with us . Specially in the illness she had people tend to be schnezophrenic ,  a situation when we think ourselves something which we r not. May be her feelings towards Udayveer and Adya were the outcome of schenozophrenia!


'Then Who U r Manya?', Tell me who r u  ? Are U worthy to be called Shastri , Manya Shastri, do u know the real worth  of surname u are carrying with yourself Manya. Partying is not bad, but partying in the rave party ! What do u consider that .Good !'  smacked Udayveer.

'U did not even consider to tell me about it. And then u take drugs and faint in some strangers  arms. What do u think such man would do darling ! .Take a drugged ,partially clothed girl  home and introduce to his parents ! No, he won't dear, he would just use u as a prop or for one night stand ,which u so worth fully got from me,  Yuvraaj Udayveer Singh ,the stranger in whose arms u fell that night.' Udayveer clenched his teeth and curled his hands into fist as he spoke his last sentence .He felt the raging anger inside. No it was not for Manya ,it was for his ownself. He had just demeaned his very own  love !


Udayveers insulting words tore Mnaya apart .She never expected such filthy  words from the man she thought  a dignified one. She could not control her raging anger and ended up doing something she knew she would regret very soon.


Yuvraaj  Udayveer was not ready to be slapped, he expected more demeaning words but a handy action came as a surprise from the girl whom he thought was incapable of such strong  actions. His princess was a girl with colourful words but this new  version of hers seemed far too stronger. But the slap did not hurt Udayveer instead he liked her reaction ,at least it was better than fainting!

'So my lady still believes she has some self-respect left! ',mused Udayveer caressing his cheek.

Manya looked wide eyed at Udayveer. She had expected some fierce action in return. But Udayveer seemed amused. Strange! Is he surely a human she thought. She felt his reaction disgusting .He seemed to mock at her, laugh at her wretchedness. She felt used and then thrown like some tissue paper. She felt her heart crumbling as she looked at the man who stood there     proud, composed and unregretful  of his actions while she stood in deep contrast, her spirits low, ashamed and regretful of the night she spent sleeping with  the man who seemed to challenge her very own existence.

She was tired ,tired of fighting with herself and then with Udayveer. She was torn between her heart and mind. Heart which never got tired of loving Udayveer and mind which always questioned her loyalty  and love to dadaji and Manav. She sobbed at her wretchedness .

Udayveer could feel her dejection her loneliness but knew not what to do. Manya had created the wall around herself. For her he was nothing but a mere stranger or a man who  disharmonized her mental calm. He longed to be her very own, to be the one with whom she could share all her fears all her feelings, emotions and love.

But this time he was not lucky enough .What an irony he thought ,when she came first in his life she called herself Moniya  then became his Manayata but during all this she always spoke her mind. That was how his princess Manyata was. But now his princess seemed to be so far away .He knew her every single heart beat but her mind was still a puzzle for him.

'Manya', he called his voice was soft .He gently came near her and touched her cheeks to wipe out her tears. But Manya flinched. She backed off and despitefully pushed away his hands.

'Dare not touch me Yuvraaj Udayveer. I am in my full senses now. Sane enough to save my self from a cold blooded rapist', bellowed Manaya her eyes full of hatred and despise.

The last words of Manya tinged Udayveer deep. 'Enogh ! ',he roared .No women had ever called him that whatsoever angry she may be. 'Do u really know what a rape means ?, 'Udayveer was out of rage Manya was now testing his patience, he had been bearing her allegations till now but her last one took his breath away. He was shocked. He walked to her angrily making Manya look around for safe place. She knew not what to do. She felt herself cornered and stumbled down the bed , the most unsafe place she thought. But then she did need to answer him, she was no less, she was not afraid.

'Ofcourse it the same thing u do to a girl who is drugged and has no knowledge of herself'.Manya tried to rise but felt she could not. She saw Udayveer hovering over her. He seemed in no mood of letting her go. He lowered himself and looked at her sharply. His eyes rested on her quivering lips and suddenly he felt his anger vanish. Her quivering lips often had strange effect on him. They were so irresistible! .

He forgot what she had said and what allegations she made on his character, what he actually remembered was that they both had enjoyed every bit of time spent together .He realized he did need to remind her the magic once again in her full senses. He pursed his finger on her quivering lips, they stopped with his sensation making him smile.

'U r wrong Manya' said  Udayveer his voice deep and husky he grabbed her arms tightly ,pulling her up to himself  and meet her eyes smoldering with anger  'What I did was not rape I actually made love to my wife and dear  u too made love to the man u love so hatefully , a stranger who is unknowingly yours .'

'Now stop that emotional blackmail Udayveer, please stop it ', sobbed Manya unable to maintain the anger against the man who seemed to know her more then she knew herself . Why?, the answer she knew but was not ready to accept ,not till her mind allowed it so, not till her mind and heart spoke the same of him.

'I wont Manya, I wont ,not till u accept who u really are?',Manya felt herself melting in his arms but then she stopped and backed off.

'I can bet Yuvraaj Udayveer, U will never succeed, I will never give in to your false words. I don't know why u r trying to prove me Manyata, surely u must be having some strong motive behind. But I promise I will never give in'. said Manya vehemently.

'Are U sure? U will never give in princess', smirked Udayveer looking fixedly to her lips which she bit  out of nervousness .

'Fine princess let me accept ur bet and I challenge, u will realize very soon that u are mine .very soon u will accept that u r Manyata ,my princess.'

'We will see 'said Manya her head held high .

'Surely we will'. said udayveer grabbing Manaya  to himself. 'But can u do me a favour before that?  ', asked Udayveer mischievously.

Mnaya was surprised at sudden frivolous tone of  his voice 'What favor ?'

Udayveer lowered himself and gently put his finger on her lower lips, Manaya understood his intentions but before she could act she felt herself plunged into a most ravenous yet passionate  kiss she ever expected at this moment of time when she thought she would never give in.

It started slow with her lower lip sucked in and then the upper. His hands had so tactfully made their way in her gown to her waist and then down again. 'No ' she gasped trying to breath in the fresh air she so much needed .'Please stop' she pleaded grabbing his hands stopping them  from their further probe into her body .

Udayveer breathed hard ,suddenly he felt stimulated but then he knew Manya was not all ready for any such kind of thing. He hugged her  tightly dissipating  his energy into her wrapping his legs around her thrusting her to himself. For that moment Manaya lost herself into his heaving body burning with sudden desire she had ignited unknowingly in him by her mere biting of lips . A sudden silence enveloped them with nothing their hard breathes audible. Manya felt like she had always been there to absorb this man into herself . She regretted the clothes she had on her body. Strange she wanted to feel him. She hesitantly   moved her hands within his gown to touch his bare skin inside. The sensation was marvelous. She rested  her arms on his bare chest and then slowly rested her head .

It felt like heaven listening to his pacing heart beat ,

feeling his taut skin at her face.

She closed her eyes and sighed let me rest like this forever ,




The sound of cell phone ringing broke their blissful silence .Udayveer rushed to pick it up. It was Badi maa saa. How can he be such a fool thought Udayveer. It was 8 o clock morning. Badi Maa Saa must be on rampage .He needed to be at home as soon as possible.

'Mnaya', Udayveer called.

'Yes', answered Mnaya faintly trying to collect herself What was I doing  and what is this strange feeling .

'Manya , Shastri ji must have told u about Badi Maa Saa right'.

'Yes she is the great grand lady your mothers eldest sister'. Replied Manya

'Yes she has come home and wants to meet u, but she does not know u look like my wife, her bahu', explained Udayveer hastily as he rushed to bathroom.

'So what should I do ', asked Manya standing out at door confused at how to face the lady who would think her bahu has come back.

'Nothing we will go to some boutique first ,we need a better dress', said  Udayveer trying to be loud making his voice audible out of shower.

'But' Mnaya could not complete as the bathroom door banged open on her .She nervously passed him the shirt looking down as now this man seemed like some cherished gem she wanted to touch again and again. She knew it would be all hers in just one nod  but her proud mind her alter ego seemed far too stronger then her frail heart which always took Udayvers side.




Rakesh looked at Yuvraaj Udayveer and Manya through the  rear mirror. Everything seemed normal. Rakesh had been worried about Manya but dared not ask in presence of Yuvraaj Udayveer who would surely take his questions as intrusion in his matters. He had realized that his master was way too possessive about this girl  and would never let anything happen to her .But Yuvraaj Udayveer's reputation was his chief concern. He had heard of him as Casanova though few said he is a changed man now. Rakesh's small town thinking was not at all ready to take Udayveer in good lights so easily yet his power and status silenced him. And he decided to ask Manya afterwards.


Manya chose the beautiful green anarkali for herself. She felt it the best dress to greet Badi Maa Saa for whom she had heard in stories till now. Now she had two stories for this very old lady. One of Dadaji in which she was a generous royal lady and one told by Yuvraaj Udajveer in which she was a strict religious lady possessive of her little grand daughter Adya and religiously believed that  her bahu would come back soon.


Suraj rushed in to greet Yuvraaj Udayveer and Manya. The worried look  and cautious actions of Suraj were proof enough for Udayveer to know that his Badi Maa Sa was not in good mood. She must have kept poor Suraj on his heels. Suraj being head servant was always the target of Badi maa saa's anger . He had to listen for the fault of any servant, even sometimes for the fault of his favorite master himself. Udayveer knew Badi maa sa must have vent his anger on poor Suraj. He patted Suraj on his shoulders and nodded his head in recognition to his efforts for handling an seventy five year old ancient child.


After seeing Suraj's worried countenances Manya thought she was sure to get a shock of her life and was knocked out of breath by a surprising strong hug from a frail looking white haired old lady.

'Manyata humari bachhi '.The old lady kept on repeating the same three words again and again till she smeared Manya's cheeks with her motherly kisses.

Manya had no words to speak ,she was too mesmerized by the overwhelming love of the lady .She remembered nothing of her mother but she felt surely she must be like this old lady. Manya tried to explain Badi ma saa about the fact she felt most true. The fact that she was not his bahu Manyata she had been waiting since long but Manya Shastri granddaughter of Pandit Deenath Shastri the man she most respected.


Manya knew not how to tell, Badi maa saa seemed to have her own long story .The story about Udayveer and Adya. Stories about some respected woman called Rajmata Mrinalini Devi and her son. She felt like listening to her Dadaji and his never ending tale of raja rani and their rajkumar and rajkumariyan.

When Manya had listened these stories from her Dadaji never did she have the faintest thought that one day she would be the major part of this story .But no not again! She wont loose herself in this fairytale. No not at all thought Manya has she smiled faintly at the  over excited old lady .


'Badi Maa Sa I respect u a lot. But I am not Manyata your bahu but Manyaa the granddaughter  Shastriji',stated Manya trying to be humble and respectful


Badi Maa Saa looked confused at Mnaya 's words which she felt were spoken out up desperation .She looked at Udayveer whose expressions surprised her. He supported the Manyata's strange belief about herself. 'But Why ?" thought Badi Maa saa. She realized she needed to talk to Udayveer and know the real truth. Which she felt must be even stranger.




Manya threw herself on the bed and gasped .Meeting with Badi maa saa had put her into emotional turmoil once again. The joy of lady  was so genuine and her concern so honest. Soon u will realize u are all mine ,the words of Udayveer still echoed in her mind. She remembered Udayveers bet and  her challenge but strangely she felt she had already started losing to this mighty Udayveer. She felt how much she loved little Adya and how strangely she felt connected to Udayveer and now this old lady called Badi maa saa seemed familiar too.


She had been trying to call Anya since morning  but it answered unreachable. She knew Anya was the only one she could speak her heart ,She felt  people at Udayveer Mension seemed too adamant in their belief of her being  Manayta ,their lost yuvrani. She panicked at very thought of  seeing other family members whom Badi  maa saa said would soon turn up.

So many more to come to call me Manayta while I am the only one to call myself Manya

Somehow Anya picked the phone. Manya was all ready to blast  with her complaints but stopped as she heard  a  deafening scream from other side of phone.




It was 11 o clock morning  .Anya had slept since party. She had no clue about the place she slept in. She had been ignoring the cell phone but at last decided to pick it up.She cuddled in the blanked cozily to answer. But felt her tongue stuck at her palate .There was a man in her bed and her sudden and sharp scream threw him out of bed in shock.

Aman! Anya exclaimed

Poor Aman ! he had just dreamt  that some volcano erupted in serene waters of pecefic ocean, he never thought it was not volcano in pecefic waters but Anya in his bed. He had been sleeping calmly in his single bed without clothes as usual, his comfy blanket wrapping him and his room AC at its coolest.


It had been late in the party, the drinks and alcohol made him dizzy. He remembered how strange he had felt after that new year sip. Manya and Anya both had fainted .He had tried to find Manya but lost her in party and somehow helped Anya  and brought her at his place where he lived as paying guest to a cranky old lady Mrs Najappa. Aman knew taking Anya to her house that too when he himself was not in a very good condition would be calling shaamat. Anya had two possessive brothers who were famous for their street rumbles. Aman had always thought which man would ever choose a girl with such notorious brothers .


 Aman did not know how they both ended up together in that little space of his single bed. He looked in shock at Anya who looked beautiful, her soft pale skin glowing, hidden partially in bed sheet.


'I 'I just don't know how it happened Anya ', stammered Aman wrapping the blanket round his waist.


Anya knew not what to say. How could she be such a fool to take  that unknown drink which had been strangely offered only to three of them .She remembered it was offered by some special person said to be one of the organizes. She tried to remember the person and all she could remember was that it was some woman, a finely dressed woman.


'Aman u stupid don't u see that we have been framed', stated Anya trying hard to remember the face of the lady. But her heavy head and weary body failed her.


'Whatever Anya ,the fact is that u should leave my place as soon as possible before my sneaky Mrs Najappa and your notorious brothers eat us alive. ',Aman had swiftly dressed himself and tugged Anyas clothes by her side.


'Get lost Aman! We slept together damn it ! Are not u shocked', snapped Anya


'Of course I am Anya ,I am shocked coz I don't remember much of my must have been most memorqble night'


Aman's last words touched Anya. Sleeping with men was never an issue with Anya. She changed boyfriends like clothes. But Aman seemed so different ,so very true and honest. She never slept with such a man. Anya liked breaking rules, the more her brothers tried to limit her the more adamant she was to cross it. Aman had never been her type of man, he was the one who followed rules while she broke them. Strange ! she slept with him. She thanked God that she did not remember much about it but was surprised when Aman regretted about not remembering it. She was the type raat gayi baat gayi but was afraid the fragile hearted Aman may pine on it .


Manya listened to the conversation in bits and pieces through the cell phone which was tossed on the bed .She was confused. She cut the call and redialed the number.

Anya picked the phone still thinking about the lady and Aman.

'Anya whats wrong why u and Aman are arguing ?' ,asked Manaya desperate for clarification

'I slept with Aman', sighed Anya scratching her hairs


'I think its coz of that bloody new year sip which we had', answered Anya '.She grabbed her clothes and ramped to the bathroom leaving behind stunned Aman whose mouth went  agape seeing nude Anya walking off so confidently without a glimmer of blush or recognition to his presence. Anya heard Manya sobbing and knew she too must have ended in some mess.

'Manaya what happened dear ?', asked Anya with genuine  concern in her voice,

'Anya I slept with'' Mnaya broke into sob again

'Yuvraaj Udayveer, 'completed Anya

'How do U know it?',Manya was surprised

'Come on Mnaya I am not a fool. Dont I know how protective he is about u. Do U think he would ever let any other man come near u ?'

'I feel used up Anya',

'Fault is yours Manya ', quipped Anya  as she came out of the bathroom ready to leave.

'What? ,'Manya was surprised by sudden blame coming from her best friend

'Yes Manya fault is yours dear. Dont U know u are foolishly in love with that man. Manya lets talk in office. I am going home now.'.

Anya cut the phone and kissed Aman placidly on cheek. 'Forget it Aman, One night stands are never so serious that we remember them ' muttered Anya and walked away leaving Aman still trying reminisce the precious moments lost.


Manya sat huddled in her  bed trying to remember even the slightest moment of the night she spent with so called  love of her life. Strange she remembered nothing instead she felt cheated. She felt cheated by her treacherous mind which played games with her .She remembered nothing of her past life, all she had were the beautiful stories of her loved Dadaji and sweet moments spent with her only  sibling Manav.


But strangely she had some lingering unknown faces and strange emotions attached with people in Udayveer Mansion , that often made her re think of her present existence as Manya. She feared of loosing against unknown pull  she felt towards Yuvraaj Udayveer and his daughter Adya and people around them who seemed to accentuate his belief of she being his wife Yuvraani Mnayata.

'Who Am I ?' asked Manya to herself looking at her reflection in the mirror ' Maharani Manayata wife of Yuvraaj Udayveer mother of little Adya or Manya granddaughter of Shastri ji  ,sister of Manav  and just a girl foolishly in love with Yuvraaj udayveer'.

Both the ways ended her to Yuvraaj Udayveer one as his beloved wife and another as his unknown lover for whom he had no place in his heart.

One was the path so smooth but their she feared loose her savior, her mentor ,Dadaji and her loved brother Manav. Another was the way through thorny bushes where she had no love of Udayveer and fear of losing little Adya whom she felt she won't live without.

 Manya decided to take the thorny path as that was what her present mind allowed for.

I will always find my way to my Adya thought Manya

But will never give in to false baseless stories and obstinate belief of some powerful man

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Shana dear

This was a gr8 update

albeit a thunderous one

The bet was superb

She tried to push the object, strangely she liked its feel!

ab uss "object ke baare mein tumhein kya boloon"

Its the favourite object of all girls in IF

aur haan uss object ki ek piece bhi mil gayi na toh mein toh khushi ke maare pagal ho jaaongi

Haa Nahi TohWink

Manya deserved that Reality check frm Uday

Kisi hot Prince charming ne ek baar kaha tha ki M par normal thareeke kaam nahi karthe, remember?LOL

Toh UV ko yahi karna padega

Coz Anya achi dost hai par uski aur M ki Upbringing n Views on lyf n morality r different..

Toh she needed to be taken in hand strongly

Agar UV ke jagah koi aur hota toh then she wud've  lost everything

I just got a weird feeling ki woh Organiser kahi Meenakshi ki bheji hui toh nahi hai na

Agar hai toh

This one is for Meenakshi

Kyunki jab bhi koi Manveer ko door karne ki koshish karte hai

They become more closer

Jaise Maaried for Riyasat mein Jai ne kya plaaning ki thi issi hotel mein uski B'Day par

Bt aakhir huva kyaWink

Prince Charming ka ye dialogue was my fav

'Fine princess let me accept ur bet and I challenge, u will realize very soon that u are mine .very soon u will accept that u r Manyata ,my princess.'

Manya n Badi maasi scene was beautiful

Aur M ki insecurities ko tumne ache se portray kiya dear luvd it alot

n thanx once again for this wonderful n stormy updateClap

Nw waiting for the Pol kholing of Meenakshi

Kyunki Primce charming ki vow tho zaroor complete hogi i'm confidentSmile

Yaay I'm happy ki I'm the first one to commentDancing

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res... yup I'm a res wala bhai

comment in detail after reading,
Love and Hugs,
Munna bhai!

Edited: Lovely update ShanaStar... and was worth every minute of the wait!Clap...Manya is one unwavering soul in her beliefs and ideas no matter how much the heart begs her for otherwise! ... and yes somehow I also  feel that it will be the love for Adya that will reawaken the sleeping Manyata inside of her... after all Adya is the essence of her and Yuvraj UdayveerHeart...

And can we have more kids of Manyata and Udayveer later onDay Dreaming ... after the truth is out in the open and yeah, I believe that 'woman' was Minakshi... It had to be her or of her socialite friends in case she wants to keep her tracks hiddenEvil Smile, (I have my thinking cap back onLOL) but at the end its she who's pulling the strings. Can wait until the Dr. comes back from vacation or Uday finds out the truth in some other way.Party

Is Manyata going to leave Uday's mansion to distance herself from him/ find herself and Manav a new place to stay?WinkConfused... in a way to make her mind win over her heart ... it's just a thought that came to mind analyzing this whole situation since she's made the decision to choose the thorny path!

And Uday is one relentless lover/ husband!... and possessive too!... Uff how I love that in a man Heart.. it makes a guy all so charming for me!

I might write more... cause I'm defo gonna reread it... so might comment again LOL... this time on some other dialogue that caught my attention so stay tuned!

Luv ya Shana!HeartHugHeart... Have a pyar wali jhappi LOL

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Such a fantastic update!!!!

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fantastic and sooo looong update dear 

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Yes finally you updated. DancingMy words n praises are very small for this FF n update.SmileNo word is enough to praise the update.Smile I tried my best to collecting the superlative words for the update but each word is so so small.Wink It's BLOODY BRILLIANT. Clap Clap Clap  Loved UV-M scenes.BlushingBlushing Manyata was trying her best to hide her feelings from UV n She also knew She can't hide her feelings from the great Yuvraaj UV Singh, but still trying n trying.LOL
Aman-Anya scene was superb. ROFL ROFLn Manya's dilemma.Embarrassed
Thanks for the update.Smile
Pls update next part ASAP.Smile I'm billu bhai of DEK Forum n I'll start to give you threats.Evil Smile ROFL I'm very impatient person n never wait for anything but First time I was waiting for the update.Cool So be a good-good Princess of DEK Forum n Update next part ASAP.Tongue
I'm dying to read more but ...waiting,waiting.Day Dreaming 
Apun ko next chapter abhi icch chahiye.LOL Chal apun wait kar lega but jyada nahi k.Warna..Evil Smile Evil Smile
Loved it.Thumbs Up
HUGS.Hug Hug Hug

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 hey rasgulla di it was just awesome Smile. so the bet is on the way. no doubt our prince is going to win the betWink.  oh god what did u do anya slept with amanShocked. but didn't aman liked manya? bechari badi maa sa.  uff just loved manveer senerio. manya couldn't resist UV. defo she can't actually no one can it"s a betWink. hayye it was so Embarrassed. i liked the part how uday forcefully kissed his love. lol i'm dreaming nowDay Dreaming. once again the update was great muaahHug

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