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Roses_ZaYa Senior Member

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Sounds awesome.

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by mahi0809

Originally posted by xxDaydreameRxx

Originally posted by mahi0809

Originally posted by xxDaydreameRxx

Originally posted by mahi0809


Yes, and you better make sure you give Minakshi HELL when the truth comes out. It'll shouldn't be something smooth or easy like going away from their lives, but some real punishment via karma or anything else but for once I really really wanna see evil paying/ being thwarted. Hate Minakshi so much!..  She is a freakin male version of psycho Akash.

YES OMG thanks for reminding me Mahi...I want that girl to suffer..big time! i think the best thing would be to make her realize her mistake and then leave her burning in the hell of regrets and misery for a lifetime Evil Smile

I want her to be Mumbai jail ki Yuvraani Evil Smile  for an Attempt to Murder. Wanna actually see somebody (a character) going behind bars and realizing the extent of their crime. Don't want her to go scot free. Attempt to murder's not a joke or something to be taken lightly. Its our shows that have made a mockery out of law and the system of giving adequate punishment.

I hope Shana does justice to it in her book.

OMG so true!! Indian shows make murder attempts seem like everyday life..i mean look at J in teh one in the show even remembers or mentions her trying to poison manyata anymoreAngry

Shana are you listening dear? We want Meenakshi to get punished! Big time! 

And I bet nobody is even gonna find out that she was the one who deliberately tripped DS and sent her to ComaAngry ... can you believe it... even many aspects of the truth don't come out and are conveniently omitted or manipulatedWacko.
Hope Shana covers all the loop holes in her book. Have full faith on your talent girlyThumbs Up.

Well u two have really given me a reason to ponder upon,

Loopholes in Indian legal system hummm..,fine girls now am gonna once again read my old law books to find solid points to sue this girl

U made me remember my graduation days I am basically a commerce person but then we were taught law as well and we really had good time  fighting  over cases LOL

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saneha85 Groupbie

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Originally posted by jav101

Sounds awesome.
shana plz update
ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 6:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by saneha85

Originally posted by jav101

Sounds awesome.
shana plz update

will update by night dear Smile
Sunshinegirll Goldie

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 7:44am | IP Logged
nice concept... really loved ur first book married for riyasath... waiting for this one..
wud love to see uday realising she is manyata indeed but has lost her memory.. n also him working to make his princess remember the sweet times spent together...
n also adya remembering her mother from photos and running to manya...
minakshi wud be shocked to see manya... will she start her evil plans again to harm manyata?
she might probably... but this minakshi shud hav got that uday can never be his... i mean even after 5 yrs os his separation with manyata uday hasnt decided to move on.. he truly loves only manyataEmbarrassed
haye i cant wait to see uday and manya meeting EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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--Zenu-- Goldie

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Originally posted by shana0127

Originally posted by saneha85

Originally posted by jav101

Sounds awesome.
shana plz update

will update by night dear 

Shana how much tym more?? Pls update soon 
-SilverAngel- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Shana... waiting desperately to read your epic creation!... Update SOON!!

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 July 2012 at 10:13pm | IP Logged

Chapter 1

One Rainy Night

(Part I )

Manya paced swiftly through the dingy roads of Haridwar city .It was four o clock in the morning  the air was cold and misty .It was the month of November the month of massive nahan in Ganga. The pilgrims had thronged from all over India to have the holy dip at har ki paudi to cleanse their sins .Manya always liked this month and waited for it whole year as it was the month of festivals and pooja .But this year things were not the same her eighty year old dadaji was loosing his fight against his old age. He was frail and ill. Manya loved her Dadaji and his ill health worried her. He had already been hospitalized twice for heart attacks  in last two months.

Today he was back home but still not in very good shape. The old man wanted to be blessed by Maa Ganga before he died and so Manyata had to rush to har ki paudi everyday on behalf of her ill Dadaji to have a bath and bring its holy water for him as it was believed that grandchild's holy dip in Ganga on its parents behalf gave blessings to the child as well as the parents. It was cold in November and water was chilly but it could not deter Manya from the holy dip which she took in name of her Dadaji with only prayer in her heart and mind make my dadaji healthy.

Pandit Deenanath Shastri , a teacher by profession has had worked as Rajguru at Jaigad palace.He had returned to his home city Haridwar after the riyasat was taken over by government  just like other riysatas which were taken over by the government after independence. Though the government did let the rajparivaar to have their titles and rajmahal but others had to leave.

Maharaj Giriraj of  Jaigad riyasat was kind enough to provide  Pandit Deenanath enough money for rest of his the king was impressed by his intellectual capabilities and his commendable job in teaching his son Yuvrraj Udayveer. After returning to Haridwar he was offered the job of a  primary school teacher by the local primary school which he had gratefully accepted as he took it as a chance to teach the future citizens of independent India .

He was highly regarded in the social community of Haridwar for his intellectual thoughts and yet so humble behavior. He had instilled the very same characteristics in his grandchildren Manya and Manav. His son and bahu had died in a train accident and his granddaughter Manaya too was lost in a boat accident at Ganga .But it was about five years back a miracle happened when the very same Ganga returned  his grandchild back to him an form an unknown girl whose body had come flowing down the valleys .He still remembered that evening  when he was having his usual sandhya snan in  river Ganga when a body hit  him. It was a body of a young girl who seemed to have fallen into the river by accident.

His little eight year old grandson had rushed to see the thing and exclaimed 'Dadaji look didi has come back'.

The girl he found had no recollection of her past as she was hit hard by the underwater stones on her head .His little grandson Manav believed her to be his didi .Since then he had that girl with him as his grandchild Manya taking her as a gift from Maa Ganga  and thanked her for returning his granddaughter in a new form.

It was five years since Manya came back in his life. She took care of him like a child.The girl seemed to have a natural motherly flare which sometimes did make him belive that may be she was a married  women with children. But he knew nothing about her past neither did he want to know as for him she was his lost and then found grandchild Manya.


Manya had completed her graduation from Haridwar Mahavidyalaya  and aspired to go to Mumbai one day.She had heard a lot from Dadaji about different cities of India but Mumbai was her favorite as Dadaji's  favorite student Yuvraaj Udayveer lived there. Manya and Manav were both impressed by their dadaji's student called Yuvraaj Udayveer as he was the most vividly described character in Dadaji's story about his experiences at Jaigad riyasat  Manya dreamt of going to Mumbai one day just to see how Yuvraaj  Udaveer  actually looks like .


Pandit Deenanath  had tried his best to get Manya married but failed as Manya herself rejected the very idea of getting married as she did not want to leave her brother and Dadaji. But now his very own failing health worried him of his grandchildren's future.Pandit Deenanath knew the only man he could ask help was Yuvraaj Udayveer his very own student. Udayveer respected him most and always came to visit him whenever he came to Haridwar. But since his wives tragic disappearance he never came to Haridwar and Pandit Deenanath did understand the reason as he knew about the great tragedy the man had gone through. But Udayveer always called Pandit Deenath his loved Guruji at festive occasions. Manya and Manav hovered around his cell phone as soon as they knew Yuvraaj  Udayveer  was on phone ,they would ask to put the cell on loudspeaker mode so that they could here his voice ,little Manav would giggle  and ask all his silly questions while Manya would sit tongue tied mesmerized by his thick male voice answering Manav's silly questions.

'Dadaji ,Why not Udayveer come here to meet u when he loves u so much?', Manya had complained once as she  wanted to see the speaker of that captivating voice ,the man who cared and loved their dadaji so much but never came see him


'He will never come here my child, this city has taken away his most precious thing ,his wife, the woman he loved most, the mother of his little child', Dadaji  had told defending his student .It was since then Manya had started idolizing the man whom she knew by his voice and through stories of Dadaji about his childhood.


'Manya Beta promise me u will be strong and take care of your little brother', said Pandit Deenanth as he took her hands into his. It was one of the darkest night in Manya's life as she could see the light in her Dadaji's eyes dying .Her dadaji had got a major heart attack and doctors said they could not save him now .He had somehow regained conscious enough to say his  last words and handover an envelope  to Manya and  asked her to go to Mumbai and give his letter to Yuvraaj Udayveer as now on he would be their guardian.


Pandit Deenath knew he was counting his last days and had already prepared for future of his grandchildren which he knew would be safe in hands of Yuvraaj Udayveer . Udayveer himself had taken the initiative and had  offered to take care of his grandchildren and be their guardian. Yuvraaj Udaveer had  felt it the only way to show his gratitude to his sick old guruji who had given him the base to stand on, as his teachings still ran deep in his blood  right from Krishna's Geeta to Chanakya's Kutneeti which his guruji  had taught him so well.


The crimination of Pandit Deenath Shastri was done peacefully  on the banks of river Ganges People said he was a lucky man as he had his grandchildren around him .Manya was heartbroken as for her  Dadaji  and Haridwar was the only world she  knew. She looked at Manav sleeping in her lap as for him she was his world, his didi .

Manya opened the envelop which her dadaji had given her.It contained the address of Yuvraaj Udayveer and a letter addressed to him .It was by reading the letter Manya came to know how much Yuvraaj  Udayveer meant to her dadaji as now on it was he who was to be their guardian, a man she knew only in stories was about to be their care taker .


IT rained heavily in Mumbai and the road jam was the common scenario in such situation, all have to face it be it rich ,middle class or poor. Yuvraaj Udavveer's Roles Royals was  stuck in Mumabai's great monsoon jam .Yuvraaj Udayveer ,was the King of Jaigad and devgad  Riyasat by title but then he  liked to be called Yuvraaj Udayveer as for him Yuvraaj was no more a tile but his very own name .He never liked the idea of being king just by name as ruling heart of millions was his main goal which he successfully did by being Yuvraaj rather then Maharaj. A powerful hotelier ,an entrepreneur and above all an enigmatic charmer ,that was the latest title he garnered for his secretive lifestyle.

Manya and Manav made their way through the traffic jam as they had come out of the auto as the driver refrained from going forward because of the long traffic jam. He had explained them the way to Udayveer Mansion as it was well known  in the city.

'Ask anybody ,he will tell  u ',said auto driver as he left the siblings in Colaba a well known posh area of Mumbai. Manya and  Manav made their way to the huge gates of Udayveer Mansion .They were already drenched in rain and shivered as they asked the guard for Yuvraaj Udayveer.

The guard scrutinized the two and laughed 'This is Udayveer Mansion children not a dharmshala'.

Manya was annoyed at the guard as she was in no mood of bearing a guards taunts  at their wretched condition. 'We are Shastriji's grandchilderen ,and if Yuvraaj Udajveer knows u misbehaved with us then forget Mumbai u wont get that guard's job in your hometown Chappara Bihar'.

Guard was astonished at Manya's statement as she was so accurate about his hometown 'How do u know my hometown', asked the guard.

'By u'r name plate  and accent Mr. Ramlal Chaurasiya ,by the way I am Manya Shastri granddaughter of Pandit Deenath Shastri, u better inform your sahib or be ready to lose u' job said Manya  as she narrowed  her eye on the guard.

The guard called inside the Mansion  and was answered by Yuvraani Minakshi who was waiting for Yuvraaj Udayveer since one hour. The guard informed her about Shastri's  grandchildren waiting for Yuvraaj Udayveer.

'Tell them he is not home and will come after a week,' said  Minakshi to the guard as she banged down the phone .

Yuvrani Minakshi did not want any disturbance in the romantic night she had planned  for Udayveer. Though she knew romance and Udayveer were two different things. He had always remained cold and placid to all her dates she planned for him howsoever romantic she tried. It has been five years since Manyata was gone ,it has been five years since she has been trying to carve a corner for herself in his heart but all in vain.

As now she had come to realize that she has been all way wrong as the man had no heart at all but a blood pumping machine. But then he was a man ,a man with all his biological desires intact ,all needed to be satisfied and it was here she found her place. Udayveer was all business and man of action even when it came to his own manly desires. She always woke up alone in the morning whenever she somehow got a chance to be with him .

He often laughed at her when she said she loved him.

'Love !does that really exists, well I loved my wife but then dear it was five years back and now I don't even remember how to love ,as the woman who made Yuvraaj Udaveer fall in love exists no more. Their is only one woman I can romance with, fall in love and make love and u know her very well' said Udayveer as he  never forgot Manyata but the he did forget how to love and be in love as his very inspiration for love ,his wife was lost.

Manya was surprised at guards answer but then she was not the one to give up so easily. She knew the guard was laying as the girl was quick in reading his expressions.

'Fine so what we will wait  till he comes', said Manya as she put down her baggage and made Manav sit on it putting her brother under Umbrella while she  herself faced the wrath of the rain.

The guard felt sorry for Manya and her younger brother but then he knew going against Yuvrani orders meant loosing the job as well.

Yuvraaj Udayveers car zoomed through the gates of Udayveer Mansion. It was late evening now .Manya felt sick as she had been into the rain since an hour. She had somehow  asked the guard to have place for Manav .She saw the car going in and knew it was Udayveers and looked at guard raising her eyebrows. The guard knew the girl won't go till she met  Udayveer so at last he decided   in personally go to Yuvraaj Udayveer. 

Udayveer was already in his study as he had kissed his little princess Adya to sleep .The girl never slept till she got goodnight from her papa. He was surprised to see Minakshi at home.

'No Minakshi ,please no', sighed Udayveer waving his hands as he knew Minakshi was up with some boring date. Udayveer was already tired enough as he was stuck in jam for unwanted one hour plus he had some important riyasat files to sign. He called for doctor uncle as he wanted them to done tonight.

'So I mean nothing to u right', whined Minakshi as she was broken by Udayveer's careless attitude.

'Of course u mean a lot to me dear after all u are my business partner, I do take care of my collogues don't I ,' taunted  Udayveer mischievously as he sat  himself  on his majestic teak wood chair looking for the files in the closet.

'Now please Minakshi either leave for your home or to the guest room but please leave me alone, I have important work to do ',snapped Udayveer as banged the files on the table irritated by her very presence.

Minakshi ramped angrily out of  his study as she  repelled the very defiance of Udayveer as it made her feel like a waste but then she felt she deserved it  for being in love with such a heartless robot.

The guard came in the study , Doctor Uncle ,the personal doctor and chief assistant of Yuvraaj Udayveer who was helping him with the  files was surprised to see the guard in the study .But then guard told that two children were waiting outside in rain and were claiming themselves to be grandchild of some Shastriji.

'What ! ',Udayveer exclaimed 'Grandchildren of Shastriji, damn it!  , why the hell u kept them waiting ?'.

'Sir Yuvraani Minakshi'..', the guard could not complete his sentence as he saw Udayveers raging anger.

'Who is she to interfere in between my people ?,u work for me not for her', yelled Udayveer .

'Now send them in ,quick !', Udayveer commanded as  regretted  to himself  at the very carelessness shown towards his Guruji's children who have been made to wait so long.

Manya and Manav were at last allowed to enter through the massive gates of Udayveer Mansion. Manya looked through the gate at the astounding Udayveer Mansion a Rajmahal in making. It gleamed like some small city from distance. Manya treaded through the pathway holding her brothers hand with her rain sodden extra heavy baggage on her shoulders .She looked at the water fountain which shined beautifully in the flashlights and for a moment  was lost into a  feeling of deja vu .

'Come Didi I am hungry', pulled Manav as little boy was already cold and hungry .

Manya was guided by the maid to Udayveers study .The study was dimly lit and looked like some great central library ,there in the center she saw a man sitting behind  a large  finely carved teak wood table .She looked at this  handsome  face   bent down into the files ,his hands shuffling through the pages and his expressions   grave and engrossed .

'Hello Yuvraaj Udayveer' said Manav as he found his sister too occupied in observing her prince.

Udayveer looked up from his file towards the voice and was amused to see Manav, he recognized his voice well as it was often this little boy who volleyed his inquisitive questions whenever he called guruji.

He further looked up at the bit taller stature standing beside him and was struck by its very looks.She was a girl dressed in short kurta and patiala salwars folded up to her ankles revealing her pale skin and bare feet,  her chunni plated on her breast like a school dress,hairs tightly pulled in form of two braids dangling on either sides ,she was all drenched in water with few beads of water still on her face . He stood in disbelief and tried to walk  but  his legs seemed stuck as he could not find power enough to move.

'Princess !',  Udayveer  exclaimed  as that was the only word that could escape out of his mouth.He was struck by her startling resemblance with his wife Manyata.But then the girl seemed awed by him but showed no signs of recognition for him.

'Manya ', corrected Manav as he pulled her didi  forward 'my didi ,well she is  tongue tied when she hears u on phone now since she has seen u ,I think she will faint', last words were deliberately  added by Manav to make everybody laugh as the weird look at Yuvraaj Udayveer and Manya's face confused the little boy.

'When  did u find your didi', said Udayveer without moving his eyes from Manya. Manya felt awkward by Udayveers constant gaze and looked aside confused by Udayveers strange behavior. Udayveer walked nearer to Manya to have a closer look her very  nearness fascinated him and her eyes they were the same ,her skin the same colour,she looked fresh as rain water still dripped down her hairs. Udayveers piercing eyes  tore  Manya apart ,she shivered with  cold due to her rain soaked clothes while Udayveers nearness made her feel vulnerable.

She moved behind to find herself  at the dead end to the wall .Udayveer tried his best to compose but he found himself loosing hard to the girl in front. He knew not who she was ,his Guruji's granddaughter or his very own princess but at moment he just wanted to touch and feel this very thing to confirm her identity right now. He looked straight into her eyes trying to find answers to his endless questions but those eyes reflected nothing but confusion ,he touched her bare arms to feel her sensation and gently moved his hands to touche her face.

His  touch made Manya's skin flush ,he smiled as he saw her body coloring, his eyes twinkled as he saw her lowering eyes.He slowly moved away scrutinizing every movement in her body right from her  flushing  cheeks to those quivering  lips and nervous tugging of her short kurta ,he had all effects on her as he had  it on his princess.But then he still needed few more proof as the girl infront had no recollection of her past,her confused eyes and surprised continence s did prove the fact.

'Just leave my didi', interrupted Manav as he pulled away Manya .Manya never knew Yuvraaj Udayveer would have such effect on her. The man made her feel so weak and defenseless,but then his weird behavior surprised her as he seemed to search something in her ,something she was strangely unaware of ,she could feel her lips quivering as she pursed them in.She could not dare look into his eyes which seemed to rip her off all her defenses .

Doctor Uncle who had just entered the study was surprised to see Manya's striking resemblance with Yuvrani Manyata .But then he was quick enough to compose as he needed to support Udayveer whom he knew was equally shocked.

Udayveer looked at doctor uncle and then at Manya and Manav ,he realized how embarrassing his behavior was , he composed himself and sat on his chair again  ,his stern arrogant aura back in place but still he could not help seeing Manya from the corner of his eyes as he could not have enough of her,the girl seemed to pour in all emotions he had been missing since five years ,she brought them all back again.

Manya gave grandfathers letter  in Udayveers hand and clarified 'I am Manya and I was always Manya ,Dadaji gave this for u '.

Udayveer looked through the letter, he knew most of the things. 'I think u already know what's in it', said Udayveer as he casually put the letter on the table and sat leisurely on his chair his legs crossed and added, ' It means u are mine,  you and your brother are My Responsibility'.

Udayveer emphasized his every words but the way he had emphasized

'You  are  mine' did alarm Manya ,

She kept quit as she was confused whether Yuvraaj Udayveer's guardianship was a boon or a bane.

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Chapter 1>>The Rainy Night>>Part II>>(Page 26)

Love U All




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