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Khushi is the most disrespected character on IPK. (Page 43)

rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 7:06am | IP Logged
As much as i agree with all that you have said and wish there would be something done with regard to this...But what Ganesh Hegde Said cannot be ignored...I am not implying that Sanaya has become a parallel lead or anything of that sort but the fact is it was in the making days a story of a young suave business tycoon and his elder sister...

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They could have changed the track because of ArShi's reigning popularity...


Barun Sobti bags his next lead role; Sanaya Irani tipped to return

Monday, March 21, 2011 | 2:33:07 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)   Comments 345 Comments Barun Sobti bags his next lead role; Sanaya Irani tipped to return

Barun Sobti will play the lead in Four Lions Films and Endemol's show on Star Plus.. Sanaya Irani short listed to play the girl opposite him..

A lot has been written about the new show on Star Plus, to be produced by Four Lions Films and Endemol. This show was supposed to have Karan Singh Grover in the lead role, but that's not the case anymore!! New face Aanchal Singh will also not be part of the show..

The show which is tentatively titled 'Vaidehi' has finally got its male lead after going thro' a rigorous audition process wherein most of the popular names of television were considered.

We hear that Barun Sobti who played the lead in Sony TV's Baat Hamari Pakki Hai has bagged the meaty lead role. For the female lead, Sanaya Irani of Miley Jab Hum Tum fame has been short listed.

A little birdie tells us, "Out of the many known faces who had auditioned, it is Barun Sobti who has been finalized to play the male lead. Barun has signed on the dotted lines, but the hunt for the lead girl is still on. Sanaya Irani has been short listed for the same, but the final decision is yet to be taken. Search for the sister and her love interest is on".

TellyBuzz had earlier reported that the show is supposed to be the tale of a young and suave business tycoon and his elder sister, and how their life changes when they both meet their right match.

When contacted, Barun Sobti refused to comment. For the uninitiated, Barun was tipped to play the lead in Imagine's upcoming show Looteri Dulhan too.

Sanaya Irani on her part admitted that talks were on, but there was no confirmation as such.

We tried calling Producer Gul Khan, but she remained unavailable.

Director Nissar Parvez said, "Casting is still on, and nobody has been finalized".

The unit plans to go on floors as soon as the principal cast is finalized.



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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 7:13am | IP Logged was from the very 1st articles,later there were many articles stating that its a star crossed love story of two completely opposing characters,khushi being naive nd all nd arnav being tough nd all...etc etc! i dont have the link but there were! nd in this article even name is not decided ,the show name nd concept changed to dks(didi ki souten) to nafrat muhabbat nd ipkknd later! 

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OnepoundChic IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 7:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FairyLiquidSoap

@AiniBig smile

 Girl don't worry Hope it was not too complicated or longwinded or shattered some myth Feel free to PM me anytime and it was a pleasure sharing with you

sure sure m always ready to irritate othersLOL,my friends(i hope we r now Ermm)  hugs va Hug

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AmazingAmy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by incandescent

Harshita I remember the promo. It will be suicidal for the PH to ignore Khushi for too long. We saw last weeks trps, the moment the focus shifted from Khushi / Arhi  the trp went below 3.

Honestly I don't have much hope from the PH but Ni1234 said that the channel still considers Khushi as the female lead. 

But the PH and the channel has to realize that Arhi isn't just about romantic scenes sooner rather than later. The best scenes from last week was when they hug,ASR carries her to bed and the staircase scene. Those were meaningful scenes which touched our hearts. We need more scenes like that. 

Very well said Fari (hope I can call you that)! This is where GH was mistaken. He thought we only want to see meaningless ArHi scenes without a care for the story. That's just not true. We care very much about the story...why else are we up in arms telling Khushi to leave RM? That would take away "ArHi" but add to the story! In order for Arnav to properly realize the graveness and extent of how much damage he's done to her soul, she needs to leave. See, we are not thinking about romance here but rather the story. Until they clear the baggage between them, I can't enjoy their romance to the full extent. I enjoy it only because of BS & SI's chemistry...aside from that, when I watch it keeping the whole story in bothers me. Because they are not supposed to be acting like this YET.

Originally posted by Harshitha

that major MU between the PH & the channel needs to end soon, its not good, its costing us viewers a hard time & the trp's to drip
there needs to be someone who could convey the same to the PH, what ever the channel considers at the end of the day the story belongs to the ph not the channel, yes trp's play a big role. Im having a negative feeling towards the PH for some reason

Harshi...that's exactly what I've been saying the past week, someone needs to get it through to the PH...neither the channel nor the viewers will accept it if they go back to their original concept now! If they do, they better be ready to face whatever TRP decline and warnings they get from Star Plus.

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AmazingAmy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by princessunara

Fari don't worry, the channel considers IPK as 'Khushi's story'

u probably saw this pic i posted before, but the fact that this is the character they have put there means, the story as far as the channel is concerned is from Khushi's POV (not that it is right now n that is why we r even having this discussion right now)
It may have been meant to be Arnav's story as far as Gul 1st thought it..but from what i know the channel agreed to 'Khushi's journey from innocence in to this tumbled life'
they have always maintained that(the channel that is- in all their promotions)..

also Sanaya is a SP actress while Barun is a PH actor..their contracts r different and it was SP's decision to get Sanaya as the lead for IPK as she was considered for both EHM jeevika's character & this at the same time..
so there is no two ways about the female lead being Sanaya. She was the only actress from the entire crew considered for lead roles. Anjali was a parallel lead like PaYash, but with a bit more prominence comparatively...

and well seriously it is about time they introduced some depth in to ArHi track as well as Khushi what they have followed till now is on a random day they throw in a bit of depth and make our hopes lift and the very next day and many more days to follow ridicule both Khushi as a character and ArHi as a couple so that the depth that was gained would be utterly wasted!:((

also the past is guaranteed related to Khushi as it was very specifically said that (a then 8 year old) Khushi was the reason for Arnav's destroyed past (obviously indirectly and probably due to her parentage which is more of a mystery right now even than Arnav, Anjali's).

Sunara...firstly I'm so happy to still see you posting here! I know you are attached to Khushi as I am, I love the optimism in your post!

Its true that SP always associates the show with Khushi. I bet they didn't agree to take on the show UNTIL the PH changed it to a love story, as opposed to the Didi Ki Saut garbage. Otherwise, why did they bother changing their original concept? I'm sure SP made them. They seem to be in love with their original concept, that's why they keep shoving it down our throats these days. But if they change it now, it will mean that they cheated not only the fans but SP as well. Good luck to whatever happens to them now...TRPs drop or SP gives them a warning, they'll deserve it.

SP sent Khushi overseas to promote the show. They know who the lead female is...who has the recognizable face and charm to attract fans. Its the PH, one writer in particular, that seems to have some sort of a confusion about who the lead is. They better get it sorted soon.

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AmazingAmy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FairyLiquidSoap

Priyanka Hug

So glad to see the thread still going strong Big smile

Just my 2 bits again and promise you I am done after thisLOL

Yesterday's kiss scene- her expression has been subject to some debate and I personally felt if they had only shown her having her own FB of him blackmailing her that it was just 6 months then that mutinous submission with a you cannot make me respond to you come what may look on her face just before he moved in was very much right on target

All it had to take the team was just 20 seconds of dialogue in her mind and we would have had no doubts over her emotions. She was perfect during the Diwali Almost kiss with that touch of passionate anticipation and nervousness as also the Poolside sangeet Kiss where she kind of suspected he wanted to kiss her but was still shocked when he did so. Yesterday she was great in her various micro expressions from doubt to surprise to passion to want to uncertainty to anger till the last moment when she seemed off base so yes lack of attention to detail and sheer shoddy negligence of verbalizing her inner turmoil was very much evident and leading to speculation A couple of seconds of work by the CV's is all that was required to make the actor look convincing instead of bizarre


When LB fired her first salvo in an interview somewhere late last year/early this year cannot quite remember the time precisely and indicated that this also was a herocentric show just like her other but only the channel was different and that the female character was a mere adjunct to his story, this information of course did not go down to well with many who had assumed this was a story of 2. This then was reaffirmed when there was a sudden butchering of who KKG actually was in early December which lead to the exodus of a lot of female and family viewers who just could not cotton on to a story sans a strong female protagonist and the downward spiral in the loss of the kind of viewers who really make a difference to the value of a serial still continues and this latest round of it being a brother and sister story has only added to the desertion.


We all should have realized early on that the fact that Khushi hardly features in any of the SP promos/ads should have been stark indication that this is not a SP backed female oriented serial So for all  here who went on moaning and bitching that KKG is a typical SP bahu and the serial is a typical SP stereotype and that poor Arnav Bitwa is subject to the vagaries and caprice of the TV network News Flash No way in any way in fact very much the opposite.

I much to my chagrin fell in love with the serial because I was seduced into believing that it was a love story between 2 strong individuals and that is what I continued to hold in good faith till the last couple of months when the slow moral and ethical fiber of KKG character slowly started eroding only to be replaced by this one-dimensional superficial nebulous vapid pretender and now reduced to a TRP bait
While I was thankful at that time this serial was not your typical MIL/DIL/SIL/FIL sort of saga and the reason i started to watch that it was about 2 interesting protagonists with some sizzling chemistry amazing dialogues and scenes that made you sit up and take notice without the silly melodramatic family dynamics of typical asian soaps now am not so sure about my choice any moreOuch Doubt I will ever watch another soap again Once is more than enough Dead


One cannot rebuke SP or the TRP viewers for the current rating fiasco- they know what works and what doesn't.  I lay the blame squarely on the PH and Creatives for false advertising playing a con game of bait and switch on the viewers and still not willing to accept their mistakes. Sure we got a hot romantic track yesterday but I doubt it will help sustain the serial in the long run unless the story of these 2 in conjunction with the other ensemble cast is not properly told and no this does not mean I endorse Didi ki sout but meant an all round story development like the other serials I believe in the Lamp and wick story even the domestic help has her own story to tell now that is what is called connection to the viewers heart mind and soul not to mention TRPThumbs Up


KKG has got to have a constructive role to play and not merely serve as a eye candy for RV moments for the hero else the serial will tank soon case in point the ME in spite of having a lot of ASR light hearted moments did not click with the audience although in all fairness there was also no drama in that episode

What worked in Jan Feb for 4 plus rating ' wedding sangeet them romancing and a parallel story being told and a strong KKG at that time in conjunction with a sparring ASR Those were the glory days

I love both these characters that came out of this soap and it does break my heart when I do see their originality being tampered with Yes even ASR'sOuch

 I really did not like that closet bit somehow not at all characteristic of him and felt it kind of demeaned his persona but chalo in the name of romance anything can happen

with this i think i am all ranted out LOL 


Swathi Hug Lovely to see your always, you said it all beautifully. Don't stop ranting because everyone is a fan, you write too well to call this a rant! You touched upon all the frustrations I'm feeling towards this show right now.

Regarding yesterday's scene, damn I wish you were directing it...because as you said, if they had shown us a 20 sec flashback of Khushi thinking back to how he married her and the contract, her expression would be completely understandable. I'm sure that's the way they explained it to SI when telling her how to react...but they forgot to explain it to the viewers. I don't know why we are more concerned about these details than they are...considering it is THEIR JOB to make sure the correct scenes and emotions are portrayed. The actor did her job, they failed to do theirs.

Lets see if the TRPs can sustain on romance alone this time. Unlike movies, TV shows have a different audience. They need to relate to the female character. Why else did the TRPs steadily dropp during the comedy track? There were ArHi scenes, Barun was present full-time...but they completely butchered Khushi's character with meaningless one could relate to her.

You made a great point before...contrast the comedy scenes they wrote for Khushi as compared to Arnav. Khushi's was OTT and they forgot to remind us of the real reason why she was irritating get kicked out of the house. TV viewers have a short memory span. They mentioned it once and never again for the next month. So everyone just ended up getting irritated with HER.

Now coming to Arnav, its not brilliant but at least his comedy scenes are better scripted, not over-the-top and they do a good job of reminding us why he's doing this, with flashbacks and dialogue. 

It feels like they can only pay attention to details and write well for one character on this show. At least now it feels that way. For the first 6 months, they did justice to Khushi's character. They got the audiences hooked but ever since then...they seem to use her as a prop, showing her inconsistently per convenience to the hero or more recently, his sister's needs. Lets see how much longer the Indian audience puts up with not having a strong female character on the show.

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AmazingAmy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ANNMT

Originally posted by FairyLiquidSoap

You have said everything that was going through my mind and more and I am sure if SI read this post she would be terribly moved by the love and affection shown not just by you  but all of the other's who replied in support. Except for a couple of tainted responses no surprises knowing  their mind the rest also added to the injustice that has been meted out to the character KKG and to the actor SI.

One reason why this show worked so brilliantly was the role of KKG essayed by SI and they showed her having spunk fiery spirit and a never say die attitude Loved her during the whole of last year till December when the slow chipping away of her character started This story would never have worked but for the yin and yang of the 2 principle personalities and that is what was and is the USP as today's episode more than proved it.


For the last couple of days I have been watching this comedy circus unfold once again the only difference is this time it is BS and not SI but what a world of a difference in the way the track has been crafted very carefully by the CV's keeping his image in mind and her obsession. The services of NK had been co-opted to make sure it is a track of 3 idiots with the 3rd one being us viewers The dialogues have been loaded with funny one liners and bromance and see what a distinction it made in the way these 2 were perceived and how the swami track was written only to make her look annoying and him a patient saint

Here girls are tee hee heeing over the so called chemistry ( a much maligned and misused word here in IFOuch) and adoring these grown 2 men go about their silliness and gushing over it and both have walked out head held high and except for a comment her e and there have gotten praises from all Personally I found the whole bromance thing annoying but whatever tickles people fancy

 Now would it have killed the Cv's to make that 10 days to lose a guy sort of madness also work by having ASR accidentally discover her book and decide to go along with it I am sure a majority of the forum would have found that really hilarious and her character would not have been reduced in moral fiber or integrity and everyone would have connected with it.
She wanted to be thrown out and yet that message got lost in translation and all the TRP viewers saw was a bride trying to annoy her husband in a rather crude manner Personally I liked it as I saw only the acting and was not bothered about the overall track

They would have found it acceptable if he had continued to be shown as cruel to her but again when popular opinion went against that whole sleeping by the poolside and his image started to take a beating the CV's decided to play out this foolish track and she forced herself in, something I have never forgiven the PH or lady boss for and he was shown as ST ASR of the SP IF Martyrdom

That is why I strongly believe there are double standards when it comes to nurturing ones obsession and in the treatment of the other Every time a winning track appears enough rancor is injected into the next set of scenes dialogues and situations to make folks recoil in disgust or question over what exactly is the meaning of the latest adventure of hers


Show her without compromising her dignity and respect Its not like you have a wooden faced actor you have some one who made the viewers cry without uttering a single dialogue but with just her expressions and eyes why cant use that to lure the women

When some actors having literally no emoting skills like lamp and wick but have scenes written around them that viewers look at the scene and are able to empathize with the actor and make the serial rule the roost here you have some one infinitely talented and yet wasted

I have seen some scenes in IPKKND that are carefully crafted with the lighting the ambience the mood in perfect tandem when another is shooting and such attention to detail paid that end of it people are so awed. At the same time some very emotional scenes that could set the tempo for her and her perception was turned into a clown's day out like the suicide track Double standards?

Some times I do wonder if her enthusiasm level is the same as last year after undergoing all these drastic alterations to her character in the name of entertainment.

Right now she has been left dangling and is slowly turning into a prop for the male lead to showcase his skills and with this latest salvo from the PH Lady Boss and Gauti gee  I am sure she must be having her own doubts over the quality and future of her character to which she infused so much life and joy making it her own. KKG will always be remembered in the annals of soap history and that would be the ultimate shame and travesty and the final straw that broke the camels back if she decided to seek fresher pastures that paid respect to her self her being and her talent



wow .in this forum there is too much halla gulla over female chrectar  but  this PH  alwayes like that     they show  full serial   from   hero perspective   Tongue   n there hero   alwayes like a  jerk    LOL  first    a total  idiat  n jerk   maan now arnav   ...not surprised  

In that case, they shouldn't have given the female character so much importance in the first 6 months (during which viewers hooked to the show). Who doesn't like a small-town girl who is loud and chirpy but has her sweet moments too, making her endearing. She loved her family and would do anything for them, she cared about others whether it was reciprocated or not, she showed a lot of guts, stood up to ASR the way no one else did. She was a strong female character and we got attached to her.

If they made it clear from the beginning that her role was simply to turn on the hero or serve as his punching bag, we wouldn't expect anything. They could have avoided all the hate mail and headaches they get now whenever Khushi is mistreated or whenever we are disgusted with the inconsistency of her character and the never-ended humiliation she has to see, without getting any justice. They brought it upon themselves by choosing a fine actress like Sanaya to play the role, who brought the character to life and made her lovable from day one. That's why we don't like to see her character being compromised these days.

Okay now I'm also ranted out like Swathi LOL

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Chaituv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 July 2012 at 8:28am | IP Logged
I don't think ithe story line has been changed based on Arshi's reigning popularity!   it has been changed way before they aired the1st promo Starting frm the1 st was only abt Kushi n Arnav n their love n hate relationship. There was no promo on Anjali or Anjlai n Arnav why?  Anjali is an imp character for the story, but never a lead. As the article says if it was titled as "vaidehi "...can Anjali be Vaidehi in any angel? So it's the story of Kushi or Kushi n Arnav!


QUOTE=rickks]As much as i agree with all that you have said and wish there would be something done with regard to this...But what Ganesh Hegde Said cannot be ignored...I am not implying that Sanaya has become a parallel lead or anything of that sort but the fact is it was in the making days a story of a young suave business tycoon and his elder sister...

Here are the related articles...

They could have changed the track because of ArShi's reigning 

The show which is tentatively titled 'Vaidehi' has finally got its male lead after going thro' a rigorous audition process wherein most of the popular names of television were considered.

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