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OS: Picture To Burn |Part 2 Page 9| (Page 8)

MsDramaQueen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 July 2012 at 4:02pm | IP Logged

Just a quick note that I've changed my username :)

It was arnaluvkhushi, and now its MsDramaQueen!

Now to the update!

Part 2

The minute she stepped foot into her motherland, memories starting flooding back. Good ones and bad ones, especially the ones she dreaded.

She called immediately for a rikshaw so she could reach her destination.


About a kilometer away from Shantivan, she could see a huge banner, flower decorations and people working.

She was amazed at the professionalism the decorations and portrayed and then she remembered, ASR.

She stepped out, paying the driver and turned around to face the huge mansion. It hadn't changed at all. Its white marble still radiated brightly engulfing her into its heart-warming welcome.

She pulled her luggage behind and opened the gate. The security guard didn't bother calling inside to receive approval of letting the guest enter. After all, everyone recognized her very well.


"Isn't that Lavanya?" she heard as she strode towards the mansion.

"Yeah, I wonder what she's doing hereā€¦" spoke another.

She shut her eyes tight letting the last tear fall from her face.

No more now.

She rung the doorbell waiting in anticipation. As soon as she heard the creak of the door opening, her eyes shot wide awaiting the obstacles she would have to soon face.

"Who is this?"

Her eyes observed the handsome young man who opened the door and now was questioning her. He leaned against the door, with a cute confused expression on his face.

He lifted his eyebrows up awaiting for an answer to his question and that's when Lavanya snapped out of her trance.

"Oh sorry," she apologized. "Im-"

"Why are you apologizing? You didn't do anything wrong!" he spoke with enthusiastically.

And what felt like after a million years, a smile spread across her face, its radiating warmth affecting him, wanting to snuggle in it.

"By the way, you look really nice when you smile," he complimented.

"NK BABUA!" an ear-piercing scream reached both of their ears.

He flinched and closed his ears with his hands. He rolled his eyes and shouted back, "COMING BUAJI!"

Lavanya let out small laugh at his reaction.

"Well, that's my call. The guest's house is right up the road to the left. They probably have a room booked by your name. Enjoy your stay!" And with that said he turned back into the house running away.

"But I'm not a-" he left before he could hear her.

She smiled at his silliness and shook her head.

Wait, did she just- smile?


She entered the house trembling, wondering who was going to be the first one to see her.

Naniji? Mamiji? Akash? Payal?


Her sight wandered all over the mansion but all she saw were servants working, flowers everywhere and loud shouts.

It was really nice to see Raizada Mansion in this state. Happiness and joy was in the air, creating the perfect welcome for her.

"Lavanya?" his voice stopped the valves in her heart to stop beating.

She turned around slowly, fearfully to meet his intense, melting chocolate gaze.

"You came!" he said with a soft smile.

ASR smiling? Khushi really had worked wonders.

"Yes I came. It is yours and Khushi's wedding after all," she replied with the same smile.

He strode closer to her and thanked her.

"Thank you for coming Lavanya. I'm really glad you did."

"Me too ASR."

"Lavanya?" she heard Mamiji cry.

And soon enough, the whole Raizada family was rushing towards her in excitement.

She answered to their question and concerns with a smile and greeted them.


Soon, she was led to her room by Arnav who then gave her privacy and left with a heart-warming smile.

Before she could even let out a sigh and sit on the bed, there was a knock on her door.

"Come in," she called out curious to know who it was.

Oh, it was him again!

"Hey," he greeted hesitantly.

She noticed his hesitance and his nervousness.

"Hey," she greeted back.

"I just came to say sorry," he looked down and apologized.

"For what?" she asked surprisingly.

"For treating you like a guest."

"What's so wrong about that?" she chuckled at his innocence.

"No, I mean, for treating you as someone below your status."

She shook her head in dismay and strode towards him.

"Do you even know what you're saying?"

He shook his head innocently.

He looked so cute when he did that.

That. With his innocent gaze. With a little twinkle in his eye.

She shook her thoughts and put her hand forward.

"I'm Lavanya."

He slid his hand into hers, fitting in perfectly and replied, "I'm Nandkishore. But everyone calls me NK."

"Cool name!" she complimented.

"Thanks," he rubbed his hair from the back nervously.

There it was, again.

"So I'll see you around?" she asked.

"Yeah.. yeah. Just call me if you need anything okay?"

She nodded and he left with a smile.

The smile that just transformed her into hot molten lava.


She entered the shower and blasted the cold water all over her hardened stiff figure.

It almost didn't seem right to be this kind of person she is right now.

Only God knows what happened to the old previous Lavanya. She had died within her.

Once in a while she comes out, but circumstances overwhelm her and once again, she is forced to die another 100 times.


As she exited the bathroom drying her hair, she heard another soft knock.

A smile lit up her face expecting him, but it was someone else.

"Khushi.." she gasped.

"La-Lavanyaji?" she stuttered in happiness.

Or was it shock?

Before she knew it, Khushi's arms were around her neck and she forced into a bone-crushing hug.

"Lavanyaji! I can't believe you came!" Khushi spoke breaking through her tears.

"Well I had to Khushi," Lavanya spoke in a monotone.

Khushi slowly distanced away from the hug and waited for Lavanya to say more.

"Remember we promised each other that we would attend each other's weddings?" she said.

Khushi nodded with a smile and took Lavanya's hand and pulled her to the bed.

"So how are you?" Khushi asked enthusiastically wiping her tears.

"I'm good. Having a hard time settling in London though," La replied.

Khushi unfortunately had no legible answer. She was dumbfounded, mostly guilty. Because of her, Lavanya was in such a state.

"It's okay Lavanyaji," she tried her best. "It will get better."

Lavanya simply nodded approvingly.

To break the dead silence, Khushi blurted, "So did you find your prince?"

Lavanya sighed and spoke, "They say that each heart-break leads to your perfect soul mate."

Khushi gulped immediately regretting her question.

"Well, my heart-break seems like it's never going to filled up. Feels like this is never going to end."

"KHUSHI!" came a loud piercing scream emerging from Buaji's mouth.

Khushi immediately jolted up and strode towards the door. She shot one last glance at Lavanya and when their eyes met, she gave her a reassuring smile.


"Hey," she heard again.

Seemed like these visitations were never going to end.

She sighed and turned around to find him standing there.

Her heart immediately picked up a pace and ran at the speed of a rollercoaster ride.

After all, her life was a rollercoaster ride.

"Hi," Lavanya replied back with a smile.

"I just over-heard your conversation with Khushiji, and I-"

He was cut off when Lavanya blurted, "You were eavesdropping?"

"No No! It was completely unintentional. I was going to call you for dinner and that's when-" he explained.

"It's okay," Lavanya forgave him immediately.

"So let's go," she broke the awkward silence.

"Where?" he asked confused.

"To dinner!" she answered with a laugh.

"Oh yeah.. sorry forgot," he replied nervously.

There it was again.

She proceeded towards the door, only to be stopped by his question.

"I was wondering, what relationship do you have with the Raizadas? I was just- wondering."

Lavanya took a deep breath in and answered in a monotone, "I used to be ASR's girlfriend."

He immediately regretted his stupid question.

"I-" he managed to say.

"It's okay." Lavanya understood his speechlessness. "I also became chamkili's best friend too."

"Chamkili?" he asked.

"That's my nickname for Khushi," she replied with a smile.

"So, you're saying you haven't found your prince yet?" he asked hestitantly.

"Nope, but I hope I do."

"Well you never know, sometimes the prince can turn out to be someone you never expected," he indicated towards himself.

"Really?" she replied sarcastically.

"Yeah! For example, my friend. He found his love when he bumped into her at the grocery market! Isn't that amazing!" he said enthusiastically.

Impressed, she nodded with a smile.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" he asked nervously.

How could she answer if he kept throwing those cute expressions?!

"I don't know- do you?" she replied smiling.

"Yeah! Absolutely! Its love after all."

All she could do is chuckle.

"Oh who am I kidding, will you marry me?"

"What?" she replied shocked.

"Will you marry me?" he repeated with a twinkle in his eye.

"But you hardly even know me-"

"I don't why Lavanya, but ever since I saw you, I feel this strange connection with you. Its indescribable," he answered nervously.

"I-" she tried to say.

"It's okay if you need time. I know you've been hurt and all, and you've just met me-"

"I-" she tried again.

"Take your time. No pressure," he continued.

"Mr. Nandkishore," she said boldly.

He immediately shut up. "Will you let me answer?" she continued with a small laugh.

He nodded, awaiting her answer.


"What?" he asked shocked.

"Yes, I will marry you."

"But didn't you just say you didn't know me-" he questioned confusingly.

"NK are you okay? Didn't you just say you don't need to know me? Just think of it as a deep connection we have."

He nodded with a cute smile and gazed at her with his dark brown eyes. She already felt like she was drowning.

Now, if someone else had asked her like this, she would've said 'No' to their face, but him. He was just special.

She felt a strange familiar connection with him. A connection, she wanted to turn into a bond forever.

He slowly slipped his hand into hers, and gestured her to out of the room.


Finally after so many days, she felt like her life was perfect now. So what she had gotten her heart broken once. Her soul mate just had fixed it in one second.

They descended down the stairs, in anticipation. Both of their eyes were gleaming in happiness, excited to pronounce their proposal.


Part 1

I got to say, this is one of the longest updates I have EVER typed! Took me soo loong! Well, all I hope is that you guys liked it!

Do leave your comments! I love reading them! Embarrassed













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awww very cute and la..hope we get to see this in the show as well...loved it very much n thnx 4da pm dear...

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NK and Lavanya?! Adorable!

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That was really good! But what the random proposal! He knows for a total of like 10 mins! Awesome sauce reminded me of Ted Mosby  saying "I love you" to Robin right away!

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wow interesting,...she just got her...and he already proposed and she said yet...i mean not courtship no sneaking, no teasing nothing...really is this NK??? and La who is still hung over ASR...
Their character dont come across to me as haste decision makers...
That was kinda a bit tooo fast for me...
But anyways, was very well written...
Sorry i've always liked ur work n i m sorry i saying this,...but NK and La ke character ke hisaab se yeh OS fit nahi bethta...that why i said it...
ThnkQ for the pm
Avni Smile
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Awww this is just simply adorable, can't wait for more :D

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awesome love it 

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wait, you are kidding right?? I mean he proposed and she said yes?? Anyway its great update! And I love the line ' I also became Chamikili's best friend!'

La's goodbye in the show was too heart breaking man! I am glad NK is here now! We all always wished for it to happen right? Too adorable! Awesome! :)

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